Freeks (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

The guys from FreeKs...

The musical phenomenon
from Buenos Aires to the world.

Unlike any other band...

Sold out

FreeKs tops the charts.

I should be up there.

-Hi, I'm Gaspar, guitar player, singer,

and leader of FreeKs.

Two months earlier

Hi. How are you?



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Why did you unplug it?
Are you crazy?

-Whoa, whoa.
-Come on, come on!

-I'm Gaspar, you jerk.

What's wrong with you?
You can't even play. What can I do?

-What's going on?

-Are you crazy? How can he do that?
-You hit me in the face!

Tell me when you're ready.

I'm ready when you are.


I'm Ulises, guitar player
and singer of FreeKs.

Gaspar and I...
don't always see eye to eye.

Maybe we want different
things for the band.

Anyway, we both end up
learning from each other.

He learns more from me, obviously.

What did you do, Gaspar?
Are you out of your mind?

-Everything went down the drain!
-It's not my fault! Talk to him!

-Didn't you notice Ulises unplugged it?
-Let me go!

This ****** has to go!

Don't you realize
this circus is your fault?

Don't you realize
this circus is your fault?

Come on, hit me! Come on!

-Break it up already!

Come on, hit me! Come on!

At first, it was Gaspar and me.
The two of us started the band.

We had the same dream
and the same drive.

Uh... he's more of a perfectionist.

But anyway, I have to put up
with him. I'm his best friend.

Let me help you out.

I know. You know me, Ludo.

-I'm not like this.
-Does it hurt?

I'm not so sure getting Ulises
into the band was our brightest idea.

-What can we do now, kick him out?
-That's not what I'm saying.

But his head is not right, Ludo.

-Sister. Little sister...

Are you seeing what that rock star
wannabe did yesterday?

You and Gaspar.

-Both of you. You did your part.
-Oh, oh, stop standing up for him, Isa.

He's not your boyfriend anymore.

Why don't you use your smarts
for something else?

Why don't you?

Why don't you find a way to fix
what happened yesterday?


There are at least...
ten memes that treat me like a jerk. Look.

Game over

-Check this out.


His face!

Ten people who wasted their time
making memes about a fight.

What's on your mind?

The fight and the memes...

-It would be great to hit 1,000 memes.

-That treat me like a jerk?


Like a jerk?

Freeks video clip

-i'm their biggest fan!
-go, freeks!

Freeks official - subscribers

Freeks channel - freeks official

-Stop, stop!
-Come on, hit me!

What happened, Coco?

Gaspar and Ulises went at it.

The guys showed me you're
on the Internet. You and your band.

If you heard about it, Dad,
the whole planet knows about it.

Oh, I gotta go.

-Are you having dinner with us tonight?
-I'm not, Dad. I'm going out.

And who's the lucky girl? Eh?

You never tell me anything! Go. Go, tiger.

Who doesn't have any secrets?

Of course I have mine.

I'm not telling you,
because they'd stop being secrets.

-You're not telling me what's wrong?
-Nothing, Mom.

-Nothing's wrong.
-Trouble with the band?

Not with the band.

-Just with Ulises.
-Oh, that's no news.

- Gaspar Fernández?

-Yes. Who is this?
-This is Ricardo Lugones.

Hello. Yes. How are you?


Uh... Yes. Yes, FreeKs.

See me? Uh... Look...

Don't get me wrong, but it's not
the best time to meet all of us.

Yes, yes.
If it's urgent, I'm coming alone.

Okay. Give me the address,
and I'll be there.

Okay. Thank...

Mom, Ricardo Lugones wants to see me.

Why are you telling me?
Did you find someone to help us out?

I'm fed up with being
the bunker secretary!

-Juani said he'd take care of it.

He can take care of it, or maybe
you can. But I have things to do.

Why are you staring at me, Ludo? Fix it!

-Okay. Fine!

-Hi, Blas.
-Hi, Isa. How's it going?

-That's my laptop.
-I'll tell you later.

-Did you see what's going on?
-Yes, it's a mess.

Don't say it. Everyone's talking about it.
I don't even wanna see the social media.

But you haven't seen this.

I recorded the fight and shared it
with the full original song.

Look how many plays the song has.

Is this number of plays real?
How did you pull it off?

The fight went viral. That's undeniable.

But I noticed some comments
said the song was cool.

So I uploaded the full song,
and it happened.

Now the song went more
viral than the fight.

-I don't know what to say.
-Then don't say anything.

You can thank me later.

Come in.

-Gaspar's here.
-You're the one!

-You're the one!

-Hi. Nice to meet you.

Likewise. Please take a seat.
You guys are doing something amazing.

-Besides being a great musician.

The strategy you came up with!
The fight video and then sharing the song!

-It was extraordinary!
-No, no. We...

I've been following you for some time now,
and this is the confirmation.

Your band is ready for the big leagues.

I call you because I wanted
to say it in person.

Thank you so much.

-I wish my partners could be here with me.
-No need.

I wanted to see you.
You're the leader, you're the star.

-Well, since we put the band together...
-Gaspar, my friend,

I'd like to make
a very important proposal to you.

I want to take your band around the world.
The sky's the limit for you guys.

You can't imagine how far you could go.

As you know, I've done it with many bands
and I'd like to do it with you guys too.

This is incredible. I...

I should discuss this with the others.

-We're going through...
-...a terrific time.

I'll provide you with the steps
for you to manage this opportunity

and make the best of it.

We need to go through the repertoire,
change the outfits.

-Look. There's something...
-Hang on a minute.

Let me get there.

I just wanted to say
I'd like to be honest with you.

-I'm all about self-management.
- Self-management?

Yes, we...
We have a style, an identity.

-We've had the band for many years.
-"We"? I only see you here.

Well, you said it was urgent,
so I came here alone.

-But I don't make the decisions.
-Let me get this straight.

Are you telling me you're not
interested in my proposal?

Are you or aren't you?

I'm not.
Not really.

-Thanks, anyway.
-Please, don't thank me.

-But I really...
-Actually, you can go now.

Okay, okay.
I'll wait for you.

Where is it?

When I was little,
I was only sure about one thing.

I would never wear a tie.
That was for sure.

Music is the best thing
that has ever happened to me.

- Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Here's your order.

Look. Rehearsal room assistant.
That could work.

I don't think you'll make big bucks there.

That doesn't matter now.

I gotta go. Let me know if you have
any questions about the apartment.

-Okay? We're gonna have a great time.
-Go. I'll get this.

Okay. Thanks.

Rehearsal room assistant wanted
ask at the bar


Hello, Juani? Listen.
We're getting the gas service cut.

What, Cami? Can you check on that?

Aren't you listening? It doesn't
work like that. They're cutting it anyway.

No, no, no. Send me the bill.
Forget about it, sweetie. I'll handle it.

-Lots of work, right?

A whole lot. How can I help you?

-Nina. Nice to meet you.

Do you know about this, Juani?

-What do you think?
-I love it!

This house belongs to my brother and me.
His band rehearses here.

But we also rent it to other bands.

So good!

Look, we need you
to organize the schedules,

charge the bands, and make sure
they take care of the equipment.

We have a CCTV system for that.
There's one here. Follow me.

-There's the other one.

-What is it?

Blas is out there.
Can't you hear him?

How long have we been together?

-I'm sick of hiding away.
-Don't start with that, Isa. Come on.

Don't start what?

When are we gonna tell them?

The time isn't right, Isabella.
Blas is out there with a girl.

-The girl to manage the bunker.

Your brother, my brother, Gaspar.
Now also the girl in the hallway?

Anybody else we should hide away from?
Don't you see how ridiculous this is?

This is the place we have for you.

Oh, there's one thing...

Some bands rehearse until late at night
and other from very early in the morning.

Had you ever been in a studio?

- Wow.
-Yes, I can tell.

As I was saying,
we need to work on the schedules.

Anyway, if you ever need to stay over,
there's plenty of room here.

So make yourself at home.

-Are you okay with your salary?
-Yes, it's okay.

Great. If things work out,
we can look into it in the future.

Oh, great.

-When can you start?
-Whenever you want.

I just need to ask for those hours
for my photography course.

Deal. No problem. These are your keys.


Ludo, Isabella, this is Nina,
the new bunker manager.

-Is that my official title?
-For now.

-Sounds good.
-You made her listen to the band?

-I didn't want to scare her.

-What's the name of the band?
-"FreeKs," with a double "e".

The value that binds
us the most is, freedom.

That freedom guides
us to come up with new sounds and songs.

Creating without limits unleashes
powerful... creative forces.

When those forces meet,

something can either work or fail.

I always thought it would work
in our case, and it did.

It worked.

Look here, Juani. Juani, here.

Hang on, Coco. Why don't you try...

the same, Juani and the drums,
except with the speaker?

Yes, that could work.

We can also do one horizontal.

Are you here to apologize?

-Let it go, Gaspar.
-No, I won't.

Are you here to apologize or not?

You wanna go on with that?

-Didn't you get enough with that ruckus?
-Didn't you get enough with my punch?

-Want some more?
-Stop it!

Don't you see you're a social media
success? That's what matters.

Isabella, Gi,
can you please give us a moment?

They're just too dumb.
They don't realize the opportunity.

I don't think this is silly, Isa.

I'm not saying that,
but I think it's time to move on.

Gaspar is your best friend,
tell him to take it down a notch.

Easier said than done.

-How are we supposed to work things out?
-You don't get this, Juani.

There's nothing to work out
until Ulises apologizes.

What about you? Weren't you wrong?

-Aren't you guys gonna say anything?
- Let it go, Ulises. I wanna play.

Okay, then. I'm leaving the band.

-Come on!
-Are you leaving the band?

No, don't give me any of that.

If Mr. Gaspar will make all decisions,
I don't wanna be a part of this.

That's what you wanted, isn't it?

I don't want you to leave,
I want you to mind your place.

Mind my place?
Who do you think you are, Gaspar? Who?

-Come on. Give me my part, and I'm going.
-What part?

My part of the money from the shows.
I'm not giving it to you.


Is something wrong?

It's gone.

The money was in this envelope,
but now it's gone.

-Maybe it's in the back.
No, Juani. It's gone!

-Let me check.
-We gotta look for it.

Here. Let me.

Maybe you took it out
and put it somewhere else.

-I'm thinking, I'm thinking.

I put the money there three days ago.
It was there!

But now it's not. Weird, isn't it?
Then explain what happened.

-I have nothing to explain.
-Yes, you need to explain to all of us.

I don't know, guys. I don't...
It must have been stolen.

-Maybe someone forced the lock.
-Maybe, yeah. Check it out.

Check it.

So? Was it forced?

It looks fine to me.

I don't know. Maybe you needed
the money and used it, Gaspar...

You can give it back. It's fine.

-Are you crazy, Juani? I didn't touch it.
-Whoa, chill, man.

-It's obvious!
-No, it's not. This is your bedroom, dude!

There's a key for that door. There's a key
for that safe, and it's yours.

Now that's obvious, man.

-Look, Gaspar...

Can you please calm down? Chill, man.

-Do you also think I took the money?
-No. No.

No, I think there must be an explanation.

-Did you give the key to anybody else?

It was always with me.

It's so weird, Gaspar.
What else can I say?

No, it's not weird.
You know what? You stole it.

Do you know why?
Because you think you own the band.

You think you can do whatever you want.

Yes, that's what I think.
And it's not just me.

Do you think that too?

You should go before I call the cops.

-Do whatever you want!
-Calm down!

FreeKs is over.

-This is far from over.

Translated by Ignacio Benítez

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