Freeks (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript


What are you doing here?

-What do you mean? I work here.

-You never told me. I didn't know.
-If you didn't, why are you here?

I'm here for the room. I wanted
to check it out and ask about the price.

-For the room?
-Yes, I'm a musician.

I met Blas. He told me about the place,
and I wanted to see it.

Oh, Blas. Right.
How did you get in?

The door was unlocked.
Someone probably forgot to lock the door.

Okay, come in.

-Okay. So?

Never mind. It's not important.

Of course it's important. What is it?

I fell in love with the wrong boy.

I'm an idiot.

He made fun of me.
He made fun of everyone.

What a trashy guy.

-He's got a girlfriend.
-What? You didn't know?

No, I couldn't have known.

What about his girlfriend?

She must think that he's a saint,
that he'll never betray her.

A guy that betrays you once
will always betray you.

What would you do?

To me, that's unforgivable.
There's no turning back.

I'm such a fool.
I can't get him out of my head.

-You're not a fool.
-I am.

You're not a fool.
You need to forget him, that's it.

Nina, I wanted to apologize.
I didn't mean to leave you alone.

But I started to feel sick,
really sick, so I had to leave.

Why didn't you tell me then?

I don't know, I was embarrassed.
It was our first date.

I was really sick.
I know, I left a bad impression.

I guess I lost the points I'd earned
with you after I exited that door.

Let's just say your apology came late.

The schedules.


Oh, I'll be right back!

I'm sorry! Hello.

I'm sorry. I'm so distracted.

One second. Check your data first.

Is everything okay?
Sign right here and bring it back to me.

-Take a seat, if you like.
Thanks a lot.

-Uh... Hello.

I'm Enzo Giacometti.

I'm from the boxing gym nearby.
I'm here to pick up my son.

What's your son's name?
-Giacometti, same as me.

Okay, you have to wait here.
It's the protocol. I'll let you know.

No, I can't wait for you.
Tell your boss that I want to talk to him.

I want him to explain why my son is here.

-I'm gonna ask you to calm down.
-Oh, I am calm!

Don't worry, I am calm.
Tell him that Enzo Giacometti is here.

I don't know, I must have left the
keys on the inside when I came in.

Don't worry.
It happens to me all the time.

How was your photo shoot?
Fine. It was great. Amazing.

What can I say?
The camera loves the leader of FreeKs.

I mean, the camera loves FreeKs.

It's still a bit strange, because...

-Listen what I'm about to say.

Yes. I'm a bit busy right now.

-I saw what happened. Where are you?
Can you see me?

No, I don't see you.

I'm in Blas's room.

Go out to the corridor.
There's a camera there. I'll guide you.

No, wait, wait!
We'll clear the road for you.

Don't take my phone again!

Stop it, shorty.
Allow me, I know what I'm doing.

-Hey, can you stop arguing and help me?
- Quiet!

Get ready to go out on the corridor
when I say so.


Hi, Gi. We missed you
during the shoot. What happened?

Yes, I'm sorry. I was stuck in class.
Can I ask you a favor?

Yes, tell me.
-I left my headphones there.

- Headphones?
Can you check the counter

-or the sofa?
-Okay, I'll check them out.

Sorry about the keys.
No, it's okay.

-Hi. How are you?

I wanted to ask if the room rental

had the same price during the night
as in the morning.

Yes of course. It's an hourly rate.

Would you like to book one of those days?

-What availability do you have?
-What time is best for you?

Come on, Gaspar! Now!

Yes, I have a band. They sound amazing.

What's the band's name?

"Double Action," that's our name.

Yes, I'm looking for it, Gi.

I have the morning available...
Get out, Gaspar! Stop losing time!

No, Gi. I can't. I need to find the red
notebook. That's why I came here.

I have three P.M.
to seven P.M. available that day.

I don't think it's here.

Oh, it could be Fridays 10 to 12 too.

-No, it's not here, Gi.
Get out!

What? Get out?

No, I'm talking to my dog.
He's very needy right now.

-Okay. I'll keep searching.
If you like,

you can think about what time
is best for you and call me later.

Nina, have you seen Gi's headphones?

A song that warms my heart?

You know... I don't know, I love that one.

If you sing it like that,
not even Karen Sánchez will listen to us.

-FreeKaren Sánchez.
-FreeKaren Sánchez.

Our first fan.

-Our first... fan.

Fan. Fan.


Don't worry. We'll talk later.
And we should go out again.

They say the second time's a charm. Bye.

Your dad was here waiting for you.

-My dad?

-Where is he?
-He talked to the boss and left.

What's up, kid?

-Try not to do something like that again.
-Did you see it?

It was close. But look...
it was worth it.

What's that? Your diary?

This is my life! I wrote my songs in here,
and my ideas, my melodies,

my lyrics, everything! If Ulises got hold
of this, my plan would be ruined.

What plan?


- Hi, Gaspar.
-Yes, who is this?

-We know everything, Gaspar.

-Who is this?
-You almost ruined the plan.

Who is this?

It's Gi. I'm using the voice distorter.

Listen, don't count on me
if you'll do something like that again.

-We almost had a heart attack.
-You know, right now,

shorty sounds like Pappo.

Gi, it worked perfectly.
I never realized it was you.

Okay, I'll call you later. I'm at school.

Do you know how many singers
could use that voice distorter?


What are you laughing about?

Nothing, I'm just chatting with a fan.
Not just a fan, my number one fan.

You're a genius, ulises.
I can't believe you wrote back!

He says I'm a genius.

He says he loves the band now,
without Gaspar.

The band sounds better now.

What about Gaspar?
Did he sing or play guitar?

A little bit of everything.
But, like the popular saying goes,

don't bite off more than you can chew.

What matters most to me...

is to seduce everyone.
Always. On stage, and off stage.

Your followers...

should be into you.

-Oh, I have good news for you.
-What is it?

I have tickets
to see a jam session tomorrow.

Do you want to come with me?

-I appreciate it, but...
-Maybe another day?

Not another day either.

I think she just rejected my offer.
What do you think?

-Uh-huh. Did she? She did.

It's okay. See you later.

We have a new logo!

-what happened to the moth?
-i love it!

What's up?

Charo isn't here on holiday.
She came for a different reason.

-What reason?
-She fell for a dude who broke her heart.

She needs to take him out of her head.


I have an idea.

-I want to introduce her to your brother.

-Yes. A double date.

The four of us can go out together.

-What do you say?
-Of course, of course.


-It's a great plan.

-What are you playing?

-I know, but... Right.
-Oh, what am I playing on the bass?


You took some great pictures.

-Where did you take these?
-At my job's corner.

I liked that tree and the lighting.

-And how did you think of taking them?
-They're for a photography school project.

-I love it. Send it to me, I'll upload it.

I didn't tell you. I saw Charly today.

Apparently, he didn't stand me up.

He said he felt sick
and was embarrassed to tell me.

-I can't believe it.
-Don't be mean!

Verse - pre-chorus - chorus

You were already the core of my heart,
the lyrics to my song


In the end, beauty is nothing without...

without content.

That's it. I don't know,
I try to connect with...

with the things that happen to me daily,
the things that move me.

When a song has a purpose...

I don't know, I think nothing can stop it.

-So? What do you think?
-I think you're madly in love.

Juan, buddy, stop imagining things.
I'm sure he's just a coworker.

I'll call you later.
Dad, finally!

I called you a thousand times.
Where were you?

-I was around.
-I was worried.

The policeman at the door
told me you talked to him.

I swear I hit him in self-defense.
You know me well.

You're wrong about that, Coco.
I don't know you.

-Why do you say that?
It doesn't matter.

Hey, why do you say that?

-Let's leave it at that, Coco.
-Come on, Dad. Tell me.

Because they told me something
that I refuse to believe, Coco.

-Dad, I don't know what they said...
-That you dress like a woman.

-I tried to explain.

You know I'm used to avoiding punches.

-I didn't see this one coming.
-Dad, come on.

It's as if I didn't know you, Coco.

You still have time, Dad.
We never talk since Mom died.

-Now it's my fault. Of course.
-No, I didn't say that.

That's not what I'm saying.
I'm just trying to say...

I think you'll be much happier...

if you live somewhere else, you know?


How are you?

-You're so hard to find.
-I'm not hard to find.

-Sometimes I just don't want to be found.
-Come on, Nina.

Change that attitude.
We're not going anywhere like that.

Okay. The thing is I already told you
our relationship is over.

-I need you to understand.
-No, you need to understand.

I didn't end things, you did.
And you're wrong, but it's okay.

Mauricio, please don't make this
harder. Stop calling me.

-I'm asking it nicely.
-We need to talk.



-Won't you say anything?

-I mean... Let's see where it takes us.
-It takes us to a stolen song.


-"La Muralla Verde" by Enanitos Verdes.
-No! Are you crazy?

-They sound the same, Ulises!
-No way, Ludo.

-They're different. I'll play it, but no.
-Okay, play it.

They're different?
Okay, play it and you'll see. Play it.

-I can't believe it. They're the same!
-No, no.

-No way! They're not similar at all!
-We won't play this song.

Why wouldn't we? Who are you
to decide we won't play a song I wrote?

-You don't make the call, Lugones does.
-Are you talking about the new song?

Let me hear. Play it.

When Enanitos Verdes sue us for stealing
their song, will you pay for it?

-I don't know what you're talking about.
-Is this what you've been working on?

No, I have another song.

-But I need to work on some details.
-Send me the song as is.

I want to listen to it,
and I don't want any excuses.

Where's Coco?

-I never saw him like this.
-He's from a different generation.

He grew up in a world full of prejudice,
like most of our parents.

And he didn't kick you out. He told you...

-Are you taking his side?
-Coco, I would never do that.

-Everything's ready for you to sleep here.
-With you and with Charo?

-With Ulises.
-I'd rather die than sleep with Ulises.

Can you imagine us two
together in the same room?

I'd rather stay with my dad.

Okay, okay, okay...

The best part of my day

"Será lo que será" is a radio hit
and i'm like...

-I want to see you dance tonight.
-Do you want me to drive? I'll drive.

I left the car in a mechanic shop.

-Why? It was running fine.
-It was making some sound that worried me.

-Guys, are you leaving?
-Yes, we're going out.

-Both of you?
-Yes, both of us.

What? Are you afraid of being alone?

No, it's okay.
I'll also leave when the guys are done.

-But don't leave the keys at the door.

-Bye, Nina.

-Bye, Nina.

Isn't this price a bit expensive?

-But it looks fine.

I ordered champagne to celebrate
that we're here. What do you think?

What, Ludo? It's on me.

Let me see the menu.

Hello. Hi, Dad. How are you?

Wait, I can't hear you well.
I don't have reception.

I'm in a bar. I'll be right back.

-What's wrong, sweetie?
-I sent Coco a message

around an hour ago,
and he didn't answer. I'm a bit worried.

I really like your cousin.

-I'm going to the restroom.
-You have to help me.

-She's cute. Do you think I have a chance?

-Yes, sure.

Of course. It's happening already.

-It is, isn't it?

-Hello, Ulises.

-Yes, who is it?
-It's me.

Oh, hi. How are you?

I'm glad that you got my message.
You won't believe it.

-You won the lottery.
-What happened?

You told me you write songs, right?

-Yes, of course.
-Okay, hear me out.

Our band is staging a contest...

to select a song written by our fans.

-You think I'd lose my time pranking you?

Would you like to send me a song
so FreeKs and I can check it out?

Of course. I'd love to, Ulises.
I'm your band's number one fan.

No, I'm not coming back, Dad. Not yet.

No, I'll spend some
more time here. I'll stay at Isa's place.

I don't care what you and Mom think.
No, I'm a grown-up already.

Let me live my life.
Talk to you later. Bye.

-What's wrong, Ludo?
-I'm begging you, Charo.

-Let's end this.

What we're doing is wrong, Charo.

-Bye. You're welcome.

Fabi, have dinner without me.
I'll stay here for the night.

-We'll open shop early tomorrow. Bye.

I'm coming! What's wrong?
Did you forget anything?

Hi, sweetie. Finally!
It's so nice to see you.

Translated by Jerzy Fonseca

Characters and events fictitious.
Resemblances to reality are coincidental.