Farscape (1999–2003): Season 4, Episode 9 - A Prefect Murder - full transcript

While Moya and her crew are resupplying on a generally xenophobic planet, Aeryn kills the next prefect, along with many bystanders and D'Argo, while under a strange form of suggestion.

Previously on Farscape:

Aeryn is with child.

Aeryn isn't sure...
if the child is John Crichton's.

relationship is based on trust

I'm so sorry

I would put my life in your hands

... but not my heart.

Distillate of Laka.

One whiff... and the pain is gone...

for a time

Take it for as long as you need it.

I don't... need it.

It just takes the edge off.

In view of the continuing danger
we face in Peacekeeper space

I'm reluctantly forced to consider
traveling into Tormented Space.

It can't be any worse than
some of the places we've been lately.

trust me
It can't be any worse than
some of the places we've been lately.

trust me

It can

And now on Farscape...

Don't touch that!

You knew our laws when you arrived!

- I was just havin' fun!
- Banishment is lenient for your... indiscretion.

Many indiscretions!

No wonder...
no wonder your men were begging me for it!

- This isn't helping.
- He throws like you!

No wonder you're thrown off
every planet you land on!


yeah, you're... you're friends
with the guy up top.

Maybe I, I can appeal to him,

The Prefect has already denied your petition...
but bids you a... safe journey.

Banish her, now!

After everything I did for you!

Moya is up there floating dormant in space.

This is the first planet in twenty
that we've found that has any drinking water.

- You are going to get us kicked off.
- I didn't do anything.

- I know your need for vengeance.
- Do you, Gaashah?

Would you sit by if an outsider had been
with your son?

Ah. Is he the cute one?
I remember him

What's the kid’s name? Zer-boy?

- Zerbat!
- Oh, Zerbat.

Chiana... you are such a fekkik!


Come here, now.

- I've preprogrammed a course to Moya.
- I'll be bored to death out there.

Well, Chiana, you've been banished.

Yeah, only from Gaashah's clan.

- One prospect in each one.
- Oh, that's a great idea.

- Come on.
- Now, once you're in there, don't touch any of the controls.

More than you know is at stake here!

I understand

Nothing. No one does.

Unity of the clans is new

Peace is new

But even I know such peace is
too fragile to be endangered...

... by some indelicate whore.

Gone, but not forgotten...

What of the others?

What, Aeryn and Sikozu?

No, no ,none'n'noner

Perfect ladies at all times.


Yeah... I gotta take this.

Aeryn. I see that...
Elvis has left the building.

What? What does that mean?

That means Prefect Falaak has graciously
accepted our apology for Chiana's conduct,
as well as our...

emergency generator as compensation.

- Come on.
- Aeryn?

It's a good deal.
Allows us all to stay on the planet.

The comms are frelled.
Call me later.

Sounds a bit... moody.

Man, you should've met her mother.

The only risk... is that my failure will signal
there's more to be gained ...

... from war than from peace.

Let me help you.

The less anyone sees of you and your friends...
the better for me.

Talked to Rygel.

He said that Moya's still outta commission.
How you doin'?

I'm getting a really bad bribe.

Oh, God, she's talkin' English.

It's a really bad vibe.

D'Argo may be right.

Until we find another source of food
and water ...

Officer Sun?

I'll get back to you


I'm such a welnitz, Gaashah.

You're gonna be Prefect soon.

I could always come back them.

That... would be suicide for you
and your friends

Oh... this place is run by tight-asses.

How can you be so selfish?

Moya is up there floating dormant in space.

This is the first planet in twenty
that has any drinking water.

You're going to get us kicked off.


- Frell you.
- You are such a fekkik. !

Gaashah. Gaashah, wait! Gaashah...

Give me a reason... not to kill you

all of you ...now

One stab ...

... my plan is avenged,

the leaders are reassured

I am a Prefect, a hero to my people!

We are going to leave...
the microt our Leviathan revives.

Only criminals come into this part of space.

Perhaps there's a price on your head.

A bounty I could claim for my people?

Killing you would improve everything.

We Luxans, too, struggle to overcome
our violent past.

It's what I know in my bones...
as my father knew, and his father before him!

More than you know is at stake here!

I understand

No one does.

Unity of the clans is new.

Peace is new.

But even I know such peace is
too fragile to be endangered...

... by some indelicate whore.

Nobody on this planet gives a dren
about Chiana.

The problem isn't simply her.

It's your son.

When the wars were ongoing...

... I traded my herd to send my son,
Zerbat, off-planet

where he'd be safe

Where he could learn other disciplines.

And a Prefect’s son cannot be seen
as an outsider

All the other clans view him as corrupted
by outside influences.

And then we bring Chiana.

It all smells wonderful.


- Ucuz.
- Ucuz?

Ripe from harvest.

Our women nurse their babies with it.


No, really. It's very, very good.

Jabuka clan's finest etmek

Jabuka clan etmek...

... is most tasty.

Fit for a Prefect.

A flavor...

... you may never know.

I thought your ascension
to the Prefecture was predetermined.

If he aquires enough votes I can be removed as unworthy.

Removed how?

Kill you?

It's one of Paroos' little...

200 clans, 200 chieftains...
2,000 grudges to accommodate.

One little priest has that much sway...
over all the clans?

Oh, he can be... compelling.

Compelling enough for you to risk your own life?

The only risk... is that my failure will signal
there's more to be gained ...

...from war than from peace.

Let me help you.

The less anyone sees of you and your friends ...
the better for me.

He wants us to leave...

Moya may not be revived yet.

- I think you should go.
- What if I don't want to, Cap'n?

He respects me

It would help if I could show him
that I have you under some sort of control...
more or less.

I'll check in with the ship.


- Tasting some of the local spices, are we?
- Go away ...you dirty girl

They would stone you to death if I turned you in.

Okay... they have banished me...

... for being with nobodies.

I would say they'd probably impale you on a pole...
for shacking up with their prince.

We are not shacking up!

I would not tell anyone about this if I were you.

I'm not even meant to be here.
Who am I gonna tell?


That's what I want to know...
when I put you on that prowler myself!

How did you get off it?!
How did you get the auto-pilot turned off?!

- You want to know how I got off the ship?
- No, I don't want to know!

- Of course I got off it!
- I don't want to know!!

- What I do want to know...
- You tell me what you want to know.

...is, does anyone else know that you're here?

Of course not.
I'm just sneakin' around like I always am!


- Now, turn around ...
- Frell you!

...and sneak back to the ship.

You know what?

I think this Captain
thing has really gone to your head!

Crichton wants you back on the transport pod.

Don't argue.

The sooner she goes, she...

... and all of us...
will be able to come back.

- It's your father who needs you now.
- He's right.

It's a good deal.

It allows us all to stay on the planet.


The comms are frelled.
Call me later.

Seems a bit... moody.

You should've met her mother.

I...should be going.
You have to pack up and
hand over the keys to the new tenant.

Interesting system you have.`
Every half cycle a new leader takes over.

It's a little disruptive.

They say change is good.


It's frightening.

It takes a three-day festival
to distract from the terror that someone...

... from another clan is assuming power.

It took me months of haggling beyond
that to gain the slightest support.

Better than, uh, clubs and machetes approach.

Many would be eager to return to that.

At least we understood it.


Well, have a nice day.

You've returned seeking forgiveness.

I, uh... I know how you feel about nixas like me.

I rather like... nixas like you.

So, is it true about what they say about priests?

They give great religious experience?

What I give is great consequence.

I am no ambassador.

Well, you got Gaashah talkin'
without giving away parts of the ship

- That's better than I did.
- He wants us to leave.

Moya may not be revived yet.

Well, I think it's important that
the future Prefect knows he can count on me.

Hey, Moya's not just takin' a catnap up there you know.

This tormented area of space is beatin'
the crap out of her.

And I don't know when I can get
the systems back on line, Cap'n.

- I think you should go.
- What if I don't want to, Cap'n?

He respects me.

It would help if I could show him
that I have you under some sort of control...
more or less.

I'll check in with the ship.

Ryge, what's shakin' up there, man.

Is Chiana back yet?

I didn't know she was coming.

Well, you know Chiana.
I guess that means Moya's senses are still out.

I am... puzzled by off-worlders.

Yeah. I know what you mean.

I have... concerns about you.

A lot of people feel that way.

But your boss... seems to think I'm okay, so...

Be careful.

The stairs are... quite slippery.

Thanks for the warning.


- Thank you.
- Talked to Rygel.

/He said that Moya's still out of commission.
How you doin'?

I'm getting a really bad bribe.

Oh, God, she's talkin' English

Vibe." It's a really...bad vibe.

D'Argo may be right.

Until we find another source of food and water...

...cozying up to Gaashah may be our only solution.

Officer Sun?

I'll, um... I'll get back to you.


It was Aeryn.

What? No way. Aeryn wouldn't...

I know who shot me.

- She wasn't even looking.
- D'Argo, Aeryn wouldn't...

I know who shot me!

Take their weapons.

Where is the assassin?

I wouldn't tell you... even if I knew.

You came to the planet together.

- You're all assassins together.
- She shot him too, fekk-face.


Tell me where she is,
or I'll have your head as well.

- That is not your decision.
- Keep out of this priest.

The clans agreed to follow the law.

The law says we can hunt down murderers!

Only by command of the clan's next leader:
Gaashah's son.

The boy?!

A leader?

Where's his weapon?
Where's the fire in his eyes?!

He's as much an outsider
as those who murdered his father.

Who broke the peace?

What clan attacked?

Not a clan. An outsider.

She escaped us.

Find her. Kill her.

And if she acted on anyone's behalf...

... we'll catch her...
and torture her... until she tells us.

Damn, how come I didn't think of that before?

The way the clans tortured the others?

- Others?
- What others?

Two clan leaders were killed.

Before we arrived?

And you dren-heads are trying to blame it on us?

Look, just let me go,
I'll... I'll bring her back.

You make a lot of noise... for an outsider.

I will go.

I have a right to avenge my father...

to see his killer brought to justice.

That is the law.

And... will you need your nanny?

My father is dead.

You just insulted the leader of his clan

I will go.

And I will take him with me.

He will lead me to her.

We have another duty first

the burial sacraments.

Maybe Gaashah wasn't even the target...

maybe she was aiming at something else
and he wandered into the line of fire.

Your talking about my father.

His blood is still wet on the ground
thanks to your friend's vicious hand.

It's my mistake

I was just thinking out loud,
trying to figure out why.

Why? Why an outsider would come all
this way to kill my father. A good man.

And my father was... a good man.

Are you going to kill him here?

What? Did you come to question my resolve?

Because I will avenge my father.

I can handle this myself.

By putting a gun to the head
of the only person who can help us find Aeryn?

I am the leader of my tribe now.

Which makes you what?

Just like all the rest?

Maybe we should keep moving...
before Aeryn takes out another clan leader.

I think that maybe we should split up.

So you can run?

Son, at this point you either trust me or you don't.


Sikozu and I will take the trail up the ridge.

You continue along the bank.

We'll cross down to you further along.

Oh, you take the high road...
and I'll take the low road...

... and I'll be in Scotland before you...

Behind you.

Did I kill Gaashah?



I have no idea.

That's all I remember... thinking:

'I can't stop myself.'

What about the others?

What others?

D'Argo, for one.


He'll be all right.

There were no others.
It was just Gaashah

One clean shot.

How much chakkan oil for one clean shot?

How many?

How many people did I kill?


You better slow down, crusty.

People kill each other on this planet all the time.

Finding a way to kill Gaashah was...
finding a way to start a war.

She has no reason to start a war.

I know...

I suspect you're being used.

By who?

I need evidence.
Until now, nothing presented itself.

The other... assassins
were both killed instantly.

She's... the only one
left alive long enough to speak.

But I was completely out of control.
I don't remember anything.

Then... we must see to it that you do.

I aimed...

and I shot him...

And that's all I see.

We're not getting anywhere.

Try again.

I'm trying.

It's all I see... all I remember.

Then don't see... listen.

There was a child... is he...?

Still alive.

I hit the child.

Why did I hit the child?


that wasn't real.
I never really hit him.

I never really hit the child.

Who cares?

A bug...

A-A... a bug... bit me, and I...

A bug.

A bug bit me.

There are no bugs on this planet.

I killed them

I killed those people.

I ki... I killed them all.

Bug bites.

I killed them all.

I'm gonna leave now.

- Before there's another killing.
- What?


I'm the next assassin.

Okay... heap-big smoke; no bugs; no flashes.
Can we breathe now?

Are you sure you're both stabilized?

- Yes
- Yes.

Then you may need this.


How the hell did you get her?

For the most part.

Hm. Uh, we need to go... quickly.

Nobody's going anywhere!

Or shall I gun you down
the way you did my father?
He never so much as drew his blade!

She's not responsible for Gaashah's death.

A dozen clansmen saw her!

She was being controlled.


She got bit by an insect,
which allowed her to be controlled.

- We do not have insects on this planet.
- No?

Well then, what do you call that?

Or those?


- Who brought them here?
- Enemies of peace.

People who want power.

More power.

This is not possible!
It's not possible.

Who did your father trust, Zerbat?

He always trusted Paroos

And do you trust your father's judgment?

And yours.

Then we have work to do

Hey, kids.
We may be forgetting something.

Don't we need a bug-ball...a hive?

The insects are off-world

I didn't bring them.
You didn't bring them.

So essentially we're looking for...?

...an off-worlder.

Your sgabba flies failed!

They have no attraction
to this particular alien species.

Everybody likes me.

It is not my fault the priest is still alive.

These outsiders are difficult.

You told me you could control them!

The sgabba flies implant subtle subliminal signals.

My mental powers intensify those signals.

Your impaired mental powers!

The clansmen's hatred is easy to exploit

These... outsiders have no reason to kill.

It takes more sgabba,
more time.

I'm not paying you to make excuses.

You're here to incite anarchy.

You are not paying me enough.
I want... double.

Will that pay for the extra sgabba
to eliminate the outsiders?

Of course.

Make your bugs.

- Are you going to be all right to do this?
- Yes!

Yes. Are you?

Of course you are. Move.
Come on!

I command my clan.
Respect me, or kill me.

Szanuj mnie albo zabij.

Go. Leave!

What's going on?
Where's Crichton?

Talk and move D'Argo.
It's faster.

They're on their way up to the castle.


- Anybody?
- Chiana. Where are you?

In Falaak's palace.
I'm blind.

We're coming.

The bugs are coming.
The bugs are coming for you.

You saw the hive?

The hive's in E'Alet's head.

Can you hear me?

Can you hear me?

What did you see?

What did you see?


- Is Cri... is Crichton with you?
- Yeah, right here.

- Where's the bad guy?
- Haven't seen him for a while.

Haven't seen anything.

Too long... this is not gonna go away.

It's all right.
We'll get you out of here.

Soon as we find the beekeeper.


The bugs?

Yeah, just... stay down.

Yeah, I-I can help.
They don't bite me.

Just stay down!

- You okay?
- No.

- I think...too many more of these, and I'm...
- Yeah, I know what you mean.

Good news is, where there's bugs,
there's gotta be...

Oh, hell.

Stay down.

What happened?

Who's here?

He's still alive.

Shoot him, then.

You shoot him.

I can't.

Me either.

Well then. ...

...We have a problem.

Fight it.

I am.

What the frell's goin' on?

Stay down!

Whatever you're doin'... stop.

Now. I'm not sure...
I have the strength to miss next time

I think...
I'm just a bad shot.

You know I really thought...
the coin toss ended badly.

It did.

- Chiana!
- Stop her, Chiana!

Stop it!
Aeryn, stop it!

I can't!

You can fight against it.

D'Argo, just knock me out.

Knock me out!

Hit me harder, you big sissy!

They're getting stronger!

Stop him!

It's gone.


You have extinguished this...
threat to our peace.

I declare a feast to celebrate.

You lie!

I heard everything.

You, you hired E'Alet.

And will the clans believe a banished outsider, hmm?

You ordered my father's death so...
there'd be war.

Welcome home, boy.

Zerbat, think of your father.

Is this what he wanted?

You know what your treachery
means to your clan.

The others would wipe them out
man, woman and child.

You can prevent that.

You can die the noble hero.

I'll make it as painless as possible.

Or you can surrender!

And according to the law — our laws —
go before the other clans

And I'll make sure...
they try as hard as possible
not to tear your body apart.

I can go either way.

The old... or the new?

You decide.

I'll not be judged by you
or your pitiful council. .

Is that your father I hear,
screaming for mercy...?!

You made your father proud.

Making the destruction of your castle
your first order as Prefect was...
extremely bold. .

A leader belongs with his people,
not above them.

Sounds like your father talking.

You know... I want you to stay.

As an advisor?

Perhaps... much more.

I would love nothing more...
than to be off that Leviathan
and away from those outsiders.

My term as Prefect is only half a cycle.

We could... leave together...
as we planned. .

As you planned.

I'm starting to care about you


But a leader belongs with his people.

Seriously, that's the longest this blindness has ever lasted.

Then stop using the vision,

I'm sure you'll be the first to miss me,
next palace coup.

Should've let the bugs eat your hide.

I'll take that as a blessing...
holy man.

Moya and Pilot are waiting. We must leave.

What, and leave all these stragrats behind?

I'm sorry, I'm just kidding.

All right.