Fargo (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Loplop - full transcript

Ed and Peggy hold Dodd hostage in a secluded cabin and try to strike up a deal with the Gerhardts, while Hanzee attempts to hunt them down.

Erstwhile on Fargo...

You're not gonna prove
my Ed did anything wrong.

It's unprovable!

There was a cleaver
in the man's head, son,

which Noreen said was you.

Not to mention
there's a war going on

up in Fargo that
you may have started

when you ran over
that Gerhardt boy.

Take care of this butcher.

He doesn't live
through the night.

Already dead, believe me.
He just doesn't know it.

- Sheriff?
- Go inside now, Peggy.

Go now.

Ed home? Ed who?

No, Peggy, hey, hey...

When I find you, darling,
I'm gonna make you bleed.

I need to find Peggy.

You're still in my custody.

You look worse than me.

Don't tire yourself.
We know where he's headed.

Hon! Hon!



Have you actualized fully?


Have you actualized fully?

I don't know.

I mean, I'm trying.

Do you feel cold sometimes,

even when it's hot?


Do you understand
the difference between

thinking and being?

What do you mean?

Do you understand the difference
between thinking and being?


To be, is simply to exist.

Try it.

Try simply being.

I'm sorry,

but how is sitting here gonna help
me be the best person I can be?


You want an explanation.

Well, kinda.

The human mind, aroused by
an insistence for meaning,

seeks and finds nothing

but contradiction

and nonsense.

Okay. It's just...

Practically, I'm saying,
as a person...

A married person, a woman

who's worried she's not living
up to her full potential.


Think or be.

You can't do both.

You're saying, "Don't think
about the person I wanna be,

"just be that person."


Don't think about the person I
wanna be, just be that person.

Just be that person.

Peggy? Peggy, are you okay?

We were just talking, and
it all finally makes sense!

This lady has lost
her mind, brother.

Shut up. She's seeing
people who are not there.

I said, shut up!

Here I am tied up for no reason.

A concerned citizen just walking
past, and I hear a cry for help.

No, you're a Gerhardt.

And you're shit on my shoe.

Why don't you come here,
let me wipe you off.

Okay, are the cops coming?
Who knows who else.

Okay, no time to pack.
Just the clothes on our back.

Okay. Okay? Okay.

Did you... No.

It was him.
He's the leader, I think.

Then we take him with us.


We're taking his car?

Yeah, they'll be
looking for ours.

I understand now, hon.

Come on.

Everything. What I have to do.

That's good.
Now watch your head.

Got one!


Got another.

Gerhardts, I'm thinking.

No sign of Ed or Peggy.

I'm calling a medic.

Yeah, probably a good idea.

This is just embarrassing.

I'll get an APB out
on the Gerhardt boys,

then see about starting
a hunt for Ed and Peggy.

Don't tell Betsy I'm down.

Yeah, she scares me more
than you, so I'm gonna call.

Oh, you...

I've just been doing it all wrong.
Both of us.

We make a trade, hon,
is what I'm thinking.

Wanting things, pretending
to be something we're not.

Selling their man back
to them for freedom.

It's like when
you're a kid and you

need permission to
go to the washroom?

And you raise your hand, and
wait for teacher to call on you,

but meantime you
just have to go so bad.

Should've looked at his wallet.
But you just go!

Know exactly who
we're dealing with here.

You just go! You don't ask.
You just go!

Till then, hon, we stick to the
small roads, out-of-the-way motels,

and we just... We keep moving.

A road trip.

Wait, hold the phone.

Uncle Grady's got that hunting
cabin outside Canistota.

It's empty now.
We go there and hole up.

See? We're moving now. Things are flowing.
Not trapped anymore.

Well, I mean that was our home.

Yeah, but I mean, energy wise.

You know, I mean, you gotta
admit, we were stuck in the mud,

emotionally, I mean.
And now, we're flying.

We got a plan.
That's what matters.

We got a plan for
how to get outta this.

See it, then be it.

That's from Lifespring.
Except... Except the cops.

We gotta figure out...

We're gonna figure this out.

Right now, I just gotta
keep us alive.

You're doing it, hon.
We both are.

We're actualized!

Oh, I like it.

How come we've
never come here before?

You said Uncle Grady smelled
like athlete's foot. Remember?


What? In case he gets feisty.

Good thinking, hon.

My tongue.

Bit off. What?

I bit my tongue half off.

You're dead,
in case you were wondering.

You and your whore.

Zip your lips.

Dodd Gerhardt.

I'm gonna have fun
taking her apart.


That's good, yeah? Yeah.

I saw a little convenience
store up the road.

I'm gonna go make the call.

Oh, hon, there's
a phone in the bathroom.

Yeah, I'll use a pay
phone, make it untraceable.

Oh, smart thinking,
Ed Blumquist.

What are you gonna say?


You know, "If we give
him back to you,

you gotta promise
we'll go unmolested."

What if they say no?

Well, then, I'll show them
which part's the flank steak.

Yeah, it's...

Is this the Gerhardt

Good. Well, this is the butcher.

And I need to talk
to who's in charge.

No, not your butcher,
"The Butcher."

Yeah. From Luverne.

So lemme talk to
who's in charge.

I got Dodd.

You heard me.

Yeah. Yeah.

What do you mean, a message?
Don't they...

I mean, I got Dodd.
Did you tell 'em that?

Just tell them I'll
call them back, okay?

Foot's on the other shoe now.

Shut up.

Oh, now, that's just rude.

Come on, for shit sake!

Hey! Ed'll be back any minute,
so don't get any ideas.

I got four daughters, you know.

I'm not a bad guy.

You called me a whore. I heard.

I swear to Christ,
when I'm free,

you're gonna see
the back of my hand.

We're gonna be
spending some time together.

So you need to be civil.

Go to hell.




What did I just say?
Are you gonna be nice?

Yeah, okay, okay.
All right! All right!



Now, I'm making beans.
You want some beans?


No, what?

No, thank you.

That's better.

I gotta say, this whole thing
has just been...

And I mean, I'm sorry about your brother.
I am, but it was an accident.

And this whole thing
has just been so...

I mean,
I'm trying to stay positive.

That's one thing, if you spend
any time with me you'll see.

"Positive Peggy" is
what they call me.

But this whole thing has
just been super hard on Ed.

He's a little more
delicate, you know?

I mean, he's a big guy and
all, but deep down...

I mean, this whole thing has
just been really hard on him.

And it's my fault. I know.

I mean, I hit the guy,

your brother,
and I'm sorry about that.

I am,

but he was stepping out
into the road.

Didn't even look
where he was going.

No, no. No.

And so, Ed, you know,
all he did was clean it up.

And then you sent those
other fellas, and...

I mean, what were we supposed to do?
You know?

So now I'm hoping,
we're both hoping,

that we can just
smooth this all over now,

and everything can
go back to normal.

Oh, wait, now you said you
didn't want beans, didn't you?

No, it's okay. They're good, really.
Good, good stuff.

No. I mean, I should've...

Well... With everything
that's been going on...

And I mean, here I am

trying to actualize fully,
you know,

and I mean,
that's no small thing.

To review and reflect,

Not just keep
making past mistakes.

Will you listen
to me nattering on.

Oh, hey, hon, we're just...

I made some beans.
You want some?

No, it's okay.

What happened to him?

Oh, well now, we don't need
to talk about that, do we?

Water under the bridge.

Hon, did you stab the hostage?

Yes. Yes. No.

I mean, I had to teach him
some manners is all.

If we're gonna be spending time together.
And him so angry.

When we're the ones
who should be angry.

I mean, when you get right down to
it, it's our shop that burned up.

Help me. PEGGY: Our house
we had to leave behind.

She's crazy.
Keep her away from me, man.

Hon... Help me.

Hon, hon. Hmm?

They're not gonna want him back
if we cut him up too much.

Oh, I hardly stuck him at all.

I'm hurt real bad.

Shut up.

I think she punctured a lung.

How'd it go with the family?
They gonna negotiate?

Had to leave them a message.

Well, you said we had him?

Yeah, but it was just like
a flunky or something.

So I said I'd call back.

Okay, well, maybe there's...

Sounds like there's
a war going on up there.

Maybe they're busy.

Yeah, but, I mean, if he's
such an important guy...

Now, hon, don't...

Don't doubt yourself, Ed.

That was my undoing.
See it, then be it, right?

So just... Have some
beans and call back.

They'll be home
next time for sure.


Hon, you gotta
stop stabbing him.


Did you spit in this?


Tequila. Pour it in front of me.

Here you go, chief.

Looking for a couple. Red-headed
man and a blonde woman,

driving a blue Lincoln.

White couple?

Didn't you guys try to start
your own country a while back?

Wounded Knee?

What happened there? Didn't you
feel like being Americans anymore?

Not from there.

Yeah, see, well,

I'm not sure I wanna
serve alcohol to a

man who doesn't
want to be an American.

How about a man did
three tours in Vietnam

and got a Purple
Heart and a Bronze Star?

Who? You?

You're welcome.

Where are you going, Geronimo?

You're gonna grab your
bow and arrow there?

I don't think his teepee's here.


We're talking to you, shitbird.

Is that a teepee?

What are you doing, buddy?

Just wanted a glass of water.

Shitbird's thirsty.
Get a load of that.

Is he crying, Earl?
I think he's crying.


Whoa, now, hold on a...

I called the cops.

Freeze, Cochise.

Excuse me, Your Lordship.
I gotta go to the john.

Well, I can't risk untying
you, not after before.

Yeah, but I'm gonna pee in
my pants in a minute here.

Well, that's okay, I guess.

No! Look, I'm not gonna...

I'm not gonna pee
in my pants like a halfwit.

I got rights here.

He's right, hon. There's the...

What do you...
The Geneva Convention.

Are we talking
number one or number two?


You gotta pee or you
gotta poop, I'm saying?

Jeez, kid. I'm gonna
blow a sack here.

Hon, you're gonna have to...

Help him with his pants.
I'll do it.


No, no. No, I'll do it.

Hurry up! Hurry up!

Come on!


I'm gonna open
your drawers. Okay?

I can't hold it!

Come on! Well...

Yeah, don't... Don't pee on me.

I'm helping you out here.

Don't look at me.
Yeah? I'm help...

Oh, sweet Jesus.

Done? Yeah.

Well, okay. I'm gonna go make the call.
You'll be okay?


Hey, doll.

I got some Chablis on ice...

How you doing?

You know,
with a song in my heart.

Warm for March.

Yeah, has been, I guess.

No opinion required.
Just factual.

The hippies want you to believe

the planet's heating up because
of my wife's hair spray.

Yeah. That's...

I don't know about that,
but it's been warm.

Yeah, saw you here
earlier on the phone.

Yeah, we're down
at the lake there.

Having a holiday,
I guess you'd call it.

No phone at the cabin so...

Wrong time of year for a holiday.
Can't swim, can't hunt.

Yeah, it's been pretty quiet.

And these too.

Yeah, just you and the moose.

Yeah, just us and the moose.

Going crazy down there,
to be honest.

I bet. How about
a pack of cards?

Just 39 cents.

Yeah. Sure. Okay.

You know what? On the house.
For you and the missus.

Well, thanks.

It is you and the missus, yeah?

Say, what time do you
open in the morning?

Usually around 7:00, unless
I sleep in, which I don't.

Just between you and me,
if you could eat a rooster,

I'd have done it by now.

Okay, then.

Okay, then.

Stupid. Stupid.

Hi. Hi, there. I'm good, thanks.
How are you?

Well, fantastic.

I'm trying to reach the Southnik Hotel.
It's in Sioux Falls.

Ah, just the front desk, please.

Okay, great.

Hi. I'm looking for one of your guests.
Last name Heck.

Yes, spelled just like that.
First name Constance.

Okay, I'll wait.


Oh, gosh, did I wake you?

No. I'm...

Where are you, sweetie?
You're missing the seminar.

I know, and I feel terrible, but
we're kind of in a little trouble.

You and Ed?


well, it's a long story,
but I'm dealing with it.

How's it going? What?

The seminar? Is it amazing?

Oh. It's...

You should come.
There's still time.

I wish,

although, I did have
kind of a breakthrough.

Like a vision, you know?

I can see things
a whole lot more clear now.

And I... Maybe I don't need
it as much anymore.

Well, vision's important, but...

Yeah, so I just wanted
to call and say thanks.

I know you paid
for the room and...

Don't be silly, the room...

I'm just glad you're...

And maybe...
I mean, where are you?

Maybe we could meet for a drink.

You could fill me in,
tell me about your vision.


No, no, no, no, no. Better not.

I mean, we're out in the
woods here, not far, but...

Like I said, we had some
trouble and we're hiding out.

Ooh. Sounds romantic.

No. Well, sort of... Ed and me,

it's not been easy lately,
but we're coming together now,

working as equals, which is...

That's great, hon.


Yeah, so I should go.

Hey, you know,
there's all this great

material here as
part of the course...

Workbooks and the like.

And since you already paid,
I got them right here.

Maybe I should send them to you.

Oh, yeah!

Yeah! Real eye-opening stuff.

I mean, I've made more progress

since this morning
than ever, maybe.

Not sure how long we'll
be here is the thing.

Sure, but, I mean, mail
service is what, three days?

Well, yeah.

Just... No, no.
Can you hold onto it for me?

If it's not too
much of a bother.

It's no problem.

You said you were close.

I'll just... Where are you?

I'll jump in the car... And
wait till you see this workbook.

It's like a road map to
unlocking your inner go-getter.

I... We're... I don't know
exactly where we are.

I think south west,
near Vermillion?

The lake?
It's a kind of a cabin.

Well, I'll just...
Is there a phone book there?

A piece a mail?

I'll come over with the
workbooks and you could...

Like I said, I've made more
progress in hours than ever...

No. You're sweet, but, like
I said, we're hiding out,

so I'll just... I'll call you
as soon as it's over, okay?

I'll give you a call.

Yeah, but...

Okay, bye.

I tried. You heard.

He's looking at us.

He's looking at us.


Make him stop.
Stop looking at us!

Where am I supposed to look?

Just close your eyes.

I'm not tired.

I don't care.

Don't you do it.
Don't you do it.


Thanks, hon.

God damn it.

And now back to
your South Dakota Morning Movies.

Operation Eagle's Nest
starring Ronald Reagan.

Okay. I'm gonna give it one more
go and not take no for an answer.

Go get 'em, hon.

We must hide! He's coming!

Marie, you must
make me a promise.

If something
should happen to me...


Don't say it!

You must continue on without me.


This war is bigger than us.

No. And our love.



He's trying to force us out.

But we can't go out there!

And if we stay here we burn in our
little hell. We have no choice!

But they will shoot us down!



Pierre, what are you suggesting?


I will be your shield.

One of us must make
it across the border.

Take that, you Nazi rat!

Come on, hurry!

You're not
making any sense here.

Mister, I'm telling you
I've got your man.

I've got your
boss man, and you...

Well, you know what, sir,

I might just call over to the
other side, see if they want him.

Thank you so much
for your help. Bye-bye.

Fargo. Please.
It's the Pearl Hotel.

Hi. I'm looking
for a Mike Milligan?

He's with a party of fellas.

Kind of rough types.

No, ma'am, I am not a reporter.

He left his wallet
in my store the other day

and it's got
a hundred bucks in it,

so I thought he
might want that back.

Bag 'em and drop
'em in the woods.

We tell the boss
the Gerhardts got 'em.


Mike Milligan?


Today's your lucky day, Mike.

I've got Dodd Gerhardt in the
trunk of my car. You want him?

Sir, if I kiss you when we meet,
would that be inappropriate?

What? I don't...

Nothing. Just, well,
it's been a day.

But the fact is, I do.
I do want him.

The question is,
what do you want?

Well, I got
the whole Gerhardt family

after me and I need
you to make them stop.

Well, then I think you
and I can make a deal.

Well, that's good then.
That's real good.


Meet me in Sioux Falls
tomorrow morning, 8:00.

There's a motel off
the interstate there.

Motor Motel, I think.

It's two stories.

8:00 a.m.

Yeah. And no funny business either.
You hear?

'Cause I've killed people before

and I'm not
afraid to do it again.

Maybe you heard of me?
The Butcher of Luverne?

I have heard of you...

And may I say,

brother, I like your style.

All right.

Well, like I was saying,
groundhog saw his shadow.

Did it seem like six more
weeks of winter to you?

Well, not that I'm
complaining, mind you.

I mean,
I'm just passing time here

till they carry me outta here toes-up.

Okay, then.

Looking for a redhead.

Well, not sure I can
help you there.

Redhead, heavy set.

Okay, well, there's a bar
a mile or so up the road.

You could potentially meet
a fat-type girl there.

Not looking for a girl.
I'm looking for a man.

Heavy set. He parts his
hair in the middle.

Look, this is a family place.

We sell motor oil and pop and,
you know, maps for tourists.

Get a lot of tourists?

Not so many, no. Sometimes
people on their way to Rushmore.

He's driving a blue Lincoln.
Heavy set. Red-headed man.

Look, if you're not
gonna buy something,

well, I think you should leave.

Yeah. You know him.



all I know is a fella comes
in here two, three times,

uses the phone outside.


Yeah, heavy-set like you said.

One time comes in and
says something like,

yeah, "We're going crazy
down there at the lake."

See, this time of
year not much to do.

At the lake.

Yeah, we were just...

He wasn't agitated,
but that's what he said.

"We're going crazy down
there at the lake."

Even bought a pack of cards.




Son, you got yourself
a woman problem.

How I know is, they been
plaguing me my whole life.

What's the joke?

Can't live with them,
can't turn them into cat food.

I don't see the value.

All that talking,
and the mood swings.

It's the lack of
rational thinking,

which, brother, your bitch
has got that in spades.

See, the male in the species, he's
got the potential for greatness.

Look at your kings of old.

Napoleon, Kublai Khan, Sampson!

Giants made of muscle and steel.

But these women...

Even in those Bible movies you see it.
Delilah, and Scheherazade...

I wanna tell you
my own private belief here.

I think Satan is a woman.

Think about it.

With her snake tongue,
always undermining...


What did I tell you?

No matter what you do to 'em, these
goddamn twats just won't stop

till you put 'em down.


Ed! Are you okay? Are you okay?

Is he dead?

I don't know.

Watch him, Ed.

Yeah, my eyes are open now.

I could almost hear Mike Milligan
drooling over the phone.

He'll know what to do with you.

My neck.
Something, something's wrong.

Step away from him now.

Oh, thank Christ.

Get me outta here.

Sit down, both of you.

What if we say no?

Just shoot them, you half-breed.
I'm hurt real bad here.

I can't feel my legs.

Thinking of getting a haircut.

How do you get...

Something professional.

Shorter, like on
the sides and back.

Well, I mean,
you got the bone structure.

Jesus Christ, you mongrel.

Just shoot these two and get
me to a goddamn hospital.

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Can you do it?


Haircut. Can you do it?

Look, we thank you for...
Shut up.

Can you do it?

Yeah, yeah.

Lemme, just... Lemme...

Can you...

Can you sit?

And I'll go get the scissors.

Ed, can you make sure...
Our guest may be thirsty.



You wanna pop?

No pop.

I said, sit down.

Not sure how sharp they'll be.

No funny tricks. No.

I mean, you saved us
and we're grateful for that.

Aren't we, Ed?

'Course we are and...

You know, if there's anything
we could do to repay you,

you just...

Professional, you said.

Yeah. Tired of this life.