Farscape (1999–2003): Season 4, Episode 3 - What Was Lost: Part 2 - Resurrection - full transcript

The crew discovers how far Scorpius has fallen in the Peacekeeper ranks. They must find and activate all the probes to stop the magnetic storm on Arnesk, but someone doesn't want them stopped.

Previously on Farscape...

Why are we searching for this planet?

Jool told us every few cycles
the magnetics drop low enough ...

for the dig team to remain there for a while.

Three of these probes,
which formed the Darnaz Triangle...

were launched by enemies of peace.

Legend has it, if I find the third probe...

I can reverse its damage

This is Instructor Vella.

A carver can be perilous.

Why didn't you stand up for me?

If all the Priests died here...
why are there no bones?

See the Darnaz probes.

- It's Peacekeeper code.
- What are you going to do?

I'm going to warn the others so they can hide.


She's like... "in" the wall.


He'll never bother you again.

What do you want from me?

What I want...

may not be as bad as you think.

What are you doing?!

Whatever you want.


you can have it.

Do you know where the final probe landed?


Somehow I showed you...
what you must not know.

He has to die. Has to!

He had to die. He'll never tell you now.

And now on Farscape...

You're with Grayza.
You'll give her the Darnaz Probes!

- Look, Grayza doesn't give a rats ass...
- I saw you with her!

Grayza... doesn't give a damn... about probes!

- She just wants what's in my head!
- Vella was my friend,

I'll not let you take what she discovered!

You not give it to them!

Get off me, you son of a bitch!

I'm not gonna tell anybody
I saw where the probe is!

- You saw it?
- It's buried...

- but I'm not gonna tell anybody.
- Tell me where!

Where's the final probe?!

Subtitles: PK SUB-66

What are you doing?! I told you to find him...
not drown him... now get off!!

What?! Oh! Back in the box for you, my... Oh!

What... is with the stench?

- I don't smell anything.
- Maybe that is the reason?

Maybe that's the reason what?

It could not be!

You know her, she starts sentences
and then she doesn't finish 'em.

It's very annoying.

- The reason what?!
- You know, you and Grayza with the...

- You know about that?
- John... everyone knows.

Oh, no...

I must be wrong but...

- Heppel oil?
- That's a myth.

It would explain the smell.

What are you guys talkin' about?

Dellos concubines have a gland
implanted that creates Heppel oil.

Its perfume... targets the erogenous zones,
and... it makes you...

Yeah, I know... what it does.

But Grayza would never desire it!

- Why not?
- Well, its effects are irreversable.

Once the gland has been implanted,
the concubines die cycles before their time.

Ugh, she touched me...

Man! I'm not goin' anywhere
near that woman again!

John, you have to see her one more time.

Screw you.

Well, to use one of your expressions,
you're gonna have to take one for the team.

Technically I've taken two.

And now, it's time for the triple. Listen...

she still has Jool and Chiana,
and we have a plan to get 'em out.


We are operating on a need to know basis,
and we think it best that you only know your part.

Excuse me?

Well, we feel that if you know
the whole plan then...

What? You-you two... work it out,
and... come up with a plan...

now you trust her
and you're not gonna tell me the plan!?

Well, let me tell you... I do not get back
in the saddle with Mata Hari...

until I get the whole plan!

If you go back, can you be sure that Grayza
will not make you tell everything you know?!

You know it's the right thing to do, John.

Fine. What do you want me to do?

Okay. The Marauders are prepping to go.

We think they want to take you with them.

You have to keep Grayza buzy for about two arns.

From what we have seen...
that shouldn't be too hard.

Trust me, it'll be hard.
What am I supposed to do in two arns?

Just... wait for my signal.

- Right
- And, John...

when they find you, it's gonna have
to be believable you know, that you're hurt,

that you'd taken a fall. You can do that?

- I can fake that. I can fake it.
- Now, they have...

- I said... I can fake it.
- Okay, okay.

- Are you sure?
- I'm sure.


You bas...

He's alive!

I let you walk unguarded...

And you repay me... by trying to escape.

I'm not Steve McQueen.
I wasn't trying to escape.

I thought someone was throwing me off a cliff.

I live in a strange universe.

Things like that are fairly normal.

You tell me...
why the Scarrans want you so badly...

and I will find your love, Aeryn Sun.



I thought... you were gonna get
Crichton to help us?!

He had to die. No other way.

I didn't think you were gonna kill him, Wrinkles!

We're all gonna die soon.



The magnetics...

...you see how the color
is fading from everything?

The walls, your clothes!

I never had much color to start with, Princess!

But don't you feel it, how you're getting hotter?

If we stay in here any longer,
we'll all be dead in ten arns...

the flesh cooked off our bones.

Just great. Just great.

I am stuck here... with the suicide tralks.

I am not gonna let you get me down.

I... I am gonna get us out of this.

All right, who is in charge?


I am your promotion.

Rygel, I've docked.
Meet me in the Transport Hanger.

If we can get Elack to crash into
the Marauders on the planet...

...we might be able to escape
in the explosion wake...

...or at least... far enough
so the Command Carrier can't track us.

Crichton know about this plan?

He may not want to go along with it,
but we have no other option.

Can you convince the old pilot to do it?

I think so.

No matter what, she knows she's soon to die.

- Do you know why this plan is going to fail?
- Rygel

Sikozu will betray us again.

Do you really think you can trust
that female to do her part?

I have no choice.

I know they're always out there...

in the sky...


If these wormholes are always there...
why can't they be seen?

It's that...

they're like this...


And sometimes...
under the right conditions...

they turn...

and appear.

I just don't know how...

...to make them appear.

- And do you think it's worth risking your life...
- Ma'am.

... to find out about these wormholes.

- Ma'am?
- Go away.

Um... it's important, Ma'am.

I'm sorry to, uh... disturb you, but um...

Bring her.

Bad news from Smithers?

Your Luxan has failed.

My soldiers are hunting him down.

He'll be dead within an arn.

Don't... fight me.


Scorpy brief you on this?

You wouldn't do this, not on your own...

not this far away from High Command.

You're just his whore...
doing what he tells you to do

Is that enough dirt outta your hole, boss?

Get out of there.

Congratulations, Peacekeeper whore...
perfect plan.

One charge.

You think... Scorpius is the brain.

Go on... kill the half-breed genius
and ruin everything.

There's no charge in that weapon.

Is he dead?

Yes... yes, I think so.

Shoot her.


I helped you! I told you about the Luxan...
about his plan!

Shoot the tralk, Braca.

Gimme a gun and I'll do it myself!


Say, Skernac... it'll save you.

Braca, wait...


What did you say?


Do not... let them bury me.

Get her out of there.

Get off me!

How do you know Special Directorate code?

Same way you do... and...

may I suggest...

would not bury the half-breed.
I would leave him out in the sun to rot.

It would... scare the others more.

I don't think so.

Bury him.


Okay, Rygel, I'm back on the planet.
Have you managed to convince the Pilot?

Yes. We'll wait for your signal.

I'd... better get a transport pod ready.


I'll wait half an arn, then initiate de-orbit.

You'll be able to target your fall
onto the marauders?

Off the Luxan's signal.

Farewell, Dominar

Perhaps... if our species
share the same afterlife...

...we will meet again.

My interrogations are much more agreeable
than Scorpius' methods.


but I don't know anything else... about Scarrans.
I've told you everything.

We don't only have to talk about Scarrans.

Squeeze the juzemeez out of it....
you'll get a jolt...wham!

and for five hundred microts,
nothing bothers you.

Are you listening to me?

Oh, yeah...

Always a pleasure.

- What the frell does she want?
- Let me handle this.

Thank you.

Stay back, stay back... it's all right.

I always wait.

You know, see both sides... be reasonable.

But now... I have nothing to lose.

Oh! Frell!

Let... her go.

I didn't betray you

I am bluffing for all I am worth,
just to get myself in here.

Now... D'Argo has a plan.

You're lying.

We saw them not kill you.
Why didn't they?

They think I know some sort
of secret survivor code.

What did you say to them?


- What does it mean?
- I have no idea.

But it saved my life, and...
if you stop fighting me...

I will try and save yours too.

Why don't you put your fingers in her ears?


Thank you.

Captain Braca, I think I've found something.

You found this tile here?


And this face is Interion?

I think so.

And this face from your home planet?

I... think so.

Do you know what this means?

It means our two species
may be very closely linked.

Which does not surprise me... at all.

What's the matter?

My back.

It's all scratched.

I can hear your heart...

What's that?

That's you...


tell the Pilot to commence countdown
and start targeting the Marauders.

Will do.

Hurry, we don't have much time DRD

Pilot, I'm preparing the Transport Pod to leave.
Are you ready?


Yes, I've... talked with Elack...

we are prepared.

The DRD is almost done fixing this...

but we must start our descent
in a thousand microts.

Must go...

Good-bye, my friend.
You've served us well.

Thank you... Dominar... yes.

... must go... must go now.

Yeah... you like that.

You like it like that!

Pilot, what's happening?

I said a thousand microts

Oh, no, no, no! Don't go yet!

The pods not fixed.
I'm still in the transport hangar!

D'Argo! Elack's left early, he's coming now!

Chiana, the Leviathan's on it's way now!

How long we got, D'Argo?

I'd say four hundred microts...
I'll signal Crichton!

What's that?

Couldn't do it the old-fashioned way, could ya?

Six-pack of beer...

night of bowling, a little skinny-dippin'?

I hear you been puttin' some junk on the ball.

Untie me.

A little Monkey...

...Little Gaylord Perry...

...a little Joe...Neikro.


You... stay.

You never heard... my heart.




I got your signal.

Crichton! Hurry!

Where's your ship?
I'm on my way outta here.

- Hello, Crichton.
- Hiya, Braca.

Lemme ask you a question.

You're a man of the world right?

Does my ass...

...look big in these pants?


Okay, I got a little problem here!

Pilot? Pilot! Pilot!

Stop your dive, stop!

You're too soon!

I can't escape in the pod yet!

John! Elack's crashing down
onto the Marauders now.

The magnetics are playing havoc with my systems!

So, that was your plan?

Elack left early.

Great plan.

D'Argo, I need a little help here!

Crichton... where are you?

I dunno... near Vella's chamber, maybe

Just follow the pulse fire!

- I know where that is.
- All right...

Wrinkles... you go find D'Argo's ship.

Hey, hey, hey. You...
You stay with us.

Not that I don't trust you, but I don't.
Come on.


You are the most powerful hand gun
in the Uncharted Territories...

and I don't know whether
you've fired 500 shots or 600 but...

600... empty.

Damn you!

Winona would never do this,
because Winona is very reliable!

- Hey, Crichton.
- Hey, hey!

Jool, can I borrow that pulse pistol?

Thank you!

What was that... what was that word
you used to get out of the grave?


Skernac, skernac, skernac!

Well, it was worth a shot.

This way.

Come on.

Chiana! Elack's almost on top of us.
We have to lift off now!

We're on our way, D'Argo.

Keep the engines hot.


Uh, it seems they do have a ship, Ma'am

A ship?!

Pilot, stop!

We're dropping through the grenosphere.

I can't stop Elack!

Yes, Ma'am. It was off our scans.

Captain, they must not escape!

D'Argo, we're here, where are you?

D'Argo! Where's the ship, fek-face!

Wait, wait!

- What!?
- What's that sound?

We're too late. It's the Leviathan.

- Back inside!
- What's the point in running?

- It is too close!
- There is always a point in running!


Pilot...wake up.


Dominar... why are you still aboard?

You left early, we need more time.

It may be too late...

we must pull up... we must... try.

What happened?

Who cares?
Just go, go, go!

- Go-go-go!
- But Wrinkles?!

You did it.
Now... open the hangar door.

Come on!

Hurry! Move! Elack's on his way back!



It's out of oil!
I can't believe it's out of oil!

Why are they all out of oil!?

Come on!

Pilot, if you can, lock onto
the Marauders coordinates again.

Elack... if we don't find the strength,
it's all been for nothing.

We must try... target the Marauders.

- We're in, let's go.
- Get us out of here.

Elack... now.


Are we clear?

Yeah, but we've been hit pretty bad.

The deception shroud's been compromised.

We're gonna reappear in about a hundred microts.

- D'Argo, I do apologize...
- Jool, not now!

The magnetics are spiking, Braca.

Ma'am, two Marauders were destroyed,

but the third is still operational.
We can make it back to the Command Carrier.

And give Crichton two arns head start.

Tell the Carrier to retrieve us in flight.

We're going after them now.

Lock onto their coordinates, Braca.

The Darnaz Probes...

they're still here...

don't forget them, Crichton.

Don't, they are not safe, I...

Don't be afraid. I know a way.

Whoa, whoa, what are you talkin' about?!
It's a great plan!

God I love it!

We leave the planet, then we come right back!

We were not planning on coming back.

Ah, I knew it was a lousy plan
from the microt you told me.

Should have left me in the pod!

Stop complaining!

At least I picked you up.

There was nothing I could do.

They hit the deception shroud
and the turbines were about to fail.

How come the Marauder when past us?

I fired a satellite probe.
Hopefully they'll follow that for about a day.

Ah. Great.

Then come right back and kill us.
That's great.

- We got a day to live.
- No...

because by then I would have fixed
the turbines and we'll be long gone.

That is not gonna be possible.

Look at your skin.

This is due to magnetics?


We stay here one more arn
and we're all gonna be dead.

Can you get this thing fixed in an arn,
get us outta here?

It'll be difficult because they hit both power grids.

When we first got here, Vella,
she said somethin' about the probes.

If we... what, what?

Get all three probes,
reactivate them at 600 motras apart...

we can reverse...

the magnetics.

- Did you say motras or metras?
- Motras.

- So, like... just over half a metra.
- That's it.

Let's go find the third probe.

I was wrong...

It was you, not Vella

You want the probes as a weapon.

Where did Crichton... see the probe ?

I don't know, I don't know exactly.

He told me he saw it.
He said it was buried.


Crichton was there, and he was there,
and he was here, he was-he was everywhere, I...

Stop! Tell me where it is, now!

I'll never tell, never !

We'll all die here. We'll all die...

Granny. Gran...

We're going probe-hunting.
Sorry to interrupt the party, Black Lagoon...

...but you have to go now...
Get, get, go on, get, get!

No, look, come back!

Now I know you, you hurt me,
but I don't want to hurt you.

I have...

I need...

Uh, that doesn't sound too good.

I have looked for the Darnaz Triangle
for 20 cycles,

I will wait no longer!

You tell me where it is, or you die!

The Probe. Where is it?!

Hey... I wanna find it... as much as you do.

It's the only way we're...
gonna get out of this situation is...
if we... reverse what is goin' on.

We don't need her for that!

Where... is it?!

Actually we do need... her...

If I can't do it... she's the only one
who can... can help.

We won't get a second chance without her.

Probe is...

It's that way.

You... in front with the old woman.

Over there...

behind those rocks.

- So you know where the other probes are.
- In the lair.

That bitch, Vella, had them.

Swore I'd get my share of the bounty,

but she lied...

she tried to hide the other two probes.


Now... they'll pay me.


The third probe...

it's mine!

Now, I have no further use for you.

No, Jool, don't shoot him.
He's got the probe.

Stop him!

What the hell is he doin'?!
He's gonna get us all killed!

Crichton... we're all gonna die...

but he can live down there...
until the magnetic summer ends.

- And?
- And...

Was that Winona?


I don't really wanna know...

where you hid her.

You help Crichton.
I'll get the other probes from Oo-nii's lair!




Come on.


I have both probes!

Yeah, Jool, I got the third probe.

How far did you say they had to be apart?

- Six hundred motras.
- Okay.

Did you just save my life?



Hey, Pip... go with Jools.

See if you can get those probes reactivated.


- How do I do that?
- Slam 'em into the ground and kick 'em!

Kick 'em... right.


- I got the other probe.
- Good Pip, just keep movin'

This is far enough.

Here goes nothin'.

Come on, work, damn you!

Is yours workin'?!

Nothin's happenin'!

You son of a bitch!

Wait... wait.

It's... it's workin'.

You guys... seein' this?

What was lost......

is now gained.

Son of a gun.

I can breathe again. I can!

The probes...
they must've reversed the magnetics!

John... it worked.



- I'm okay!
- Me too.

Hey you guys probably wanna come...
check this out.

What's that ?

The lost temple.

The Darnaz Triangle...

When it created the magnetic summers, it...

it must have trapped part of the past.

They're the same priests that were here
twelve thousand cycles ago.

Do they know time has passed?

I don't think so.

So you're saying they've been... they've been
frozen like Vella and now they're awake.

They don't know anything that's happened?

I don't think they know we're here.

So the question is, do we stay or do we go?

I think that decision should rest with Jool.

She's the instructor here now.

I'm going to say hello.



everything we've found
proves our races are linked.

Maybe you should stay...

study what we discover.

Wish I could.

You know I can't.

That Aeryn links, right?

Yeah... Take care.

I will.

You too.

Is, uh...

is he the last?


I've said good-bye to everyone.
I can't make any of you stay.

Well, uh... you're the only one who can stay.

You're the only one not being hunted
by the Peacekeepers.

The priests will need help.

They've twelve thousand cycles of catching up.


I am so sorry... for not defending you.

Maybe you weren't Vella's intellectual equal, but...

I am now. She's a rock.

- I'm trying to apologize.
- Go on.


you have more courage...


and honesty... than a dozen Vellas.

And I should have said that to her.

We retrieved their satellite probe.

They must have shot it ahead as a lure.

I will find them again, and when I do...

they will pay for this humiliation.

But if I hear any gossip...

a joke in the officer's club, anything at all...

about what happened at Arnessk...

- You won't.
- If I do...

you... shall answer for it.

Oh, come on...

Look on the positive side...

at least Jool won't be hunted anymore.

Unlike us.

She can stay on Arnessk...

have a goal... something to fight for.

Unlike... us.

So... any response from Moya?

Not yet.

I've sent out a secure comm, but I'm not
even sure if this transmitter's working properly.


We're hunted by Peacekeepers,
towing a dead module...

lost in the Uncharted Territories
with no purpose in life...

How good does it get?

Oh, no. One of us has a purpose.
Don't you, Crichton?

Hey, Grandma...

Why'd you tried to kill me?

If Grayza asked...

couldn't have you giving her the Darnaz Probes?

Better you dead than millions,
if she misused them.

What's your name, old woman?


Well, Noranti... you're right.

I do have a purpose.