Farscape (1999–2003): Season 1, Episode 6 - Thank God It's Friday, Again - full transcript

D'Argo goes into a hyper rage and seeks out Crichton, thinking he left the ship for a nearby planet, he pursues his quarry. The crew then searches for D'Argo. When they find him, they find ...


Where is the human?!

Bring him to me.

Bring him to me.

You're dead.

It's been three days. He still
can't be freaking like that.

It's Luxan Hyper Rage.
It doesn't just go away.

You were wise to hide
as you did, John.

D'argo's been off the ship
for three whole days

but we couldn't find
you to tell you.

You hide very well. You must
have had a lot of practice.

Shut up.

It comes natural.

Especially when you got that
chasing you.

Why the hell is he raging
after me, anyway?

You are another male.

Well, spanky here is male.

I think. Sort of.

I mean, how come he's
not after you?

He knows better.

So, where is he now?

He's taken my Prowler
down to the planet.

Hopefully, the rage has had
time to dissipate.

Or he's killed something.

Pilot, we'll contact you once
we've located D'argo.

Oh, yeah. I think I've
seen this one.

Mel Gibson, Tina Turner,
cage match.

Oh. What?

Oh, don't worry. Nobody saw
the third one, anyway.

Will you be all right in
this heat, my dear?

I'll be all right as
long as it's night.

This is night?

Yeah. Back home we call
it white night.

I call it: let's find the Luxan
and save ourselves heat seizure.

Well, I think we've
found the place.

Shall we?

Sebaceans, right?

They're Sebaceans?

Always good to see family.

Family? No.

These are common laborers.

They are a distant cousin
species, at best.

Kissing cousins, just like
humans and Sebaceans.

Yes. Well, the day that they
prove that is the day

I let Palmolian meat hounds
tear all the flesh from my bones.

Get off of me or I'll hurt you!

This is the end of Hyper Rage?

I get hugged to death?

It's so good to see
you, Crichton.

It's so very good to see you.

My name is John Crichton,
an astronaut...

...a radiation wave hit and I
got shot through a wormhole...

Now I'm lost in some distant
part of the universe

on a ship. A living ship

Full of strange alien

Help me...

Listen, please.

Is there anybody out there
who can hear me?

...being hunted by an insane
military commander...

...doing everything I can...

I'm just looking for
a way home.

D'argo have you been laboring?

I have.

What is wrong with you?

Nothing. Everything is right.


is very right.

What about your Hyper Rage?

Kill anyone?

No. That is all gone.

Now there is just...


You are a warrior.

Act like one.

I'm no warrior.

I've been a prisoner now and a fugitive
longer than I was ever a warrior.

Don't you think it was time I stopped
lying to myself about who I really am?

Here, my efforts have purpose.


What purpose?

My boy D'argo, into the
promised land.

Yes, and he's left
his brain behind.

We may soon have some answers.

I am Volmae.


I am Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan.

This is John Crichton.

Aeryn Sun.

And his Eminence Dominar
Rygel the 16th.

It is a pleasure to welcome
you to Sykar.

I am our leader as much as
anyone is our leader.

Your friend D'argo has been
telling us about you.

Telling you that we are
just passing through.

We do not want to harm you.

Of course you don't.

Please stay.

Stay as long as you desire.

She gives me a woody.

"Woody", it's a human saying.

I've heard you say it often when you don't
trust someone or they make you nervous.

They give you...


She gives you the willies.

Thank you for your cycle of
work, kind citizens.

As the celebration ends enjoy the
rest you have so richly earned.

Definitely a simple people.

They never heard of
the last call.

Be strong and healthful.

Keep the production
lines going.


I'm very, very full.

I need to...

Excuse me.


You're staying the night,

Tomorrow's a rest day.

I'll be able to show you all
the wonders of this planet.

Listen to me.

No matter what happens, no matter
what you hear, you must stay.

There you are.

I just had the weirdest
thing happen...

- I just spoke to D'argo.
- He says he's content.

He wants to stay. So, I say
we leave him and we go.

What? No. Look, Woodstock has
done something to his head.

The assassins!

The bastards are trying
to kill me!

Rygel! What the hell
happened here?

A bomb, mere hentas from
where I was...

I was, uh... hovering.

A bomb?

No. No. No. What were you
doing out here?

I was relieving myself.

Rygel, did you see anyone?

No. No one.

One moment I was... was...

Yeah, relieving yourself.
And the next?

And the next...


I've suffered many assassination
attempts on Hyneria...

Nobody knows you here.

It's only people who know you
who want to kill you.

The sun will be up
in a few hours.

The heat is going to
get very intense.

Aeryn, it's going to
get hot soon.

All right.

I'll take him back up to Moya.

Come on, your Eminence.

Hmm, I'm still scorched.

And, Crichton!

Remember, we agreed,
no lingering.

I'm coming back and we're getting
out of here with or without D'argo.

Fine. Just get Spanky
back to the ship.

How did you find me?

We asked around.

You stand out amongst
your neighbors.

Oh, uh, come in.

Please, come in.

So, you have your own
apartment. It's nice.

It is provided.

D'argo, something isn't quite
right about this place

and it is affecting you.

You don't see how
you're acting?

D'argo, why don't you come
back with us to Moya?

You are both welcome to stay
as long as you want.

But I'm afraid all that I can
offer you is, uh, the floor.

- D'argo!
- Tomorrow.

I suppose we will have to wait.

Ooh, yeah.

Not exactly five star, is it?

D'Argo seems happy with it.

Everybody seems happy.

And very friendly.

I wish I could believe that the woman in
there is the only reason he wants to stay.

Zhaan, this city, it looks like
it used to be a working city.

Now, apparently, nothing works.

Yeah, but it used to.

This city is falling apart
around them and they...

they just don't seem to care.

Material comfort's not the only
measure of a society, John.

But progress has gone backwards
on this planet,

and nobody on this planet
gives a damn.

Tell me why?

You won't get any answers
tonight, John.

Let's rest. We can ask
D'Argo in the morning.



Um, you, ah, you take
the mattress.

I'm good on the floor.

Don't be silly, John.

You'll be cold and

There's plenty of room for two.

Oh! Help me!

Help me!


Already on it.

The explosion was not

It definitely originated
inside Rygel's quarters.

Oh, help me.

Oh, Aeryn!

What's doing this to me?

Don't move.





We have a situation up here.

I'm sure it's not any more interesting
than the situation down here.

Well, remember Rygel's
assassination attempt?

He caused it himself.

His body fluids have
turned explosive.

I stand corrected.

What am I going to do now?

Do you want to live?

Then you better stop sweating.
So, calm down, now.

Aeryn, listen, you got
to run some tests.

Use the scanner thing in the,
uh... in the maintenance bay.

No. I'm not the scientist.

I know that. Just have
Pilot help you.

What am I supposed to do
in the meantime?

Isolate him.

Uh, no fluids. No food.


Yeah, and when you get some
results call me and I'll...

see what I can figure out.

Good morning, citizens.

A new day begins.

Remember, rejoice in
your work...

Good morning, John.


No time now, John.
I'll speak to you tonight.

No time?

Yeah. I'll be late for work.

I thought today was a, uh...

a rest day.

No. No. No.

Today is the last day
of the work cycle.

Tonight, there is going to be
a great big celebration.

I'll, uh, see you there, John.

Good morning, citizens.

A new day begins.

Remember, rejoice in your work
and you will be rewarded.

Be temperate.

Be strong and healthful.

Keep production lines flowing.

Efficiency in your endeavors
will be observed and noted.

Your reward status can
therefore be improved.

Keep your mind on your task.

Free yourself of all concerns.

Focus only on the task.

The future of Sykar's prosperity
depends on what happens.

Eat the Tannot root.

Be strong and healthy.

Keep your production
lines flowing.

Hey. I want to talk to you.

You seem interested in me.
What do you say we talk?

All right.

Just come on, quickly!

What the...?!

Ivan, do it now.
There is no time.

Listen, you must tell
no one of this.

If they know you carry the worm
they will kill you for it.

Eat and the pain will go away.

Understand me? You must eat.

Ivan, the carriage is moving.

...be strong...

...free yourself of
all concern...

...eat the tannot root.

Be strong.

Our way of life...

...in addition...

rejoice in your work and
you will be rewarded.

The guards are your

...free yourself of all
concern. Remember...

Rejoice in your work and
you will be rewarded...

...the guards are
your protectors.

Trust them... trust them...

You're still so young, D'argo.

Is this the way you honestly want
to spend the rest of your days?

Do you want to spend the rest
of your days on the run?

I know such decisions can
come upon one quickly.

My choice to join the Delvian
Seek, to become a priest,

occurred in the matter of
a blink of an eye.

One moment, I was lying in my
cell, a savage capable of anything.

The next, the truth was revealed
to me and I knew my true path.

Such revelations are possible.

This feels very...


Yes, it does.

Here, let me help.

Are you sure he's still alive?

He's in cryo-stasis.
He should be fine.

Just as long as he
isn't sweating.

Definitely not.

We've taken him to 105 below
the glarion frost point.

I strongly suggest you don't touch
any of his other protuberances.

Oh, well, you can do it
yourself, then.

The scanner is ancillary
to Moya's systems.

I'm afraid I can't access it.

Well, I'll just push the vid
screen so that you can see it.

Please, Officer Sun...

I will instruct you through
the process.


I've been wondering what
happened to you all day.

I'll get some clothing for you.

It's good to see you.

You spent the entire day here?

Yeah. Eating and throwing up.

That's what I've got to
talk to you about...

I'm so sorry you weren't out
there with us today, John.

D'argo was right.

It's an absolutely
wonderful place.


Oh, God, no. Not you, too!

Of course me, too.

How could I deny myself such
supreme contentment?

No. No. No damn way. You're not
going to do this to me.

You got to snap out of it!

Snap out of what?

You talk as though I don't
know what I'm doing.

Zhaan, look. We got to get
back to the ship.

It doesn't matter if D'Argo doesn't
come. We'll come back for him.

You and me...

Why should I want to leave?

Listen to you.

Look at you!

The dirt and grime of an
honest day's labor, John.

It feels so good.

Here you are, Zhaan.

Thank you. This is going to be
so much more comfortable.

Uh, one moment.



you got to help me here. Okay?

I need your help.

They did something to me.

What did they do to you, John?

What is it? You can tell us.

It's nothing...

it's nothing.


Put these on. You'll feel more
comfortable around the others.

What others?

We're going to celebrate.

It's a rest day tomorrow.

Well, hello. How nice
to see you again.


Join us for a drink.

Father, sit up straighter.

You must sit up.

This is my daughter, Tanga.

- My name is Hybin.
- You!

You stuck some kind of
worm thing in me.

The worm is the only thing
that is protecting you.

Without it, you would already
be like them.

Yeah, how can a worm...

It thrives on the toxin that
is within the tannot.

Wait a minute.


Are you telling me everybody acts
like this because of the food?

You must act like one of us.

Like one of them.

They will expect it.

If they discover you are immune
they will execute you.


So, have you guys got the worm
thing inside of you, too?

Our immunity is natural.

We don't know why we are immune
and the others are not

but it is very rare.

Our numbers are few.

Why me?

Because we need you.

Wait. Come...

If they know you are immune
they will kill you.



Very handsome indeed.

Thank you.

These clothes are wonderful.

They're just...


And the food?

It is to your liking?

Aah, it's just great.

Everything's just...

it's great.

And the other two who were here
with you last night?

They went back to the ship.

But they will come back?

Oh, yeah.

Yeah. I want them to...

feel what contentment
I feel here.

About your ship.

D'argo tells us it is a...

cargo vessel.

Yes. Yes. She is.


and enjoy...

after all, tomorrow

- is...
- is...

a rest day.

I don't want to do this.

Officer Sun, please.

You were making progress.

It's just really tedious.

Sometimes, science is.

But Dominar Rygel's life
depends on our finding the cause

of this phenomenon and
rectifying it if we can.

Look, all this analysis dren
comes really naturally to you.

It just doesn't to me.

On the contrary.

I, too, have difficulty
with complex sciences.

Yeah. Right.

When a Pilot is bonded to a
Leviathan, as I am bonded to Moya,

it is as a navigator, a monitor
of all the living ship's functions.

The analysis of scientific data is not
something I know or easily understand.

Yeah, but you're good at it.

I study every chance I can.

Moya was born with a very
complete bank of scientific data.

I only comprehend a fraction,
I'm afraid.

Do the others know about this?

I have told no one.

I'd prefer they didn't know.

But you've told me.

I feel I can trust you.

Look, can we just, uh...

can we just get on with this
if we're going to do it?

Well, I think that's it.

Good. If you say it is.

No. well, I can prep another
slide of Rygel's blood

and check his liver and
altex functions again.

No need.

So, what are you saying,
that it's done?

That I did it?

You did.

No. You helped me a lot.

No, Aeryn Sun, it was you.

It was me.

Remember, rejoice in your work
and you will be rewarded.


It's me.


Listen, I've worked out what's
wrong with Rygel.

What is it?

A reaction to food.


Oh, right, he ate some
of the tannot root.

So, what, it turned
his fluids...

Explosive. His Hynerian body
chemistry acted like a catalyst.

Well can you flush it
out of him?

Already doing that.

I've set up a leaching sieve. We're
collecting all the volatile elements

and we're just going to flush
them straight out the airlock.

That's good, Aeryn.
That's good.

Listen, what's happening with
D'argo? Is he coming back or not?

Right now, not.

All right, we'll leave without
him. I'll just come...

No. No, no, no.

Don't do that.

It's gotten complicated.

What do you mean, "complicated"?

Look, just don't come back
down, all right?

If I haven't come up with
any solutions...

If I haven't come up with a
solution by then,

then you and I may have to
leave on our own.

What about Zhaan?

Listen, what is going on
down there?

Just fix Rygel.
I'll be in touch.


Here you go.
Let me give you a hand up.

Hi, remember me?

You going to scream?

Call attention to us?


Well, go ahead.

I've got to get back out there.

Not before you tell
me something.

I want to know something
right now.

How do I get this
worm out of me?

What? You're not going
to tell me?

Or there is no way.


What is the point of all this?

Why do your people...

why did they grow this
stuff to begin with?

It was brought here.

Planted here by the others.


They forced us to plant it.

Then, once they started eating
it, it changed them.

Most of them.

It made them do anything and believe
anything that was told to them.

Wait, let me get this straight.

The entire population of
this planet,

they grow this for another race?

Every half-cycle, they return
in their ships,

collect all that we
have harvested.

And the leader, Volmae?

The Others simply chose her from the
crowd. It could have been any one of us.

Yeah, but she's immune,
like you.

She has the worm.

The worm is very rare.

We only spared you one
because we need you.

What... what is it that I could
possibly do for you?

You have a ship.

You can find someone out
there who can help us.

Bring us weapons.
Fight beside us.

The tannot is killing
my planet.

Destroying my people.

We can't survive like
this any longer.

It's okay.

It's okay.


Tanga, where are you?

Tanga, it's your father.

He's ill.

Come with me.

Here, let me help you
with that one.

I can't anymore, Tanga.

Please, just let them
discover me.

I would rather be dead.

Father, please.

Share in the celebration, which
you so richly deserve.

The workday is complete.

Oh, this must be the happiest
day of my life.

You'll find the rest day tomorrow will
pass slowly without the joy of our work.

How's your father?


But every day I'm scared
he'll die out here.

Well Volmae is your leader.

How could she let this happen?

It's her orders.

Every cycle more ground turns
into wasteland where nothing grows.

That's what you meant when you said
this planet's being destroyed, yeah?

Sykar was once a garden.

The fields were lush with
coldivara blenirian grain.

But now we plant nothing
but tannot.

And Volmae doesn't care?

No, she doesn't care.

No one cares as long as
they have the tannot.

Yeah, but there must be people who
remember what it was like before?

Did you see my father's hands?


Once he was the finest
maldique player on Sykar.

People would line the streets
outside the Great Hall

when they heard Hybin
was performing.

Now, you'll have to help us.

Was it a fine day of
work for you?

It was a fine day.

Would you mind coming with
me for a short walk?

Sure, whatever you say.

What's it like out there?

I hear space is very cold.

Black and cold.

My people never aspired
to travel the heavens.

This planet is our home.

Was our home.

I suppose a starship
can be a home.

It has been for you, hasn't it?

It's nothing compared to
your paradise here.

Would the cargo hold
of your ship...

accommodate a significant
portion of what you see here?

Not all.

I don't need it all.


what do they do with
all of this?

If it has value to them...

it must have value elsewhere.

You will bring the other
two from your ship

back down here immediately.

Of course.

Then we can start loading.



It's time we get back.

Oh... oh, leave me alone.

I don't feel well at all.

Quit complaining.
You're lucky to be alive.

Well, I'm barely that.

I did the best that I could and
it wasn't in my training, you know.

Peacekeepers are trained
only to kill.

Mmm... So don't forget that this
Peacekeeper just saved your life.


What the yotz does Crichton
want anyway?

And with both of us?

Well, can you understand



Why can't you come in the front
like regular people?

You look terrible, actually.

What's happened to you?

However I look, I feel a
hell of a lot worse.

Where's Rygel?

He's hiding in the pod.
He doesn't like it down here.

Smile, that's what they
do around here.

Great. Well, we gotta grab him.
Find a secluded spot.

What for?

I don't have time for this
right now, okay?

Look, not until you tell me
what's going on.

- Enough, all right?
- Where's Zhaan?

Look, she's with D'argo, okay?

Dancing with the Grateful Dead.

Fine. Can we just grab them
and get out of here?

No, we can't do that, okay?

Not unless Volmae
orders it, and...

Volmae's got plans of her
own, all right?

She's planning on stealing
the last load of tannot

and then blasting out of
here using our ship.

I don't think so.

Exactly. So, come on.

Actually, I don't want
to go anywhere

until you tell me what,
exactly, is going on.

Aeryn, it's complicated.

Complicated? Too complicated
for a Peacekeeper to understand?

No, I did not say that.

So, tell me.

Aeryn, not today, okay?

I have been out in the sun all
day long picking up magic turnips.

I got... I got a worm in my gut

crawling around down in places where the
sun don't shine and I'm sick of it, okay?

So, for the moment would you
just shut up and help?

Help? What do you think I've
been doing up there in the ship.

Playing games with Rygel?

Look, I know it's so difficult
up there in the ship.

Difficult? I had to stop him
from blowing himself up to bits.

I had to figure out what was causing
the problem and I had to fix it.

Yes, I know. And we're all grateful that
you did the Madame Curie thing, but...

What? Who?

Madame Curie. She's a scientist.

- Scientist?
- Yes.

What I had to do up there was
like a field strategy exercise

only the enemy wasn't
trying to kill me.

The enemy was a puzzle and there
were lots of different pieces

and independently, separately,
they didn't make any sense

and I had to think it through
really hard and I had to work out,

try different combinations of putting
them together and then finally,

I worked out what had happened
and I worked out what I had to do.


This is great.

You trading in your pulse rifle
for the junior chemistry kit.

My pulse rifle wasn't any
use to me this time.

I know, but you may need it
again soon, so come on.

The other two from your ship.

Are they coming?

They're already down.

Bring them to me.

No, I don't think so.

I think I'd rather have you
step outside, princess.

I order you to bring them here.

Now, Aeryn.

Keep the music playing!

We want our friends back.

How dare you make demands.

Oh, give it rest, Snow White.

The tannot doesn't affect me;
never did.

John, what are you doing?

Release them.

Look, they're far more trouble
than they're worth.

Why don't you just
give them to us?

This is my home now, John.

I'm happy here.

I will not let you destroy that.

If necessary,

I will destroy you first.

Rygel, now.


Now, Rygel.

- Crichton.
- Rygel, now.

Now, Rygel!

Take them.

Well, that little demonstration,

thank you very much, Rygel,

was fueled by the tannot root.

The Others, the ones who collect the tannot,
they use it to fuel that pulse rifle there.



No. They say they only
use it for food.

And the Peacekeepers never lie,
right, D'argo?

Peacekeepers never lie?

When the tannot is processed
and mixed

with the right chemicals like
it is in Rygel's stomach...

It makes Chakan oil.

Do you understand what
that means?

It fuels all Peacekeeper

So this happy plant that
you love so much?

It's used to kill.

They use it to imprison
and to enslave.

Food. Weapons.
It doesn't matter.

Our planet is already dying.

My people are...

Are enslaved by you.

You think when this planet is dead
somehow you're going to escape?

That you're going to outrun
the Peacekeepers?

Ask them.

Go ahead. Ask them what
your chances are.

He's right.

You are not equipped to fight
the Peacekeepers.

I can show you how to make
the Chakan oil.

Look around you.

We have no weapons.

Make them.

We once did.


They have deserted you, Volmae.

If we are to die as a people,
let us at least die fighting.

There is nothing we can do.

The Peacekeepers, they are
in control of me.

They are in control of you.

No, they're not.

You are.

You have the means.

What are you going to
do about it?


How can we?

We will do it, one day
at a time.

It's your decision.

It can all start tomorrow.


Tomorrow is...

a rest day.

A real rest day.

Got it.

Hybin was right. This worm was
quite easy to coax out of you.

Yeah, and that it would
hurt like hell.

Like you've got anything
to complain about.

You weren't frozen twice.

Oh, silence. You're both fine.

Anyway, get ready. Pilot wants
to starburst us out of here.

Hey, Rygel?


What's up with her?

Oh, she thinks she's a
scientist now.

False superiority.

I am not a scientist.

I am, however, what I have
always been and that is superior.

If I were warmer, I would have
an appropriately venomous reply.

Be warned.

I owe you one.

So, how you doing?

Very well.

It was nice for once to
triumph using my mind.

It doesn't just have to be
this once, Aeryn.

Thank you for your assistance.

Thank you for yours.

I'd wait and let D'argo come
to you when he's ready.

Perhaps I'm never destined
to be happy.

But you were, for five
glorious days.

But it wasn't real.

There are no guarantees, D'argo.

We take each breath as if it is our
last and hope that the air is sweet.

I was going to...

approach you at the
next celebration.

And I would have accepted.

When I was a boy, I dreamed of
two very different lives.

Only two?

I wanted hundreds.

Two were enough.

I would be a magnificent

Merciless in battle, fearless.

The kind they write shintock
sonnets about.

That is a healthy dream.

I also wanted the simple life.

Family, children...

a frotash garden that I planted
with my own hands.

I thought I'd found that.

Those kinds of dreams cannot
be found, brave Luxan.

You have to build them.

And I promise you, your hands are still
strong and there is plenty of time.