Farscape (1999–2003): Season 1, Episode 16 - A Human Reaction - full transcript

A wormhole appears before Moya, the crew can see Earth on the other side. Crichton flies down the wormhole to the world he left behind. But when the rest of the crew comes looking for him, Crichton's loyalties are tested does he side with his new found friends, or Earth.

- It's always the same here, Dad.
- Nice and quiet.

Chiana, what is this?

I don't know.

Look at it, please.

- Well maybe it's your...
- It's my Bassim Oil.

What? I didn't take it.

I found it in your
chamber, dear.

Well maybe it...
okay, so I took it. Arrest me.

Look Chiana, when we agreed
to let you stay on Moya...

- And if you leave it out again, I'll take it again!
- you promised to adapt to our ways.

I changed my mind.
You adapt to me.


I've changed my mind!

Yeah, it's always the same
here, Dad. Nice and quiet.

It's late.

Well, it's space. I don't
really know what time it is.

It's, uh...

I miss the sun, days, nights.

Simple things.

Anyway, I, um...

I wanted to tell you
about this thing.

I'm holding it right now.

It's... it's my first gray hair.

You know, I wouldn't mention it.

It's just that...

I'm afraid I might be
growing old out here.

John Crichton.

You'd better get up here.

I can't deal with this.

Why have the engines stopped?

Okay, Pilot, I'm here.
What's the problem this time?

Moya hasn't sensed anything like
this since the day you arrived.

Pilot, how long has that
been there?

It just appeared on my scanners,
but it's already breaking apart.

Stability's down to 80%.

What are you up to, Crichton?

Rygel, do you see this?

Do you see this?

What is that?

That is a pathetic little waste
funnel of which I care little about.

We're supposed to be on our way
to the commerce planet,

where I believe they have
Hynerian marjols.

Is he the captain?

Because if he's not the captain,
then how does he get to stop the ship?

That is a wormhole.

Yeah, yeah, now restart the
engines, if you please.

What if I wanted to
stop the ship?

Crichton, look at this.

Oh my God.

What? It's just a
tiny blue planet.

What are you getting so
worked up about?

Oh, it's got no particle
rings, no red moons.

Totally unimpressive.

That's Earth.

That's my home.

My name is John Crichton,
an astronaut...

...a radiation wave hit and I
got shot through a wormhole...

Now I'm lost in some distant
part of the universe on a ship.

A living ship full of strange
alien life-forms...

Help me...

Listen, please.

Is there anybody out there
who can hear me?

...being hunted by an insane
military commander...

...doing everything I can...

I'm just looking for
a way home.

You're going now?

Yeah. Pilot says we're
running out of time.

I can't go with you.

Aeryn, this could be
our only chance.

No, this is your only chance.

I'm not certain I'll
belong there.

You would. You will. I promise.

I'm sorry.

Crichton, wormhole stability
down to 57%.

I'm on my way.

That wormhole could blast
you out anywhere.

I know.

Pilot says it's unsafe
and it could...

It could kill me, Zhaan.
I know.

You've given me every good
reason not to go.

I could end up dead, I could end
up more lost than I already am.

You've given me every single
thing except one.


This could be Earth.

This is the way I got here,
through a wormhole.

It could be my way home.

I've got to do this, Zhaan.

Look, however this works out,
this could be goodbye.

And I know that you, ah, didn't
expect me to be here, but thanks.

You saved my life.

All of you.


Stability down to 48%.

Yeah, I'm going, Pilot.

Goodbye, big guy.

I, ah, hope you get your
chance one day.

You go see your son.

I hope so too.

Goodbye, John.

John Crichton, remember, there's
a part of me inside you.

Take care of it.

I will.



I'm not taking my stuff.


So I thought I'd give it
to somebody.


To Aeryn.


No, you can't do that...


39% stability.

I'm doing this as fast
as I can, Pilot.

You're almost at entry vector.

Just a little more.

Now! Go now, Crichton.

Entry angle confirmed.


What's the matter with him?

Just go, you lucky prabakto. Go.


Yeah, D'Argo?

I understand the fear.

If you don't do this now,
you will regret it forever.

You must go now.

Do it, John.

Thirty-four percent.

Thanks, big guy.


Give me some luck.

John, can you hear me?

Pilot, are you reading
anything from him?

He's off my sensors.

He's gone.

Pilot, are you tracking me?


Hello, sky!

Excuse me.

Miss, I know this is this is
going to sound insane,

but this is Australia, right?



Guys, where you been?

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

Wait. I'm John Crichton.

Let's go again.

So why did you land in

I didn't land.

I crashed.

And what is your mission here?

What are you talking about?

I don't have a mission.

Have you been here before?

I'm John Crichton.

You know that, Wilson.

What? You-you-you think
I'm an alien?

Have you been here before?


Yeah. Three times.

You were here with me last year when I
tested the Farscape's engines, Wilson.

So what the hell is going on?!

This is the 12th guy, Wilson.

How many more are you going to
roll in here before you believe

these are translator microbes in
my head and not some space virus?

What did he say?

Well, I think he said that...

until he gets some answers he's
not going to play anymore.

Hey, Cobb, when am I
getting out of here?

I don't know.

You don't know.

Can I get a newspaper?

Oh, come on, Cobb!

What am I going to find out?

I mean...

Look, I've been away for, what
would you say, seven months?

I just want to know what's happened,
something since I've been gone.

Who won the Super Bowl, Cobb?

I don't know.

I know you're Australian, Cobb, but
you've got to know who won the Super Bowl.

You know who Ty Cobb is, Cobb?

No? How about Babe Ruth?

You know who Babe Ruth is?

Some fat guy that played
for the Yankees.

Good. Fat guy.

At least you know something.

You're kidding me.

This is how he described them?

I'm sorry, sir, there's
no access. Stop, sir.

- Out of my way.
- This is a restricted area, sir.

Back off, soldier.

Kill that switch.


I've waited two days.

I want to see him.

I want to see my son now.

Jack, that's what we're
trying to determine.

Whether it is your son.

What have you done to him?

He's got foreign microbes
in his brain stem,

and the Farscape module has been
modified by non-human technology.

You know how this works,

Once we've confirmed John poses
no threat, then you can see him.

I don't buy that.
I want to see him now.


Get me out of here, please.

I need to ask you some

What happened on your
tenth birthday?


Tenth birthday?

I don't know.

I can't remember.

We were living in Annapolis.



You were late.



You said...

you said they held you in
Houston for tests.

You missed your flight.

But you commandeered a jet
and you came anyway.

I woke you up at four o'clock
in the morning.

You took me fishing.

At Sawyer's Mill.

And you caught the biggest
damn bass I'd ever seen.

It was a trout, Dad.

Yeah, it was a trout.

I missed you, son.

What's going on?

I know recovery procedure
as well as anyone.

This is way beyond routine.

Nothing's been routine since the
day you left seven months ago.

That wormhole you went through
is still there.

You opened a door, son.

A door to Earth we don't know
how to close.

Get me out of here.

Believe I will.

I don't buy this, Dad.


Wilson, letting me out.

There's no way he'd let me out of
his sight if what you say is true.

You know Wilson?

Yeah. Know Cobb, too.

He hasn't let you out
of his sight, son.

See that van in the parking lot?

Those two women to our right?

The one in the red with the headphones,
you know, sunning herself on the rocks?

Yeah, yeah, I see them.

They're watching us.

They like to get real close.

Listen. A global alliance has
been set up to track the wormhole.

Ray Wilson's been put in charge
by the Pentagon.

What the hell does he
want from me?

He wants you to relax so that I can
tell whether or not you're really my son.

Then he wants to know everything
you know about the wormhole

and everything you saw on
the other side.

Oh, give me a break, Dad.

I'll tell him everything.
You know that.

I know that.

I kept that safe for you.

Don't know if it brought me
luck, but it saved my ass.

You know, when you disappeared
in Farscape One, I...

had to deal with the possibility
that you might not be alive.

Well, now you know.

Now you know how I felt as a kid
every time you went on a mission.

Come on, son.

We've got a lot of work to do.

They have worlds out there,
people out there that you wouldn't believe.

But they do not have chocolate.

Hang on a second.

Hey, no. Don't do it like that.

It's a propulsion fin. It's
part of the hetch drive, okay?

Yes, sir.

Deja vu.

Have we met?

Yes, sir. Last year in the
Simpson Desert,

when you were down there
for the shuttle tests.

You were with Cobb, right?

Yes, sir.


Well, it's, um...

it's good to see you again.


What's going on?

Strat Comm from Sector
Three, sir.

Something else has come
through the wormhole.

Bring him!
What do we got?

There's an unidentified ship
tracking in on the same trajectory

as the Farscape module.

F-16s are scrambling
for a visual.

Are they here for you?

- What?
- Are they here to save you?

- I don't...
- Who is it?!

Who is that?!

Look, I can't see...

Who is it?!

Who's on first!
What's on second!

I don't know!
I can't see them!

F-16s locked and ready.

Wait! That's Moya's
Transport Pod.

Tell them not to fire.

Are they here to attack us?

No, they're not here to harm us,
Wilson. Just tell them not to fire.

That's not my call, Crichton.

Tell them, Wilson!

They don't have any weapons
on board the transport!

Tell them not to fire!

Tell them not to fire.

After you left, your Earth
disappeared through the wormhole.

It was her idea to see what
was going on...

What are they saying, Crichton?

There was nothing I could do.

Rygel, you okay?

No. I'm frelling sick.

What are they saying?

They're scared, Wilson.
That's what they're saying.

I'm not scared. I'm sick.

What the yotz did you give me?

Son, are you okay in there?

I'm fine.

It's the tranquilizer, Rygel.
That's what's making you sick.

It'll wear off soon.
You're going to be okay.

They're freaking out.

You're an alien and they're
freaking out.

I vowed I would never be
taken prisoner again.

You're not a prisoner.

Trust me.

I'm going to take care
of you guys.

Crichton, I feel
frelling terrible.

Yeah. I'm going to get someone
in here for you, Rygel.

What's going on?
What's taking so long?

- Relax, son.
- And do what, Dad?

Read a magazine? They're all
seven months old, Dad.

They don't want me to have
any idea what's going on.

If what you say about those aliens is
true, they can help us unlock the universe.

You're positive they're not
here to harm us?


They came looking for me.

They were worried.

You trust them?

A lot more than I trust Wilson.

I like 'em, Dad.

They're my friends.

Sir, we need you in the
medical unit.

What's the matter?

I think you should see this.


We spent our lives waiting
for this moment.

We sent Voyager. We left damn
greeting cards on the moon

and as soon as I get here,
look at what you're doing.

They can help us.

Just take a step back and you
look at what you're doing.

You think about it.

Don't worry. I've thought of
everything, Commander.

You make me sick!

Official word is Rygel died from an
allergic reaction to the tranquilizer.

What do you think happened?

It doesn't matter what
I think, D'Argo.

No, I think they killed him.

You know that those animals
killed him.

Then they cut him open.

They said they were just trying
to restart his heart.

They were studying him
like an animal.

Like an alien.

Which one of us do you think
they'll kill next, Crichton?

D'Argo, it's not going to
go down like that.

Look, I know that you have
no reason to trust me...

You're right!
I don't trust you.

But you tell those humans that when
they come for me, I'll kill them.

D'Argo, don't...

We've tried it your way and
one of us is dead.



You know, Crichton, Peacekeepers wouldn't
even kill their prisoners to study them.

D'Argo's right.

Just go.

Let me out of here.


I gave them my word, Dad.

I told them I'd take
care of them.

You were naive to think you could
protect them from people like Wilson.

I need a favor, Dad.

Name it.

I want you to call in every
marker that you have.

Every General, every Undersecretary,
every Pentagon mistress.

You tell them what's going on
here and you get them to stop it.

What are you going to do, son?

I'm just going to plead
with Wilson.

I'm going to beg for
their lives.

No, no. I know that look, John.

You be careful.

I'm just going to make him
understand, Dad.

Son, are you willing to die for
those creatures in there?

I gave my word.

Did I kill him?


Are you with me?

Or them?

I'm with you.


Trust me.

Put down the gun.

They know you're out?

They took D'Argo somewhere.

When the guard came back for me
I was ready for him.

Where'd they take him?

I don't know, but I'm not
waiting for them to come back.

All right then. Let's move.

Hey, Cobb.

You find out who won the
Super Bowl yet?

What do you want, Crichton?

What is she doing here?

What did she say?

She says she wants to
shoot you, Cobb.

I don't know if it's a
good idea or not,

but I figure since you've pushed us this
far it doesn't really matter, does it?

Where's D'Argo?

They flew him to another base.

He's gone, Crichton.
You can't save him.

If you'd only been reasonable.

You're wrong in what you're
doing here, Cobb.

You're wrong.

You're not going to
shoot me, are you?

You're wrong.

That's for Rygel.

Aeryn, pick it up. I want to
get out of this rain.

This is the place.


Is that what you call this?

I like it.


Why this place?

My Dad and I stayed here
last year.

He said we could use it
as a safe house.

Your father told you about
this place?


Crichton, he is with them.

This is the first place they
will look for us.

I don't think so.

I trust him.

Ladies first.

So what's this?

It's beer.


Trust me, it's just what
we need right now.

Down the hatch.

Down the hatch.

You like it?


It's like Fellip nectar.

A Fellip's a creature on Tarsis
and they get the nectar from...

Aeryn, please.

Don't tell me where it
comes from.

Just drink the beer.


What for?


What's happened here,

getting you stuck on Moya.

I mean, if it wasn't for me,
you'd still be the

happy little Peacekeeper
dominating the lesser races.


I've got a lot to blame you
for, Crichton.

Look at that.


That's it.


Minus the sunshine.

You know, you were right.

It's actually very beautiful.

Were you scared to join me,
when I left Moya?


I won't be recaptured,

They will have to kill me if
they come to take me tomorrow.

I know.

Get out of bed, John.



Come on. I've worked out that
plan we talked about.

Aeryn, um, about last night.

Yes, it's fine John. It's just
not top priority right now.

I've gone through all of these
pictures and I've found a few places

that seem to be uninhabited
enough to hide in.


You're right.

We, um, we have to find
a place to hide.

Let's go.

No, you're not going anywhere
dressed like that.

You sure about this?

You look fine. We got...


It's my father.

I knew it. He's betrayed us.
There'll be soldiers outside.

No, he won't. I trust him.

I don't.

Are you okay, son?


Remember Aeryn Sun?

We actually never met.

Hak nyatse.

What's she saying?

He doesn't have a gun.

Hak nyatse!

I'm not going to search him.

Is she ever going to
put that down?

I don't think so.

What are you doing here?

Does Wilson know you're here?


It's not going to take them long to
start searching places we've been before.

Did you talk to anybody for us?


No one's going to help us, son.
It's too dangerous.

And what about you?

I don't matter in this.

Official word is that these
aliens never existed.

D'Argo's on his way to a military base in
Utah and the warehouse has been swept clean.


Back off.



The two of you have to get
out of town.

You've got to find someplace
that's safe.

I'll hold them off here
as long as I can.

No. No, I don't want you
to cover for me.

This is the only play, son.

You're in this too deep.

They're not going to let you
just walk away.


At least this time I get
to say goodbye.

Oh well, um...

we'll hole up somewhere,
and I'll, uh, contact you.


If I know anything,

they'll try to make me tell 'em.

You just go.

Goodbye, Dad.

Thank you, Aeryn Sun.

Why is everyone looking at me?

That's 'cause they think you
look good.


That girl. She was on the beach
the other day,

when I crash landed. That one.


I think I know her. I think...

we went to high school together.
It was only for a couple of weeks.

We never talked, but...

Yeah, yeah. She looks familiar.

Hey, can I help you, mate?

They're all seven months old.

Why are they all seven
months old?

John, stop it.

I've seen all these before.

They're from when I left!

What are you doing, John?

I know you, don't I?


Yeah, yeah, yeah!

You're the guy on the
beach the other day!

Shh! Just keep your voice down.

I used to ride my bike past
your house in the fifth grade.

I don't know what you're talking about.
I've never seen you before in my life.

Everybody here, Aeryn.
I know them all.

I know Wilson, I know Cobb,
I know you!

John, stop it. Keep your voice
down. What are you doing?

I know everyone!

Get away from me, Aeryn.
Get away!

Back off!

Every place I've been,
I've been there before.

Every place.

Frank Cokonis! I dated
your sister!

Yeah! Here we go!


This is exactly the way
I remember it.

I know all you guys, don't I?

It's a little out of context.

But I know you.

How the hell you been?


Now what the hell are
you doing here?

Yeah, I've been here.

Been in there.

Nothing new.

But I've never been in there.

- Sir?
- Stop!

Make me.

You're not going to shoot.
You're not even Wilson.

Where's the female alien?

I'm going to talk to the
man in charge

and we both know it ain't you.

Who are you?

You did well, John.

Most species don't do as well.

What is all this?

Everything here is a physical
creation from your memory.

But you're not real.


I'm not your father.

And what about my friends?

They're real.

Living matter.

They were investigating the wormhole
we'd created from your memory.

So we decided to use them
in our trial.


Enough is enough.


Get us back home.

Ry... Rygel.

They didn't kill you.

Kill me?

These people treated me

They gave me marjols, Crichton.

Lovely Hynerian marjols.


Whoever you are, I thank you!

Of course we didn't kill him.

We created his corpse.


Why would you make me think
that he was dead?

We needed a human reaction,

Your reaction.

You made me think you
were my father!

I'm sorry.

For the trial to have value you
had to believe everything.

Let me show you.

Are we anywhere near Earth?

Actually, we're not far
from Moya.

We brought you here to
recreate your memory.

But if you can make all this,

why not just make a wormhole
to take you to Earth?

That would use all our
remaining power.

We only have enough left to
transport our race one last time.

We had to be certain of how
we'd be received.

Though space is without

there are but a few planets
where we can live.

So you're looking to take over
someone else's?

Not take over.


To replenish our hive.

The ancients have stories of a
world that will welcome us.

We can only hope they're true.

You can move closer.


I'm close enough.

We had to find out whether humans
would welcome us or fight us.

You stole my memories.

I'm sorry to have taken
this form,

but I thought the best spy
would be a father,

as seen through his son's eyes.

You stole my memories.

We had no choice.

Show me what you really
look like.

Many of us hoped that Earth
might be our welcoming place.

If all people were like you,
maybe it could be.

But they're not.

In your memory, we saw millions
of Wilsons and Cobbs.

It also led us to a familiar

Which was?

That the highest life form on the
planet is also the most destructive.

Your humans would kill us.

So, what will you do now?

What we've done since before
I was hatched.

We continue searching
for a home.

So will I.



Maybe we'll meet again
one day, John.