Freeks (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

-It's just three times.
-Three times, right.

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How did you find me?

It's fate, honey. I will always find you.

-Come on. Let me in, so we can talk.
-No. Um… It's late. Let's talk tomorrow.

Nina, nobody will love you the way I do.
I know you feel exactly the same way.

You just don't realize it.
Please, I just want to talk.

-The guys are back.

Nina, Nina, please! Open up!

No, no, no!

Mauricio, no! Don't!

You'll see, Nina.
Now, we will be able to talk.


You can't deny
you still have feelings for me.

-Charo, this is insane. I'm with Isabella.
-But you kissed me.


No, I can't. I can't, Charo.

-Are you for real?
-Yes, yeah. It's for real.

Look, Charo. You're a beautiful girl,
and we had a beautiful story in Bariloche.

But I'm with Isabella now.

You didn't think the same way yesterday.


Hello, Ulises.

I just sent the files with the music
and the lyrics. Did you get them?

I got them, Charly.
I'll try them and let you know. Thanks.

-Thank you for the opportunity!
No problem.

I hope you like the song
and FreeKs makes use of it.

Sure. Bye, Charly!
-Bye, ace.

Are you staying for dinner tonight?

Thanks. It's all set, Oso.
Ulises took the bait.

I just sent the song
and said he could use it.

What's on your mind?

Nothing. I was thinking
it would be cool to have a time machine.

Because you could go back in time.

So you could know who needed
the money when it was stolen.

Who could steal the key from you,
who had a reason to mess with you.

I don't know… Who had the opportunity?

I already have a time machine!

How do we get ready for my streaming?

Please turn it off.

Right now, we don't feel right.
Do you need some cuddling?

Look who it is.

Take it. Hang on! Isa, please record this.

-Hello. How are you?

It's all recorded.
Today, Saturday August 6, at 11 am,

forty-eight hours before FreeKs'
most momentous occasion…

Our second guitar player
is still on holidays.

-How about that!
- How about that!

Yeah, well… there it is, on record.


Why that face?

-It wasn't Ulises.
-How can you tell?

The money went missing the weekend
before the gig when we had the row.

That weekend, Ulises was out on vacation.

I told you you should look somewhere else.
How many other options do you have now?

The rest of them.
But they're all friends.

Well, you must have had some
hassle with some of them.

Some girl…
Two friends… one girl…

It's a foolproof trigger for any bomb.

No way!

-Thank you for letting me stay over.
-Sure, Coco. No problem.

I just love Isa, but I can't live
in the same house as Ulises.

Besides, what would you do there, Coco?
Look at us! Look where we are!

This is unbelievable. A couch!

-A sleeping bag, a chair. We're fine!
-Can't ask for more!

We're missing the Continental breakfast,
but Cami took the coffee maker.

How are you holding up with the break-up?

Well… I miss her. I miss her a lot.
But I'll come up with something.

He saw the cruiser lights,
but I don't know…

-I can't sleep.
No wonder!

I'm shaking.
I can't even imagine how you must be.

Yeah… I don't know what to do.

I'm coming over,
and we're going to the police.

Or should we call your dad first?

-Should we?
No, not now.

-No, I'd rather wait for Ludo and Blas.

But tomorrow
we're figuring out what to do.

I'll stay on the phone with you
until they get there, okay?

I think they're here.

Yeah. I'm going to my bedroom.
I don't wanna give any explanations.

If it's the timing belts,
the car is gone, Ludo.

I don't know what you're talking about.

-There's a little noise.
-That's no reason to get it seen.

It sometimes is, but sometimes not.

To my mind, it was working
just fine. What can I say?

Fine? Charo's fine!
She's a hottie. Such a cute girl.

I'm telling you, she's one
of the prettiest girls I've seen a while.

Don't get carried away. She's average.


"Average" is something else, Ludo.
She's beautiful. To my mind, at least.

Yeah, I could tell you liked her.

You spent a fortune on champagne.
We could eat for a week with that!

You suddenly got rich?

Let's say I recovered a few dimes
I thought I had lost.

-What are you up to?
-I'm happier. Life smiles on me, brother!

-I'm going to bed. See you!

You still haven't listened
to #torcerelrumbo?

I love this version #byegaspar
it's a hit. Go, freeks! I love it!

Hi. I'm looking for Omar. Is he here?

Omar, how are you?
-Coco, how are you doing?

Fine. I've been meaning to talk
about what happened the other night.

Great, I've also been
meaning to talk to you.

I know for a fact that you only
meant to stand for your friend.

Those three kids aren't getting back,
but we need to sort out this mess.

Exactly, Omar… I wanted to talk about the
debt. I'd like to take charge of my part.

I have a proposal that can
be useful for the both of us.

I'm listening.

Distracted? Me? Excuse me.

Distracted? I haven't missed
one rehearsal since the streaming.

That's because I told Cami
to wake you up and picked you up.

Otherwise, you wouldn't have showed up.

Gaspar brings the group together.
But I trust Juani with my life.

He's distracted, but he's dependable.

-What's up?
So? Could you work it out?

Yeah, let's say I got a good arrangement.
I'll have to work to pay for the damage.

That's great!

I'll put a show together with the other
guys to be able to repay the owner.

If you need somebody, count me in.
Just tell me what I have to do.

-It's a drag show, Juani.
-No way…

-For real?
- Juani, I'm gay.

Yeah, that I knew…

But a drag show?

-That rocks!

-Did you really know that I…?

About the shows… How long are they?

It's just… a couple of rehearsals.
Two or three shows, and that's all.

But it has to be now,
because there some available dates.

It's just perfect.
You should take the chance.

Not actually perfect.
If Lugones finds out, he's gonna kill me.


Friday night.

Envelope last seen

I put the money in the safe.

So, the money had to be stolen either
on Saturday or Sunday.


Who better than Ludo?

He was home alone. He gets up in
the middle of the night, and that's it.

I don't know, Gaspar…

-We're talking about Ludo here…
-I know.

I know… But think about it.
He had a motive. Isabella.

He had an opportunity.

As soon as Oso mentioned it,
I started looking. Look what I found.

Look, look who's here.
This is a foundational occasion!

Come. Pay attention.
Look at all this.

Oh, wow! Do we really
have to tidy up all of this?

-No, please…
-Pay attention.

Some bands start off in a garage.
FreeKs sets in motion in an attic. Look.

I just can't believe this.

I can't believe there's an "F"
for "FreeKs" in your key chain!

I can explain. I used to have
this girlfriend called Fernanda.

His stories always start like that.

Don't interrupt. Shoot with a steady hand.
You should record this. Listen up.

I hereby present the keys officially
to Gaspar Fernández, the band leader.

-With the "F."

Ludovico gave me the key to the bedroom.

He could keep a copy and go in
anytime he wanted. Don't you see it?

Do you really think
it could have been Ludo?

What about the copy of the safe key?
How do you explain that?

I don't know. I don't know
yet, but I'll find out.

We've already ruled out
Ulises. It wasn't him.

But it could have been Ludovico.

A text from Isabella.

ISABELLA - Ulises wants to meet at 5 pm
to show his song to Lugones

There's a band meeting,
and Ulises wants to show his new song.

He took the bait.

Women's police station

-I can't believe this.
-We're doing the right thing.

-Calm down.
-I'm so worried…

It's one thing to call me
and not be able to understand…

Yesterday, he was different.

-He scared me.
-Relax, girl.

That's why we're here.
We're reporting it now.

He was beside himself.
I feel like he could do anything.

I think it would be better for you
not to go to the bunker for a few days.


-I know.
Let's go.

Why didn't you come?

I already told you.
That conversation is over, Ulises.

Stop, girls. Don't record yet.
Hang on.

This has to be clear. I need everybody
to be here when we rehearse.

Is it so hard to understand?
It's not rocket science!

-Take it down a notch, Ulises.
-Why don't you show us the tunes?

No, I wrote the song…

I'm playing it alone.
Let's see what Lugones says.

And then we make
the arrangements together.

So, I don't see why you need us
at all in the rehearsals.

Make up your mind. Maybe you can
just make a duet with Lugones.

It's a hit. You won't believe your ears.

Oh, well… I see you're
into beating your own drum!

Hey… Are you sure this one is actually
by you and not Enanitos Verdes?

Shh, shut up, shut up, shut up.

I'm downstairs

You'll see.
Lugones is here. I'll get it.

Hi, Ricardo. How are you?
Come in. They're upstairs.

-Okay… Welcome, Ricardo.
-So this is the famous bunker.

Yes. Thank you so much for coming.
-No problem.


I'm here because you said
it was something exceptional.

I mean, next time,
just send an audio file.

-Yeah, which is why I appreciate it.
-We need to talk.

I have the results of the market
research on the guys and the band.

The band is waiting for you.

Have you recorded something?

No, not yet.

Don't record or share anything,
in case Ulises has written Yesterday…

You've already reported it
and let people at work know.

You've deleted your social media
accounts. Your dad is aware.

It's a whole lot.

Now put your mind
into things that are good for you.

Did I mention Charly is a musician?

Many times.
Have you talked to him?

He came to visit the rehearsal
room, but we didn't talk.

And then he texted.

To which I haven't replied.


I was thinking about you.

I was thinking about you.

How are you?

Not so good…


Well… long story

Why don't we grab a cup of coffee?

Good! Good! I liked it.

Yeah. I really… liked the result.

It's good.
All that pressure was good for me.

-You didn't trust me, did you?
It's really good.

But… let's try something.
Coco, you sing it.

-No. Ricardo, I sing this song. It's mine.

Let's try Coco.

Ricardo. If it's just a
test, maybe I could sing it.

Ulises, can you please
give the lyrics to Coco?

Coco, you're singing it, but let's try a
more upbeat version. A pop version.

Look. Look at the Queen now.


Have you heard some dummies say
girls die for a guy on a motorbike?

They're partially right.

Where are you going
with that smile on your face?

I'm hanging out with Nina.

Nice, boy! Nice!
-Yeah, we'll see…

She's a bit blue. Something
happened, but she hasn't said what.

Well, if she's a bit blue, my advice is…
a nice ride. Can you ride a motorbike?

Are you for real?


If you break it,
it's gonna hurt you more than it.

-What is it?

Thank you for proposing me
for singing the song, but I don't…

Let's try it out.

Yeah, but Ulises and Ludovico
could perfectly sing it.

Your reach with the public is great, Coco.

Tell Isabella to fill you in on the
market research. Girls die for you.

-I'm not into girls, Lugones.
-Well… that's your thing.

It would be great
if you didn't make that public.

Rehearse the song, Coco. It's cool.

Time to shine
my favorite freek

How much do you like @cocogiacometti?

Okay, let's meet up at night, then.

Why not? You don't cut a
streak. Let yourself go, pal.

You're gonna have to come upstairs.

Talk to you later. See you. Bye.

-What's up, bro?
Have you heard from Nina?

She texted. She said she was feeling ill
and would be back in a couple of days.

So the night shift is yours.

Charo! How are you?
Have you eaten? Wanna eat something?

-I made you a sandwich.

-I have news to share with both of you.

What is it?

I decided to put off my trip back.

I'm having such a nice time
I'm staying for a while longer.

Exactly! That's great news!
Love that attitude. Well done.

-So, are you guys happy?
Very happy!

Ludo… Aren't you happy?

Yeah! Yeah, yeah.
I'm very happy.

Hi. Who is it?
-Nina, it's Charly.

Are you coming down?
My motorbike isn't in a good spot.

I'm coming down.

-What are doing? No! Charly!

Charly! Leave me alone!

No, you can't come in!
Where are you going?

-Ma'am, call the police.
-The police? What happened?

-Coco, how are you doing?

Welcome. The organizers just
loved your idea for the show.

So much so, they're promoting it,
so we can't waste a single minute.

-Come with me.

The rehearsals start in ten minutes.

Vanessa, the choreographer.
I'll introduce you two formally later.

But before I wanted
to look into clothing. Over here.

What do you think? Try it on.

Another crucial thing
is to define your stage name.

Have you come up with any ideas?
What would you like to be called?

Call me "Lennox."

Are you kidding?

-What is it? Are you crazy?
-Charo, you have to leave.

You have to leave now. Change your ticket.


You're leaving,
and you're leaving tomorrow.

What's wrong with you, Ludo?
Why are you telling her to leave?

Stop! What are you doing?

Call the police! Call the police!
-Listen to me. Use the other elevator.

Mauricio, please let me out.

We're calling the police.

Did he do something to you?
-No, no. I'm fine.

-No! Charly, what are you doing?

Come here!

He just came in!
I was like, "What happened?"

-No, it's not this one.

No, no, no.
It's the other one! This one!

-He's the one who came in!
Stop, man!

He's the one! Where's the
police? Find him! I can't believe this.

Dude, hey!

Hey! Hey! Hey! Dude!


Charly! Are you okay?

-Don't move, don't move. Are you okay?
-Yes. Are you?

Step outside the vehicle.

Can't you hear me?

Translated by Ignacio Benítez