Farscape (1999–2003): Season 1, Episode 15 - Durka Returns - full transcript

Moya collides with a Nebari transport. A Nebari official was transporting 2 criminals. Chiana, a Nebari youth. And Durka, a Legendary Peacekeeper who once tortured Rygel. The official claims to have Durka under control, but Rygel still wants revenge.

God, I'm going to be sick.

What's with the rough ride?

Moya need a tune-up
or something?

Moya's pregnancy has drastically
weakened her ability to Starburst.

Some minor turbulence is an
unfortunate by-product.

If this is minor, I don't
want to see major.

It's not just the
Starburst, John.

Moya's sensors are dimmed.
We're practically flying blind.

I'm compensating for that.

All her systems are running
less efficiently as well.

She can't help it. Her child
has first call on her resources.

Now I understand why the Peacekeepers
tried to prevent this pregnancy.

We are about to exit Starburst.

There is no reason for concern.

Famous last words.

I guess we can turn off the
"fasten seat belt" sign now.

Pilot! Incoming!

I see it!


Pilot, any damage to Moya?

None detected, but the other
ship has lost propulsor control.

I'm deploying the docking web
to bring her aboard.

Is that wise?

Our record with guests isn't
too sweet, Pilot.

Moya and I should have avoided
that collision entirely.

Yeah, but isn't there
some way we can...


I'll rally the troops.

Stop there.

I am unarmed.

But your ship is not.

We've detected a massive
energy weapon.

Powered right down,
for the moment.

Is that not evidence of our
peaceful intentions?

There are more on your ship.

Two others, also unarmed.

May I inform them that it is
safe for them to emerge?

All right, go ahead.


You may join us now.


You can't be alive.

I saw you dead.

I saw your stinking corpse.


What the hell are you doing?

It's him! It's Durka!

Vicious, murdering bastard.

Captain of the Zelbinion, the
first ship I was imprisoned on.

My torturer!

Don't be ridiculous, Rygel.

Durka died well over
100 cycles ago.


you're way off base here.

No, he is not "off-base."

I am Durka.

My name is John Crichton,
an astronaut...

...a radiation wave hit and I
got shot through a wormhole...

Now I'm lost in some distant
part of the universe on a ship.

A living ship full of strange
alien life-forms...

Help me...

Listen, please.

Is there anybody out there
who can hear me?

...being hunted by an insane
military commander...

...doing everything I can...

I'm just looking for
a way home.

Let me at him!

Damn it!

You claim to be Captain Durka

from the Peacekeeper Command
Carrier Zelbinion.

I was.

I told you it was him.


How is it possible?

Even if you survived the

you would have died of old age
over 50 cycles ago.

He was fortunate.

We saved him.

I am Salis.

My people are the Nebari.

You brought this monster
on board.


He poses no danger.

No danger?

He tortured me.

That behavior will not recur.

He is now incapable of evil.

If this is Durka,

how can we be certain that he
no longer poses any threat?

Because we spent over a hundred
cycles making sure.

A million cycles would not
change him.

He will always be Durka.

Put me down.

Your friend will soon
understand that he is wrong.

It might take a while.

Being tortured has that effect.

I suppose you would know.

You are a Sebacean.


I'm a human.


I'm not familiar with
your species.

We are due to rendezvous with
our host ship in this quadrant.

In the interim, we will require
quarters and sustenance.

Does this ship possess any kind
of containment cells?

We are transporting a very
dangerous criminal.

What's her crime?

Nothing you need concern
yourself about.

Our quarters?

They're ready. This way.

I will supervise the repairs
to our ship personally.

The DRDs have nearly completed
their damage assessment.

Have you ever been stung
by the watruka plant?

Not yet.

They, too, present an
intriguing exterior.

Yeah. Appearances can
be deceiving.

I'm sure the same has often
been said about me.


Help me.


They won't tell you what I've
done because they're embarrassed.


You wouldn't consider
it a crime.

But we do and that's enough.

I beg you.

I beg you for amnesty.

We're not a diplomatic ship.

Then use moral authority,

What they're going to do to me
is cruel by anyone's...

Stop it!

What the hell do you think
you're doing?

Her behavior was inappropriate,

which is why she wears a collar
in the first place.

I don't give a damn if she's
an axe murderer, Elvis.

She was just talking to me.

You crippled our ship, endangered
our lives, disrupted our plans.

Are you now the arbiter of our
justice system as well?

The Nebari practice mind

We simply eliminated those thought patterns
that led him to behave inappropriately.


A process of neural realignment
so intricate that each subject

must be placed under cryonic
suspension for nearly 100 cycles.

So it is the real Durka.

And what does each subject
feel during this... this "treatment"?

Durka appreciates what
we did for him.

Ask him if you don't
believe me.

Perhaps I will.

Had it been possible, we would have
saved everyone aboard the Zelbinion,

not just Captain Durka.

Why was it not possible?

They refused to surrender.

You defeated a Peacekeeper
Command Carrier?

How many warships did it take?

We have no warships.

One of our standard host
vessels engaged the Zelbinion,

much like the one coming for us.

Get out of my quarters.

What are you up to, Rygel?


I'm just sitting here reflecting on my
fond memories of Durka and the Zelbinion.

Great. Reflect all you like,

but you will leave the visitors
alone, is that clear?


Has Moya turned into a Glendian
pleasure vessel now?

I'm just here to make sure that
you don't think it's a good idea

to run amok on some
childish vendetta.

That is a sadistic madman
out there.

So you have claimed.

I was there!

Imprisoned on board the Zelbinion nearly
a hundred cycles before you were born?

What do you know of Durka?

Actually, I was taught a great deal about
Captain Durka's distinguished career.

Force fed a pack of
Peacekeeper propaganda!

Ha! And what did you think when we
came upon the wreck of the Zelbinion

and found that your brave
captain had shot himself?

Simply this.

You said that you
found his corpse.

Obviously you were mistaken.

Apparently he chose to end his
distinguished career by faking his own death,

all to save himself whilst his
crew died around him.

You don't know what happened.

I know all I need to.

Durka is alive.

See that he stays that way.

I must say I am more
than curious.

I studied all your achievements
at Peacekeeper training.

I achieved nothing as a

The liberation of Mintaka

The quelling of the
Cenobian rebellion?

These are legendary.


These are meaningless,
brute-force solutions.

The Nebari showed me
a better way.

The Nebari took over the
Zelbinion and killed your crew.

We had invaded their sector.

How did you survive
their attack?

I faked my death and left
on an escape pod.

You deserted your ship?

I have done far worse
in my time.

I thought you might be hungry.

I am.


Not very tasty.


But it's the best we have.

They're pretty worried
about you.

Well, of course they are.

I, uh...

I don't respect authority.

I do what I want when
I want to do it.

Is that the only reason
you're in there?

Look, this... this is stupid.

I'm not going to eat like this.

I, uh, I appreciate your
trying, though.

So, you were about to tell me
why Salis and Durka

went to so much trouble to
bring you back.

Because I left the half-dead sanctimoniousness
of my planet the first chance I got.

I, uh...

I stole food when I was hungry.

Jumped transport
without voucher.

Defended myself when necessary.

Did you ever kill anyone?

They tell you I did?

I'm asking you.


Then help me understand the
collar and the cuffs.

Among my people, you...
you conform.

You don't do the things I...
I did.

What will they do with you now?

Same thing as Durka.

Mental cleansing into a...

into an obedient zombie.

They do that to their own kind?

Gah. They do that to anybody
they please.

They think they're doing
you a favor.

Like hell.

Not to me, they're not.


I won't let 'em!

Chiana, relax.

You relax.

They're not going to frell with
your brain, are they?

No, and they're not going to
with mine, either.

I'd rather be dead!

Chiana, stop it!


It's all right.
You're all right.

Don't let them take me.


You're all right.

According to Chiana

the Nebari mental cleansing is
a bit like brainwashing.


It is more a correction.

There's a difference?


As much as a difference between a
knife attack and life-saving surgery.

Zhaan! Zhaan! Moya's detected
explosions in the Maintenance Bay.

John! Aeryn! Anyone!

Zhaan, stay put.
D'Argo, meet me down there.


You set off a bomb inside
the damned ship?

He grabbed me. He tried
to strangle me!

He's been brain-neutered,
you moron.


This bastard just tried
to frag us.

Did not.

Yeah he did, and I'm ready to kick
his sorry ass off the ship right now!

Listen to me. He isn't cured.

I saw it in his face.

The evil, it was there!

My presence obviously seems
to give you great pain.

With Salis's permission, I shall confine
myself to areas outside your sight.


We'll lock Rygel up first.

You stupid Luxan! I am trying
to save us from that maniac!

A ship capable of destroying
the Zelbinion is headed our way.

We do not want to make
them our enemies.


What's going on?

There was an explosion.

You thought I had something
to do with the blast?

That was my first
assumption, yes.

Well, switch to your
second assumption.

I had nothing to do with it.

I can never believe you, Chiana.

Remain calm.

We'll be home soon.

Didn't you ever...

ever want to travel?

See other places?

Do other things?

Yes, and I have.

When you were my age?

When I was your age I was focused
on what I could do to fit in,

not stand apart.

But I thought my...

my "standing apart"
appealed to you.

I see the way you look at me.

You want to run your hands
around again?

Remain calm.

I'm perfectly calm.

I found this in Rygel's

It's Jelifan fire paste,
stevva crystals and detonators.

Fortunately, the ignorant Hynerian
got all the proportions wrong.

Not enough stevva crystals.

And if he had gotten them right?

Well, we wouldn't be having
this conversation now.

The explosion does not seem to
have damaged Moya's systems.

What if he tries again?

He won't. He's locked in his
quarters under restraint.

You will of course turn him over
to me when the host ship arrives.

I will do nothing of the sort.

He has serious flaws in his
character that must be corrected.

Even Rygel, with his many
faults, does not deserve that.

There are many aspects of your character
that would benefit from adjustment.

My point exactly.

Who is that?

I'm in no mood for visitors.

Is someone there?

Pilot, are you playing
with the doors?

Quiet down, or I'll have
to hurt you.

Quiet, you toad!

Let's deal.

All right, we both want
something, don't we?

You want to be untied so you
can kill Durka, right?

And what I want is to
get off this ship.

You got any problems with that?

We're making great progress.

You scream, I push this cushion
down to your colon.

Untie me.

Ha! Typical male.

Satisfy yourself first.

I can tell you exactly how to
get to the transport hangar

and what codes will
open the door.

Got to do better.

I can find it myself and
crack the door code.

I got in here, didn't I?

I can create a diversion and draw
everyone away from the hangar.

They'll be too busy chasing me
to bother with you.


I, uh...

I apologize for calling
you a toad.

I make allowances for
stress on this ship.

Oh, no.

This isn't stress, old man.

Stress is if you don't come
through for me.

The Nebari woman's escaped!
She's in my quarters.



Rygel, you better not be lying!

If Chiana has escaped she'll
probably head here.

I'll wait here for them.


Chiana may have escaped.

Find her.

Make sure the others know that
she's capable of violence.

So are we.

I guess he wasn't lying.

She's headed for the hangar.
Wants to steal a transport.

Zhaan, we got a problem.
Chiana's on the loose.

Pilot, get the DRDs searching.

Wait! Wait! Untie me!

I'll-I'll help you search.

I'm the one who told you
she'd escaped.

The DRDs are searching all
the atmosphere ducts.

John, no sign of her
on tier three.

Got it, Zhaan.

Keep searching. D'Argo?

She won't get by me.

Oh, you can do it yourself
Rygel, then.

Ah, that hurts.


Get him away from me!

I can't find Chiana.

Is someone guarding the Command?


Is she capable of taking
over the ship?


She is capable of anything.

Crichton, there's movement
on your tier.

There's movement on your tier!

Chiana did this?

Looks like it.

Considering what Salis had in
mind for her, I can't be surprised.

The question is, how are the
Nebari going to react?

We better find her before she
racks up another victim.

Come on, Rygel.

Right behind you.

Pilot, any reports
from the DRDs?

No trace of her.

She's very good at
staying hidden.

If you see Chiana,

shoot to kill.

If you insist.

Did I overhear correctly?

Salis is dead?

Yes, I'm sorry.


Please, no...

Salis cannot be dead.

D'Argo, I'm halfway through
tier four.

No sign of Chiana.

You got anything there yet?


D'Argo, you read me?

What do you think you're doing?!

Crichton. D'Argo. Zhaan.

Can anyone hear me?

Come in.

Not good.



You undid the Nebari
mental cleansing.

Isn’t that the most superb


And now, Officer Sun
rejoins us.

I was just about to tell Rygel

how good it feels to be back
in my right mind.

While I was cleansed,

I genuinely felt ashamed of who
I was and what I'd done.

But do you know, thinking
about it now,

I have no idea why.

I take it you murdered Salis.

It's the simple things
you really miss.

Crew of Moya,

this is Captain Selto Durka,

the new commander of
this Leviathan.

I am in complete control
of this ship

and I am holding Rygel and
Officer Sun hostage.

You will leave this ship

or you will die.

Crichton, Durka murdered Sal...



Durka, talk to me!


Zhaan, respond!



Thank goodness. That madman's
taken over half of Moya's systems.

Even the Comms are under
his control.

Can you override, Pilot?

He knows every synaptic bypass.

Every countermeasure I take,
he anticipates.

Whoa! Whoa, whoa, point that
thing somewhere else.

You heard Durka's ultimatum?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Nebari mental cleansing doesn't
get the tough stains out.

Even with the hostages,
we must retake command.

Right. You got a plan?

Have I got a plan?

This hatch leads directly
to command.

Are you sure?

Just look for the girl.

Look, I'm not too sure
that she...

Hey, try not to fall out
of the ship again.

I'll do my best.

There appears to be an
obstruction in the access shaft.

I was wondering how long it
would take someone to try that.



Witnessing a legend in action.

This must be quite a privilege
for you, Officer Sun.

You're not a legend, Durka.
I take that back.

You're a disgrace.

Because I had the intelligence
to know when to retreat.

Ah, but you didn't retreat when
the Nebari took the Zelbinion.

You ran.

The crew of the Zelbinion
is dead.

I am not.

Officer Sun,

how is it you're not a
Peacekeeper anymore?

The one thing I've always
admired about these Leviathans

is their wonderful talent
for Starburst.

Say goodbye to the
Nebari sector.


I thought we couldn't Starburst.

Score one up for the underdogs.

Because of her child, Moya is unable to
Starburst for several more arns at least.

He's obviously not aware
that Moya's pregnant,

but he's sure to find out about
the pregnancy soon enough.

Crew of Moya,

you will reactivate Starburst

or I will kill the hostages.

Come on out, Chiana.

Look, I don't have time
to play this game.

Durka's gone Hannibal
Lecter on us.

I don't know what that means.

And why bother me, anyway?

I'm just here to talk.

Still nothing.


Despite my demands, Starburst
is still non-operational.

Perhaps it might expedite matters if
I leave the channel open this time.

This won't help you.

You have studied my
techniques Officer Sun.

You know very well how good
I am at getting results.


do you know what we Sebaceans
dislike more than anything else?


Intense heat.

To think this could have
been avoided.

Durka, you are pathetic.

Look at you, salivating at the
chance to maim and kill someone

who can't even defend herself.

Foaming at the mouth like
a sick trelkez.


Why, Rygel, what's this?

Something I should have said
to you a long time ago.

Yet you didn't.

I was going to save you for
a bargaining tool,

but now I'm wondering,

do you think your shipmates would really
care if I just burnt your face right off?

Go ahead and find out.
I don't care.

Because the all-powerful
Durka is a failure.

It's the truth, Durka.

You tortured me without mercy,
but you never broke me.

You only made me stronger.

And even if you kill me,
I'll be laughing at you,

because the last thing I'll think of is you
on Nebari Prime for another hundred cycles

being ground back down
into nothing.

This Leviathan you've
commandeered is pregnant.

Check the nutrient flow.

Look at the power levels.

All those resources are going
somewhere, aren't they?

Moya's diverting energy
to her baby.

Get ready to greet the
Nebari, Durka,

because there's nothing you can
do to get Starburst back.

Yes there is.

Turn around.

I'm unarmed.

Turn around.


You okay?

Are you finished?

I'm sorry.

I'm not used to trusting

I suggest you start.

How could Durka have broken
the... the mental cleansing?

It's irreversible.

It's not my department.

Take that up with your mental

That's why he wants to get
away from here so bad,

'cause he's afraid my people
will recondition him.

Well, that's something
you have in common.

Might be able to use that
against him.

Well, maybe it's to my
advantage to team up with him.

Do you have a hearing
problem, Chiana?

Durka's insane. He's a
psychopath. Legendary.

And nobody knows what a hundred
years of happy meals have done to him.

You could end up with
your throat cut.


But I know how to hide.

I know how to disappear.

Do you know how to
breathe vacuum?

He doesn't have to find you.

He can shut off the life support
everywhere except for Command.

Commit, Chiana.

You're with us, or you're
on your own.

When my people find out
what happened to Salis,

they're going to want to
cleanse the lot of you.


I guess that makes us
natural allies.

Alright then.

What's your plan?

Why do I always get stuck with the
greebols that don't have any plan?

No, no.

I've got a plan.

You're just not going
to like it.


'Cause I don't like it.

I don't trust you any more
than you trust me.

Fair enough.

Let's hear it.


You are very resourceful,
young Nebari.

Make it work for you.

Here's the news.

The ship's pregnant.

We kill the baby, and we can
Starburst the draz out of here.

New information please.

Or you'll die.

You think the baby's
down there?

How bad did they mess with that
great military mind of yours, anyway?

Where did you get the

From the ship?


Shoot me.

What do you know?

They've reconfigured data to
send you in the wrong direction.

A trap.

And why should I believe you?

Because we both want the
same thing.


No, no, no.

Let... let me go first.

There's a hatchway through

It leads straight to the
birthing chamber.

I don't like dark rooms.

Yeah? Well, some froth-mouth with
a metal eye shut off all the lights.

And how is it you
know this room?

I did a lot of crawling through
the ship's ducts.

That's how I... I stumbled
across the baby.

Did you, indeed?


It isn't that easy, Crichton.

You okay?

Your stupid plan.

In the room. I said to get
him in the room!

You said to the room!

- Let me see.
- No! Frell that.

He's going to kill us
all anyway.

Go get the... get the bastard.

Can we get control of the door?

I'm trying.




Hey, Durka!

How far do you think you're going to
get without your propulsion control?

All I need is the Transport's
Phase Cannon.

One shot into Moya's midsection
will solve the Starburst problem.

Pilot, stand by. We're going
to give Durka the boot.

He's cut off the controls!

I can't open the outer door.

Damn it, Pilot, now's not the
time. Get control back.

Pilot's onto it, John.

The doors are malfunctioning!

Those doors won't stop
this weapon.

Come on, Durka.
Don't be an idiot.

You think Moya's going to take you
out of here after you kill her baby?

His weapons are powering up.

Sorry to have to
cut this short.


Shut the doors!

That's done it!

The outer doors are open.

Pilot, shut the door!

- Close the door!
- I'm trying!


Doors closing!

Hold the door!

Stop the doors!
Pilot, stop the doors!


Crichton! Open the hangar!
Now at once!

Or I'll blast my way back in!


Hold the door!

I can't stop them!

I'm in!

Crichton! Don't you leave
me out here.

I'll hunt you down and
I'll kill you!

Get in line, Durka.

Besides, I don't think the Nebari are
going to let you do a lot of hunting.

Crichton! Listen to me!

Give them my regards when
they pick you up.


If they pick you up.

Either way,

I don't really care.

Is Moya still mad at me for
throwing that bomb?

Moya understands.

Crichton threw a bomb, too.

But the one he threw stimulated
her to expel Durka's transport.

I didn't know she could do that.

Did you know she could do that?

Moya didn't even know
she could do it.


Pilot says she's still
in a lot of pain

from the damage she caused
protecting her child.



You can have that back now.

Sure now that I don't need it.

You know, I never thought I'd say
this to a Hynerian, much less to you...

Stop there.

Ha ha ha. Don't you dare thank
me for saving your life.

I wasn't going to.

You weren't? Why not?

Because amidst all that unfinished
business between you and Durka,

I don't think you even knew
I was there.


But you handled yourself well.

Hmm. I did, didn't I?

Beat him at his own game.

You just compared yourself
to a Peacekeeper.

Look, I have to find the pain
before I can remove it.

Hold still.

- Stop it!
- Shh!

How's the patient?

She's a brat.

You want we should kick
her off the boat?

Ask me tomorrow.

So, do I get to stay?

Moya's gathering her strength
for a Starburst.

That should put enough distance
between us and your people.


What's the matter?

We have rules.


Well, when I see any of you
following them, so will I.

I'm easy.

I owe you.

The others will not be
so forgiving.

Well, just drop me off at the next planet
where there's something worth stealing.

This isn't a prison transport
anymore, Chiana.

You can get off whenever
you want.

One question.

Where were you when Salis
was murdered?