Flashforward (2009–2010): Season 1, Episode 15 - Queen Sacrifice - full transcript

Keiko searches for Bryce while Mark and Vogel plot to uncover the FBI mole.

We believe that this man
was somehow connected to the blackout.

(Janis) He's highly efficient
in advanced computing equipment.

He also seems to have
a penchant for chess.

The man you call D. Gibbons--
his real name is Dyson frost.

Hello, Demetri.
My name is Dyson frost.

Got your attention, didn't I?
In my flash-forward, I saw this symbol.

I remember the images, but I
just can't put them together.

(Nicole) Your have to find her, Bryce.

Our entire investigation hinges
on what's in your head.

I'm here to make sure you don't
lose it before April 29th.

We went to Utah.

(Demetri) Officer down!
D. Gibbons knew we re coming.

You unearthed
the Somalia photos.

Five minutes later,
we're getting shot at.

Whoever we're investigating

knows what we're doing before we're doing.
We have 'em all.

You're forgetting there's
another part to what we saw--

the part where we're not together.
Hey, honey.

I want to go away with you
and with Charlie.

I just want to get away
from all of this. Yes or no?


Hey, I'm sorry.
I was in surgery.

-Oh, I'm fine. I'm fine.
-Oh, God. What happened?

Um, I ran into a bullet.

Babe, I'm serious.

6 inches this way,
this bullet's in your heart.

I know.

I'm not sure
I can handle this anymore.

Livy, I was an FBI Agent

when you married me.

But it is different now.
We have a daughter.

I mean, if something
happens to you, I...

I don't wanna...


Look, I get that
this is who you are.

But it--it's different.

I-I mean, I've got to know
that our family comes first.

Something's gotta change.

Wedeck offered me a position

on the dhs
counterterrorism task force.

It's an improvement?

listening to phone calls
in Farsi.

I'll be out
of the line of fire.

My biggest concerns will be
boredom and cholesterol.

You're gonna hate that.

Mm, but I can take it.

What I can't take is
losing you and Charlie.

Our family will always
come first. I promise.

So, um, if you need anything,

I'll be staying
at the wedecks'.

(Thunder rumbling)

I'm sorry. I have no idea
how to do this.

Neither do I.

She's been in there 20 minutes.

I'll call you tonight.


Are you my new partner?

If you are, I insist
you change your clothes.

Can't catch bad guys
in pajamas.

Where are you going?

I'm just going to the wedecks'
for a little while.

How long is a little while?

Well, I... hope it's not
very long at all.

What's this?

You lost your bracelet.

It'll keep you safe
from the bad guys

until you come back home.

Let me put it back on.


(Whispers) Come here.

(Sniffles) I love you so much,


Sync by finovsk

if you're watching
this message in 2010,

that means the global blackout
was successful.

That also means we've had
a near miss in pigeon, Utah.

How do I know all this?

Because I myself have had
hundreds of flash-forwards.

In nearly all of my futures,

i end up dying on march 15th--

like you, Demetri.

So if you managed to find
this tape in Somalia,

it would seem our fates
are on a collision course,

and the possible outcomes of
the game are rapidly narrowing.

As for the endgame,

the next move
is mark benford's.


That's Dyson frost?

- And it's genuine?
- Yeah. It's legit.

Degradation rate
in the magnetic tape

plus the date of production
makes it authentic.

The only explanation,
however implausible,

is that frost flashed-forward
from 1991 to our present

and saw us in Somalia.

Then in 1991, he makes a tape
he knows we'd find.

a 19-year flash-forward.

And march 15th--the day
he dies in his future...

Is the date I'm supposed
to be murdered.

Maybe that's the collision
course he's talking about.

Dem, frost talks about
narrowing outcomes--

another indication
that what people see

in their flash-forwards...
Are only possibilities.

Could be warning us.

Warning us about what?

There's gonna be
another blackout.


How? When?

We have to assume that's
Agent benford's next move--

to find out and to prevent it.

So let's make it a good one.

Find Dyson frost... yesterday.

This is magnificent work.

Master circuits
built from basic sketches

I designed when I was 13.

Well, when you finish
patting yourself on the back,

can we get to work?

I had to go to a lot of trouble
to get all this,

not to mention what I had to
go through in that basement.

Yes, I know--the missing dig.
A terrible loss.

You find anything in those
documents we got in Somalia?

Yeah, um, a couple of things.

There were several references
to tachyonic dark matter.

In '91? How is that possible?

Well, the theoretical basis

- But the experiment failed.
- Because they needed us.

Well, clearly, you're missing
the silver lining.

The blackout--
we're off the hook.

Not our fault.
Frost flash-forwarded in '91

using technology
that we did not develop.

Simon, flosso said
our n.L.A.P. Experiment

amplified the blackout.
We can't dodge that.

Find anything else interesting?

I saw this formula
in my flash-forward...

Written on a mirror.


It's the exact inverse

of some of our early
n.L.A.P. Computations.

I don't know--maybe a process
to reverse the blackout?

You're working
on blackout protection

in your flash-forward?
I don't know,

but it was
this formula, and there was...

(Whoosh) There was more of it
written on the mirror,

and the two of them
are combined somehow.

Well, we need the other formula

that you saw
on the benfords' mirror.

Go see your girlfriend.


(Knocks on door) Nothing.

I ran face recognition software
on every available database.

Since frost faked his death
in 1990,

there is not one record--not one
sighting of this guy. Nothing.

He's a thorough guy--

likes complex things
like chess.

He's also got
an arrogant streak--

likes people to know when he's winning.

I've been looking through
membership lists of chess clubs pre-'90.

Frost placed third
in an amateur league in '87. (Types)

And the guy he beat
lives in San Francisco. (Taps key)

His name is Ian mckinnon.

Mckinnon was
the reigning champion

until frost beat him
in an upset.

(Beeping) So I traced him
and then I gave him a call.

But when I mentioned frost, he hung up.

Well, let's travel. We need to get
to San Francisco and talk to him, right?

Yeah. But first, there's something else.
(Taps key, beep)

This is frost's final tournament
against mckinnon.

He uses a very risky play
called the queen sacrifice.

Looks like a total hail Mary,

but it's one of the most
effective plays in the game.

- Okay, so what?
- He knew we would see these games.

It's another message from 1991.
(Taps key)

Tournament game sheets.

Each of his moves takes
either two or four seconds--

never more, never less.
In the three games,

he made 50 moves,
after which he resigned.

So this is a code
of some kind. Wait. Is this...

This is morse code.

2-second moves are dots.
4-second moves are dashes.

There are 50 moves,
so 50 characters.

- And this is just jumbles of letters here.
- Not letters.

Numbers in morse code
have five dots or dashes.

50 divided by 5 is 10--
10 digits.

Is it a phone number?

(Taps key, beep)

(Taps key, beeping)

Prepaid cell.

He really did know the future.

(Phone rings)

(Frost) Well done.
Leave a message. (Beep)

Dyson frost?
This is Agent benford.

It's your move.

Now we're traveling.

(Horn honks in distance,
people speaking indistinctly)

(Asian music playing)

(Door bells jingle)

(Door closes)

(Speaks Japanese)

In English, please.

I know you like halibut.
Some just came in this morning.

No, thank you.
I ate... some cereal.

Oh, that's not enough.
You need protein.

You are kind, but I can't.

It's... too much money.

(Speaking Japanese)

(Speaking Japanese)

I want a... new beginning.

And new love.


(Speaks Japanese)


-Some miso soup, a little rice?

(Door bells jingle)

Not today.


(Nicole) Come here often?

I'm beginning
to feel like a regular.

Don't you have
anything better to do

than hang around a chemo ward?

Bryce, you're my friend.

You're crazy if you think
I'm gonna let you

- go through this alone.
- I appreciate what you're doing,

but I don't want you
to see me like this.

- Is this about your pride?
- A little bit, yeah.

Hello, it's me.

You've glued pennies to the wall
with my lunatic mother.

I think we've both
seen behind the curtain.


the chemo's gonna make you
sick as a dog in 24 hours.

So tonight,
let's have some fun.

Okay, let's do it.

But I'm buying dinner.

(Man speaking indistinctly,
seagulls calling)

(Demetri) You call s.F.P.D.?

(Mark) What do you think?

(Man) Right behind you.

(Men speaking indistinctly)

Help you guys?

Special Agent benford.
Agent noh.

Detective John Smith.
Yes, that's my real name.

- What do you need?
- What happened here?

Eh, some guy
from the chess club

- took two in the back of the head.
- Don't tell me--ian mckinnon?

Yeah, Ian mckinnon.
Person of interest?

Not anymore.

Ian mckinnon was
unlucky enough to play

a few games of chess
back in the '8os,

and now he's dead.
He was our best lead on frost,

but our leak turned him
into a homicide investigation.

San Francisco bureau is
handling the follow-up,

but I'm not expecting much.

How long between
when you first made contact

- and time of death?
- Eight hours tops.

There's only one conclusion.

The leak we've been tracking--
that's compromised the security

of the whole
mosaic investigation--

- is inside the bureau.
- Not just the bureau.

No. Inside our office.

(Sighs) I've been ordered
to give full agency support,

fresh pair of eyes,
all the rest of that crap.

You got a play?

My dad knew a guy
who used to go blast fishing.

He'd throw a stick
of dynamite in the water

and watch the fish
float to the top.

It was ugly, but it worked.

Game on.

Just don't forget
who your friends are.

What's unacceptable is that
one of them is my enemy.

- I need you to step away from your desk.
- What the hell is going on here?

Everyone's required to assemble
in the conference room, sir.

On whose authorization?

assistant director wedeck.

-Whose orders?

I'm not at liberty to say.

That's not part of
the task force agreement.

(Clears throat) Uh, no calls,

and I'll need
your cell phone, please.

- Don't touch me, all right?
- Sir, your phone.

What's going on?
Someone lose their keys?

- Simon campos?
- Yeah?

You're in there also, sir.

I'm not really an employee.
I'm more of a visitor.

What is this? I've not
even had my coffee yet.



What's this about?

Judging from the way our offices
are being torn apart,

I'd say an interagency
task force has been formed

and is looking for a leak.

We can't just look
for the leak on our own?

(Janis) Yeah.

I think the point is,
one of us is a mole.

And mark?

Apparently already vetted.


This office has been swept.

(Beeping continues)

♪ you are the sunshine
of my life ♪

♪ girl ♪

♪ forever you'll stay
in my heart ♪

♪ you are the apple ♪

(beeping rapidly)


There's your leak.

Get out.

It's voice-activated.
(Door opens)

When your office is swept
for bugs at 4:00 A.M...

(Door closes) The sweepers don't make
any sound.

No sound, no transmission.

You've vetted the sweepers?

Since the blackout, all techs
have been agency-contracted--

blind assignments.

That's how you do security.

They just don't know
about the singing.

So who has access
to your office, mark?

Everyone in that room.

Time to light the fuse.

Ladies and gentlemen,
as you may have deduced,

we're closing in
on a leak inside the FBI

that is hampering
the mosaic investigation.

Now anyone want to confess?


Then it's the hard road.

You'll be first, Agent noh,

as you were part of the failed
attempt to contact Ian mckinnon.

You got anything
to say about this?

We have to do this.

Vogel, you're a son of a bitch.
You know that?

True as that may be, I'm working
with Agent benford today.

I was with you the whole time
in San Francisco.

- I don't think you're the mole.
- Who then?

Someone in that room.
If you don't think I'm the mole,

what the hell
am I doing in here?

I need the mole to think
I suspect everyone,

even you.

How long are we gonna be
stuck in here?

(Man) Good question.

They've got their whole
procedure to go through--

re-vet contact histories,

bureau records, computers.
That could take days.

They're gonna want to vet
all of our personal files.

Not if they don't
have passwords.

You didn't give up
your passwords?

Not to my personal files, no.

Something on your computer
you don't want people to see?

No, I mean, nothing
that's... sensitive.

You know, I'm--I'm clean.

It's porn. Agent curdy,

downloading naked cheerleaders
on FBI time?

It--it's nothing like that.
It's--it's--it's, um...

It's just... it's an r.P.G.


It's--it's an r.P.G.
It's a role-playing game.

I play "warlocks of avalon"

(Groans) I'm a seventh level druid.
My name is "argothic."

You have any special powers?

Um, cape of invisibility,
lightning hammer,

elixir of life, healing.

- That's impressive.
- Yeah, it's cool. (Chuckles)

You're next. Vreede.

Can I borrow that cape?

There any reason we can't
get back to work,

do something useful?

Vogel found
a microtransmitter...


In that key.

You want to be useful? Tell me
who put that in my office.

- You think it was one of us?
- That's the working theory.

Hmm. "M"... for "mark."

Nice touch.

Unless it was you, marcie.

(Marcie) Can you shut up
for, like, five minutes?

- Want some sugar?
- I don't use sugar.

Mark? We're with you.

You know that.

Thanks. But we're close.

We'll get him.

Good thing the fate
of the planet doesn't rely

on mark benford
finding the mole.

(Spanish hip-hop music playing)

(Men speaking indistinctly)

(Drill whirring)

Son of a bitch!

Excuse me!

Koreatown's further West.

No. I'm not korean.
I'm Japanese.

Either way,
you gotta get on the bus.

(Indistinct shouting)

You want this car to do that?
That's the idea.

I look?

You look?

You look like
you don't belong here,

and you definitely
don't belong under the car.

or nitrogen air bags?


Could be fracture in cylinder.

I can help.

Maybe I surprise you, yes?

Okay, ninja girl.

But if you break my axle,
I'm coming after you.


Thank you.

(Drill whirs)

This is really screwing with
my trust issues. You know that?

Yeah, you've been
through a lot, Janis.

I took a bullet, mark.
And I'm seriously a suspect?

You have to admit that
getting shot and living

- makes for a perfect cover.
- Screw you, vogel.

I'm sure there's
a reason for this,

but you got a number
of unaccounted personal breaks

in the weeks since
the blackout--13 in all.


In the three previous years
at the bureau,

you've taken precisely... two.

Mark, you know what I saw
in my flash-forward.

I've been going
to a fertility clinic.

Yeah. You only had
eight visits. We checked.

So what?

So I went out
to... go buy some shoes.

-Come on, mark.
-Where were you?


What is it, Janis?

Ever since the shooting,

I've been looking
at everyone differently...


Just checking up.

And you found something?

Does he have
to be here for this?

Marcie has a brother.

We know about him.

There's another one...

A half brother.
He's very sick.

He's dying in Missouri
in a full care facility.

It's expensive.

Marcie didn't name him
in any of her applications.

Those absences... I went off site
to look into some things.

- You never mentioned this before.
- I was waiting.

For what?

I was waiting to see
if she did something.

And Marcie's paying
for this care?

There was a deposit made
to an account for $50,000

three months ago--


Okay, Janis. Thanks.

Mark, I don't know
anything for sure.

- I'm just trying to help.
- You've done the right thing.

It doesn't feel like it.

You trust her?

You know what, vogel?

Being around you makes me
not trust anyone anymore.

(Carousel organ playing,
woman screaming)

(Charlie) It's gonna rain.
- Yep, but we're together.

We're having a girls' day.

I don't want to have
a girls' day.

I want daddy to be here.

Daddy wants to be here, too.

Then why isn't he?

Here's the thing, sweetie.

Daddy and I love each other
very much.

But most of all, we love you.

And we're always
gonna be a family.

That's never gonna change.
I promise.

Come on.
Let's go for a ride.

- Yeah?
- Okay.

- Let's do it.
- Can I ride the Ferris wheel?

- You want to go on the Ferris wheel?
- Uh-huh.


So I went through
Marcie's background.

She did declare her brother
in her initial application.

But Janis said she didn't.

The original vetting records
were at a regional field office.

When they were routed
to D.C.,

an entirely separate file
was created.

It was easy to miss, man.

You okay?



(Blinds rattle, door closes)

I moved out of the house.


Olivia and me--we're...

I don't know.
I-I moved out.


Is this about what you saw
in your flash-forward?


Partly that,
partly what she saw.

Is there anything I can do?


But Marcie's still a suspect,
so keep digging.

All right.

(Door opens)

(Door closes, blinds rattle)

(Indistinct conversations,

(Thunder rumbles)

(Automated male voice)
Tell your future.

(Child laughs)

(Girl screaming)

Step up and I...

(Automated male voice echoing)
...In your future...

Can we do that again?

No, my love.
Let's go. Let's go.

- Okay, let's go.
- Can we go again? Can we go again?

No, sweetie.


Why are you following us?

Because it's my job.

I'm special Agent
Danforth crowley.

Your husband assigned me
to be your security detail.

Your safety is
his number one priority.

(Siren wailing in distance)

(Drill whirring)

(Spanish hip-hop music playing)

You don't know much English,

so I know you don't have
a work visa.

I can try to get you
paid off the books.

That's your first job.

Client wants more horsepower,

so we've been trying
to remap the e.C.U.

My guys only work
on carbureted engines,

so for them it's like...

(Chuckles) German.

You said you were some
big-time engineer back in Japan.

Maybe you can figure this out.

Yes. It is no problem.

Yo, emil. You didn't tell us
you were hiring a masseuse.


Listen up.

Cut the music. I got something to say.
(Music stops)

This is keiko.

She works here now.

That means
she's part of the family.

Treat her with respect,

or we're gonna have a problem.

Everyone get that?

I'll take that as a yes.

(Drill whirs)

(Music resumes playing)

All right. Get to work.

Hey, it's me.

I just wanted to thank you
for that security detail.

It scared the hell out of me,
but I guess it helps.

Charlie misses you.

Um, anyway, I'm at the hospital,
so call me if you--


We need to talk.

I swear I wouldn't bother you

if it wasn't absolutely

Wow, you literally have
the world's worst timing.

Well, yeah.
I've heard that before.

What do you want, lloyd?

Okay, I need to know

exactly what you saw
in your flash-forward.

I wrote a formula
on your bedroom mirror,

and I think it relates somehow
to the global blackout,

but what I saw was incomplete.
Did you see it?

Yes, I did... part of it.


I have to make a call.

After a while,
I got up from the bed.

Then I noticed something
was written on the mirror.

It was written in lipstick.

Most of it was indecipherable,

but I did recognize this.


It's an anesthetic.

Quantum physics
and anesthetics...

That's what mark and I were
working on in our flash-forward.

I thought q.E.D.
Meant quantum electrodynamics.

But we were... building
a quantum entanglement device.

Well, that clears that up.

I have to be getting on
with my rounds.

Uh, yes, right. Of course.
Listen, I-I don't want you

to think I-I'm harassing you.

No, I know. You're just
trying to save the world.


(Telephone rings in distance)

(Emil) So you come here
every single night

just in case this guy shows up?

And during the daytime.


I know.

I know.

But it's the only way
I can find him.

All right. I respect that.

You saw your fate, and now
you're doing your thing.

When I saw my future,

it was the best day of my life.

It was the first day

I let myself want
what was in my heart.

So like you say,
I am doing my thing.



Can I ask, what did you see?

Something different than you.

Let's leave it at that.

(Chuckles) You are kind
to give me a job.



We're lucky to have you.

Thank you, emil.

You ever tried sea urchin?

No. Is it good?

It's like eating
somebody's thyroid.


Ah. Well,
I'm sure keiko loves it.

And if she's the woman you were
in love with in your vision,

you have to eat it with her.

Wait. This--
this could be a problem.

What if Sushi's
her favorite food,

and that's all she
ever wants to eat?

Okay. Suddenly she's a mogwai.
You're being ridiculous.

A-a what?

- Never mind.
- Wait. What--what's a mogwai?

I'm not explaining it to you.

Justify your metaphor,
young lady.

(Sighs) God. Um, mogwai--

you know, gizmo--
the little furry creatures

that turn into gremlins
if you don't feed 'em right.

They had dietary restrictions.
It's--forget it.


I know.
It's a very nerdy metaphor.

- Just shut up and read the menu.
- Okay.

I don't know.

- I'm just not feeling Sushi tonight.
- Well, I am.

I guess I can have teriyaki.

You're kind of a spoiled brat.

I never noticed that
about you before.

How dare you?
I have cancer.

All right.
What do you want to do?


I'm sorry. Um...

I don't know why--
why I just did that.

I-I know why I did that,

It's--you're thinking
about another woman.

You know,
you can't just kiss me...

In little Tokyo, no less.

Yeah, I know.
I'm, um, sorry.

It's just...

You're great.

Honest mistake.

Hey, just buy me a burger,
and we'll call it even.


(Speaking inaudibly)

(Spanish hip-hop music playing)

- Good morning, keiko.
- Morning.

Too much sake?

- Mm.
- Next time we have Tequila.

Mm. How's it going?

This car will go very fast.

You know, we just need
a little more horsepower.

We're not trying to launch it
into space, you know?

(Man) Immigration!
(Man) I.C.E. Nobody move!

Hands behind your heads!
Just do what I do.

Hands behind your head!

(Men shouting indistinctly)

(Man) Move it!
Put your hands up now!

Now! Do it now!
Don't move!

(Siren wailing in distance)

You emil gutierrez?
You're under arrest

for employment
of undocumented workers.

What's your name?


Do you have an I-9?


Surprise, surprise.

(Man) All right. Load 'em
into the van. Let's go.

(Sirens whooping and wailing)

(Beep) Hey, it's me.

Listen, I-I had
a-a great time last night...

Uh, and I'm--I'm sorry
about kissing you.


You know, actually,
I'm--I'm... I'm not.

I'm glad. So...
(Sirens wailing in distance)

Okay, well,

anyway..Uh, bye.

They've been in there 36 hours.
Got anything?

All of Marcie's background
has been gone through

by vogel's people already--
financials, phone records,

background checks up the wazoo.

I'm doing surveillance
tagging right now. (Typing)

This surveillance tech
is good.


Go back. Go back there.


How many times
does she have coffee?

She has coffee
most of the time. Why?


She doesn't use sugar.

Okay. Give me time stamps

for every time
she put sugar in her coffee.


Each of these time stamps
corresponds to a day

a key piece of information
was leaked.


Look at that.

No one knew about
the pigeon, Utah, trip...

(Whispers) Crap!

Or the Somali intel

that triggered the attack
in Washington.

Every time she put sugar
in her coffee,

she was signaling her handlers.


Marcie, what are you doing?
(Shell clatters)

(Man) Down! Everybody down!

Down, down, down!
Get down!

(Man) Go!
Cut her off at the stairs!

Go, go, go!

(Shells clatter)

(Motorcycle engine revs)

(Tires screech)

Down, down, down!

Down! Down!

(Gun fires)

(Tires screech)

(Shells clatter)


(Both grunting)


Hold fire, hold fire.
(Siren wailing in distance)

(Marcie) Aah!
(Water splashes)




(Panting) Get her out of here.

It looks like you were right,

I wish I wasn't.

(Sirens whooping and wailing)


You could have let me in on it.

I couldn't say anything.

You told Demetri.

It was discretionary.
I needed people in that room.

So I was manipulated
for the greater good.

Queen sacrifice--
frost's play.

How'd you know about that?

We all have our ways, mark.
(Cell phone rings)


(Beep) Benford.

Agent benford. Dyson frost.
Don't speak. Just listen.

I haven't come forward since
all your leads end up dead.

But now that your mole problem
has been fixed,

I look forward to meeting you.
I'll be in touch.



(Door closes)

You were quite the hero today.

I like a woman who knows
how to handle a firearm.

Fancy a drink?

I'm not really your type.

I think you'd be surprised to
learn exactly what my type is.

I reviewed your Uncle Teddy's
autopsy x-rays.

The c.P.R. You gave him
was quite aggressive.

Could have even been
the cause of his death.

Yeah, I, uh,
can be quite a tiger.

You murdered him
to send a message.

Message received.

I should have known.

A double plant.

Two moles,
in case one is caught.


And not one person in the office
would suspect it's you.

Not one.

Well, that would be the point,
now wouldn't it?

Sync by finovsk