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Fi (2017–2018): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

Deciding to win Duru's heart, Can takes the time to reach his goal. With a game he plays, Can succeeds in infiltrating Duru and Deniz's lives as a reliable friend.

Who applauds the flower
growing on the edge of a cliff?

Who appreciates the moon
for rising so beautifully?

Neither the flower, nor the moon,
needs approval.

We are not the flower on the cliff,
nor the moon in the sky.

What drove us out of the cave,
and sent us into space

can't simply be the motivation
to "do your job."

The power that saw us create David,
go beyond the oceans and split the atom,

is the desire to be known.

Everyone is a secret treasure.
Everyone wants to be known.

To be known, to be seen,
to be heard, to be understood.

The all-seeing eye cannot see itself.

It needs a reflection to see itself.

If there is nothing,
if there is no one in front of us...

our voices will be lost in eternity.

Excuse me, who are you looking for?

Good morning,
is this number two, Sevket Street?

-We left it in the garden, as instructed.

-Have a good day.

Sorry, are these...


Did they leave the flowers here?

No one does their job
properly in this country.

I'm so sorry.

No, I mean... I was just very surprised,
I couldn't think why they were here.

It turns out they weren't for me anyway.

The flowers can stay here.

No, that's not necessary.
Thank you so much.

Well, this is all very strange. I'm sorry.

I was trying to apologize
for upsetting a lady,

and ended up upsetting another one.

-When are you moving in?

It'll be my first night here,
the renovations are over.

-I hope there wasn't too much noise.

I mean, we're practically asleep
by the time we get home,

what with classes and rehearsals.

-For the end of year show.

Deniz works all day long.

It's so important to all of us.

They smell nice.

You said these were
to apologize to someone?


You must've done something very bad.

Nothing that really
needed apologizing for.

Whether I was right
or wrong isn't important.

All that matters is that they work.

I mean... I think they'll definitely work.

We'll see.

What? Are we still not talking?


I feel terrible when we're like this.

Even the weather is weird.

Even the cat is refusing to play with me.

It's been ages, Deniz.


Let's kiss and make up.

So, you're going to keep doing this?

This is the issue, Duru. This.


This is what I've been trying
to tell you for years,

but you ignored me.

For the first time in my life,

I wanted everyone to know
I was the lead dancer, Deniz.

What's so wrong with that?

I'm sorry, but I think
the issue here is your ego.

It was just an accessory,
it didn't mean anything.

It meant nothing.


Is that why you've kept it?

Deniz, give it to me.

I kept it because it was my first
performance as the lead dancer.

-Why don't you understand?
-Is it more important to you

than all of us, the 40 people
who worked their asses off?

You crushed us, Duru.

-Give it to me.
-And for this?

Give it to me!



-Come to the yard right now.

The florist wanted to sell me roses,
lilies and orchids, but I chose this.

Do you know why?

Because every morning...

you put a few drops
of lemon in your water.

Then you touch your neck
with your fingers.


the smell drives me crazy.

I love you so much.

So much.

TPY Holding continues to support art
just as it always has done.

The CEO, Tuğrul Pasaoglu, has said they
have worked to make sure their company

-is active in all areas of art.

Does Tuğrul of TPY
still want an appointment?

Make it happen right away.
I'll meet him today.

Kaya? It's important.

Next on the news--

Mr. Tuğrul is here.
I did a background check on him.

Educated at nice schools, rich,
successful etcetera...

Boring, ordinary issues.

The best he could do is to talk about
his middle age crisis or his wife.

Nothing that would interest you.

Right. Except that he is very
fond of art and very rich.

If you could understand these things,
you'd be Can Manay,

-and I'd be the one asking you questions.
-No, never.

I'm not as arrogant or as cruel as you.

And you couldn't be me.
Because you don't have enough patience.

You broaden my horizons, Kaya.

-Mr. Tuğrul.
-Please go ahead.

Mr. Can, Mr. Tuğrul is here.


Mr. Tuğrul, welcome.

Mr. Can, how are you?

-Fine, thanks. And you?
-A small gift for you.

It wouldn't be right for me to accept it,
as you can imagine.

But this is only a very small
piece from my collection.

To commemorate our meeting.

I'm extremely happy to have
a patient like you, with such fine taste.

I'm well aware of how
much support you give the arts,

which is why I wanted to meet you.

Please take a seat.

We have a lot to talk about.

We can talk after the session.

I may humbly give you
one or two pieces of advice.

I'd be very glad if you called me.

Thank you.

Right, Mr. Tuğrul.

Why are you here?

I've decided to divorce my wife.

I mean, I was putting it off,
but now I'm sure.

My wife told me I ran away
from my problems instead of solving them.

I said, I didn't want to have problems,
let alone solve them.

Your wife has a point, in a way.

We all tend to run away
from our problems.

Sometimes the solution to a problem...
is to get rid of its source.

Osman, this thing isn't working again.

Let me see, Özge.

Just a second.

Can I get a visitor's pass? I'm in a rush.

Please wait a moment, Miss Özge.

I come here every day,
I don't know why I'm having to wait.

Miss Özge?


What's this?

As of today, you no longer
work for this organization.

You'll receive formal
notification in writing.

What do you mean? Is this a joke?

Sir, I was here just yesterday.

No one said anything to me then.
Is it this easy to fire people?

Miss Özge, please calm down.
Don't make a scene.

What kind of people are you?
I worked my ass off for your shitty job.

Are you fucking kidding me?
What do you... Who fired me?

Miss Özge, please lower your voice
and leave the building.

Guys, can you take care of this?

No, wait a second...

-Miss Özge, please.
-Just a second.

I said, just a second.

Why didn't you at least...

get a proper box?


I went to the office
and my pass wouldn't work.

I asked what was wrong
and they told me I'd been fired.

You knew.

For how long?

They told me yesterday.

It would have made
no difference if I'd told you.

-Economizing, you know.

They started to fire people
when the ad revenues fell.

Is that so?

How many people have been fired,
other than me?

-I don't know.
-You do, Aylin.

Tell me the truth, why did they fire me?

I warned you. I did.

I told you not to ask
those questions, didn't I?

I told you it would cause trouble for you.

Can Manay.

Of course, I should have known,
because something happened there.

I asked the question, right,
and he was shocked for a few seconds.

He dropped his cigarette and shit...
Aylin, that man... I was right.

I told you, I was right.
He was in a mental institute.

So, what?

Your life has gone down the toilet,
what the hell are you talking about?

You won't be able to find another
fucking job in the media.

But, I... I'll prove this story, Aylin.
Everyone will find out about it.

Girl, are you crazy?
What will happen if you prove it?

Who will write it and print it?

Will you post it on Facebook
so that your niece can like it?

Your anger will only end up hurting you!
Can Manay will fucking be all right!

Okay, thanks.

There must have been a misunderstanding,
Mr. Kaya isn't expecting anyone.

No, I talked to Mr. Can himself.

Can you just give me a visitor's pass,
please? I'll talk to him myself.

Miss, please understand. Neither Mr. Kaya
or Mr. Can is expecting you.

We weren't able to find your address
on the internet and our shop just opened.

I'd like to send a gift to Mr. Can,
can you give the address, please?

I said I was going to send a gift, ma'am.

Why won't you give me a phone number
or an address? What's with the mystery?

No, ma'am.

I want to send it to his clinic,
not to the TV channel.


You've screwed up my life!

And I'll screw up your life in return,
Can Manay.

There wasn't a mistake,

but I need to remind
you of certain things.

You are all very lucky.


Who else gets to feel all these emotions?

Who else gets so much joy
for simply doing their jobs?

Hundreds of thousands of your peers
are sitting in their classes right now,

listening to lessons
which don't touch their souls,

which don't make any impact on them.

And they are dying of boredom.

They are bored to death.

And where are you?

In the world of music.

In the world of dance.

In the world of Tchaikovsky.

The world about which Tchaikovsky said,
"Music is the most beautiful gift

given by God to people wandering
aimlessly in the darkness."

Try to feel more like this.
Try to feel the emotion.

Enjoy it. Feel each other.

You are capable of feeling. Use it.


We'll start from 13, come on.

One, two and...

Okay, let's take a break.
We'll continue later. Thanks, everyone.

Everyone who saw your last show
was very impressed.

And Mr. Tuğrul is really hyped up.

He wants the show for his
company's 40th anniversary.

But you need to talk
to the brand manager first.

Go and see her today.

Sir, you know we ban
our students from outside work.

I keep talking about respecting art,
but now, performing for a company...

It's a bad idea.

Not just a company, Deniz.

As sponsor, they've paid for
the end of year show for five years.

TPY Holding.

They're sponsoring us again.
We sign the contract next week.

You're just going to have to stomach it.

If there's no sponsor,
there's no end of year show.

-Hi, I'm looking for Miss Serra.

Miss Serra is the lady in the black dress.

-Thank you.
-Don't mention it.

-Miss Serra, hi. I'm Deniz.
-Mr. Deniz, we've been expecting you.

This is our PR manager
and brand manager.

We decided to expand
the stage a little, Mr. Deniz.

You'll be on stage first.
We want a 15-minute show.

We've also picked the music.

We're going to use the song
from the company's promotional video.

As for the costumes, I'll get something
made up using our corporate colors.

-The female dancers will shake--
-Excuse me.

Excuse me, Miss Serra, I can't agree
to a single thing you just said.

What do you mean?

There isn't anything
wrong with what I said.

Yes, there is, Miss Serra.

Every one of the students who will
be performing are artists.

And they have respect for what they do.

We're not some troupe to entertain
you while you're eating.

I expect the same respect from you.

I'm not sure if you realize

that we're the one and only
sponsor of your school.

And this is the show we want.

It's not possible with these stipulations.

For the last time,

we can perform a short version
of the show, with nothing altered.

Anything beyond that is impossible.

Then forget about the money
and the sponsorship, Mr. Deniz.

Then, you perform the show, Miss Serra.

And jerk yourself off
to some other person.

Have a good day.





This one isn't even garbage.


There's two days left and we still
haven't decided on a guest.

Actors, singers...

Less popular actors
and singers' boring lives.

There's not a single clue.
There's nothing interesting.

We prepared ten files in seven days, Can.

We keep managing the same ratings three
days a week, and you're still not happy.

I mean, I don't know what you expect.

Zeynep hasn't eaten so much as a cookie.

Because she's dieting;
she's lost 65 pounds.

She is exercising every day
and her health is back on track.

She didn't eat a single cookie. Right?

Good for you, Zeynep.

You are emotionally blind.

You can't even see
those who are closest to you.

You don't notice that she
abandoned her diet a week ago,

because she is sad, and is secretly eating
rather than taking antidepressants.

You don't even know about the chocolate
bars she hides in her bag.

It's not about you, Zeynep.
Don't take it personally.

But now that we've mentioned it...

I can't stand seeing a beautiful
and smart woman like you

treating herself so badly.

That guy isn't worth it.
Don't do this to yourself, please.

Now, that's what I want.

A trivial event,

a sentence, a single word,

a secret desire.

Everyone has a weak spot.

Just show me that spot.

Mr. Deniz.

Miss Serra called;
they've withdrawn their sponsorship.

Because of your obsession with respect,
our one and only sponsor is gone.

The show has been cancelled.

We'll find a way, sir.
We'll act within our budget.

There is no budget, forget it.

Tell your students about this immediately.
Don't let them get their hopes up.

Fuck this!

Do you have a cigarette?

Just a second.

Can I take this?

-You're welcome, sir.

Do you think I'm the outsider here,
or you?

I didn't know you came here.

It's a nice place to hide.

What are you hiding from, sir?

From the truth I don't want to face.

I knew it.

I mean, this is beneath you, sir.

Dear Ada, would you excuse us?

You said you quit smoking.

What happened, Deniz?

What do you want?

Thanks for the cigarette, okay?

Sir. There isn't a studio for rehearsals.

I talked to the guys,
we can rehearse anywhere.

It's the end of year show.
We can do it in the yard.

The music's ready too.

Yes, sir. We are ready.
We can play anywhere.

What do you say, sir?

Guys, the end of year show...

Let's talk tomorrow.

Was it something I said?

Why are you doing this, Deniz?

-Honey, it's got nothing to do with you.
-I think you can still fix it.

I mean, you can go and talk
to that PR woman again.

You can tell her we accept
her terms and that we'll perform.

-What's wrong with that?

I can't throw you and 40 other bright kids

in front of a bunch of vultures
who understand nothing about art.

I won't do it.

Then look me in the eye and say it.

Tell me all our efforts will be wasted,
because of your artistic principals.

Do that at least. And tell your students,
too, you should have told them already.

Thanks for the meal.

Of course, go. Leave, again.

I beat you.


I should go before I turn into a pumpkin.

Would you like to have a drink?

You're so insistent,
but there's no need for that, sweetie.

I might fall asleep here, God forbid.

You know I like to sleep alone.

Can Manay guidelines, lesson one:

Can Manay never sleeps
in the same bed as someone.

Lesson two: Can Manay...

is very polite...

even when he's being very rude.

Let's say I am that man.

You're not the sort
of woman to put up with it.

Actually, you know what?

I'm seeing you...

because other men are
as complicated as rocket science.

Don't think anything else.

-Let me know when you get there.

I forgot my phone.

-It wasn't downstairs.


Isn't she that girl?
The one with the red feather.

She lives with her boyfriend.
He's a very good musician.

Maybe for your new movie...
you might meet him.

-Good evening.
-Good evening.

-Duru, Sila.

-Nice to meet you.
-And you.

I'm not very good with faces,
but I recognized you as soon as I saw you.

You were amazing in that show, Duru.

When will I get to see it again?

Probably not for a long time.

What happened to the end of year show?


I'm so sorry.

I hope I get to see you
perform again very soon.

Why was it cancelled?

-Long story.

-Hi, Can. How are you?
-Fine, Deniz. How are you?


-You're cold.
-A little.

-I'm freezing, too. I should go.
-Let's have coffee, it'll warm us up.

-I insist.
-Let's have it in our house.

Sure, why not?
We have the fire on, come on.

Sure, we're coming.


...the Fine Arts Department doesn't have
the budget for that type of show, right?


We are dependent on the money
which comes from sponsors.

And they think they can have anything
they want if they're paying, so, you know,

it's cancelled.

They think everything
is a messed-up TV show.

Sweetheart, Sila is
a very popular TV star.

You should know, Deniz doesn't
even know how to turn on the TV.

Of course, right.
How would you know?

Elitist, artistic people
such as yourself wouldn't watch TV.

They prefer to belittle
others instead, right?

I didn't mean that.

Please, okay. I'm not going
to argue about this with you.

For God's sake,
I don't want to talk about it with you!

I couldn't do it.

Sila is a very talented actress.

Yes, you are pretty good.
I felt like shit. Again, I'm sorry.

No, that's all right. No drama.
After all, I'm aware of what it is I do.

It's just TV, a product to consume.
That's all.

On the other hand, I earn
my living from it, you know.

There's not very many people like
you when it comes to something like this.

You might be the last person
who doesn't watch TV.

Really, Sila is very talented. I admire
anyone who excels at what they do.

Anyway, forget about me.

What about your problem?
What do you think?

We can solve the sponsorship issue.

The channel spends money on so much shit,
at least this would be worth the money.

Yes, but you know budgets
are set on a yearly basis,

and this would be very last minute...

I'll make some calls tomorrow
and hope for a miracle.

I know they have yearly budget plans,

but I'll talk to Sadık Murat Kolhan.
He listens to me.

If Mr. Sadık gets involved,
consider it sorted.

I'll call him.

If it's not too much to ask...

It would be awesome, you know?

There are 40 artists,
all of whom are really dedicated.

This would be great.

I'd love to listen
to your recordings, Deniz.

But don't worry, you don't have
to watch my TV series in return.

By the way,
thank you so much for everything.

Of course.

Why didn't Sila spend the night with Can?
Aren't they lovers?

They're probably just having fun.

She is sweet, though.

And she seems very fond of Can.

Do you think he'll be able
to fix the sponsorship?

I mean, he is Can Manay after all,

but I don't know how things
go at the channel and all that.

Who is Sadık Murat Kolhan?

Sweetheart, your legs feel like
liquid nitrogen.



Excuse me.

I just wanted to thank you
for your evaluation of my essay.

Okay, people. Here are the results.

I wanted to ask you a few things but...


-High five!

You are awesome. Really.

You deserve every penny you charge.

You must have got an AA for yourself.

How is that possible?


See you later.

How? How could you get
an FF for your assignment?

I don't know, but...

My scholarship might get cancelled...

There's a meeting with the channel.

They'll talk about the budget,

and there is a new series,
they want to talk about scheduling.

You attend the meeting.
I don't want to deal with it.

Don't compromise over anything.

-What about the sponsorship contract?
-It was rejected.

Doruk said he'd approve it. What happened?

The managing director approved it,
but Mr. Sadık rejected it.

Call Sadık right away.
Tell him I want to see him.

He's my lecturer! Mr. Can!

Sir, a moment please?

Sir! See, he knows me.

See? I told you he's my lecturer.

Make the appointment right now.

Go ahead.

Well... I wanted to talk
about my essay evaluation.


Well... I'd like to know why I got an FF.

I'd ask that you look at it again
before it goes to the school management,

and before I lose my
post-graduate scholarship, sir.

You have guts, Bilge.

How long have you been writing essays
for other students in return for money?


For four years.


I mean...

Since I came to university.

Does it pay well?

I mean, I survive.

It helps me pay for food and transport.

It's a big risk for a student
on a scholarship.

You've come a long way.

What will you do, sir?

According to the school rules,
I have to report you to the dean's office.

There will be an inquiry.

According to the nature of the offence,
you might get suspended or even expelled.


But what will you do?

What would you do, honest Bilge?

I'd do whatever is necessary, sir.

Your future is slipping
through your fingers.

Do you have a dream, Bilge?

Or are you just going with the flow...
of your destiny, like the others?

Not a dream, but I do have a plan.

I want to be a good therapist
and help people.

Of course, I need to stay
in school to do that.

I need to not lose my scholarship,
I need you to not report me.

Answer my question
so that I won't report you.

For me not to report you...

for your dreams, what would you do?

I expect your answer on Monday,
you can leave.

I couldn't get an appointment.
You can give it a try if you want.

Tomorrow, the next day, a week later.

What do you mean
you couldn't get one?

-Sadık's office is three floors above us.

Sadık Murat Kolhan's office
is seven floors above us.

Does this floor get extra oxygen?
You look great, ladies.

That's very sweet of you, Mr. Can.
Welcome, how can I help you?

What's wrong with the diary?
My people couldn't get an appointment.

Mr. Sadık is incredibly busy.

The same goes for you, I'm sure we
couldn't find a suitable time.

I need to see Mr. Sadık for five minutes,
is he available?

-I'm sorry, Mr. Can.
-"I'm sorry," what?

"Sorry he's not there,"
or "Sorry he's not available"?

I need to see him.


Can you please tell Mr. Sadık
I need to see him? Please.

Mr. Can is here.

I see. Thanks.

Mr. Sadık is waiting for you.

Thank you so much.

This way, please.

We've been expecting you. This way.


Come to my voice.

You almost shot me.

I saw you at the last second.
Are you okay?

You missed me by a meter.

That was a miss?
We'll see what happens next time.

I missed you by a meter
but I can adjust for that next time.


I only started using this today.
It's a little sensitive.

But keep it in mind, it's the best
you can get for pig hunting.

Hunting is not my thing. That is...

I'm not interested in hunting wildlife.

I'd recommend it. As a sport, it not only
improves the body, but the mind, too.

For it to be a sport, you'd have
to give the pigs guns, too,

so that they can shoot back.
Then it'd be fair.

Can Manay.

-Have you watched my show lately?
-No, I haven't.

But I can't stand
that suit jacket of yours.

The design is horrible.

My tailor would be able
to solve your problem with suits.

I'd be glad of it.

Speak up, then.

What's with the sponsorship?

It must be important to you...
to disturb me here.

Supporting dedicated and talented
young people is important to me.

But more important to me...

Why didn't you sign
the sponsorship contract?

How dare you ask
for an explanation for my actions?

Because I know you very well.

Your wife...

may she rest in peace.

She once said...

you push people to their limits.

She said you pushed people so hard...

you don't realize you're
way over your own limits.

And you've pushed me to my limits.

I've come right to your door.

And now, I'm going to
push you to your limits.

Sadık Kolhan.

I called him, too. Everyone has
a budget plan for their sponsors.

Okay, thanks. See you.

So, you know what's up.

The show's cancelled.

This has been a weird day
right from the very start.

There's no need to keep
everyone's hopes up any more.

Let's tell the others tomorrow.
I can't take this any longer.

I know you blame me,
but I've done you a favor.


The best thing you can do for me
and your other students, Deniz,

is to let us do the show.

In these circumstances? I guess you don't
understand the gravity of the situation.

It's just a 15-minute show.
It really isn't such a big deal.

At least our efforts wouldn't be wasted.

Duru, 15 minutes, 15 hours, 15 days!
There's no difference.

If you keep compromising like this,

one day you'll wake up and realize
you've sold your soul.

There's no coming back from it.

It's my fault that I expected
you to understand.

You put that feather
in your hair after all.

All you care about is
pushing yourself forward.

It's you who doesn't understand.

What else would I do, Deniz?

I'm a dancer for crying out loud!
It is the purpose of my existence.

What do you want me to do,

sit at home all day long,
imprisoned by these four walls?

Duru, I don't want to argue like this.

Don't go anywhere.

What happened? Stop.
Don't stand on it again.

-Sit down.
-It's nothing.

Wait there, I'll bring you a slipper.

Let me see.

Does it hurt?

-Is this a bad time?


I couldn't call you,
because I don't have the number.

The sponsorship deal is done.

-How come?
-It's just done.

There's just some paperwork left to do.

-You'll get your budget.
-What are you saying? Come in, come.

Careful, something smashed on the floor.


Mr. Can. What's happened, Deniz?

Can got us the sponsorship.

What? Really?

I can't believe you've done this, Can.

-Are you all right?
-We are.

-Have a seat, please.

I'd lost all hope.

-I still can't believe it.
-Excuse me too, I'm still in shock.

You've taken a great
burden off my shoulders.

It's thanks to your music.
You have to keep going.

We all need that music.

So, how did it come about?

I mean, there won't be any problems
with the paperwork or anything, right?

No, don't worry.
Sadık Murat Kolhan himself approved it.

Don't worry about it.

Can, what would you like to drink?
Tea, coffee? Actually, wait a minute.

I have something I bought
in Dublin last year.


I really appreciate you doing this
for us. It's so important to me.

Thank you so much.

I'd do anything to see you on stage again.

Let the celebrations commence!

An excellent choice.

But not tonight, I need to work.
Let's postpone it for another time, okay?

-Whatever you want.
-All right, excuse me.

Take care.

-See you, Can.
-See you.

I can't believe it!

Half an hour ago we were in despair!
It really feels like a miracle!

This is the power of music, honey.

The music he heard brought him here.

I'd have brought a house-warming
present if I'd known you'd moved.

Usually you'd show me if you
so much as bought a new jacket.

Not for my approval,
but because you trust me...

and we share the same tastes.

You even made me pick your assistant.

You want to build a life without me.

-I'm aware of that.
-No, it's not like that.

For example, that wall is unfinished.

I was thinking Eti would know best...
what should go there.

But you drive yourself away from me.
You don't trust me.

What don't I trust you about?


You do understand that the issue isn't
a name, an object or some woman, right?

I want someone in my life.

Is that so hard to understand?

I want to belong to someone,
to have someone.

And that someone is... Duru.

Open your ears... and listen to me.

The slightest mistake on your part...
and they'll start digging up your past.

They'll find out who you really are.

We'll both be destroyed.

Our lives will be wrecked.

That woman...

the attraction that made you
move into this house...

is too dangerous.

You can choose to trust me, or not,
but I have everything under control.

Anything in my life,
anyone in my life,

is always under my control.

Miss Özge, hi.
We need to talk, it's important.

-Who is this?
-Miss Özge, we need to talk.

Nutcase. Right, we need to talk.
Some psycho.

-You know your timing is terrible--
-Don't bother sending out resumes.

You won't be able to find
a job in the media now.

No one defies Can Manay.

-Who are you? What's the meaning of this?
-Consider it a job proposal.

Don't worry, I'll pay for every word
you're going to say.

It will compensate you
for the damage Can Manay has inflicted.

When? Where?

We can meet in the next 60 seconds
seeing that you're available.


-Who is it?
-Sadık Murat Kolhan.

I've called the police,
they're on their way.

Miss Özge, my name is Sadık Murat Kolhan.

Open the door, please.
The police aren't coming.

If I can't get something out of my mind,

I can't relax until I've sorted it,
no matter what the time is.

Yes, Miss Özge.

After your interview with Can Manay,
he took the trouble to get you fired.

You couldn't write the article.
There are no audio recordings.

How do you know all this?

It's not hard to know.

I'm after what I don't know.

You scared him.

He got angry because he was scared.

What could scare him so much?

What do you want from me?

Tell me what frightened Can Manay.

Ten thousand dollars.

To be known, to be seen,

to be heard, to be understood.

The all-seeing eye cannot see itself.

It needs a reflection to see itself.

If there is nothing,
no one in front of us,

our voices will be lost in the eternity.

We all look for someone to understand
who we are, what we are.

If you find that person

know that you are very lucky.

Don't stop going after them.

Take them by their hands...
and ask them.

Who am I?

Kaya told me about it.

There's a problem with the show
for your company.

I know I recommended the dancers to you,
but... the sensitivity of the artists.

Talk to Kaya about the news, Mr. Tuğrul.
Have a good evening.

Subtitle translation
by Ediz Faruk Gulfirat