Flashforward (2009–2010): Season 1, Episode 16 - Let No Man Put Asunder - full transcript

Olivia and Lloyd grow closer. Wedeck helps Aaron infiltrate Jericho to rescue Tracy. Demetri moves up his wedding date after finding out more information about his murder.

{\pos(192,230)}It would seem our fates

{\pos(192,230)}are on a collision course.

{\pos(192,230)}Find Dyson Frost yesterday.

{\pos(192,230)}The next move is Mark Benford's.

Dyson Frost?
It's your move.

I took this picture.

She saw something she shouldn't have
and got in trouble with Jericho.

The second that Jericho knows
that I'm still alive...

They'll find me,
and they'll kill me.

I know you took her.
Now you're gonna give her back.

- I can't give you your daughter back.
- Then we go to war.

You will be shot 3 times

on march 15th.

It will be your gun, Agent Benford.

The box is here,
but the gun is gone.

My first term was a bitch.

I could have used you, Stan.
I'm sorry I couldn't bring you in.

I don't want you to think
I'm harassing you.

I know.
You're just trying to save the world.


She was signaling her handlers.

I should have known...

Two moles, in case one is caught...

And not one person in the office
would suspect it's you.

Today is more than just
the beginning of your career.

Today, along with a badge and a gun,

you're gonna get a story
about your first day on the job.

Every special agent has one.

Some are funny.
Some are tragic.

Some are boring.

But today won't be
the most important day in your career

as an FBI agent.

That day is somewhere down the line.

You won't see it coming.

It sneaks up on you.

It'll most likely be
an anonymous moment.

A crossroads where you're asked
to do something,

make some kind of personal sacrifice
for the good of someone else,

and that person may never know
your name or see your face

or even understand what you did.

But you'll know.

And isn't that why you're here,
after all?

Because you can be counted on
to do the right thing at the right time,

every time.

Welcome to the FBI.

Well done. Nicely done.

All right, ladies and gentlemen.
See me for your partner assignments.


Nicely done.
Special Agent Vreede...

Is it "vreed-y"
or "Vreede" as in "freed"?

I don't know.
I got Benford.

- Switch with me.
- Why?

He's a legend.{\He's done it all...} Surveillance,
counterterrorism, trafficking.

Do it.

Whatever, but you gotta take it up
with Wedeck and get it approved.

Done. Thank you.

- Of course.
- Yes!

- Janis, who'd you get?
- No partner. Headed to analysis.


{\You know, }I got it worse. I report to you.

{\I mean, }How could that be?
I scored higher.

Yeah, in, like, one category.

Come on, Marcie. We'll have fun.

We've been a team since Quantico...
Booze and bullets.

- {\Yeah, well, }What am I, the mascot?
- No, you're like our captain.

{\Yeah, }You'll probably outpace all of us.
I'm sure of it.

Yeah, we're sure.

Interview of Marcie Turoff,

Agents Benford and Noh questioning.

March 12, 2010.

{\First thing }We'd like to know{\ is}...

Who came after us
in that parking garage in DC?

I don't know.

Who came after us
in the parking garage in DC?

I don't know.

- On to the next.
- Are they still after us?

I don't know.

- Who killed Ian McKinnon?
- Demetri. Come on. Let's go.

Is that who's coming after me?

Let's go.

We need those answers.

{\But }There are a whole lot of other ones
we need to get to first.

Listen, Dem.

You think I don't have march 15th
circled in my calendar, too?

We both know there's a chance
you'll die in three days.

Look, you keep chasing down leads.

I'll let you know when we're ready
for your questions, all right?

Janis, I need your help in here
with Marcie.


What, you got something more important
than grilling our mole?

No. Of course not.

What were your duties?

Every week, I'd take
whatever information

there was in the mosaic investigation
and leave it at a dead drop.

Who recruited you?

I was approached by a man
three months before the blackout hit.

What was his name?

All in due time.

He asked if I wanted to be
a part of something big.

And you said yes.

You think I sold out
my friends and my country, but...

you don't know me.

Why don't you enlighten us?

Come on.
Don't you remember my flash-forward?

No, you don't,

'cause neither of you
ever bothered to ask me what I saw.

I was incarcerated.

That didn't cross your mind

when you shot six
of your fellow agents?

It did.

But even though I was in jail,
I was happier than I've been in years.

I thought we'd have to beg
for life without parole.

I told you they'd come around.

Until I tell them who recruited me,
I'm indispensable.

For the first time since I got here,
I actually felt like I was important.

I need you Mark.

These are our guests
from washington.

And while they're grateful
for all our efforts

in apprehending Agent Turoff...

You gotta be kidding.

Director Middleton
feels more comfortable

having such a highly valued target
where he can keep an eye on her.

And where he can give
the press conferences himself.

Hear me out.

We know her. We can read her.
Just give us one more day.

I know it's frustrating,

but let's try to get something
positive done today.

Like maybe get back to
what caused the blackout.

{\Now }I'll be out of the office for a couple
of hours, so give me an update.

Dyson Frost. He's our best lead so far.
Where are we?

I've left 4 messages. Haven't heard back.
I'm afraid he's just toying with us.

He{\The guy}'s been wanting to talk {\to you }for 19 years,
and now he's playing hard to get?

Shel, see what you can get
by tracing Frost's phone.

I just got a call from LAPD.

They've got a ballistics report
saying that Mark's gun,

{\the one }that's supposed to kill me
in three days,

was used in a murder last night.

-= Blackout Team =-

{\fad(0,750)}Saison 1 ?pisode 16
-= Let No Man Put Asunder =-

{\PUB}{\pos(192,220)}So what do we know
from the eyewitness reports?


{\pos(192,235)}in his cot,

{\pos(192,235)}presumably asleep.

At 3:33 am,

{\pos(192,235)}the shooter walked up to him,

{\pos(192,235)}and a couple of insomniacs
heard the victim say...

I knew it would be you.
I just didn't want to believe.

The shooter must have had
a silencer on your gun.

He plugged him three times
in the chest at close range.

Do you want to put that thing away?

- Sorry.
- Thanks.

{\pos(192,235)}Physical description ranging from...

{\pos(192,235)}5'5" white guy to a 6' indian.

{\pos(192,235)}- Another dead end.
- Wasn't there something about a car?

{\pos(192,235)}Somebody said they saw

{\pos(192,235)}a 1970s blue sedan drive away...
Foreign make.

That's a start.

{\pos(192,210)}LAPD's gonna forward
the victim's effects to us.

{\pos(192,210)}Can't wait to sift through that.

Forget about the shooter.

Who's the one other person
we know who handled that gun?

There were 40 agents
in that evidence room.

They were all cleared months ago.

One of those agents is Marcie?


- Stop!
- You guys never give up.

- I need to talk to her.
- She's in our custody.{\ now.}

- {\You can't take her. }She's part of our investigation.
- I'm just doing my job.{\, same as you doing yours.}

- Who'd you give my gun to, Marcie?
- I don't know.

- {\Come on. }Who has it?
- I don't know.

Come on. Don't do this.
We were friends.

Look, I'm sorry.
Really, I am.

All I heard is that
you're supposed to die in LA.


Give me more specifics.
Who does it? When?

It was a voice on the phone when
I called to report the gun in lockup.

- Who'd you call?
- A number. It was different every time.

Look, that's all I know.
There isn't any more.

{\Look, }You're gonna die in three days,
{\and }there's nothing you can do to stop it.

I'm sorry.

Come on.

Marcie, come on.

Come on, come on!

Sweetie, what is the hurry?
We're here.

{\pos(192,240)}I told him we'd be here by 2:00.
We're late.

{\pos(192,240)}- Who?
- Dylan!

{\pos(192,240)}Nuts to you, Squirrlio!

{\pos(192,240)}Come on, Dylan!

{\pos(192,240)}{\Okay, }I'm coming.

{\pos(192,240)}Did you know about this?

{\pos(192,205)}Absolutely not.

{\pos(192,205)}Charlie, who arranged this?

I did! I got Dylan's phone number

from him {\when he was }in the hospital.

{\pos(192,220)}He was very insistent
about this specific park,

and now I know why.

Do you normally come here?

{\Well, }The house is just around the corner.


- This is fun.
- {\Come on. }You go first.

- {\Look, }I can sit on a bench{\ or something}.
- {\It's }Fine. Doesn't have to be that way.

- {\Dylan, }What happened?
- Let me see{\, sweetie}.

We bonked heads.

- Did he hit your teeth?
- Let me see, baby.

- {\Okay, Charlie,}Let's see. Open up.
- I'm bleeding.

{\Okay. }Let me see.

- She okay?
- Open your mouth.

Here we go{\, Charlie}.

I want you to do something now.
Just{\... just} grab my hand,

{\and }when it hurts, I want you to squeeze
as hard as possible, okay?

Is that all you got?{\ Come on.}
You try a little bit harder than that.

That's good.

Does this mean I can't go
to the carnival, mommy?

{\No, }I think you're gonna be{\ just} fine
for the carnival.

I think you're gonna be okay.

{\Yeah, }That's good.

I'm starting to feel that a bit now.
{\Listen, }I'm just gonna{\ go backto the car and } get a bottle of water

and a towel.
You'll be okay.

I see carnivals in your future.
Come here.

- I wanna go.
- I know.

{\pos(192,225)}It's okay, sweetie.

Assistant director Wedeck?

{\pos(192,225)}That's me.

Come this way.

{\pos(192,225)}- She's ready for you.
- Thank you.

{\pos(192,225)}Madam Vice President.

{\pos(192,225)}Good to see you, Stan.

It's been quite a while.

{\pos(192,225)}- Please sit.
- Thank you.

{\pos(192,225)}Thanks for coming
on such short notice, Stan.

How is everything?

You want to tell me
why{\ the hell} you dragged me out here?

It's nice to know my new position
hasn't changed your attitude towards me.

{\pos(192,245)}Does the name Jericho

{\pos(192,245)}ring a bell?

{\pos(192,245)}They're a private contractor
operating over in Afghanistan.

{\pos(192,245)}I've heard of them.

{\pos(192,245)}Agent Benford look into them
a while back.


in my security briefing this morning,
I learned that Jericho's CEO

just tripled the security
around his malibu compound.

{\I think }You should take a look.

Wrong department.
NSA is who you want to call.

I don't want them to know.

I need this done off the books.

The Vice President
doesn't fly across the country

'cause some guy hired
an extra night watchman.

In my vision, it was clear
that Jericho had done some things

that threatened
our national security.

The same one {\vision }where you
saw yourself as President?

As a matter of fact, yes.
And I was there

because Jericho did something
that triggered a political crises.

I can't find out anything about what
they're doing. But if it's bad enough

to bring down President Segovia,
it must be significant.

I've been keeping a close eye
on every move they make,

and something
is happening right now.

Are you sure you don't know
what it is

even if I did,

Dave and I go back 25 years.


these flash-forwards
are coming true.

Segovia is going down.

Do you want to be out with
the old or in with the new?

{\pub}{\Well, }Now we know your gun's here in L.A.

Yeah, too bad Marcie couldn't tell us
who's using it.

So I'll run this car info,

see if anything pings
on a 1970s blue sedan.

We're gonna get this guy.

Got a second?

You used our database

to look into them a few months ago.

- Is that a problem?
- No{\, no}. Just curious why you did.

It was a favor for a friend...

Wanted as much information
as I could give him, which wasn't a lot.

A friend?

Do all your friends ask you to research
third world military contractors?

He had questions
about his daughter's death.

She was serving in Afghanistan.

He thinks Jericho is involved?

The things he told me...

They were in confidence.

I can respect that.


Do you mind if I talk with him?

Maybe ask him a few questions?

What's his name?

Aaron Stark.

Good luck finding him.

He's off the grid.
I don't{\ even} know where he is

or how to track him down.

- Thank you, Mark.
- Sure.

{\Hey.}Just heard on the scanner...

L.A.P.D.'s in the middle
of a high-speed chase.

Driver... Ross Webber...
Has been spotted with a gun.

Car they're following...
'71 blue sedan.

The shooter
from the homeless shelter?

How many criminals are driving
the same disco era sedans, right?

Any idea where they're headed?

There's your blue sedan.

- Where is he?
- Right inside.

A bunch of people ran out.
He's got hostages.

- Where{\ in the building} is he?
- Second floor.

- Who's talking to him?
- No one yet.

- {\You think }He's just gonna come out on his own?
- Captain doesn't want us to do anything{\ till he gets here}.

Shots fired!
Get down! Stay down!

You hang back.

I talk to him,

try to make sure he releases
the hostage. Once he does,

you take your shot.

Sounds good,

except for the part about me
staying on the sidelines.

No way you're going down there.

{\Listen, }I'm not gonna let
that gun kill one more person.

March 15th... I know that's
the day you're supposed to die.

Who says you didn't get shot
three days earlier?

Who{\ the hell} is that?!

I'm right here!

Try not to shoot me.

I told them the only person
I want to talk to is Randy Savage!

Macho man?

Yeah, I dig that.
That's not me.

- My name's Demetri.
- Oh, god!

You don't turn around
in four seconds, I will kill her{\, Demetri}.

Doesn't matter to me.
She's just a saleswoman.

That's what she gets

for causing the blackout.
I said stop!

{\Ross, }You still have that gun, right?

I'm gonna take the clip off now.

Here we go.

Gone, buddy.


On my ankle,

I got a gun, man.

I'm gonna take that off, too, okay?

We're not worrying
about that anymore.

{\Hey, }What were you saying,
though, about...

About how salespeople
caused the blackout?

{\That's...}That's a fascinating theory.

I'd like to hear more about it.

They made us buy cell phones.

{\See, }Before everybody had a cell phone,
nobody ever blacked out. None of...

Stop moving!

You think I won't kill you?

You're about just plain incorrect.

I'm not afraid.

It's okay.

Everybody's scared of dying, man.

She is.

Look at her...

I'm scared of dying...

All three of us.

It's what makes us human,
don't you think?

You're scared.

That's fine.

See, when people get scared,

judgment gets clouded.

I'll be honest, man.

You have made some
really bad decisions today.

But you can make a really good one

right now...

If you just give me the gun.

Come on.

Let me save your life.

{\pub}{\pos(192,220)}EMT says he's stable.
We can question him in the hospital.

{\pos(192,220)}It's not your gun.

Serial number is totally different.

Your gun's still out there.

So you almost got yourself killed
for nothing?

Yeah, I guess so.

All right.

{\pos(192,245)}You took him down,

{\pos(192,245)}saved an innocent woman.

That's fantastic work.

What I can't understand is,

if you thought that gun
was gonna kill you,

{\I mean... }{\Cops had }The place was surrounded. He was never
gonna make it out of here anyway.

That's why I needed
to get to him, man...

So I could ask him why.

Do you remember...

That speech you gave
my first day on the job?

It was all about
being the kind of person

who could be counted on

to do the right thing
at the right time.

{\And, man, }Since October 6th,
when I didn't see anything,

I have had a lot of trouble

being that person.

And I need your help.


{\I mean, }Look at me.

If you think
I've been making good choices{\ lately},

you're crazier than I thought.

I'll do anything to help you{\, Demetri},

so I'm gonna tell you something,

and I really want you to listen.

Get out of here.

You and Zoey just get out of here.

- I'm not running away.
- That's right. You're not.

You're being smart.

{\Just }Promise me you'll go somewhere safe.

{\pos(192,210)}Special Agent Noh,
do you recognize exhibit "H"?

{\pos(192,210)}Yes. It's a copy of my notes

taken while witnessing
the transaction.

And those handwritten notes
are your only record of the events?

Well, it was a very simple
money-for-stolen-goods exchange.

That is very good.

Agent Noh, who taught you to draw?

I guess I'm just naturally artistic.

Lucky guy, right?

Now your description here

of the alleged buyer, here,
further down in your notes...

Can you read that
for the court, please?

"Caucasian male,
average height/weight,

"dark jacket, baseball cap."

When my client was booked,

he was photographed
wearing a red jacket, not a dark one.

Wasn't he?

And he clearly has a goatee,
does he not, Agent Noh?

{\Yes. }So which individual

bought the stolen computer disk,
Agent Noh...

The one with the goatee,
or the one in your artistic notes?

Because they're obviously not
the same person.

- Objection... Argumentative.
- Sustained.

- Do I get to answer that?
- Not really.

No further questions.

I'm done with this witness.

You can go{\ now}.

Come on.
There's no need to take it personally.

That was a win
that you {\just }turned into a loss.

It was never really a win,
because you were wrong.

{\You know what? }I'm gonna go ahead
and take the stairs.

{\You know what? Look, }I'm sorry.

I'll turn the defense attorney off.

{\Okay, }That would be
an instant improvement.

Why don't you let me
make it up to you?

Can I...
Take you to dinner?

- You gotta be kidding me.
- What?

There's not a chance in hell
I would ever go out with you.

How are you?


Sit down.
I want to talk to you.

It's okay.

- You're beautiful.
- Shut up.

What is wrong with you?

- Nothing.
- It's good.

{\You know, }I wasn't supposed
to be there that day.

What day?

Al Gough was supposed to be
Mark's partner.

I switched with him,
and because I was mark's partner,

I was covering the bust
that led me to you.

All these tiny little decisions
we make,{\ you know,}

without thinking, {\they... }they all...

They all line up,

to lead us somewhere...

Somewhere good.

So I want to ask you if you will...

Marry me.

Baby, we covered this.
I said yeah.

No, I want to get married right now.

{\I want to get married }Tomorrow.

Then we get on a plane
and we go to Hawaii.

We stay there through the 15th,
maybe through April 29th.

{\Listen,}Maybe we don't ever come home.

- Want to do it?
- Are you serious?

- I'm serious.
- Hell, yes!

Of course!

I love you.

I... sorry. I just wanted to come by

and say thanks for what you did
with Charlie today, in the park.

No problem.

Can I get you to come in?

I just left the water running,
but please, please come in.


{\I'm }Sorry.
The dishes were getting {\kind of }out of control.

Can I get you something to drink?

I could offer you a carton of milk
that expired yesterday,

some juice boxes or a bottle of gin.

No, I think I should be going.


- Thank you for today.
- Yeah, I do have a telephone.

You could've called
to say thank you.

Why are you here?

{\pub}I don't know. I've just made
such a mess of things.

I wish I could blame it all on Mark,
but I really can't.

I made a ton of mistakes.

I know that feeling.

I tried my best with Linda
after Dylan was born,

but to be honest,

I used his autism
as an excuse to get away from her.

Even the thought of that
makes me ashamed now,

I thought
I was doing the right thing at the time.

You're damned if you do,

- and then you're damned if you don't.
- {\Yeah, }Maybe we just...

choose to live in the moment,
you know, just grab the...

good things in our life
when we recognize them.

- I have to go.
- Look. Wait.

I'm not trying
to argue against Mark.

He's a brave man
doing something extraordinary.

Yeah, he is.

This does kind of put me

in the Lancelot-trying-
to-persuade-Guinevere position.

You did not just compare yourself
to Lancelot.

The only other metaphor
I had involved protons and neutrons,

and believe me, under the circumstances,
I went with the stronger choice.

I know that we're feeling
the same thing right now.

How do you know what I'm feeling?

Because I'm in that room
on April the 29th.

That wasn't an accident.

This scares me.

It should.

Who the hell you?

It's okay, Aaron.

I work with Mark.

I'm a friend.

You mind telling me
how you found me?

There was a computer
in Echo park doing web searches

for a "Jericho Parwan Afghanistan,"

"Jericho central base"
and "Jericho murder US soldiers."

That library's 2 miles from here.

And this is the 14th cash-only hotel
I've hit.

Well, here I am.
Now what?

Mark didn't want to tell me
why you were so interested in Jericho.

But some very powerful people
would love to take them down.

All they need is proof.

They got my daughter.

- They kill her?
- They tried.

- She's still alive.
- But in your file it...

Tracy's alive.

She was here, but Jericho found her
and to her back to Afghanistan.

I gotta believe I've only got
so much time left to find her.

- Wait. You're going to Afghanistan?
- Sure am.

I know you were in the service{\ and everything},

but how are you planning
on getting there?

Fly into Uzbekistan,

cross the border at Termez.

And you're doing this
with a US Passport?

You'll be dead
before you leave Hairaton.

I don't have a choice.

Do you know why Jericho tried
to kill your daughter two years ago?

She saw Jericho wipe out
an entire village.

If I could help you get to Tracy...

you think she would
tell us the whole story?

You can do that legally?

- Come here.
- What?

Yo, I'm getting married.

- Come here.
- I'm getting married.

So would you be okay
with Vreede officiating at your wedding?

Define "okay."

No charge.

Consider it

- my wedding gift.
- You're gonna marry him?

Vreede's an internet


Have I ever told you how awesome
you are, Shelly Vreede?

You make me feel awesome.

Janis, you're awesome, too.

- Thank you.
- Janis is awesome.

That's very sweet. Thank you.

All right.

Mark is awesome.

- Time to take the groom home.
- Yeah. Let's find a cab.

Here we go, buddy.

- I'm sleepy.
- Yeah.

You got military clearance.

Your cover is you're in Afghanistan
to help install their power grid.

Satellite phone.

Video capability.

As soon as you can document
what Tracy knows, I want it uploaded.

If you see any Jericho activity,
I want it uploaded...

Pictures, video, audio,
anything you can get me.

- No problem.
- Get yourself to bagram

as soon as you're clear.
Military transports

leave every two days.

- I'll arrange a flight home.
- Excellent.

I'm guessing...

You don't need me to tell you
what to do with these.

I got a couple ideas.

All this gear is clean.

None of it can be traced back
to this agency.

If they find you...

You're on your own.

Is that it?

I guess it is.

Thank you, Stan.

This isn't something I think
I need to tell you, but

there's a{\ very} good chance
you're never coming back.

I saw myself with my daughter.

We were together in Afghanistan,

and she was alive.

God help anyone
who stands in my way.

Do you think I'm chicken

for running away?

Sometimes the best offense
is a good defense.

I'm just scared.

You played this out as best
as you could

everybody needs

a successful exit strategy.

This is yours.

I want you to know...

- that night in Somalia...
- Don't.

No, I want to. I have to...

- Just stop.
- No,

this may be my last chance,
all right?

I'm pregnant.


{\PUB}This is perfect.

{\pos(192,210)}My mom is gonna be so excited.

{\pos(192,210)}I'm happy to let you use the space,

{\pos(192,210)}but since you aren't members here,

and, since we didn't do any

premarital counseling...

We don't need any premarital counseling.
We've been living together for a year.

I'm going to pretend I didn't hear.

You need to get married
this afternoon...

But under these circumstances,

you're going to need to find
somebody else to officiate for you.

I never heard.
Did you, track down Aaron?

I guess he didn't want to be found.

You gotta see this.

It's Frost.

You found him?

His phone was activated 12 days ago

at a convenience store on the corner
of Western and Washington... 3:18 P.M.


a man fitting Frost's description

walks to a 1971

Citroen DS sedan...

powder blue, silver top.

A match from the shelter.

Wait a minute.

Dyson Frost made a videotape
for you 19 years ago,

then encoded a phone number
for you to find.

And then after all that,
instead of meeting with you,

he's murdering a homeless guy?

But he used my gun to do it.

He may be crazy,
but he isn't random.

There's a method here.

We just don't understand
what it is yet.

Any word from the LAPD on the search

- for Frost's vehicle?
- Still looking. I'll stay on top of it.

- Let's keep putting the pressure on.
- Guys, can we stop with the shoptalk?

- This is a special occasion.
- It's just like Demetri

to be late for his own wedding.

He's not answering his cell.

I called three times.

Let me try.

- Demetri Noh. Leave a message.
- Nothing.

What is it?

Guys, where is he?


- Hi, mom!
- Step right up, ladies and gents.

Wheel of fortune...

One spin for three tickets.
You want to give me?

Round and round she goes,

and where she stops,

nobody knows.

Hey. Where are you?

School, carnival.

I'm calling because I'm gonna make it.
I need you to keep Charlie.

How come?

Something's happened to Demetri.


Not sure what it is yet.
He didn't show up at the wedding.

I thought you should know.

- What do you think happened?
- I don't know.

I hope it's just cold feet,

because it's almost march 15th,
and this is too close for comfort.

Be careful.

Of course.

Kiss Charlie for me.

I will.

Hang on, kids.

Hello, Charlie.

-= Blackout Team =-