Fargo (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - The Castle - full transcript

In an attempt to stop the Kansas City mob, the police decide to use Ed and Peggy as bait. Hanzee betrays the Gerhardts and takes revenge.





Narrator: And so, we come to
perhaps the bloodiest chapter

in the long and violent history
of the midwest region.

And here, I'm speaking of
Luverne, Minnesota, 1979 --

commonly referred to
by laypeople

as the massacre at Sioux Falls.

Readers will know
that I've chosen

to file this case
as a Minnesota crime,

even though
most of the murders took place

in north and then south Dakota.

But I believe
the key to understanding

this complex and nuanced crime
is to look

at the butcher and small-town
beautician at its center.

Ed and Peggy blumquist
were just 29 years old

on the night
their lives changed forever.

Not much is known
about ohanzee dent.

We have no birth certificate,

no tribal or family history.

He was the Gerhardts' man.

Or he had been, until...

Jesus Christ, mongrel.

Just shoot these two and get me
to a goddamn hospital.



Jeb: So, this what all the fuss
is about?

Sue: Yes, sir.

Blumquist, Mr. and Mrs.

Took flight from Minnesota
two days past.

They don't
look like much.

You don't
look like much.

We're realized.

What --
what's she sayin'?

she realized somethin'.

Realized what? That you're
up a tree without a paddle?

It's a tri-state deal here,

We're talkin'
bodies for miles.

Not just some dead hooligan
in a cabin.

It's a goddamn
shootin' war.

Yeah. I know.
We got 'em, too.

Organized crime.

W-what the heck are you doin'
here with -- with that one?

The eldest Gerhardt boy --

He came to the house
after Peggy,

and she knocked him
on his ass.

So, I thought maybe
trade him back to the family.

Make a deal
for us to go.

A fresh start.

We're on a journey.

Can we just --

While we're skippin' down
memory Lane here,

it's worth notin'
that the Gerhardt Indian

is out there free -- probably
callin' for reinforcements.

So if I were us...

I-i stabbed him.
...I'd get them out of here.

Or cover 'em in bacon
and leave 'em for the dogs.

I stabbed him --
the Indian.

He wanted a haircut,

and I stabbed him
with the scissors.

In the back.

she makes us look like

the gang that can't
shoot straight, doesn't she?

Our beautician.

It's worth mentionin',
you know,

in the spirit
of full disclosure...

...uh, my plan --
it worked.

I made a deal
for Dodd.

With what?
The Gerhardts?

No. They -- they --
they wouldn't.

They said
they weren't interested.

That's what they --
that's what they told me.

i called Kansas City.

You did what?

I spoke to this fella --
Milligan --

and he said he'd protect us
if we gave him Dodd.

So got a meeting set
at 8:00 A.M.


Sioux falls.

They're comin' here?

Yes, sir --
to the motor motel.

We need to get these two
into custody now.

the nearest precinct?

Tell 'em.

We can't vouch

for the safety of the precinct,
is the thing.

What kinda chickenshit outfit
ya runnin' here, j.C.?

Zip it.

I don't
drive to your backyard

and talk about
how all your heads are flat.

What does that mean,
you can't vouch for the safety?

We got graft,
I'm sayin'.

Money changes hands.

Used to be Gerhardt money.
Now it's Kansas City.



But -- well, ya bring these two
into custody,

can't guarantee they won't hear
about it down in Kansas City.

And you know they'll send,
like, an army.

So, we take 'em north,

someplace where people
got their heads on straight.

My state.
My prisoners.

Well, wherever we're takin' 'em,
we need to go soon.

I've been under siege
once this week.

Not really interested --
there's a third way.

We wire the redhead.

Send him into the meeting
with this Milligan fella,

get the conspiracy
on tape.

If we're lucky,
we bust the whole operation.


I'm lookin' around,

and you're outranked here
nine ways to Sunday.

You can't.
These two? You saw 'em.

Well, they're doin'
better than us so far.

Yeah. Okay.
Through blind luck.

They're not up to --
believe me, wearin' a wire?

They'll make the effort

if they think it'll keep 'em
off death row.

Look, I've met
this Milligan fella.

It's not amateur hour.
He gets one whiff --

Ed's dead before the time
it takes to blow your nose.

Thought you were Gary Cooper.

Turns out
you're Betty laplage.

Say that again.

You brought your shit
to town, son.

I'm just trying
to clean it up.

And I say
we squeeze the lemons we got

and use the juice
to catch these big fish.

So get with
the program.

Kid, listen to me.

They're gonna offer you
a deal, okay?

Son --
don't take it.
Tell 'em you want a lawyer.

Make them take you
into custody.

What do you care?
I'm responsible for you.

We don't need
your conscience.

You're half the reason
we're in this mess.

Look, you're not ready
for this.

not another word.

You are not
up to the task.

This is a war.
don't you get it?

I'm responsible for you, and
you're breathin' because of me.

I can't just
leave you behind.


You're turfed.

Now pack your shit
and get out of here.

Or my boys
are gonna show ya

what a south Dakota necktie
feels like.

I'm goin'.

You've been lucky.

That luck's
gonna run out.

This is on you!

Well, that went wrong
in a hurry.

You comin'?


Good to have
at least one grown-up here,

don't you think?

I'm gonna call my boss,

see if he can stop this madness
on a bureaucratic level.

Worth a shot.

This thing's
officially out of control.

You two are in the shit
just about past your eyes.


But there's a rope
in my hand.


Do ya want the rope?

Yeah. We'll take
all the help we can get.


Gonna let ya have your meetin'
with Kansas City.

Gonna put a wire on ya.

What's that?

A recording device, son.

Are ya stupid?

Look, you get
these Kansas City boys

to impugn themselves
on tape,

and I'll talk
to the d.A.

About pleadin' ya out
on lesser charges.

i want it in writin'.


Meanwhile, at the crossroads

separating Minnesota
from south Dakota,

a different kind of betrayal
was taking place.

Yes, sir, I do think
that sounds strange.

Mike Milligan,
the low-level enforcer

for the Kansas City mafia,
was playing a dangerous game.

Just hours earlier, he had been
targeted for execution,

but he had turned the tables
on his killers.

they never showed up.

And now,
in a desperate gambit...

I'm on my way --
me and my man --

to collect
the eldest Gerhardt male.

...he sought to
rout the Gerhardt family

once and for all.

That's right --
Dodd Gerhardt.

That's what I was thinking --
grab him up,

see if we can't end things
this minute tonight

with a trade or ambush.

Well, thank you, sir.

I won't let you down.


♪ Sylvia's mother says,
"Sylvia's packin' ♪

♪ she's gonna be leavin'
today" ♪

♪ Sylvia's mother says,
"Sylvia's marryin' ♪

♪ a fella down galveston way" ♪

♪ Sylvia's mother says,
"please don't say no"-- ♪

♪ And the operator says ♪

♪ "40 cents more
for the next 3 minutes" ♪

♪ please, Mrs. Avery ♪

♪ I just gotta talk to her ♪

♪ I'll only keep her a while ♪


Uh, that's a beauty.

Go show your mom, huh?

♪ Sylvia's mother says,
"Sylvia's hurryin' ♪

♪ she's catchin'
the 9:00 train" ♪


♪ Sylvia's mother says,
"take your umbrella ♪

♪ 'cause, sylvie,
it's startin' to rain" ♪

♪ and Sylvia's mother says,
"thank you for callin' ♪

♪ and, sir,
won't you call back again?" ♪

♪ and the operator says ♪

♪ "40 cents more ♪

♪ for the next 3 minutes" ♪

♪ please, Mrs. Avery ♪

♪ I just gotta talk to her ♪

♪ I'll only keep her a while ♪

♪ please, Mrs. Avery ♪

♪ I just wanna
tell her goodbye ♪

♪ Tell her goodbye ♪

Clerk's dead inside.
Car keys are gone.

Looks like
there's a red El dorado

missin' from
the parkin' lot here,

so you should
put out an a.P.B.

Sir, I'm supposed to
escort ya out of state.

No, son, this fella
that killed the clerk --

he is wanted
in conjunction with

a double-digit number
of homicides.

I don't know about that.

But captain Cheney's
real scary,

so I'm gonna have to ask ya
to get in your prowler

and I'm gonna follow ya
to the state line.

Car 9, come in. Over.

Go for schmidt.

I got a Minnesota state cop
on the line

lookin' for
sheriff Larsson.

Put him through.

Lou: Listen,
he's in a red El dorado.

Who's that?

The Indian.

Shot the clerk
at the convenience store,

the one
who called him in.

Looks like our man
patched up his scissor wound

and, uh,
took the clerk's car.

Yeah, kid,
it's me. Uh...

We're headed --
what is it?

The motor motel.

We're headed to
the motor motel.

The plan is
to ditch the prowlers

and then hole up for the night
under a low profile.

Then, uh,
prep Ed for the sting.

Listen, you need to --
i got a bad feelin' here.

And they're --
I'm being run out of town.

But you need
to watch yourselves.

This thing ain't over.

Here. Gimme that thing.

Listen, trooper,

we appreciate your giddyup
on this thing,

but we're not
fresh off the boat here.

If these fellas
wanna tussle,

they're gonna
find out a thing or two

about what a Dakota man
can do.

Yeah, but --

take a seat on the bench
is what I'm sayin', junior.

We'll handle it
from here.

Over and out.

Unload the prisoners,

then ditch the prowlers
'round back.

Hank: Hey, captain?
Talk to you for a second?

Your man
was out of line.

Yes, sir.
Yeah. He, uh --

he was havin' a feelin'.

This --
this mess has got us --

you Minnesota boys
don't got much

in the way of backbone,
now, do ya?

Well, now,
i wouldn't say that.

Just like to
think things through.



Yes, sir.

Liberated France
in the great war.

Not single-handedly,
but I like to think

they couldn't have done it
without me.

Well, then, you know
it's the generals
that do the thinkin'

and everybody else
just says, "how high?"

I'm not gonna debate the merits
of top-down decision makin'

with ya, captain.

'Cept to say
i had a lieutenant in the war,

and h-he told eisenhower
to go to hell once,

on account of his orders
woulda got us all killed.

And I send that man a card
every Christmas --

'cause I can.

Stay or go.

Makes no difference
to me.

But tomorrow, I'm taking
the fight to the enemy.

Tell Simone
to come see me.

I want to apologize
for yesterday.

She left in a hurry --
when you were took.

don't think
she's back yet.


Sorry, missus,
but, uh...

What? What is it?

It's for your son,

Supposed to talk to him

It's okay.
We'll go into the barn.


No secrets here.

Well, what is it, kid?
Spit it out.

Your Indian...
Is on the phone -- hanzee?

Says he found Dodd.

Is he alive?

Yes, ma'am.

They got him,
but he's breathin'.

Who's got him?

Historians of the region
have long debated

the next two words spoken by
the Gerhardts' native man.

When exactly did he decide

to betray
the rest of his employers?

Yes, he had executed
Dodd Gerhardt in cold blood,

but at what point did he decide
to finish the job?


Was it here?

Or maybe earlier.

All you gotta do
is be straight with us.

I'm straight.

It's certainly possible
that the move was spontaneous.

Who knows?

Maybe it had been
building inside of him

since Otto Gerhardt
took him off the street

when he was 8 years old.

Whatever the answer,
when Floyd Gerhardt asked

who it was
that was holding her son,

ohanzee dent said...

Kansas City --
that Milligan fella.

It was an ambush --

Butcher grabbed Dodd,
fled the state.


I tracked them
to a motel in sioux falls.

They got numbers,

but they're not expecting

I'll be there
in three hours.

No, ma'am.

You send bear and a dozen men,
we can bring him home.

Are you telling me
what to do?


Just can't vouch
for your safety, is all.

Three times,
i sent men to do a job.

Three times,
they come back unfinished.

I'll handle this myself.

Yes, ma'am.

We'll lay waste to 'em
in the devil's hours.


and white tees.

Captain says we're goin'
undercover for the night.

Poker later, if ya feel like
losin' some money.

You better wear pants
this time.


Are -- are we really
doin' the right thing here?

What, now?

Anyone want tea?

No, thanks, hon.


It's "detective."


Didja -- tea?


What do ya think?

When he's sleeping,
we can just...



None of that, now.

don't make me
separate ya.


It's "Ben," isn't it?


And...You're from...


Fargo, north Dakota.

I work for chief Gibson.

Which one is he, again?

Does it matter?

I guess not.



♪ I don't wanna be down ♪

♪ 'cause my name
is gettin' around ♪

♪ I said the whole world
is lettin' me down now ♪

♪ 'cause I don't know
where I'm bound ♪

♪ yes, I guess
I'm goin' down, down, down ♪

♪ and I feel I'm gonna drown ♪

♪ yeah, I guess
I'm goin' down, down, down ♪

♪ And I feel I'm gonna drown ♪

Car 18, come in. Over.

Car 18. Over.


Yeah, just got a courtesy call
from sioux falls p.D.

Say they found
constance heck

dead in her room
at the southnik hotel.

Guess she went out there
for a conference.

You're kiddin'.

No, sir.
Strangled, they said.

I mean, when's all this madness
gonna end?

I surely don't know.

Constance: I tried.

You heard.


Just checkin' in.

I got 'em.

Not sayin' ya don't.

Just want to
go over the details with them,

explain their rights.

They know.
I told them.

Son, I get the feeling
you don't want me to come in.

All things equal, pops,

we got a lot of swingin' dicks
around here.

But command's
been delegated.

I'm in here.
You're not.

Let's leave it
at that.

You okay in there,
Ed? Peggy?

Wire's secure,
and no one's the wiser.

We got the upstairs room bugged
and ready for the meet.


Move quickly and with authority,

That's lesson one.

Yes, sir.

Ice machine's busted.


I'm just sayin'.

I mean, it's your show --
you made that clear --

which means I'm here to observe,
and what I'm observin' is...

Ice machine's crapped out.

We bring this case in

and there'll be commendations
all around.

From this point on,
we're radio silent.

Lou: Motor motel. Motor motel.
Come in.

Motor motel,
this is Lou Solverson.

They're coming.
Do you hear me? They're com--

When we reach the motel,
i want you with the vehicle.

Make sure you're safe.

Hanzee'll stay, too.


I miss them all.

We'll be together again.

On high.

Best piss I ever took
was in a kitchen sink.

No wonder
you got divorced.

I'm an outdoor guy

It's liberatin', I think --

pissin' someplace
where you're not supposed ta.

When I was a sergeant,

I pissed
in my C.O.'s desk drawer

when he was in Hawaii.

I drank six coffees
and a nehi first.

that was a good piss.

Well, you got
the hardware for it.

If that was me, I'd-a had to
climb up on the desk.

Two rooms upstairs,
three down.

Got Dodd on the bottom
next to the office.

One man on guard.

on the second floor.

Stay with ma.

I like
pissin' in the pool.

That's just gross.

Yeah, but -- okay, so,
why is pissin' in the pool

so much worse than
pissin' in the kitchen sink?

Screw this.

first of all, son,

were there other people
in the pool at the time?




All clear.

All clear!

Oh, Christ.

It's rapid city
all over again.


Man: They're cops!




Narrator: Then, as he killed
both friend and foe alike,

it became clear
that hanzee was on a mission

to find the beautician and
her butcher's assistant husband

and silence them
once and for all.

Again, the question of why has
puzzled historians for decades.

It's true that they had
seen him execute Dodd Gerhardt

and that they were
the only ones left

who could reveal his treachery
for what it was.

But maybe
the reason was deeper.

Professional, you said.


Tired of this life.

The fact that he had shown
his true self to them

in a moment of vulnerability.



Oh! Gotta make a break
for it, hon!

Are -- are --
are you seein' this?

It's just a flyin' saucer, Ed.
We gotta go.

Officer down!

I shoulda gone home
with ya.

Turns out I didn't go.

Grateful for that.

What the...

Okay, then.

Yeah. All right.

Peggy? Ed?


On the run,
with the Indian in pursuit.


I can make it.

Dinner Sunday?

I'll be there --
in a suit of armor.



♪ Thought it was a nightmare ♪

♪ lord, it's all so true ♪

♪ they told me,
"don't go walkin' slow ♪

♪ the devil's on the loose" ♪

♪ better run
through the jungle ♪

♪ better run
through the jungle ♪

♪ better run
through the jungle ♪

♪ whoa, don't look back to see ♪

♪ thought I heard a rumblin' ♪

♪ callin' to my name ♪

♪ 200 millions guns are loaded ♪

♪ Satan cries, "take aim!" ♪

♪ better run
through the jungle ♪

♪ better run
through the jungle ♪

♪ better run
through the jungle ♪

♪ whoa, don't look back ♪

♪ ohhhhhhh ♪

♪ oh-oh-oh-oh-ohhh ♪

♪ ohh-oh ♪

♪ over on the mountain ♪

♪ thunder magic spoke ♪

♪ "let the people know
my wisdom ♪

♪ fill the land with smoke" ♪

♪ better run
through the jungle ♪

♪ oh, don't look back to see ♪