Flashforward (2009–2010): Season 1, Episode 7 - The Gift - full transcript

Mark, Demetri, Gough and MI6 agent Fiona Banks investigate a Blue Hand club and its possible connection to some recent suicides. Meanwhile, Aaron receives a surprise visit from a former army buddy of his late daughter's, Demetri comes clean with Zoey about his lack of a flashforward, and Nicole helps Bryce uncover the mystery of his flashforward while volunteering at the hospital.

I saw someone drowning me.

How do I atone for something
I haven't done yet?

The man you might be sleeping
with in six months' time

was just in our living room,
and I sure as hell

didn't bring him into
our lives. You did!

All the old patterns
are back, Mark.

It's about trust, and we don't
trust each other anymore.

I had a vision of
Fiona Banks.

- Let's see if she had a vision of me.
- Al, I know why you're calling.

It's something to do
with the Rutherford case.

Listen, Al,

you've been acting kind of weird
for a couple of weeks yourself.

Blue Hand--it's a clue
from Mark's board.

Dear Celia,

I don't know
your last name,

and I don't know
where you live,

but I know you have
two young boys--

Twins, I believe.

And I know you didn't have
a flash-forward.

I understand
how terrifying that is

and how powerless
you must be feeling.

But I want you to know
that you are not alone.

your other girlfriends?

No, we, uh, we broke up.
This is just porn.

- Oh, okay.
- Yeah.

I'm in pre-trial conference
all day, so totally unreachable,

but don't forget we need
to sign off on the proofs later.

- Proofs?
- For the wedding invitations.


Bet you 20 bucks
they spell my name wrong.

Bet you $100
they got mine wrong.

You know, they say couples
with commonly misspelled names

are the most successful.

- Really?
- Mm-hmm.

Meet me at the printers
at 6:00, okay?

Can't you just pick one?

I'm gonna pretend
I didn't hear that.

I'm just saying
you have great taste.

I mean, I don't need
to be there, right?

Hey, kick ass today.

I might be home
a little late tonight.

I'm covering the E.R.
for Sally again.

I tried to get out
of it, but--

You don't have to explain.

It's just hard
'cause Crosby's out of town,

- so there really is no one else.
- Olivia,

you don't have
to explain.

I trust you.


I trust you, too.

It's like everything
I say comes out wrong--


Even when we're getting along,
it's tense.

Things have changed
for everybody.

It's a new world.

I miss the old one then.

Really? The one where you
used to crash on my couch

playing "Madden"
till 4:00 A.M.?

Don't you mean futon, and don't
you mean kicking your ass

- until 4:00 A.M.?
- What?

- What? I said it.
- No, you didn't kick anything.

You were--
you were cheating.

That's what you were doing.

Hey, man,
what you call cheating

I call finding a way
to change the game, my friend.


How's Agent Hawk doing?

She's out of the woods.

Should be back to work
in a few weeks.

You think these three

had something to do
with her shooting?

Well, we followed the hand stamp
from the guy who shot Janis,

led us to the house
where we found these guys.

The Blue Hand stamp?


I'm sensing a theme.

You want to share?

The contact ring,

residue patterns
and bullet trajectories

are consistent with
self-inflicted gunshot wounds.


Was it--you think this is
some kind of suicide pact?

Had to be.

But then
who arranged the bodies

and covered them
with the sheets that night?

All had alcohol
in their systems.

She had ecstasy and heroin.

Hey, Dem, who--
who are these people?

Um, Jason Martinez, 37.
Married, two children.

This is Diana Davis.
Still looking for next of kin, and--

And Ian Rutherford, 25.

British national. Reported
missing from a cargo vessel

docked in Long Beach.

Your Rutherford case?


Here we go.

FlashForward - Season 1 Episode 07
("The Gift")

Hang up.

- Hey, Aaron.
- What's up, Jack?

There's a guy waiting
for you inside

Says he served with Tracy.

How can I help you?

You're Aaron Stark?

Corporal Mike Willingham.

I've been meaning to come
talk to you for a while,

but I've been mixed up--
trying to get a job,

trying to get
a place to live.

It's tough
re-adjusting to civilian life.

Especially with the way
things are now.

You just gotta hope
it gets better.


Sorry to bother you
at your place of work,

but I promised Tracy that if
anything ever happened to her,

I'd give you this.

How did you find me?

I'll always find you,

I think right now
you need this more than I do.

I hadn't seen this knife

since Tracy deployed
four years ago,

but somehow...

Now I understand
how in my flash-forward,

I was giving it
back to her.

She said it was
a good luck charm.

Maybe there's
something to that.

For two years, I've had
to listen to people

telling me to move on,

to accept what happened
to her.

But I always knew
I'd see her again.

Now you
showing up here and...

It's all happening,
isn't it?

It's all happening.

Thank you, Mike.

Thank you.

Why do
a copy machine salesman,

a librarian
and a Scottish journalist

all decide to get together
to shoot themselves?

Because print is dead?

Gough, say hello
to your vision.

You all know
Fiona Banks,

MI6, fresh off the plane
from London.

Nice to meet you again...

for the first time.

Nice to meet you.

Suicide seems a little
low-incident for MI6.

Ian Rutherford
was reported missing

off a cargo ship
two weeks ago.

The British embassy
was notified.

I saw the report
and came here because--

'Cause you knew you'd be
working on this case

from your flash-forward.

That's all well and good,

but what do we got
in the present?

Well, when I found out all
three VICs committed suicide,

I cross-referenced
their visions on Mosaic.

Turns out
they're all ghosts.

So people who didn't see anything
in their flash-forwards--

That's what
they call themselves.

So none of them had visions,
and now they're all dead.

Am I the only one
who finds that disturbing?

No, you're not.

Here. Check this out.

It's a ghost web site.

It's where they connect
with each other,

find out about
upcoming events.

Buenos Aires, Dubai...

Whatever this is,
it's happening everywhere.

"The Blue Hand.
No limits. No fear.

A place where ghosts can gather
to embrace the inevitable."

You've got to be kidding me.
A death club?

Like a book club
with bullets.

Whatever it is, the guy who
shot Janis is a part of it.

We need to find these people,
figure out who they are

and shut them down.

The next meeting
in Los Angeles is being hosted

by a guy named Raynaud--
Dr. Maurice Raynaud.

When's the meeting?

Tonight, go downtown
and check the time.

Tonight, go downtown
and check the time.

Tonight, go downtown
and check the time.

Ian Blaine Rutherford.

Born in Edinburgh, 1984.

Father's an aviation mechanic.

Works in a factory,
makes cell phone components.

I've already seen
that file.

Yes, of course.

Sorry. I just, uh, I never
expected to be working

on this case so soon.

The dominos seem to be falling
into place, don't they?

It's funny.

I don't remember anything
from the actual dossier

other than his name.

I just remember you...

and the bird.

When it hit
the window...

I literally felt
my heart skip a beat.

Then you had
the phone call.

Excuse me
for a moment.

After you left,
I looked out onto the ledge.

I went over.

I wanted to help it,

if only to end its pain.

But I couldn't.

That was the worst part.

There was nothing
I could do to stop it.

What was
your phone call about?

It was my attorney.

Why were you speaking
to an attorney?

Did something happen?

I killed her.

No, everything was fine.

Hey, babe.

Hey, I'm working
downtown tonight.

Thought I might stop by that
bakery on Grand on the way back,

pick us up some
of those cinnamon rolls.

Or not.

You don't have any idea
why I'm mad, do you?


The printers?
Our invitations?

Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.

Work was so crazy.

All right? We got a lead
on the guy who shot Janis,

and now we're going
to this underground club--

Yeah, you're not the only one
who had a crazy day.

I've been cranking out motions
in limine all afternoon

but somehow made it
to the printers anyway.

You're right. I suck.

I should have been there.
I'm really sorry.

It's not about
the invitations, Dem.

It's about you and me

and the fact that
you've been checked out

ever since I got home
from Seattle.

You know I've been slammed
since the blackout.

- Babe, please.
- Yes, since the blackout, yeah.

That's been your excuse
for everything.

Yeah, no,

why you are late
coming home,

why you don't feel
like talking,

why you shut your computer
every time I walk in the room.

It's... It's like
I don't even exist.

Hey, that's unfair.

What's unfair is being
in love with someone

who treats you like a stranger.
That's unfair.

You know, and I don't
want you to apologize.

I don't.
I want you to want to be here.

Talk to me.

Just--just be honest
about whatever's going on.

- You want me to be honest.
- Yes.

The more you jump
down my throat,

the less
I want to be here.

How's that for honesty?



- Is he qualified?
- No, I think--

Thanks so much
for having me.

Oh, not at all.
We always need volunteers.

I gotta tell you,
there's a lot of menial tasks--

A lot of charts to be filed
and blood to be run to the lab.

- It's not exactly glamorous.
- I'm not looking for glamour.

Dr. Benford?

Hey, aren't you supposed to
be at that intern conference?

Yeah, but lab's lost the coags
on our spider girl,

the O.R. is trying to bump
our appy another hour,

and volvulus guy
is leaving the A.M.A.

to see his kid
in this "ice capades" thing.

Okay, so redraw the coags,
tell the O.R. no,

- and I'll talk to skater dad.
- Okay.

- Bryce, do you know Nicole?
- Uh, yeah.

Yeah, I think we met at your
christmas party last year. Hi.


Nicole's volunteering here.
You know what--

Shadow Bryce. He'll show you
the lay of the land.

I will catch you later.

- Thanks.
- What's "volvulus"?

Twisted gut.

You pre-med?

No, I-I'm just volunteering,
helping people, you know.


Um, ma'am...

Okay, slow down. I'm sorry.
We don't understand you.

Thank you.


Sweet peas symbolize good-bye
in japanese culture.

It's considered a bad omen
to give it to the sick.


Is that a cardigan?

What? I was going
for Average Joe.

- Back off, Dem.
- That jacket? Ridiculous.

Says the FBI agent
in a police T-shirt.

Good going.


"Go downtown,
check the time."

here for the meeting.

At, uh,
Dr. Raynaud's invitation.

Who's gonna play?


Who is going to play?

I get it. No bullets.
Good gag.

Your ticket...


Welcome to the Blue Hand,

You got a death wish?
You could have been killed.

Not today.

That was a real bullet
in that gun.

- You know that, right?
- Listen, Demetri,

unlike the rest
of these people,

I know I'm gonna be alive
in six months. I've seen it.

So bullet or no bullet,

there's no way
I was gonna die tonight.

- Hey.
- What can I get you?

Could you get us
to talk to Raynaud?

Is he here?

You guys first-timers?

No. Maybe.

The Raynaud changes
at each gathering.

And where is
tonight's Raynaud?

He's around. You'll know him
when you see him.

What you got?

It was on my board.

Another piece
of the puzzle.

So what do we...
do here?

Anything you want.

No limits. No fear.

There's something
for everybody.



Look, I-I really need

- to talk to you about--
- I don't think we should

really be doing the--
any of the...

Uh, me first?

Um, okay.

Okay. Fine.

Um, I really just came by
to say thank you

for everything you've done
for Dylan.

He did all
the hard work himself.

Well, you saved his life...

And in doing that, um,

you saved mine
as well.

Look, the very last thing
that I would want to do

is ruin yours.

I really mean it.

- I really don't think we should be--
- Hey, listen, I understand.

I understand that this
is really very awkward.

So please just let me
be perfectly clear.

Nothing is going
to happen between us.

- No, I know that.
- I would never do anything

to come between you
and your husband,

despite what we may have
seen or experienced.


Okay, good.
So, uh,

Dylan and I are gonna
move back to the bay area

as soon as they approve
the hospital transfer.

Good. Oh, good.
That's... that's good.

You must be anxious to, um,
you know, get back to work.

- Yeah, right. Um--
- And I should go. So...

Listen, um, thank you so much
for everything again.

Yeah, I'll do everything I can
to push that transfer through.

- Okay, great. Thanks.
- Um, just excuse me.

Thank you.

Hey, where did you learn
how to speak Japanese?

My dad was stationed in Okinawa
when I was little,

and I picked it up.

When we moved back,
I took it in school.

Can I show you something?
Just for a second.

Uh, in my flash-forward,
I saw this symbol behind her.

Who's the woman?

I have no idea. I was hoping
that if I could figure out

what the symbol meant, then
I might be able to find her.

I know
it's an Asian character,

but nobody seems
to recognize it.

They didn't see it
because it wasn't finished.

You have a pen?

Yeah, a pencil.

- May I?
- Please.

There. It's kanji.
It's a Japanese letter.


What's it mean?


Mr. Stark?

What are you doing here?

Sorry to bother you again.

I just didn't feel right leaving
things the way we did earlier.

I'm not sure I understand.

It's just...
You seemed so happy,

and I didn't know
how to tell you,

but I think you deserve
to know the truth.

Truth about what?

About what you saw

in your vision with Tracy.

It's not possible.

What are you
talking about?

I was with her
in the humvee.

Blind Father, this is
Hit Man 2 requesting backup.

Put Oscar Mike,
pursuing Hajis heading north,

about two clicks away
from checkpoint Victor Tango.



Who the hell are these guys?

- Those aren't Hajis.
- Back up! Back up!

Those are Jericho!
We got to get out!


Burro, burro!
We're gonna get waxed!

- Get out!
- Look out!

Come on!


I'm sorry, sir.

When I went back
to check on her...

Tracy! Tracy!

I had to run.
I had to. But I saw her die.

I saw her die.

This is pathetic.

What have they got
to lose, man?

Doesn't matter if it's
tonight or next month.

They're dead anyway.

Blue hands.

They represent a portal,

a gateway from one
understanding to another.

The blue hand
marks a surrender

to the inevitable.


Here we go.

- You got me?
- Yeah.


- Everybody get down!
- Get down!

- Everybody down!
- Everybody!

Get down! Everybody down!

- Get my gun!
- Now! Now!

- Aah. I want to--
- Turn around. Turn around!

I want this to end.

Not today.
Not today.

"Dr. Maurice Raynaud--

Raynaud's phenomenon,

"also known
as 'blue hands.'

Died 1881."

Guess it does beat
your real name--

Jeff Slingerland.
Am I saying that right?

Says here
you taught American history

at South Fairfax High.
Teacher of the Year '08.

Then the blackout happens,
and you turn

into Friedrich Nietzsche.

Why is that, Jeff?

Or do you prefer
Dr. Raynaud?

You know what
Nietzsche said--

"If you gaze into the abyss,
the abyss also gazes into you."

Is that the kind
of optimism that comes

from not having a vision?

I had a vision--

A bottomless pit
of darkness and indifference,

infinite in its nothingness,
as if I never existed at all

and I never would again.

These people who didn't have
a vision--these ghosts--

Where do you Raynauds
find them?

We don't find them.
You do.

There's no better place to go
than your Mosaic site.

Couldn't do it without you.

Do you see this guy?

One of your fellow
blue hands,

shot and nearly killed
an FBI agent.

You better start talking,
or I'm gonna charge you

as an accomplice
after the fact.

Fine. Throw me in prison.
I don't care.

It's all mapped out.
Don't you understand?

The script for this conversation
has already been written.

Whatever you've all seen
is gonna happen.

What if you're wrong?

What if April 29th
comes and goes,

and you're still alive?

What then?

You can run

and you can hide,

but you can't escape
what's coming.

No one can.

Heading out?

back to my luxury suite.

They still putting
visiting agents up

at those crappy hotels
by the airport?

Now you're just
rubbing it in.

You ever try dirty rice?

Dirty rice? What, you mean,
like, eating it off the floor?

No, no, it's, uh,
it's a cajun dish.

It's my favorite.

My mom makes it for me
when I go home at the holidays.

I thought I might try
and make a batch of it tonight.

If you're feeling
hungry at all...

That's, uh, sweet of you.
That really is,

- but I'm jet-lagged.
- I understand. I'd be tired, too.

You know, I've been
thinking about our bird.

- What if you taped the window?
- How do you mean?

Well, if you cover
the window,

the bird might not
crash into it.

It's a nice thought.

I think it'll probably just
crash into a different window.


But it's worth a shot.


Can't accuse him
of sugarcoating things.

That guy makes Marilyn Manson
look like Mr. Rogers.

Everybody deals with it
differently, I guess.

I'm sorry, I...

It's all right.

At least I don't have to deal
with the uncertainty.

It is the one good thing

about knowing the exact date
of your murder.

Gives you time
to prepare.

So what's gonna happen?

March 15th comes around,
you're just gonna pack it in?

- Come on, man.
- Huh?

Say your good-byes,
have a nice farewell dinner?

I'll deal with it the way
I choose to deal with it.

You deal with it by fighting it.
That's what we're doing here.

Wake up, would you, please?
Wake up!

D. Gibbons.
The--the doll factory.

137 sekunden.
The Blue Hand.

It's all come true.

No, no.

- Listen, it doesn't mean that you're--
- Mark, look around you.

Look around, man.

Raynaud was right.

It's all happening,

every single day.

There's no way out.

There's nothing you or I
or anyone can do

to escape what's coming.

Give me 20 bucks for it.

This is magic
beyond all comprehension.

It searches
with power and imaginary.

It seems that cosmic energies

not meant for
the mortal men.

They stay crumbled

and resent the
shattering omnipotence.

Okay, I'm tired, you're tired.
It's time for bed.

Oh, Mommy! Please?

That's all right.
I got it.

Okay, five minutes.

- Okay.
- Five.


- I love you.
- I love you, too.

Sleep well.
Good night.


Daddy, are you sad?

No. No, baby.

Daddy's happy.

Got you something.

Um... I'm not really hungry,
but thanks.

I really do love you.
You know that, right?

I know I've, uh...

I've been distant lately,
but I...

Didn't know how
to tell you, uh...

And what to tell you.

I didn't know
what to do.


About my flash-forward.

I told you I saw myself
on the beach at our wedding.

That was a lie.

I didn't see anything,

only darkness.


I didn't have
a flash-forward

because I'm gonna be dead.

Tonight, I met all these people
just like me.

No visions.
No hope.

They were just...
waiting to die.

I don't wanna be
like that.

I don't wanna be like that.
I wanna be here with you.

- Dem?
- Yes?

I know what I saw...

The beach.
Our wedding.

I know you were there.

You gotta know
how much I wanted that.

I wanted to marry you,

have a baby with you,

- grow old with you.
- It was a mistake.

You just made a mistake.

There's no way of
knowing for sure, so--

Zoey, I'm sure.

I'm sure.
Listen to me.

I love you.

I love you.
You are the life that I wanted.

Then let's have that life.

- Zoe--
- We can have that life.

You said you didn't want
to give up hope. Then don't.

We have
two conflicting visions.

We can choose which one
we wanna believe in.

I choose hope.

You're right.

Thanks for coming out, Mike.

Is everything all right, sir?

Everything's fine.

That's why
I called you out, actually.

I thought you might
be upset with me, sir,

for... telling you
what I told you.

I've spent
the last few weeks

tortured by what I saw,

up and down,
living in limbo.

But your story,
what you told me...

You've finally given me
some peace.

And I was hoping maybe
I could return the favor.


You won't be
the first screwed up vet

this place has hired.

Aaron, thank you.

No, thank you.

You're a real artist.
You could totally sell these.


Yeah, I'd give 'em away
for nothing

if somebody could
help me find her.


So you don't remember her name
or where she lives?

Uh, just, I remember the images...

But I-I just can't
put them together.

But you remember
how you felt about her?

Oh, yeah.

- You have to find her, Bryce.
- How? She could be anywhere.

Well, look at your paintings.
Look at her.

It's Japan. It has to be.

Do you have any idea
how many people live in Japan?

You could put your story
up on Mosaic.

Even if she doesn't see it,
someone she knows might.

It's worth a shot.

Morning, guys.

- Morning.
- Hey.

- You coming to the meeting?
- You two go ahead. Hey, Demetri?


I left something
on your desk.

Can you make sure it gets
into the right hands?

See you later.

We've got this Raynaud guy
in custody. Now what?

He's still refusing
to name names,

give us an idea
of who's in charge.

My sense is
this people aren't killers--

Just lost,
aggressive nihilists.

Your sense? You've gotta
do better than that, Mark.

You can break any perp.

You've just gotta change
your approach.

No, Raynaud's different.

Can't threaten him
with anything.

He's got nothing to lose.

He has seen his future,
and it is bleak.

He doesn't even know
how it's gonna happen.

It could be a fall, a fight,
a shooting, a car accident.

The possibilities are infinite.

The guy's
walking on eggshells

every minute of the day, just
waiting for the hammer to drop.


Al, I-- I just got off
the phone with hospital.

They took her off life support
an hour ago.

I'm sorry, Al.
She's gone.

Every day,

he wakes up wondering
if today is the day--

If today is the day his future's
finally gonna catch up with him.

What's gonna
happen to her children?

It looks like
the kids will

have to be placed
in foster care.

Those two boys
are orphans...

Because of me?

No, Celia's death
was an accident, okay?

It could've happened
to anyone.

But it didn't.

It was my fault.

I killed her.

The change in--

Stop. Stop!


Al! Al!

- No, no, no.
- Al! Talk to us, Al!

Just-just talk to us.
We can fix this.

Hey, man, we can find her.
We can find Celia.

We can protect her.

Anything you need, we can find
a way to make it happen, son.

Come on, Al.

It can happen
anytime, anywhere.

I don't even know
how it happens.

Al, listen to me. You're alive
six months from now.

You saw it. You saw it!
Man, you saw it!

- But if I'm not here...
- Come on, Al, get down.

If I'm not here...

It means
we can change things.

Al, please get down.

What I saw...

I killed her.

What you saw...

doesn't have to play out
that way.

Al, what are you
talking about?

I found a way
to change the game.

Al, listen to me. Celia's death
was an accident, okay?

A terrible, random accident.

There's nothing you could've
done to avoid this.


- Al!
- Al!


- Al!
- No, no, no.

"Dear Celia,

"I don't know
your last name,

"and I don't know
where you live,

"but I know you have
two young boys--

"Twins, I believe.

"And I know you didn't have
a flash-forward.

"I understand
how terrifying that is

and how powerless
you must be feeling."

"But I want you to know

"that you are not alone

"and that your situation

is not as hopeless
as you think."

"Our paths were meant
to cross,

"I didn't know how.

I didn't know when."

"But things have
changed now.

Things are no longer going to
unfold as I had feared."

"My gift to you

is release
from that dread..."

"From the feeling that
you're no longer in control."

"We will never meet.

"I will never know you.

"So live your life.

Live every day."

"And know that the future
is unwritten."

"Make the most of that."

Hi, Dad.