Farscape (1999–2003): Season 2, Episode 16 - The Locket - full transcript

The crew finds a cloudy area where they might be able to hide from Peacekeepers. Aeryn goes into the area to check it out. She returns a few hours later, much older. And tells them to leave the area. Now they have to figure out how to escape the cloud before they suffer the same fate as Aeryn




There's no sign of her on
any of Moya's sensors.

Course, we can't see more than
300 metras in this stuff.

It's thicker than pea soup.

Crichton, Moya's never traveled
in a stellar mist as compressed as this.

I'm having trouble accelerating
and navigating.

Perhaps Aeryn's experiencing similar
difficulties out there in the Transport Pod.

Let's hope that's all it is,


Stark, is that you?

I never thought we'd
see you again.

I was meditating.
When did you come aboard?

Almost two solar days ago.

I finally returned the
Transport Pod you lent me

after we escaped from the
Gammak Base.

I'm glad you woke.

I must talk to you privately. I
have something important to tell you.


What are you doing out
here, Zhaan?

I thought you were locked in
your chamber, meditating.

I was, but I woke early from
my time with the goddess.

Aeryn went out into that and we
haven't heard from her since.

Perhaps you sensed the danger
and that's what woke you.

How long's she been gone?

One solar day.

I thought we'd hide in this fog or
whatever it is from the Peacekeepers.

Aeryn went on long-range recon
and she hasn't come back yet.

No signal from her?


Moya, is that you?

- Aeryn?

Where the hezmana have
you been?

D'Argo, I'll come on board now,
if that's all right.

Yeah, we've been looking
for you.

Aeryn? Aeryn?

Pilot, I've lost the

I'm locked on her position but some
kind of opening is forming in the mist.

I can see a planet
below us now.

What did Aeryn do to it?


Looks like she's been in
some kind of battle.

I told you.

I told you she shouldn't have
gone out in the mist.

Why isn't she coming out?


Whoa. What the hell?

This is Zaccum leaf.

Yeah, so?

I gave Aeryn a plant before...
before I started my meditation.

She said she was suffering
from head pains.

Uh, chewing Zaccum leaf provides
a potent neuralgesic effect.

You don't think maybe this is
overkill for a headache?

Well, no.

No, the plant I gave her was
this tiny.

Blue, over here.



John, you have to get out of
here. You have to get out now.

My name is John Crichton,
an astronaut.

A radiation wave hit and I got
shot through a wormhole.

Now I'm lost in some distant
part of the universe on a ship,

a living ship, full of strange
alien life-forms.

Help me.

Listen, please.

Is there anybody out there
who can hear me?

I'm being hunted by an insane
military commander.

I'm doing everything I can.

I'm just looking for
a way home.

How long... how long have
I been here?

Not long, maybe an arn.

An arn?
- Yes.

The mist. The opening. It goes.
I have to go back to the planet.

My granddaughter's waiting for me...
- Aeryn, now just sit back down.

Ennixx can't survive without my Transport Pod.
- Aeryn, shh.

There's no other way
off the planet.

No, I... no!

I only came back to warn you to get out of the
mist as soon as possible, while you still can.

Aeryn, Aeryn...
- No.

Stop it, stop it. You cannot
have a family. A granddaughter.

You've only been gone
for one solar day.

One day?

- Hmm...

Look, you're wearing the locket,
the locket that Chiana gave you.

The one that says, "sorry I
smashed your Prowler."

The one she stole from the last
Commerce Planet we were on.

She stole it?

- She told me she bought it.

Well, that's Chi.

Look, if I've only been gone one
solar day then why am I so old?

Why-why... why everything I've
lived, my memories, everything...

Aeryn, we don't know.

We're trying to find that out.

Maybe... maybe your mind
created the memories

to compensate for your
body getting old.

Look at you.

I'd forgotten how beautiful
you were.

You're so young.

I'd also forgotten how
wrong you could be.

If I've only been away for one solar
day how did this locket here get so old?

Aeryn, it's an antique locket.

I don't care what any
of you say.

I have lived for 165 cycles.

I have had three sons
and watched them die

and I have a granddaughter...

Aeryn, stop.
- who will die if I don't get to her.

Aeryn, Aeryn.

May I?
- Please.

Stop, stop it.

Stop it, stop it.
- No... please.

No, no.

Get your hands away from me!


Take my thoughts.


Can you feel it?



Thank you. Zhaan.

Do you have any idea what's
happened to her?

Not as yet.

I know it is Aeryn. Same DNA,
same blood composition, same scars.

By my best calculation,
she has aged 160 cycles.

In one day?

I've heard of rapid aging,
but nothing this fast.

Is it reversible?

It's unlikely.



Have you got anything yet?

I've been analyzing the
stellar mist.

It seems to be contracting more, but
Moya's sensors don't find any toxins in it

that might have caused Aeryn
to age like this.

Have you analyzed the planet?
- Yes.

Its atmosphere is acidic and
barely life-sustainable.

Could Aeryn have survived
there for 160 cycles?

No. She wouldn't have
survived one.

Would you look at this
frelling place?


What are we doing here?

We're just seeing if Aeryn
came back with anything.

But why? She's only been
gone a solar day.

You don't believe that
other yotz, do you?

No, but she still might have come
back with something interesting.

Are you going to steal it?

Of course not.

You're worse than me.

I like that.

What are you doing in here?


We're looking for clues,

to see if we can find out how this
terrible, terrible thing happened to Aeryn.



There's no dignity in what
you are doing.

Zhaan would like someone
to look after Aeryn.

Would you do that, please?

Well, you know Aeryn.
Why don't you watch her?


Oh, frell!

I don't see why it's always
gotta be me.

I mean, why do you always
get the girls...

Just do it!

She may be dying.

- Hey,

I didn't mean to wake you.

Hi, Chiana.

Would you help me sit up?


Is that okay?



There's some water over there.

I'm sorry. Don't make
a sound, Chiana.

No, no, no. Shh...

I'm sorry, Chiana.
That's it, that's it.

I'm sorry.

It's just I don't have much
time and neither do you.



What happened to you?

I lived, Pilot.

If you don't believe me, you
still must convince the others

to stay out of the mist.

I'm glad I got a chance to see
you one last time, my friend.

What do you mean?

I'll see you again.

No, you won't.


Pilot, you let her leave?

She asked me not to alert you.

You're all free to come and go.

Are you certain this mist
is harmless?

It seems to be, yes.

And if I go down to the planet, I'm
not going to age 200 cycles, right?

Moya has not sensed anything
on the planet

to cause the accelerated aging
we observed in Aeryn.

John, we do not know what
made Aeryn grow old.

She will die if I don't go.

I'm going to go get her,
pick her up, bring her back.

I'll be on the surface
30 microts, max.

Worst case scenario,
I age a couple years.




I've come to take you
back to Moya!

Go back before it's too late.

I'm not leaving without you.

Aeryn, look around you.

Is this where you lived for
the last 160 cycles?

You could not have lived here.

I didn't live here.

I lived on another planet.

Another place.

Aeryn, there's nobody here.

No one. There's nothing.

You don't know what you're
talking about.

Now, please, just go.

Aeryn, no.
Come back with me to Moya.

Oh, stop it. Don't.

Aeryn, whoa.

Put the rifle down, now.

You touch my grandmother again
and I will kill you.

Wait a minute, you're
Aeryn's granddaughter?

Of course.

Who the frell are you?

I'm John Crichton.

You're Crichton?



She wasn't making it all up.

You're real.

All her life Grandmother's
talked about you.

About a... a ship.



Everyone, my father, her own
son thought she was crazy.

She kept returning to this Bulla
forsaken hellhole every cycle,

checking to see if you'd come

She's only been gone for
one solar day.

A day?

I'm 24 cycles old.

I'm her granddaughter.

Well, I saw her yesterday.

It's all right, Nana.


I'm here.

John? Go. Leave.

No, I came to take you back.

But the opening only lasts for
four arns. It goes away.

You have to go now.

I'm not gonna leave you!

I'm trying to save you.

If you don't go, you'll get trapped
for 55 cycles, trapped like I was.

Aeryn, what the hell
is going on?

Crichton, go back to Moya.

If you want to, come back in eight
arns when the opening reappears.

Come back down and you will find me then,
but you must go now, or you will be trapped.

Eight arns!

Be here!

How's your head?

Like I've been kicked
by a sistik.

Why did Aeryn spike me?


I didn't want to embarrass you in front
of Rygel on the Transport Pod, but...

You could never embarrass me.

Maybe not.

But you're one of us now.

There's no need for you
to act like you're not.

D'Argo, I always do what
I want, okay?

I don't know why.
It's just the way I am.

I understand that, but...

Yeah, but you're not going
to change me.

I'm only just beginning
to realize that.

You're pretty straight, huh?

Yes, I am.

We're not going to make it...

are we?

D'Argo, you'd better get up
here. John's on his way back.

Aeryn was telling the truth,
or part of it.

She had some kind of
life down there.

I met her granddaughter.


Yeah. She said that they
had to stay.

She had to get back through the
opening in the mist before it...


Man, you guys feel
that up there?

Crichton, Moya's
sensors indicate

that the opening in the mist
seems to be closing.

Estimated time to the hole,
15 microts.

Man, holding this thing
together is a bitch.

John, you're breaking up.

Crichton, the planet is
disappearing from Moya's sensors.

Pilot, what's happening?

I don't think the Transport Pod
will be able to survive entry.

John, you have to break entry.
Break entry now.

No, it's okay. I can hold
this thing together.


John, can you hear me?

Pilot, what's happening?


I can make it, I can make it,
I can make it.

Entering the mist...





Are you in prayer for Crichton?


And Aeryn.


I've thought of something we might try to
attempt to discover what's happened to them.

Tell me.

An Ancient named Galik theorized
about what he called Center Halos.

He believed that scattered throughout the
universe were mists where all dimensions met,

and where time ceased to exist.

What? Do you think that Moya is
caught in one of these Center Halos?

I thought...

if you and I joined spirits...

Joined with you?

What would that do?

I've been told that Delvians, during a
mind link, can sense the time continuum.

Yes, that is what we strive for,
but... but few have achieved it.

I thought maybe, together,
we could catch a glimpse

and see if there's a void in
the time continuum around Moya,

see if no time exists
in the mist.

But, if I join spirits with you
your mind might overpower mine.

It is possible.

Like so.

I will lead you.


What just happened?

Moya's readings just went all over
the scale and then everything froze.

I couldn't move.
Did you feel it?

Yes, Pilot. We felt it.

What happened to him, Nana?

Oh, Crichton.

He was happy for a few cycles
there, too.

Something must have reminded
him, thank you, of his past.

I still think about it,
sometimes. Moya.

You've never been as sad as him.

Well, perhaps I hide it better.

Will he ever be over it?

I've done all I can.

We took him from the barren planet,
showed him our favored world.

I know, you've tried.

We've all tried, but Crichton
was always stubborn.

Why are those from the Outside
always so unhappy?

Because we weren't born here.

This is your home, not ours.

Give Crichton a few more
cycles. He'll come around.

You can rack off.

I'm gonna to do what I wanna do.

No, Crichton, no.

I need the wormhole knowledge
that you have locked in your brain.

That's great, Scorpy.

You ain't never gonna get that.

I'm dying. I'm dying right
here on this planet.

And you ain't never gonna get
what's in my head.

Still talking to those visions?
- Loser.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, he's bitching again.

Oh, he's gone.


I wonder if he's still
looking for me.

Oh, well.

Stark has developed a theory.

He believes it's possible that
Aeryn was telling the truth.

She has, in fact, lived
for 160 cycles.

- Ah, yotz.

Have you been drinking
fellip juice?

Now, when Zhaan and I
joined an arn ago,

did any of you experience
anything unusual?

Oh Yeah.

That was you guys?

And Rygel, did you experience

My throne sled stopped.

I froze in midair for a microt.

And you were still conscious?


Stark believes that Moya is trapped
in what is known as a Center Halo,

where time does not
exist at all.

We believe that when we
joined for a moment,

we all experienced this absence
of time in the mist.

You see, it's possible that Aeryn
aged normally down there on the planet.

So it's us?

It's us who are not
growing old.


I don't believe it.

You've got to be frelling
with me.

So this means everyone we know,
Crais, Scorpius, my son,

they're all old now?

Yes. It is believed that nothing ages
in a Halo, and eventually it hardens.

And everything inside it is
trapped without time, forever.

Pilot says the mist is
hardening now.


Well then, let's go.
Let's get out of here!

Pilot, how long until the
planet is due to reappear?

If what Aeryn outlined
still holds,

the opening will reform in the
mist in less than one arn.

I'll go no more a-rovin'
with you fair maid.

A- rovin', a-rovin',

since rovin's been my ru-i-in

I'll go no more a-rovin'

These have grown.


It seems like yesterday when
we planted them.


How's your knee?

Oh, it's fine. Just chasing
beautiful women up and down the hills.

A- huh.

Well, why don't you come and
sit down here old man,

or you'll give yourself
a heart attack.

Don't... don't... don't you
"old man" me, woman.

You're 200 cycles older
than I am.

Ennixx and that sleeping pill
she married have arrived.

He's not that bad.

He's boring.

Just like everything else
around here, bor-ing.

Well, I warned you.
I tried to make you go back.

I know you did.

John, I gave up being who I was,
what I was, 100 cycles ago.

Why haven't you?

Cause I ain't a gardener.

I never wanted to be one.

That's all we do around here.

Garden. Plant things.

I was a pilot, Aeryn.


I was what I wanted to be.

I ain't gonna forget that,
and I can't accept this.

Do you regret this?


Spending the last 55 cycles
here with me.

Aeryn, you are the one thing
which has kept me

from doing a kamikaze
in the Transporter.

I just have to try to get back
to my old life, just for a day.

That's the hope.

Hope, that's what keeps
me going.

All right.

Just don't be too disappointed
if it doesn't happen.

If you can't...

- You okay?

Yes, I'm fine.
I'm fine, I'm fine.

It's just the same old pain,
same pain.


Let's, uh, get you back
to the house.

You can lie down. Come on.

Oh, no, no, no.
I got it. I got it. -Give me that.

Give it to me.
- I got your locket.

Whose, uh, image you got
in here anyway?

You know who's in there.

Your husband?

He's been dead 90 cycles.

Why would you have his
image in there?

Oh, just to drive you crazy.

You know what I think?
- What?

I don't think it's him in there.

I think you've got my picture.

Don't flatter yourself.

Yeah! Yeah, my picture.

Surrounded by roses and
hearts and yotz.

Open it, then.


Take a look inside.
You'll see his image.

The only love of my life.


No, I don't wanna see
his ugly face.

Come on.

Let's get you back to the house.

He wasn't ugly, you know.

Yeah, you keep talking about him
and you can walk down by yourself.

Hell, you can roll
down the hill.

Pilot, are you picking up
any transmissions?

There's nothing.

50 cycles I've kept this
thing sealed up.

Hope it works.

Pilot, can you hear me?

Been waiting to say that for
50 damn years. Feels good.

Pilot! Can you hear me?!

Why are you going?


Stay with us.
- Pilot!

Look, come back to the favored
planet and I will take care of you.

The mist is dangerous...
- Ennixx, listen to me.

I grew up a Peacekeeper.

We are born in space, and
we must die in space.

But what about...?
- Now I have spent most of my life

down here with you, and
it has been glorious.

But when I die,
I belong up there.

Goodbye, Nana.

Good girl. Now, go.

Before I change my mind.




I'm not getting anything!

Wait. Something's happening.

The opening in the mist,
I can see it forming.

John, Aeryn, can you hear us?



Aah, maybe this thing's bust.

Maybe Moya decided not
to wait for us.


Pilot, can you hear me?!

Pilot, anybody?

Pick up the damn phone,
you useless pieces of...

We hear you.

Ho! Ah!

Ho! Ho! Ah! Hello, D'Argo!

Hey, hey, listen to this!

D'Argo! It's me, John!

John, are you all right?

Can you make it back to Moya
or you want us down there?

Oh, no, no, it's all right!

We can get back up to you.

We will come back up!

Right away!

They waited!

Oh, ho, ho, ho!


They waited.

Yes, they did.

Come on.

Aeryn, baby, you all right?

I'm all right. I'm fine.

Let's get back to Moya.

Going home.

Going home.


I... I...

I tri-I tried to get back
here before, uh...

She was old, weak...

You, uh...

She, uh...

She died... on the way.

She's gone.

Aer... Aeryn's gone.

The opening is on some kind of
inter-dimensional orbit.

It appears in the mist over the
barren planet every 55 cycles.

Do you know how to get
us out of the mist?

Well, you could go back
down to where I was.

Well, then let's do it.

Let's go down there.

Oh, there ain't nothin'
down there, Chiana.

Just a few planets, a small
colony of people.

I searched it from end to end.
There just isn't anything there.

It still sounds better than
being stuck up here forever.

Yeah, maybe.

But I have had a lot of
time to think.

I believe that if we can
get out of the mist

at the exact point that
we entered it,

I might be able to get
my life back.

It might be an arn later, maybe
200 cycles later but I...

But how do we get back to that
exact point where we entered?


I might have an answer for that.

I'm not sure but I think we
just have to go backwards.

What do you mean, Pilot?

Since we've entered it, I think
the mist has been moving with us.

I think the back of Moya is still
right at the edge of the mist.

Then go for it. Just back up.

I've been trying to but I can't.

The mist has hardened so much in the
last arn, Moya can no longer move.

You mean, we're stuck.

I'm afraid so.

Have you tried Starburst?

A Leviathan is not structurally
designed for a reverse Starburst.

It could destroy us.

Pilot, just do a small jump and
get us back to where we started.


If we’re going to try and
Starburst out,

I think we should go forward
down to the planet, not backwards.

Is that what you want?

You want that? You wanna
live your life on that planet?

A place where you'll never see
anyone you know ever again.

I have done that.

And let me assure you, whatever the
risk, it is worth getting your life back.

I'm with John.

I do not want to live a
life without a past.

I want to see my son again.

Me, too.

I never wanted to go into
the mist anyway.

I guess I'm in agreement
as well.

Goddess be with us all.

Pilot, start initiating the
sequence for reverse Starburst.


Leave him, D'Argo.


We're gonna try to get
out of this.

I told them our plan, and uh...


Oh, baby.

There are so many places that
I wanted you to see. People.

There's this lake in Maine.

Used to spend summers there
when I was a kid.

Had more mosquitoes than
a dog had fleas.

My dad and I, we'd
camp out there.

And one night, the astronauts
landed on the moon.

I remember looking up
at the sky.

I knew right then what I was
gonna do with the rest of my life.

I couldn't have been more
than four years old.

Yeah, I really wanted you
to see that.

Oh, damn.

Baby, I...

I miss you already.

Who else am I going to
tell this crap to?

I love you.

- Take a look inside.
- You'll see his image.

The only love of my life.

Priming first phase of
reverse Starburst.

Kahaynu, protect Moya.

What now?

Zhaan, what's going on?


What's happening?

Priming for Starburst is
making everything stop.

We must break free!

My arms, I can't move.

You must initiate manual
Starburst from Command.

Do it!

I can't reach the panel!

Help us!

Stark! Crichton and I once
shared Unity.

So I can help him.

If we join, we can keep
time alive for him.

John? John?


Zhaan, how the hell are
you talking to me?

I fused my spirit with Stark.

You must get to Command
and initiate Starburst.

Why can't Pilot do it?

He can't move.

No one can move except you.

I don't know how long
I can keep time alive.

Hurry, John.

I am too old for this shit.

Hurry John!
This is ripping us apart.

You must... you must keep going!

Keep going!

What the hell is this stuff?

It appears to be some kind
of stellar mist.

I'm running tests on its
chemical properties now.

What do you think?
That we should go in there?

Well, it might be a good place
to hide from Peacekeepers.

No, Scorpius hasn't been
chasing us for a while.

I'm not sure we should
go in there.

Don't worry, Chiana.

I'll fly a long-range recon in a
Transport Pod to make sure it's safe.



What's that?

Just something Zhaan gave me
for my headaches.


- You know what they're about to do?

Yes, and these frelling
Comms don't work.

Pilot! Pilot!

Pilot, looks like we're
all agreed here.

Except me.

Except for Chiana.

Let's head into the mist.
- Accelerating now.

Stop! Pilot stop the

You're young.


Zhaan, you all right?

What are you doing here?

I thought you were locked in your
chamber meditating or some yotz like that.

Shut up, Rygel.

What's the matter, Zhaan?

Don't you remember?

Remember what?

Just trust us.
Don't go into the mist.

Why not?

We had a vision.

We sense there's danger
in there.

I told them.

I told them we shouldn't
go in there.

I felt something too, Zhaan.

Pilot, uh, change of plan.

Hang a louie.

That's left, away from
the mist.

Hard acceleration. Away.

Stark, how is it that Aeryn and
Crichton are young again?

We seem to have returned to a time just
moments before Moya went into the mist.

None of them remember anything,
yet... yet we do.

Because we've returned to a
time before any of it happened.

They have nothing to
remember, Zhaan.

I think we only remember because
we were joined when Moya broke free.

Well, what about Aeryn's life
and the family she had?

Let's theorize that through
every opening in a Center Halo,

our world splits into an
infinite number of universes.

Are you saying that Ennixx
could still be alive?

Yes. And mourning the loss
of her grandmother.

But... it's time to tell
Ka D'Argo why I came aboard.


um, I've been waiting to
show you this.

I found it in a manifest of slaves
being sold to the Katin mines.

Who is this?

The manifest lists him as...

as Jothee, son of Ka D'Argo.

My son.

My son is being sold
into slavery.


How long have you known?!
Why didn't you tell me?!

I just found out.

D'Argo, Stark wanted me awake
before he told you!

D'Argo, let him go, please!

There's plenty of time. The
auction isn't for a few solar days.

We will find a way to
rescue Jothee.




All right.

I'm sorry, Stark.

I, uh...

I've got... I've got to...

save my son, Zhaan.

We've got to find a way.


Nothing. Um...

do you get a feeling?

About what?

I don't know. I-I just have
this... feeling...

something happened.

Between us?


Well, what kind of something
do you think happened?

I don't know.

If something happened, I'm sure
we would have remembered.


Come here. Have a look at this.

It's ah, the locket Chiana gave
me. I found it in the Transport Pod,

and somehow it's fused shut.
I'm trying to...

Did you put something in there?

No, nothing.

Looks like something
disintegrated in there.