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Fi (2017–2018): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

Can Manay, one of the country's most well-known psychiatrists, crosses the path with the young ballerina Duru. Can is almost fascinated by the magnificent beauty of Duru, who lives with the musician's lover Deniz.

It doesn't take much to create a human:

an egg, sperm,
and a reasonable amount of passion.

And here you are, on earth.

The dice is thrown, your destiny is set.

The place you're born, an unloving father,

an incompetent mother, a bully for
a first grade teacher, being broke,

some friends who suddenly got rich,
other friends who are useless,

bad bosses, unfaithful lovers,
shitty jobs, constant economic recession,

and people at each other’s throats.

Somewhere, always, a war being fought.
A world close to its end.

This is your destiny.

Equality, justice, hope.
You know these are just words.

You keep saying that it's destiny, luck.
I know.

What the fuck are you looking at?

- Nothing.
- What do you mean, asshole?

Why are you staring, motherfucker?

Absorb, accept, obey.

Show no mercy when you get the chance.

Hit as hard as you can.
The same way destiny has hit you.

I didn't do anything to you.
Now ask for forgiveness.

This is what everyone does. It's easier.

Fuck your forgiveness... and fuck you.

Who the fuck are you?

Who am I?

The one who runs, or the one who fights?

Is that all I am, or am I something more?

Am I the one who accepts this life
believing everything is destiny,

or am I the one who reshapes it?

Tell me about courage.

If there is any.

I promise you pain...

blood, fear, tears and rage,
fatigue and war...

and in the end, paradise on earth.

You can be someone else.

No, I don't know, either.
Why are we meeting at this hour?

- Are you okay?
- I'm okay, Zeynep. I'm enlightened.

- What happened, Can?
- It's nothing.

We have an emergency.
The schedule has been changed.

- How come?
- The guest isn't coming.

We'll prepare a new guest.

VTRs, music and everything else
must be ready by midday tomorrow.

It's impossible in terms of timing.

It'll be okay if we get on to it now.

What you want is impossible, Can.

I mean, I don’t get it,
we already have the highest ratings...

- We're at the top.
- That's what I'm talking about.

The greatest obstacle
we face is our own success.

We air three times a week
because we are successful.

People say it's easy
to break rating records

once a week so they want
to see us do it three times a week.

Now they'll sit back and wait
for us to stall and fail.

That's why, right now...

we have to be even better, Kaya.

Go on.

You can choose who you're going to be.

Or at least...


...who you're not going to be.

Just like... you.

You have no family.

You started working
in night clubs at the age of 16.

You were abandoned. You were harassed.

You were beaten.

But you didn't give up.

You didn't want to live that life.

You chose yourself.

You created a whole new life for yourself.

And now you are a singer,
loved by millions of people.

I congratulate you on your courage.

You are my hero.


Your speech today
made a huge impact on me.

Courage, rage...

I was mesmerized.

I was shaken.

You touched me
somewhere very deep inside...

- Where exactly did I touch you?
- Stop messing about, I'm serious.

You touched my heart.


Right here.

Good morning. First, news:

The ratings are awesome.
We broke our own record.

Mr. Sadik's assistant passed
on his congratulations.

Your class is at one. I've arranged
your notes, they're in the file.

The channel meeting starts at 5:00 p.m.
The team have started preparing for it.

The channel is throwing
a cocktail party at 8:00 p.m.

Mr. Murat will be there.
His second son was born recently.

He had a rough meeting last week.

Sila won't be able to make it,
she's filming.

That's all for now, see you later.

Good morning.

Good morning.

- I thought you'd gone.
- I thought we could hang out.

Did you see the ratings?
Everyone's talking about you.

I did.

People are crying on Instagram.

The preparations are done.

Someone even said,
"The show changed my life."

Must be a loser.

Who's your next guest going to be?

Tell me, please. I won't tell anyone.

Ali's waiting downstairs, get ready.

I know you wanted to check out some houses
next week, so I called the estate agent,

but I don't think anything
will come up. If we wait--

Always procrastinating, Kaya.
I told you to find a house a month ago.

It's hard to find one to your standards.

She's already sapped
all of my energy and motivation today.

I can't spend another morning like this.

I want a house found
for my guests right now, today.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

It doesn't meet your criteria, but...

It's way below Mr. Can's standards,
but it'll be good as new once decorated.

What don't you understand
about a private house, Kaya?

It's private, it's personal.

A place which is hidden
out of sight of prying eyes, right?

If you mean the neighbors, they're fine.
They're not the nosy type.

My wife and girls are huge fans of yours.
It's my duty to help you relax.


I looked at 30 houses last week.

The houses you like
are all really far away.

This is the only kind of house
which meets all of your criteria.

Why don't you take a look?

No need for you to go.
He can do it by himself.

If I can see them, then they can see me.

That can be taken care of.

Our people have zero
understanding of private spaces.

And the traditional solution is drapes.

I need to take this.




We'll be late.


Can! Your class starts in 30 minutes.

Don't be mad at me if you're late.

If you don't want to rent it, the next one
is for sale. Do you want to see it?

- That one?
- Yes.

I do.

It'd be a good buy.
It'll double in value in a year.

Some other people are interested,
but it's yours if you like it.

Right, I'm calling.

The phone is ringing.

Answer that phone.


Where were we?

No answer, I guess he didn't hear.

Call him again.

- What?
- Answer the phone.

Go on.

Go on.

- Hi.
- Right.

Mr. Deniz, hi.
It's the real estate agent, Erbil.

- It's not a good time, is it urgent?
- Actually, it is pretty urgent.

Mr. Deniz, you're in luck.
It's not easy selling a house right now.

What is it?

He says the end of the world is near
and we need to make love at once.

Is that so?

We're right outside.

Can the gentleman come in
and have a look around for five minutes?

Hey! that we won't disturb you again.


I see.

- Hi.
- Hello, Mr. Deniz.

This gentleman is the buyer,
the famous Can Manay.

He just looked at the house next door
and now wants to see yours.

There must have been a misunderstanding.
We changed our minds about selling.

You must have the wrong information.

Actually, I've given
you the wrong information.

Seeing the house was an excuse,
I had other intentions.

This is Chopin's Posturne Nocturne,
but a different version.

Who is the composer?

Not anyone popular,
you wouldn't know him.

I'm sorry for disturbing you,

but your music is really
quite impressive, Mr. Deniz.

Mr. Can, right?

One of my first compositions.

There are traces of it
in everything I've composed since.

I noticed it was Chopin when I heard it,

but this really is a very good version.

And this...

I love it, but the recording from 1962

by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
is pretty great.

By Von Karajan,
but it's impossible to find.

I have two, I'll send you one of them.

If it'll be an inspiration to a great
composer it's better that you have it.

And if you do want to be better known,
let me know. Here you are.

And the white rabbit screamed,
"I'm late again!"

Deniz, sweetheart, have you seen my key?


You're the best!

I'm leaving.

Just a minute, I need to get this.
Wait for me. Sorry.


I'm Can. Can Manay.

Of course.

I mean, I'm sorry.
It has nothing to do with you.

I always imagine what it would be like
meeting a celebrity.

I'm Ajda, Ajda Pekkan.

It was actually funnier in my head,
but anyway...

I'm pleased to meet you, Can Manay.

- Everyone calls me Duru. Just Duru.
- Duru.

- The gallery's been taken care of.
- Great.

- See you, then.
- Bye.

See you. Goodbye, Can Manay.

- Can I have a glass of water?
- Sure.

Thank you.

- Thanks a lot.
- No problem.

See you later.

What about the house, have you decided?

No. I need to think about it.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

So, the house?

I'll get back to you with an answer.

Your notes for the meeting are ready.

You'll have time to read them
on your way to the channel.

Why do we laugh when someone falls?

Because it's funny, sir.

If I were you, I wouldn't depend
upon my wit for my survival.

Right, sir.

You can leave,
you'll be recorded as absent.


The rules you set out at the start of term

said no student could enter
once the door was closed.

You didn't say anything
about a half-open door.

Assignment for tomorrow.


Bad news for those who want to
cut and paste from Wikipedia.

You'll examine the issue from
the perspective in Umberto Eco's novel.

- Which novel, sir?
- Little Prince.


Why did he faint in front
of Michelangelo’s David?

Stendhal syndrome.

As far as I can see, out of all of you...

only one person
will make a good psychologist.

Because of this lucky and determined
friend of yours, I'll elaborate.

Because, understanding art...

is not enough
to understand the human soul.

You should take pleasure in it.

Why do we love some
of these images and dislike others?

- Why?
- Phi.

Phi. The golden ratio.

Since mankind first discovered
the golden ratio in ancient Greece,

this magical ratio of nature...

this divine ratio...

has been replicated in everything...
beautiful to the eye.

The golden ratio...

attracts even those
who know nothing about it...

in exactly the same way
a lack of proportion...

repels and disturbs them.

This magical, divine ratio...

of nature has been replicated...

in everything... we consider beautiful.

I've had an urgent message, I need to go.
You have your assignment.

No way! Can Manay, cancelling a class?

He wouldn't do that
even if there was an earthquake.

A patient of his must've hurt himself.

Are you okay? What's so urgent?

I'm fine.
They will have believed it if you did.

Seeing you storming off
like that got me worried.

Cancel all meetings and appointments.

The dinner's important. That too?

Everything, Kaya. Everything.
Tell them I have urgent business.

Mr. Can.

Is Miss Eti expecting you?

- I know she's available right now.
- She has an appointment in five minutes.


What's up?

- Is everything all right?
- Yes, don't worry.

I can break my schedule
every now and then, right?

Or maybe I've missed you.

I'm not talking about that.
What happened to your face?

I got beat up.

You got beat up.

And you probably scheduled the break
in your schedule anyway.

- Tea?
- Sure.

I wanted to send some flowers
to congratulate you,

but I didn't want them to look
lousy next to all the others.

I didn't know you knew
about the ratings.

I don't know if I should be happy
or sad about your interest in it.

You should be ashamed
for dragging me into it.

I'll never forgive myself for losing such
a talented therapist to the world of TV.

It's not your fault, Eti.

You did all you could.
I chose to go to the dark side.

Why are you out of balance?

A woman.

I can't get her face out of my mind.

I had to cancel my class today.

Appointments, the broadcast...
I cancelled everything.

How long have you been thinking about her?

Three hours, 17, 18 minutes.

Okay. We know what to do.

You'll never see that woman again.

You'll stay away from everything
that reminds you of her.

I passed that exam, Eti, 21 years ago.

I have control of my mind.

I have control of my life.
I can handle it.

- This time--
- There's no need to take risks.

You can't risk going through
the same thing again.

It won't be the same, Eti.

Do you not trust me?

Do you not trust yourself?

Am I still not good enough, Eti?

- You don't even think about fighting.
- I won't fight a lost battle.


This is always how you wanted to live.

Don't forget what you've done
to get this life, Can.

Don't sabotage yourself, please.

Stay away from that woman.

Go and enjoy your perfect life.

Do we have a deal?

Kaya, what's up?


I changed my mind,
I'll go to the dinner tonight.


- Ali, we're going home.
- Okay, Mr. Can.

Have you made a decision about the house
we went to see this morning?

I read an article of yours recently.

You said, experience life
no matter what happens.

Even if you end up in pain,

it's better than not ever having lived.
Something like that.

I've always said that.


Mr. Can!


Okay, here we go.
Take a seat if you want to watch.

Can you take a seat, please?
Sit there if you want to watch.

This is just a rehearsal.

We'll take care of everything today.
Don't worry about it. Okay?

We're ready. You go ahead, I'll be there.

I guessed you'd buy me a coffee,
so I bought you one.

How sweet.

- Did you guess anything else?
- Like what?

Like, did you guess I'd like
to finish somewhere around here

that thing we couldn't
finish this morning?

Hush, okay.

Yes, but not now.

Deniz, I'm so nervous.
Let's get this rehearsal over first.

Okay. This is good,
don't lose that excitement,

but let yourself go,
forget about everything.

You must be a part of the team,
only then can the entirety be perfect.

And... can you please think
about the costumes one more time?

Mine needs to be different to the others,
even if it's just a tiny difference.

- Honey--
- I'm the lead dancer. I need...

We've spoken about this.

There's no hierarchy in this show.
I can't do anything special for you.

Everyone wears the same costume.
Let's not talk about it again, please.

My beautiful woman.

Everything will be all right and you...

are ready.

I am ready. I just want to dance.


The costumes are all white,
just like you asked,

and the headpieces
will have white feathers.

Have they arranged everything?

- Yes.
- Okay, thanks.

Come on.


Right, guys.

- How are you all?
- Good.

This is our final rehearsal.

We'll go right through to the end
without interruption

Tomorrow is the big day.

I'm not interested
in the problems we've faced up until now.

Do you know what I dream of?

I dream of a magnificent beast...

created by each one of your hands,
legs, feet, hearts and minds.

Everyone joining together
to create a magnificent being.

And this being mesmerizes me.

We must mesmerize ourselves first.

You should dream, too.

Well then, here we go.

From the corner, guys.

Mr. Can, over here!

- Mr. Can!
- Mr. Can!

Good evening.

How are you, Mr. Can?

Thanks, how are you?

Are we good?

Good evening.

See, he smiled at me.

I was afraid he wouldn't
remember me, but he does.

We met at an event last year
and just said hi to each other.

What a man!

Are we really sure he remembers you?

Why would he smile if he didn't?

Maybe because you've been
staring at him for so long?

Maybe you should stare less,
and pull yourself together?

Who is that lady?
The one over there with the choker.

Magazine journalist, Aylin.

You're giving her an interview tomorrow.

It's nice to come across him here,
before the interview.

The atmosphere tomorrow
will be cozy and casual.


Aylin, what do you mean "coming across"?
We came here just to see this guy.

I mean, you bought those shoes
just for the occasion, don't bullshit me.

Did you have a better idea, Özge?

I'll meet you in half an hour.

I'm leaving.

- Have fun, see you.
- Good evening.

Let's get him before he leaves.

Good evening, how are you?

Fine, thanks. Good evening.

Have fun, bye.

Mr. Can, what a lovely coincidence.

- Miss Aylin, how are you?
- Merci.

- Ready for tomorrow?
- Of course, I am.

I hope you surprise me
with your questions.

Don't doubt it.

You heard the guy. Let's go to the office
and work on the questions.

I've been telling you this for days.
I say, let's push him.

That's enough, Özge.
You keep going on about his past.

- Don't start this nonsense again.
- Aylin, there's something fishy there.

I have someone who'll go on record.

I'll get you the proof,
just promise to print it.

- If I get you the proof, will you promise?
- Enough, Özge.

We don't even know
if your allegations are true.

Let's say they are true,
I couldn't possibly ask about them.

And you can't write or print them.

Why not?
I'm telling you I'll prove they're true.

- Let me look into it, just let me.
- Never.

This is what you're like, Aylin.
You're a hypocrite and a coward.

I've had enough of...



See you later.

I'm dating someone.
We had dinner tonight.

How nice, I'm happy for you.

Maybe he's what you've been looking for.

- Where are your cigarettes?
- In my pocket, somewhere over there.

Whose scarf is this?

I can't even leave a toothbrush
here after two years

and you keep a woman's scarf?

Say something.

There's nothing to say.

You can leave if you want.

Fuck you, Can Manay.

You're ready.

It'll be great.

See you.

This time you forgot your key.


Mr. Can, I thought you were Deniz.

Hi, Miss Duru.

Forgive me if I'm disturbing you.

I think I dropped a small, black
notebook when I was here before.

I haven't seen anything like that.
Could it be in the living room?

I don't really remember.
We were looking at some records.

Please come in,
we can look for it together. Come in.


Let's search the living room.

Yes, I was looking at the albums.

I'm sorry for taking up your time.

It's all right. I lose things at home
all the time and can't find them for days.

Deniz always finds them straight away.

He just went out.
I wish he was here to find it.


He might have put it over here
if he had found it.

It's a little messy, sorry about that.
We're both so busy these days.

You're interested in this show?

Today is the big day.

We've worked for months on tonight's show.

This might be what I've been
working for my whole life.

- I got an invitation, Kaan sent it to me.
- You know Kaan?

Of course, you do.
So, will you come to the show?

Would you like me to?

Well, I mean, we've all worked very hard.

Deniz has created something beautiful

and I'd like you to see me,
and see the show.

I'd like to see you too, but...
I think you should relax a little.

Right. I don't know how to do that.

I mean, everything was great
in rehearsal, but on the stage...

Deniz doesn't really get it.
He's always so sure of himself, but I...


Are you asking as a therapist right now?

Would you answer if I were?

I mean, I'm afraid.

I want everyone to watch me,

but on the other hand,
I don't want anyone to see me.

But what I want most
is to be on the stage.

It's like I can only exist if I dance.

Maybe that's the real cause of my fear.

Anyway, I'm talking nonsense
now because I'm so excited.

I don't expect you
to understand my stupid fears anyway.

I mean, how could you go on live TV
if you were afraid of these things?

Afraid? Duru, I'm scared shitless.

I want millions of ears to hear me,
I want to infiltrate every brain,

but on the other hand,
even the thought of it paralyses me.

Simultaneously, in my head,

I'm thinking all the possible thoughts
the audience might be thinking.

"They won't like it."

"They'll admire it."

"They'll hate it."

"They'll love it."

I freak out sometimes.

But I mean...

You're on live TV every week
and you're very successful.

How do you overcome that fear?

I don't.

Because I don't fight it. I'd lose.

Fear keeps people alive.

If people don't feel afraid...
they give up. They lose control.

But if you find that magical formula...

everything becomes perfect.
At least in my case.

So, what is the formula?

It's you.

Just you.

Lights, musicians,
don't give them a second thought.

Just get on the stage. Just be good.

Feel good about yourself.

If you are perfect...
the show will be perfect.

I guess we should give up
on your notebook.

- Only Deniz could find it in this chaos.
- Yes.

- Can I have a glass of water?
- Sure.

Thank you.

It was a nice conversation.

- Good luck for tonight.
- Thank you, I'll need it.

Let's go.

What are you doing here?

- We need to talk.
- No, we don't.

We had a deal, you were supposed
to stay away from her.

There is no deal. I wasn't convinced.

Stay with me, Eti.

This time it's different. Believe me.

How can you take the risk,
no matter how small it might be?

Do you want to destroy us both?

I'm in a hurry, I need to go.

Can! Look, we don't know
what might happen,

or what might trigger you.

The past is like Pandora's box.

Don't open it.

Stay away from this house.

You are there as my representative.
Don't you dare ask that stupid question.

- Just ask the questions we prepared.
- All right, Aylin, all right.

Don't use that tone with me.

I'll come there in an ambulance
and screw you over, okay?

- Right. Bye.
- Don't make me--

Miss Özge.

This way, Mr. Can is waiting for you.

- Mr. Can?
- Come in, please.

Hello, I'm Özge Egeli,
assistant to Miss Aylin.

She had an unfortunate accident
yesterday and broke both legs.

I'm here on her behalf,
I hope that's okay.

Sorry to hear that,
is there anything I can do for her?

Thanks, I'll pass on your concern.
She'll be glad of it.

We don't have much time.
Let's start right away, shall we?

Right, Mr. Can.

There's no one quite like you on TV;

you analyze celebrities...
while millions watch.

Have you ever had a guest
you couldn't forget?

No, I haven't.

Does being on TV
affect you as a therapist?

No, it doesn't.

Does being a psychiatrist

give you leverage in your
day to day relationships?

No, it doesn't.

Have you ever had a patient
you couldn't diagnose?

No, I haven't.

How did you decide
to become a therapist?

- Miss Özge-- It was Özge, right?
- Yes.

Do you have a question which might elicit
an answer not found on Google?

If you came to me for counsel,

I'd advise you not to pursue
a career in journalism.

But you could be a model.
Your body is suitable.

Mr. Kaya will send you your answers.


Mr. Can, I do have another question,

I don't know if you'll want to answer it.

We've discovered that,
21 years ago, you were treated

in Bakirkoy Mental Facility
for three years.

What were you being treated for, Mr. Can?
I couldn't find the answer on Google.

Now, are you telling me...

that Can Manay, who analyzes celebrities,

was treated in a mental facility?

I'm saying that
I've heard the rumors about it.

I've changed my mind,
I don't think you could be a model.

It's way beyond your capabilities.

The interview is over, you can leave.

Let go.

Look at me. Look at me.

Look at me.
Okay, it's over. Let go.

Okay, you're fine. It's okay.

Are you all right?

What are you doing here?

Sir, my name is Bilge. Bilge Görgün.
You wanted me to bring the assignments.

Get out.

Have a good day, sir.

Can, are you okay? What happened?

I'm fine. I'm leaving.

Is the interview over?
I didn't see Miss Özge go.

Ali, stop.

Reverse a little.

Can we give you a lift?

No, that's okay. Thanks.

Can you please get in?

So... where are we taking you?

Stay on this road,
I'll get out near Kılıçoğlu.

- Do you live nearby?
- No.

Do you live with your parents?

Kind of.

Are you always this cold and aloof?

No. I mean...

I need to be this version
of Bilge in this life I'm living.

I could be some other version
of myself if I had a different life.

More sincere and sympathetic, maybe.

Thank you. Have a good day.

- Hello.
- Hi, welcome.


Sorry I'm late, Brother.

Come on, let it go and we'll go.
Give that to me.

Look at me. Look at me. It's Bilge.

Now, give it to me. Yes.


Come on, let's go.

It's time.

I'm a little stressed these days,
I'm sorry if I upset you.

No, you didn't.
I'm just sorry you don't understand me.

You don't let me show that I'm different,
even though I'm the lead dancer.

My beautiful woman,

you are so beautiful and talented,

you don't have to prove
anything to anyone.

Just do what you enjoy most,
and what you do best.


You are ready.

- Mr. Can!
- Mr. Can!


"You are so extraordinary
that you shouldn't hide yourself."

Mr. Deniz.

- Mr. Can.
- How are you?

- Thanks, you?
- Good.

- Hi.
- Hi.

We'll be doing some work
on the house for a few days.

I wanted to apologize in advance
for any inconvenience.

- We'll just turn the music up.
- That would please me.

By the way, the show was amazing.


Thank you.

And... this is for you.

Mr. Can, are you sure?
This is very rare and precious.

I have two.

You can call my assistant
if there's too much noise.

- Thanks in advance.
- You're very lucky.

Thank you so much.

Mr. Can, do you have time for a coffee?

I guess I have five minutes.

- Please, let's go inside.
- I'll get the coffee.

Subtitle translation by
Ediz Faruk Gulfirat