Flashforward (2009–2010): Season 1, Episode 8 - Playing Cards with Coyote - full transcript

Mark cuts his romantic getaway with Olivia short when a tip leads to the discovery of the tattooed assassin seen in his flashforward, Simon and Lloyd settle a debate over a game of poker, Aaron learns the truth about daughter Tracy's deadly accident, and Janis returns to work but debates her future with the department.


- Tell me.
- It's a girl.

You disappear to Los Angeles.
You don't return my calls,

I'm worried about you.
We all are.

I know when
a man is willing

to sacrifice anything
for his cause,

and you're not that kind of man,
Agent Benford.

I need a favor--a big favor.

It's for Tracy.

Hi, Dad.

What I saw,
what you saw,

doesn't have to play out
that way.

Uh, what are you
talking about?

I found a way
to change the game.

(Pearl Jam's "Unthought Known"

AL: Dear Celia,

I don't know
your last name,

and I don't know
where you live,

but I know you have
two young boys--

Twins, I believe.

And I know you didn't
have a flash-forward.

? All the thoughts
you never see ?

? You are always thinking ?

? Brain is wide ?

? The brain is deep ?

? Oh, are you sinking? ?

? Feel the path
of every day ?

? Which road you taking? ?

? Breathing hard,
making hay ?

? Yeah, this is living ?

? Feel the air, up above ?

? A pool of blue sky ?

? Feel the air ?

? Up with love ?

? Black with starlight ?

? Dream the dreams
of other men ?

? You'll be no one's rival ?

? Dream the dreams
of others then, ?

? You will be
no one's rival ?

? Nothing left, nothing there ?

? Nothing left, nothing there ?

? A distant time,
a distant space, ?

? That's where we're livin', ?

? A distant time ?

? A distant place ?

? So what ya giving? ?

MAN: They all saw FBI agent
Al Gough alive and well

on April 29th.

What this guy apparently
was trying to show us

is we can't take
what we saw for granted.

Okay, bottom line is,
this is a new world.

This is a new day, and I just
think we need to take a moment

and let that sink in.

What we need to have answered
right now is the question,

is there going to be
another world blackout?

People are terrified.

Let's get back
to the big question.

What question?
Do we have free will?

That's the big question?

Possibly the central question
of human existence

for millennia.

(clears throat)

If this is supposed
to be your resignation...

(typing on keyboard)
you can forget it.

You're not even gonna let me
explain myself?

You were attacked.
You were shot.

You returned to duty
to find out

a coworker jumped off
a building.

Am I in
the right ballpark here?

My life's not making
a whole lot of sense right now,

and I think I need a little
time off to figure it out.

Totally understandable.

But, uh,
I need you here.

I know we've been shorthanded
since the blackout.

But ever since Gough...

Since Al--

- This isn't about Al.
- Yes, it is.

When I found out
about what he did

and why he did it,

it just really made me think
about my own future.

I don't know
what I'm supposed to do.

Do I lean into what I saw?

Do I fight it?

What if
my getting shot was...

I don't even know.

Some sort of a sign that
this baby's not meant to be?

You're gonna let
a bullet decide

whether or not you bring
a baby into this world?

If Al's death
proved anything,

it's that our choices
still matter,

now more than ever.

Well, I believe
without reservation

or recrimination
that your card

is the ace of spades.


SIMON: Well, that certainly
answers that question.

I've been wondering
how a Nobel finalist

and recipient
of the MacArthur prize

spends his idle moments.

This isn't the time
or the place, Simon.

You dropped off
the radar, Lloyd.

Without so much
as a phone call.

I've had to check myself
into the hospital

to have my bruised ego

Hello, Dylan.

Remember me?

(goofy voice) Why,
this is not my pancake!

We're not having this
discussion in front of my son.

(normal voice)
Yeah, well, I'm done

having you dictate
when and where we talk.

Myhill forwarded me
the e-mail you sent him.

Or should I call it
a suicide note?

It's the only logical move.

If you're hell-bent
on self-destruction,

then, yes, I suppose it is.

But I still have doubts as to
the cause of the blackout.

Our experiment killed
20 million people, Simon.

20 million.

The world
has been upended.

People need answers.

We have to go public
and tell the world

that we caused
the blackout.

(surf rolling in distance)
All right.

I guess we have to leave
this room sometime.

No, no, no, no, no, no.

I have a reservation with
the hotel that says different.


Plus you haven't opened
your gift yet.

Mm, what's this?


Just a little something
to celebrate.

And what are we

Second chances, I guess...

(lowers voice) And the fact that
we can change the things we saw.

I never thought
we couldn't, Mark.

(cell phone ringing)

That's the office.

I told 'em not to call
unless it was an emergency.

- I promise.
- Mm-hmm.


- Yeah.
DEMETRI: Hey, it's me.

This better be good, Dem.

Yeah, I'm sorry, man.
Um, something came up.

- Did you bring your laptop?
- Yeah.

I'm sending you
some video

we got from Barstow P.D.
this morning.

Remember when you had Marcie
plug all the clues

off the Mosaic board
into NCIC?

You've got something?

Yeah. Barstow P.D.
caught a homicide.

Eyewitness managed to
record it on her cell phone.

When it hit the system,
NCIC kicked back a red flag.


Stay tuned, man.



I'm headed back
right now.

"Playing Cards With Coyote"

What do we have?

Anything that might help us
I.D. our tattooed friend?

Not really.

The victim, Neil Parofsky,
is an aeronautics engineer

who works out of a plant
in El Segundo.

Watch and wallet were missing,
so everybody's thinking robbery.

Is that confirmed by whoever
shot the cell phone video?

Uh, Ingrid Alvarez.

Yeah, she saw Parofsky
hand something over

before he got shot, so she
thought it was a mugging, too.


First day back?

I should have
gotten you flowers.

- They're for your wife...
- Oh.

For stitching me
back together.

And these are for you--

Hard copy stills
taken from that cell phone.

Video forensics enhanced
the images as best they could.


DEMETRI: So now we just
gotta figure out

why someone would want to hit
an engineer from El Segundo.

Have Vreede get
into Parofsky's life--

Friends, family,
bank accounts, whatever.

All right.
What are we gonna do?

What was the name
of that eyewitness?

Uh. Ingrid Alvarez.

We'll be talking to her.

If the guy in her video is one
of the men I saw in my vision,

this is our best lead so far--
Our only lead.

I'm putting him
away now.

Find out who sent him

and make sure he never
shows up here on April 29th.

Al sacrificed himself to prove
we could change the future...

So let's change it.


Hey, honey.

Everything okay?

- Hey.
- (tissue paper rustling)

You're, uh,
you're back early.


Uh, Mark had
a w--a work thing.

So what's going on here?

Oh, the usual.

You haven't been gone
that long.



(screams, wailing)

It's all right.

It's all right.
It's all right.

It's all right.
It's all right. It's all right.

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

- Tracy--
- I'm sorry.

- Tr-Tracy! Trace. Trace.
- (crying and whimpering)

It's pathetic waking up
every damn morning like this.


Maybe if you'd
just talk about it...

I told you.

I don't want
to talk about it.

Well, I'm not giving you
a choice anymore.

I've been grieving
for you

for two years, Trace.

Hell, I even had--had your grave
exhumed two months ago

because I was convinced
that you were--you were alive.


If you want to
keep hiding out here--

If you want me to pretend
to the world, your mom included,

that you're still dead,

you have to tell me
what happened.

After what I saw
in my flash-forward,

I'd believe anything
at this point.

Listen to me, Trace.
Four months from now,

I'm gonna be sitting
by your side in Afghanistan.

You saw it,
and I saw it.

Isn't that why
you came home?

at some point,

I'm gonna get involved,
wh-whatever it is.

So let's just cut to the chase
and get started.

How about the Simcoe boy?

He was supposed to be
discharged while I was gone.

Not yet.

He was complaining
of calf pain,

so we removed the cast,
did a doppler,

- and the kid's got a D.V.T.
- You're kidding me.

Man, I'm going
to be a grandmother

before this boy goes home.

I don't get it. Why are you
so anxious to get rid of him?

Is it his dad--
Mr. Simcoe?

What makes you say that?

Just that you guys have
a weird relationship.

I mean, every time he comes
around, you get crazy tense,

- and--
- Dr. Benford?

Uh, actually, Dr. Varley just
told me about Dylan's status.

But uh, what exactly
are the ramifications--

Would it be safe to leave
the boy's bedside for a while?

I see here that you have him
on heparin.

Now the risk of complications
at that dose

is relatively minimal.
Is that correct?

I'm sorry.
And you are?

A good question.

I'm a friend of the family.
Frankly, I was hoping

to pry Lloyd away from
the hospital for a while--

Steak dinner,
some fraternal martinis.

Do you think you could
see fit to sanction that?

I mean, the boy is essentially
ready to be discharged,

if I've read
his chart correctly.

May I?

(woman speaks indistinctly
over P.A.)

Uh, yeah.
Barring any complications,

I see no reason why Dylan
couldn't go home

in the next couple
of days.

Well, it's settled then.

Lloyd, you've been
absolved of any guilt,

parental or otherwise.


Thank you very much
for your help.


Of course. Dr. Varley.

Nice legs.

Are you sleeping
with that woman?

That is none
of your concern, Simon.

Everything you do
is my concern now,

since you pressed "send" on
that idiotic e-mail of yours--

Which brings me to
the purpose of my visit.

I'm going public with or without
Myhill's cooperation or yours.

Good luck getting anyone

- to believe you without it.
- Good luck stopping me.

Well, it appears
we're at an impasse.

There are two ways
to settle this.

The first is,
oh, so tawdry and public.

I make a general annoyance
out of myself,

kick over as many anthills
as possible--

Enough, Simon.

Or we settle this
in a more... civilized manner.

Define "civilized."

Do you remember how we settled
whose name would go first

on the application
for the Sloan fellowship?

Texas hold'em,
no holds barred.

You win, we go public,
hang ourselves out to dry.

I win, you keep your mouth shut
and your guilt in check,

and we buy ourselves
some more time.


You want
to wager the fate

of millions of people on
the outcome of a poker game?

The gods did it
all the time--

Dice, chess,

whatever took their fancy.

They loved tinkering with
the lives of those mere mortals.

We're not gods, Simon.

20 million deaths
on our shoulders.

Isn't that what you said?

If that doesn't qualify us
for Godhood, tell me what does.

Let the games begin.

DEMETRI: Hey, what's
Barstow P.D. doing here?

MARK: Let's hope 3-star guy
didn't get to our witness.

(sirens wailing)

Do you think
she drives a gold sedan?

Maybe not anymore.

police radio chatter)

Special Agent Benford, FBI.

Detective Rick Malchiodi,
Barstow P.D.

We think your victim might be
an eyewitness in a homicide.

That's a hell
of a coincidence.

How's that?

Her roommate said
she witnessed a homicide, too.

Her roommate?

Yeah. Uh, Alvarez...

Ingrid Alvarez.

Came home from work,
found her roommate there

to the side of her head.

So looks like they got
the wrong roommate, huh?

I believe it's to you.

How much do you want
to give me this round?


I hope you don't drag this game
out as long as the last one.

When you lose, you'll be
able to console yourself

that I've prevented you from
confessing to a mass murder.

figure of speech.

$2,500. I'll call.

I don't understand.

You're saying
they killed Blanca,

but they were trying
to kill me?

That's what it looks like
to us, yes.

And it's because
of what happened in the alley?

Now, Ingrid, what exactly
did happen in the alley?

We have the video,
but it would really help us

to get your account.

I was working late,
me and one of my clerks.

Can't say I see you
as a blonde, Ms. Alvarez.

And I can't see you
as a rock star,

but that's what you say
your vision was.

INGRID: I was locking up
for the night.

You want me to walk you
to your car?

- I mean, it's kind of late.
- I'll be fine.

I went to my car, but there
were men in the alley--

Three of them.
They were fighting, arguing,

but I couldn't hear
what about.

(man grunts)

But when it got physical,
I hid.

(speaking indistinctly)

I called 9-1-1,
but they put me on hold.

I still can't believe
I stayed calm enough

to think to use my phone.


My hand was shaking
so much.


Now you told the police

the victim gave
the other men something

right before
they shot him?

INGRID: They were arguing
about a case or something.

But I didn't see
what it was.

What about the faces
of the other men?

Do you think you could
describe them?

I didn't get
a very good look,

but I think one of them
maybe had gray hair.

The other one was bald,
and he was big, muscular.

It was very dark.

We're gonna sit you down with
a sketch artist, all right?

Whatever you can give us.

And if you can remember
anything else,

it could be a big help,

As they were walking away,

they were talking
about something.

Uh, it sounded like "Q.E.D."

Thank you.

You guys ever read about
that inevitability index thing

that's been in
all the papers?

(chips clink)

It's a scam--

Some entrepreneurial huckster's
attempt to sell us on the idea

that the odds of the future
happening can be "calculated."

It's all rubbish.
Fate is fate.

We're not responsible,

- What about free will?
- No such thing.

Oh, since when did you become
such a hard determinist?

Simple quantum
suicide theory.

I will win this hand
and every subsequent hand

we play ad infinitum.

Don't you get tired of hearing
yourself pontificate?

Don't you get tired of being
a self-righteous prig?

We're scientists, Lloyd,
not attention-seeking

reality show contestants

for their 15 minutes
of fame on a talk show.

- You always do this.
- What's that?

Use intellectual argument
to defend your behavior.


Okay, so you sleep
with Cabrini's wife,

and you call it

You fire your assistant
and blame it on Darwin.

Shut up, Lloyd.

And now you've upended
the entire world,

and you hide behind
determinist rhetoric.

You're not the only one
who's lost someone, Lloyd.

Oh, who, Simon?

Who have you
ever cared about?

I'll call.

You see, I knew you were
bluffing this entire time.

You know why?

Because there's no such thing
as luck or fate

or "there but for
the grace of God."

This game is pointless.
I've already won.


The future's
already happened.

Fighting it is futile.

Hey, Nicole.


Hey. You okay?


My mind wandered.


I'm guessing Mark
told you what I saw.

He did, yeah,

but only 'cause
he's worried about you.

We both are.

You don't have to be.
I'm gonna be fine.

The future can change.
It's all over the news.

Hey, crazy-huge floral delivery
for the quintuplets.

Can you give me
a hand?

Go, go, go.

Don't worry, Olivia.

You know, we can change
what we saw,

just like we could
before the blackout.

Everything's back
to being up to us again.


My humvee got attacked.


Your friend Mike
told me that.

But that was
two years ago, Tracy.

Why didn't you go
back to your base?

I couldn't.
The attack--

We were fired on
by supposed friendlies.


Jericho P.M.C.--
Private military contractors.

Yeah, I've heard about them,
but that doesn't explain why.

Jericho works
for the military,

which means that I can't
trust the military--

Whoa, hold on a second.

W-why would you say
you can't trust the military?

About two weeks before
my humvee was attacked,

I was working
long-range recon

on this village
in the foothills near Kunar.

I was alone.

Orders were to stay covert
so the locals wouldn't see me.

But there must have been
someone else out there.


And I watched them...

I watched...

as they wiped out
a village.

They killed women,

and they butchered

They slaughtered them.

Why? Why would they
want to do that?

I don't know, but I told
my superior officer,

and about a week later,

Mike and I pulled duty

at a forward roadblock
near the Kalikata Mountains.

Out of nowhere, a Haji truck
breached our roadblock.

We took off after them.


Embrace the suck,


(tires screech)

MAN: Who the hell
are these guys?

Those aren't Hajis!

Burro, burro!
We're gonna get whacked!

- Get out!
- Go!



- (screams)
- (explosion)

(machine gun firing)

TRACY: I don't know
how I survived.

I thought I was
the only one.




What's been going on?

You sounded a little freaked
when you called.

- Did you slip or something?
- No, no, no, no.

Just, uh...

I didn't believe it myself.

I took this picture
at my house.

Oh... my... God.

It's Tracy.

- (normal voice) How?
- How? (stammers)

Well, Tracy would kill me if
she knew I was talking to you, but...

she was--she was in a humvee
with three other soldiers.

It got blown to hell,
a bloody mess--

Body parts everywhere,
including her leg.

- The D.N.A...
- Right.

It got basically
thrown into the mix.

Then where has she--

Wh-what has she been doing
for the past two years?

This is what I need
to talk to you about.

she's been on the run.

She saw something
she shouldn't have

and got in trouble
with Jericho.

- They're this--
- Yeah, military contractors.

Yeah. They were ones
who attacked her.

I-I know this sounds
like something

out of a Baldacci novel
or something,

but... Tracy was dead,

and now she's alive.

So I, uh, I really need
your help, Mark,

'cause Tracy is scared
to death of these Jericho guys,

and I'm afraid they're
gonna try to find her.

You all right?


I saw something today,
and it got me thinking

that if this person's future
could come true--

And it did,

even though
it seemed impossible--

Then maybe these visions

are more set in stone
than we thought.

Or maybe we have to work
that much harder.

You're right.

You're right.


Hey, did you open my gift?

Oh. They're lovely.

You didn't put 'em on?

I figured you'd just
take 'em right off again.

Right. (chuckles)

We can change things,

We just have to decide
how badly we want to.

How far we're willing
to go to make it happen.

But I say there's nothing,

nothing that we shouldn't be
willing to do for one another.

WEDECK: So what
are you suggesting?

Set a trap
for our suspects,

draw 'em out.

I know a lot's changed

but we still don't use
civilians as bait.

Ingrid knows the risks.

Then work the case. Work--
work the--the Parofsky angle.

We've been doing that.

Parofsky was chief engineer
at Micro-Circadian Electronics.

He was recently let go

on suspicion
of corporate espionage.

What if Parofsky is selling
his work to the highest bidder?

Ingrid did say that
they took a package from him

right before
they shot him.

So whatever was in there was
valuable enough to kill for.

Look, Stan,
it's a real lead.

Ingrid's gonna be protected
on this, I promise.

What makes you so sure
they'd try to hit her tonight?

They already tried
to kill Ingrid once.

If we get the word out

that we're gonna release her
from custody,

they might try again.

Why do you say that?

We went to Utah.
D. Gibbons knew we were coming.

You unearthed
the Somalia photos.

Five minutes later,
we're getting shot at.

we're investigating

knows what we're doing
before we do it.

You think
we've got a mole.

We have a mole.

Two men with assault rifles

are gonna get into this building
five months from now,

and someone's gonna
let 'em in.

We catch
these guys tonight,

We can finally put a face
on our enemy.

(crickets chirping)

Careful, it's hot.

Guess there's no chance of
getting any bourbon in there.

not a good one, no.

When did you start
drinkin' whiskey, anyway?

I told Mark Benford.

You what?

- He can help.
- Are you insane?

You don't know
these people, Dad.

I gotta get out of here.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

- Hold on a second.
- I came to this house specificly

because I thought
that I'd be safe,

but I see now that
that was a big mistake.

Mark's a Fed, Trace. I mean,
he's--he's practically family.

The second that Jericho knows
that I'm still alive,

they'll find me,
and they'll kill me.

That's not true. Don't you
remember your flash-forward?

The fact that
you even had one

proves that
you're gonna be alive.


I was with you.
I-I gave you my pocket knife.

You were on a cot,
fell asleep.

We were in some kind of bunker
or cave surrounded by guards,

and there was graffiti
all over the walls.

I think somebody
was calling my name.

Then I stepped outside.

There was a man
out there.

He was very concerned
about you.

He said something strange...

The account
has been verified.

Then I gave him
an envelope...

I don't know
what was in it.

"The accounts
have been verified."

Does that mean something
to you?


But this guy, what did--
What did he look like?

Tall, dark. Scar.



Khamir Dejan. He was
a field medic with the I.M.C.

He--he took care of me.

He got me back together.

That's why I left.

I was so afraid that Jericho
would kill Khamir to get to me.

That's not gonna happen.

Five months from now,
he's alive.

I saw him. All three of us
were there, Trace.

How can you be so sure
that everything we saw

will still come true?

Enough of mine
has come true already

that I'm a believer.

You came
back to me, Trace.

Didn't you?

I don't know what could drag us
both back to Afghanistan,

but I have to trust
what I saw.

(birds squawking)

MAN: The area is secure.
We're good.

Roger that.

MARK: All units,
stay on tact-2.

These guys are pros--

Former military,
based on that video we saw.

(birds chirping
and squawking)

Ingrid, you have
a lot of amazing birds.

My babies--the only
real family I've ever had.

Each one of them
is special to me.

It's hard to believe I ever
thought of giving them up.

What do you mean?

My flash-forward.


In my vision, I wasn't working
at the store anymore.

I had blonde hair,
and I was living in New York.

So the next day,
I put it up for sale.

Well, since
we're standing here,

I'm guessing you didn't have
a lot of buyers.

It was all for the best.

I don't know
what I was thinking--

Planning on changing
my life for a future

that might not even
come true.


We keeping you awake,


I'm sorry, man.

I was up late
with Zoey last night.


I told her
what happens to me--

What's gonna happen to me--
Supposed to happen to me.

She wants me
to quit,

get out of the line
of fire, I guess.

Are you...
thinking about it?

I wasn't.

I mean, who knows?

I quit,
I get hit by a bus, right?

That's my luck.
Whatever, right?

What am I supposed to do,

become a barista
until my date with death?

That's one way to go.

When this is over,
whether it's tonight or later,

I'd like for you to have
one of my cockatiels.

- Oh, no, no.
- A thank you gift.

Don't make me insist.

Ingrid, if you truly
loved your birds,

you're not gonna want to give
one to me, but thank you.

Very sweet.

(loud bang)

- What was that?
- Stay here.

this is Sabre-1.

Sabre-2, go.

Think I may have
some movement here.

(beep) You want us to move in
on your position?

Could be nothing.
Let me check it out first.

(lights clank)

we have a breach.

Sabre-2--all units, surround
the perimeter! Nobody gets out!

Mark, I got Ingrid
covered in the back.




- Freeze! Mark!
- (gunshot)

(indistinct police chatter
over radio)

(camera shutter clicking)

You saw him
turning on me.

He was makin' a move.

It was dark.

I didn't get
a good look.

But I do know we can't
interrogate a dead man.

(camera shutter clicking)

police radio chatter)

What does this
all mean?

I'm sorry,

but one of the men you saw
is still out there,

and he's not gonna stop
until he finds you.

We need to put you
in witness protection.

That's okay.

I think
that's my future.

I should have trusted
my gut all along.

Judging from your dwindling
amount of chips,

the pain is almost over.

What are you thinking
over there, mate?

Maybe you got a pair of 8s,
working a full boat.

How much
do you have left?

Just under 15.

(chips clink)

(ice rattling)

Thank you.

Why don't we make this hand
winner take all?

If you win,
we go public.

But of course I'll win,
and you'll keep your mouth shut.


As a physicist, Lloyd,

you really are a genius.

But you were never very good
at concealing your tells.

(whispers) Ouch.

MAN: Four of a kind
for Mr. Camp.

Straight flush.

Pot and game to Mr. Simcoe.

(chips clatter)

Keep the chips.

Call it a tip.

I got
what I came for.

How did you beat me?

Did I tell you Dylan
really loves magic?

Sleight of hand's
his favorite.

There are some things
even I won't leave to chance.

That being said,
I'll let you have the first pass

at drafting the announcement,
all right?

MARK: Thanks for backing
my play there.

I just want to make sure
I know which play it was.

(door closes)

Is this about taking
tattoo man off the streets

or putting him under it?

What the hell are you
talking about?

Look, I know you said
if we get this guy,

we might be able
to change our futures.


Look, I just want to make sure
the plan here wasn't to kill him

so he can't kill me or come
after you in your office.

Whatever gave you
that idea?

Because I had it.

The second you suggested
tattoo man might be the guy

who's supposed to kill me,
I thought,

I'm gonna
kill him first.

But now you think
I actually did...

that I went that far.

I would've.

(door closes)

WEDECK: What are you
doing here so late?

Trusting my gut.



Your e-mail said
you had something for me.

- Yeah, I do.
- (typing, computer beeps)

N.S.A. finally sent back
a new rendering

of that suspect zero photo.

Looks like the old one.

- It is. This... is the new one.
- (beeping)

What's that on his hand?

(types, beep)

- (beep)
- It looks like a ring.

Mm-hmm. Can the image
be enhanced any further?

N.S.A. is working on it
right now,

but it took them this long
to get this far.

Tell them to put
their foot on the gas.

If we can tie this jewelry
to the guy wearing it,

we'll have our first
workable lead.

Good job.



(locks door)

Wow. You look like you had
a perfectly ordinary day.

(keys jangle)

Worse than ordinary?


I killed a man tonight.

What happened?

I had a shot
at changing my future...

Changing our future...

And I took it.

Oh, Mark.
Come here.

Come here.

Maybe April 29th's just gonna be
another day at the office now.

What does that mean?

I, uh...

I told you in my flash-forward
I was in danger, right?

A man was trying
to kill me.

But tonight...

(normal voice)
I got to him first.

I changed the future, Livy.

We have
a second chance.

We have
a second chance.

(thunder rumbling)


(lightning crashes,
thunder rumbles)

You have them?

There were supposed
to be seven.

After the first
atom bomb test,

you know what a colleague
of Oppenheimer's said?

"What a foul
and awesome display."

He then added, "Now we are all
sons of bitches."

Sync and Edits: VeRdiKT
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