Freeks (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Estaré aquí - full transcript

Without his friends' support, Gaspar decides to leave the country. FreeKs receives a tempting offer from Ricardo Lugones, a music producer who will guarantee them fame and success. Defeated and exhausted, Gaspar finds a light of h...

FreeKs is over.

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What's wrong?

You think you own the band.

You think you can do whatever you want.

It's so weird, Gaspar.
What else can I say?

Oh, gimme a break!
Who do you think you are?


Come on!

Didn't Ludovico say anything?

Nothing, Mom! Can you believe that?
My lifelong friend, Ludovico!

Ulises is playing him
and the others. That's it.

There's nothing I can do. It's over.

No, you can't let them accuse you
of something you didn't do.

-The money is gone.

-It must have been somebody else.
-That's obvious, but what can I do, Mom?

Stand for yourself.

I don't know…

Even you would have doubted me
in that situation.

I wouldn't doubt you for a second.
I know very well what you're made of.

Fight them.

You're the one
who wants that, Mom. I don't.

It hurts!

-It was terrible when they suspected me!

-That's as far I'll go.
-So, what will you do?

I'm leaving for Chile, to Milton's.

Maybe a month or two. I don't know…
Get away from everything, write new songs.

Start afresh.

If you leave, you'll admit to your friends
something you didn't do.

They're not my friends, Mom.

I'm leaving.

Can I ask you something?

Think about it.

Sweetie, are you sure about this decision?

Yes, Dad. We've been
through it a million times.

Besides, I'm not moving abroad.
I'm here with Fabi. You know her.

-What about this guy?

Isn't he gonna keep calling
or bothering you?

Dad, I need you to let me
enjoy this moment. For real.

Stop worrying.

I just can't do that. I can't not worry.

If he calls, bothers, or looks for you,
we're going to the police together.

You're exaggerating. I mean, Mauricio…

is freaking out because I ended
our relationship. That's all.

He's jealous and a control freak.
You're minimizing the situation, sweetie.

Why don't we take a trip?

A trip?

Dad, I need you to trust me
and let me do things my way.

I trust you more than
anyone else in the world.

-Are you gonna call me?
-Of course I will.

-About anything you need? Are you sure?

Yes, I promise. You can be calm.

Hi, Fabi! How are you?

Can you stay and help us out
to put everything in place?

You know I will always say yes. Jeez!


-Hey, Gaspar.

Gi said you're going to Chile!

What do you need, Ludo?

Stay. Stay!

Money doesn't matter now.
The band is more famous than ever before.

Don't you get this is not
about the money or the fame?

It's been two days!
What kind of friend are you?

It was very tough, Gaspar.

-I'm barely realizing it now.
-Yes. But what are you talking about?

You and I started the band.
We've known each other since we were kids.

-You know I'd never steal!
-The money wasn't there.

You had the key.
What did you want me to do?

You had to stand up for me!
You left me alone.

-Do you really think I stole the money?
-No. No, Gaspar.

- But I…
-What? Come on, spit it out!

Never mind. You and I
have nothing to talk about.

Gaspar Fernández left
FreeKs because he's a crook.

A crook.

"Gaspar, give the money back."
Look at these nice memes about me.

Drop it. They're just idiots.

I'm going to show a house.
What time are you leaving?

-In a while.
-Why don't you want me to take you there?

Mom, we've been through this.

Spare me the goodbye,
the tears, and all, yeah?

-Are you sure?
-I am.

-I love you.
-I love you.

A lot.

-Take care, will you?

-Let me know when you get there.
-I will.

Hello, Gi?

Yes, I saw it.

Is there any way Ulises
could not be behind the memes?

I'm calm, but there are many
things that still don't add up.


Listen, Gi. I need a favor from you.

Yes, now.

Favorite guitar players?

Gilmour, May, Prince…

Growing up, Mom had stacks of rock CDs.

And we'd always listen to them together.

There was this band called Máquina Voraz.

The guitar player of that band…

was something else. You see?

Mom followed them for a long time.

The called him "the Phantom."

Permit remote access


Can I help you?

And you are…?

Nina, the new manager.

Oh, nice to meet you. Gisela. I go by Gi.
I work with the guys. I record, edit…

Great! Nice to meet you.

-Do you need anything?
Uh… No.

I was just leaving.

-See you.
-See you.

I've been succeeding for over 30 years

and I had never seen
a band take off so fast.

And this is barely the beginning.

Do you want your fans to keep piling up?

-Do you or don't you? Huh?

I have this little likes
and followers machine.

You guys are gonna fly so high

that you're gonna get dizzy.

Mónica, can you please get me
the copies of the agreements?

I was thinking, why don't we…?

It's the four of them.
What are you doing?

-What are you doing, dude?

Behave! How can you take that?

Here are the agreement copies.

Skim through them, sign them,
and send them to me tomorrow.

How many songs do you currently have?

It's a… touchy subject
because Gaspar wrote our songs.

He's right.

Yeah, but Gaspar
is no longer with the band.

I met with Gaspar here. I told him I
saw FreeKs showed great promise.

He didn't like my proposal.

So, Gaspar was here.

No… That's impossible.

Guys, I met with him here two days ago.

I even invited him to
meet up with all of you.

-Didn't he tell you guys?
-See? That's the kind of guy Gaspar is.

A guy that meets up behind our backs,
he steals the band's money…

The thing is he wrote the songs.

That's okay, guys.
We just need to talk to the lawyers,

and it'll get fixed.

Yes, you can talk to anyone you like,
but the songs will still be his, right?


I didn't say Gaspar would
stop being the songwriter.

I'm saying that things can be worked out
when there's a will to do so. Hm?


Make sure you send
the signed contracts to me tomorrow.

And we'll make FreeKs' dream come true.

Gaspar: Are you there?
Gi: I am.

Gaspar: Go through the gate.




- Oh, God! You scared me to death!
-It's me.

What is this place?

It's a property Mom has
been trying to sell for years.

Nobody will look for me here.

-Hang on. I don't get it. Are you staying?

At least until I find
out what is going on.


I brought what you asked for.

-It's downloaded.
Great, Gi.

Were you able to access the cameras?

Cool! Thanks.

We're gonna be more professional.
I feel like we're getting a better sound.

We're gonna be able to record
something much better.


I think we're gonna get some help
with our image, which we need.

It's gonna unify us, get a nice image…

Cctv remote access

Besides, with Lugones's
help, we're gonna get…

to the places we've always dreamed of.

What about Gaspar?

What's gonna happen to him?

Gaspar is gone, Coco.

And he met with Lugones behind our backs.

Plus, he said no.

Have you guys read the contract?

-That thick ton of paper? Not a chance!

This is Lugones. Let's trust him.

Let's do this.

I'm in.

So, yeah… Sure!



We should make a toast.
I'll be right back.

I'm home.

I have great news!

What's going on?

You don't get it, do you?


I'm leaving.
-No. No, Cami!

-Let's celebrate. A contract, a record…
No, Juani, no.

I'm leaving. I'm leaving
for real. We're done.


Didn't you say you'd tidy things up?
Look at this! Dirty dishes from last week!

Food leftovers! This is a mess!
Things all over the place…

The fridge is empty.
They cut the gas due to lack of payment.

-Cami, you're exaggerating. I don't…
-No, I'm not exaggerating.

I can't take this anymore.


-Who is that?
Hi. I'm Ulises, from FreeKs.

I'm here for this.


Are you the new bunker manager?
- So it seems.

What's your name?


Nice to meet you.

-I'm leaving.
-Okay. Nice to meet you.


-See you.

Characters and events fictitious.
Resemblances to reality are coincidental.

Translated by Ignacio Benítez Laurito