Fargo (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - The Six Ungraspables - full transcript

When Lester has a close call, Molly makes an unorthodox decision. Gus weighs some neighborly advice, and Malvo gets what he wants.

Uh... Why irregular?

They put a ladies' sock
in there with the gents'.

Which one's which?

It's unclear.

Eh. I'll roll the dice.

Uh, how much?

You tell me.

Say again?

The sign says, "best offer."
What're you offering?

Well, I mean...

I don't know.
What's fair?

Well, that's not
for me to say.

It's three pairs of socks.
Half of them ladies'.

Probably not
a million dollars.


Well, I... I mean,
I don't wanna take advantage.

2 bucks?

Or if that's...

3 bucks?


Tell you what, you give me $55,
I'll give you the socks...

and throw in this 12 gauge.

I thought you
were getting socks.

In the bag.

What the heck are
you gonna do with that?

It's for protection.

Just be careful you don't
blow your own face off.

Not loaded, is it?

Well, if anyone
could shoot theirselves

in the face with
an unloaded firearm,

it's you.





My wife...

she's in the basement
dead and...

I'm freaking out here.
I don't know what to do.

Lester, have you
been a bad boy?

Jeez. Yeah.

Can you come over?

What did you do?

You killed her!

Okay. Okay.

Evening, Lester.

what do you want?

Well, I suppose first
I'd like to come in.

Is Pearl home?

No, she's at my brother's.

Lester, listen
to me very carefully.

I need you to get
down on the ground.

Now, wait...
wait just a second.

Lester, on the ground!

This is not
what it looks like.

Look, I'm sorry...


about electrocuting you.

I was just...

I mean,
this is obviously...

a misunderstanding.

'Cause, like...
like I said...

I'm just...
an insurance salesman.

Now that is not...
I... I got nothing...

The stuff that you're mixed up in...
Not that you're...

I'm just saying... Well...

So, you see?

You said, "him."


On the ice,
you said... "him."

You said it was "him."

Not you...



Well... well, I'm just
guessing here, but...

Well, that Hess was not
head stabbed by a girl.

No, no.

No, you said it
like you had a face in mind.


No, wait...

Stay with me.
Lester, stay with me.

God. Please, please...

I need a name.

I need a name.

Go ahead.

Wait! Please!



No! Malvo. Malvo.

Malvo? Is that a first name?


eventually, you just
swallow your tongue

and you die like a fish.

Lorne... I think.

Lorne like
the fella from Bonanza.

Lorne Malvo?

Where is he?

I'm gonna throw up.


No, you're not.

If you puke in here,
I'll kill you.

I mean,
I'll actually kill you.


Lester, we need a location.


He took... he took my car.

They called me and told me
it was impounded in Duluth.

So he's probably...

I think...
They got a picture...

There's a picture of him...
a picture of him up here.

Yeah, it's from the law enforcement...
He had it. It's from a...

What do you call it?
An APB. So...


Lorne Malvo? Yeah?

He killed him.
He killed Hess.

I mean...


You two are free to go.
Bai"s been paid.

Oh, God.

What if we wanna stay?


I don't know. I mean,
what if we like it here?

Yeah... that's a good one.
On your feet.

You have any doubt
we can find you?


Hey, buddy, you might wanna have a
doctor look at that hand though.

Looks like it smarts.

...some of the largest
snakes found in the world.

Many members of the python
family are ambush predators.

They remain motionless
before they strike.

It's not common
for them to attack humans,

unless, of course,
they're startled.

Now, advancements in the
technological arena allow us

to examine their existence
in the Everglades.

Now look ahead, they're...

No way around it.

I said more sand.

Back then?

Yeah, wild goose chase.

Salt's okay.

Hang on. Frank calling.

Well, Chief, there've been
some interesting developments

while you were...
Chief, Frank on the line.

New storm data.

Yeah, Frank.
What you got then?

This case is really...
It's heating up.

That much, huh? Jeez.

They're saying 2 feet
new accumulation.

we got the phone dump back

from Lester's from
the night of the murders.

Okay, thanks much.
You, too.

Call Hoenecker with State, see
if we can get some more plows,

and, uh, make sure they're plowing
the Chief's drive every few hours.

Can't have Ida going into labor
under a snowbound scenario.

Okay, yeah.

Now, what's all this?

I was saying,
we got the phone dump back,

and right around
the time Pearl died,

an outgoing call was placed from
Lester's to Leroy's Motor Inn.

Sol made a call.
No one asked you to.

I know, but you were
in Duluth, so I figured...

Left Knutson in charge.

So I made a call... and get
this, Lorraine, the manager--

Lorraine Abbey?

No, sir, Lorraine Babbit.

Curly hair... looks like she draws
her eyebrows on with a Sharpie?

No, sir, this is a severe
woman with hard hair.

Anyway, she IDs
the photo of the suspect

from the naked
fella kidnapping.

Says he stayed one night, that
being the night Hess was killed.

She got a name for
him, too. Lorne Malvo.

And you found this how?

Like I said...

a call was placed
from Lester's house

to the motel where
the suspect was staying.

So, I talked to housekeeping

and they say this
Malvo fella left behind

some tokens from
the Lucky Penny.

They wanna know
how many plows.

At least three,
don't you think?

At least three.

He says he can give you two good
ones and a pickup with baby plow.

Yeah, I'm listening.

Okay, good.

So I go and talk to the lady
that Hess was with, the dancer,

and she says that
before he was stabbed,

Hess was laughing about
this fella that he bullied.

Broke the poor
guy's nose, she said.

The same day.

Chief? Is that a yes
on the baby plow?

So right away,
I'm thinking,

"Who do we know who got his
nose broke the day Hess died?"


So you see?

Hess breaks Lester's nose.

Lester goes to the emergency
room where he meets our suspect.

That night
Hess gets killed.

The next day,

Lester places a call to the motel
where our suspect is staying,

and shortly
thereafter or abouts,

Mrs. Nygaard and
the Chief are murdered.


Yeah, tell him
I'll call him back.

He's gotta call you back.

Son of a bitch.

Yes, sir.

So I'm thinking maybe this is a
murder-for-hire type deal, right?

Where Lester hires this
Malvo fella to kill Hess.

Only maybe Lester
don't got the money to pay

so things get sour.

Listen, I know
it's not my case...

but I'd like your permission

to go back to Lester's house
and see what he has to say.

Not at his house.

Okay, his work then.

No... I'm saying, he's not at his house.
He's in a holding cell.

Knutson says Lester
took a swing at him.

Not sure if he
was drunk or what.

He's in custody?

I told Dougie to
keep him overnight,

you know,
let him sleep it off.

Well... I mean, we gotta talk
to him, don't you think?

I guess we'd better.

I need to use your computer.


It's on the front.

Computers at the precinct...
have it on the back.

Here, let me.

What do you need?

There's a pastor up in Baudette.
Name of Frank Peterson.

A few hits.

A church website...

some stuff from
the local paper.

There anything
with a picture?


What's this for?

A case.

You said there were
other news stories.

Nothing with a picture.

Church fundraiser...

New roof...
that kind of thing.

Check for, uh, Lorne Malvo.
Could you check...


He steals a car.
I pull him over.

He drives away.
The car is impounded.

He stays in Duluth.

He stays in Duluth.
I stop him on the street.

On that street.

On foot.

He was on
that street on foot.

Come in, Greta. Over.

Why was he on
that street on foot?


Greta, come in, Greta.
Do you wanna...

Oh, right.

Okay. It's almost bedtime.

And, hey...
I may go out for a bit.


Come in. Over.

Back for more, huh?

I need a police scanner.

Got a special on
remote control helicopters.

Can you monitor
police activity on it?

Doubt it.

I'll just stick
with the scanner.


I got handheld or dashboard mountable.
Oh. Also...

got this one in pink.

Do I look like I want
a pink police scanner?

I don't know.

Could be a gift for a lady.

And in your experience...

police scanners, is that a
gift ladies get wet for?

Had an aunt once,

owned a riot shield...
made her own jerky...

I'll just stick
with the black.


Anything else?

I need a walkie-talkie.


afraid I can't just
sell you one, stretch.

You see, they come in pairs... you
know, so you can chat with a friend.

I don't have any friends.

It's a sad story.

I still gotta
sell you two. Hey...

maybe you could make
a friend and give it to him.

Maybe I could
give it to you...

call you up late at night and you
can listen to me shit on people.

Where's your phone?

What are you...
Are you supposed to be here?

The phone?

Yeah, in the...
in the kitchen.


What's going on?

What's that?

Don't talk.

Are you calling him?

I said don't talk.

This is exciting.

Let me talk to him.

Where were you?

I was hunting.

I heard about the bugs.
Do you need me to swing by?

It's too late now.

I'm gonna pay.

The blackmail,
I'm gonna pay it.

Tell me what he said.

It doesn't matter now.

I broke a promise.

Me. So I gotta pay.

Look, I can find the guy.
I just need a few more days.

I couldn't sleep last night. I kept
going over and over it in my head.

And God brought 10 plagues
upon the house of Pharaoh.

Blood and locusts...
flies and boils.

And the last is the death
of the firstborn son.

What exactly do you
think is happening?

The firstborn son.

The Book of Exodus.

God is watching
and He knows.

Knows what?

I told Semenko

to take Dmitri someplace safe
until this all blows over.

He thinks I'm crazy.
Do you think I'm crazy?

We're only as good
as the promises we keep.

Pick me up in an hour.

We'll get the money. All right.


He's gonna pay?

I can't...

A million dollars?

A million... Oh!

Are you kidding me?

Do you have a closet that locks?

the pantry locks, I think.

Oh, my God. A million...

Hey... how big is that...
a million dollars?

Does it... does it fit into a suitcase
or, like, a sack or something?

It's gonna be... it's gotta
be pretty heavy, right?

Hey, can I...
can I lay in it?

You know, I always liked
that part of movies

where the characters, they
just lay in a big pile...

You got a drill?


And then they always...
they always take the money,

and they just, like,
throw it up in the air,

and the money just...

just, like, flutters down
on top of them, you know?

God damn. We're doing this.
We're really...

I got goose bumps.

Wood screws.


I'm gonna buy real marble for the spa.
6 inches thick.

I got these... I got these
French lotions on hold.

They smell like sunflowers.

Uh, these?


So what do we...
what do we do?

Just, like,
call him in the morning,

you know,
tell him where to meet us?

I don't know, these?

Yeah, give me a few.

Look at me.
I'm sweating.

Here. Oh, man.

Hey... do I get to
use that voice thing again?

You know, the... the Darth
Vader, super sinister, like,

"Luke, I am your father."

Please step in.


Hey, you know, I...
I never even asked you,

what are you gonna do
with your share of the money?

I mean,
I told you about my...


Yeah, am I... Did you
mean to lock me in here?

We got a big day tomorrow.
Get some rest.

I don't want you getting cold feet.
I'll see you in the morning.

No, no, wait.
Hold on now. Heck, I'm...

What am I supposed to...

What... what if I
gotta go to the toilet?

You're a smart guy.
You'll figure something out.


I have news.

It's just slowing
down at the shop.


It's not my fault.

You bought me...
you bought me the tie.

You... You...

Is it a out or what is it?

Puncture, maybe. Hard to
tell with all the gore.

Mr. Nygaard,
can you hear me?

It's the towel sound.
She's washing towels.

Mr. Nygaard, we're getting
you to the hospital.

What happened to your hand?


What about socks?

For $55 he threw
in the shotgun.

I don't understand.
Were you shot?

M r. Nygaard.

Did you pay Lorne Malvo
to kill Sam Hess?

I never paid him.

Okay, offered to pay then.

Made a deal. And then... when
he came for the money...

I never paid.
I didn't pay.

Yeah, okay, but...

arrangements were made...
and then...

I don't know, you tell
me, things went south--

Excuse us, miss.



All right,
we'll get you inside.

Of course.
Left right there.

Is that what
you're looking for then?

Two kids.

I'm sorry?

I got two kids and a wife
who thinks out loud.

This is the time I get.

Accidental for me.

Troubled mind.

I'll come to you.

The winters are cold...
but I can't complain.

My socks have holes...
but again, do I complain?

I do not.

The oldest needs braces...

the youngest once sneezed
for three days straight...

but who could complain?

They're gifts.


All of it.

The cold, the holes.

Hey, so...
I have a question.

Spiritually, I mean.

Or not spiritually, but...

I don't know, of...
like, an ethical nature.



let's say I know
a person is guilty.

He's committed a crime, only...
you know... I can't prove it.

Like, he has everyone else fooled, but...
but I know.

What am I--

Find the proof.

Yeah... okay,
but here's the thing...

I'm no detective.

I mean, Molly, she's...


But I just...

And then there's Greta,
you know, and... and...

Am I supposed to put myself
in danger or do I just...

I don't know,
just... let it go?

A rich man opens
the paper one day.

He sees the world
is full of misery.

Is this a...

It's a parable.

A rich man opens
the paper one day.

He sees the world
is full of misery.

He says...

"I have money.
I can help. "

So, he gives away
all of his money...

but it's not enough.

The people are
still suffering,

One day the man
sees another article.

He decides he was foolish to think
just giving money was enough.

So, he goes to
the doctor and says,

"Doctor, I want to
donate a kidney."

The doctors do the surgery.

It's a complete success.

After, he knows he should
feel good, but he doesn't...

for people are
still suffering.

So he goes back
to the doctor.

He says, "Doctor, this time,
I want to give it all.”

The doctor says, "What does
that mean, give it all?”

He says, "This time,
I want to donate my liver...

but not just my liver.

I want to donate my heart,
but not just my heart.

I want to donate my corneas,
but not just my corneas.

I want to
give it all away...

everything I am...

all that I have.

The doctor says,

"A kidney is one thing,

but you can't give away your
whole body, piece by piece.

That's suicide."

And he sends the man home.

But the man cannot live...

knowing that the people are
suffering and he could help.

So he gives the one
thing he has left...

his life.

And does it work?
Does it stop the suffering?

You live in the world.
What do you think?

So, he killed
himself for nothing?

Did he?

Well, I mean...

You're saying...

What are you saying?

Only a fool thinks he can
solve the world's problems.

Yeah, but you gotta
try, don't you?


Keep it running.

Say, Dad...

I was talking
to the, uh, bug guy.

He's saying this
is all real odd.

The crickets... he's saying
they're not local, you know...

not from around here.

He's saying
they're the kind

you buy at a pet store
to feed your lizard or...

God sent them.

Yeah... but, well...

So... I called around
to all the pet stores,

and wouldn't you know--

Look, kid, I don't have
time for this now.

Just clean it up.
Then pack your shit.

Wally is coming
to take you to the cabin.

Yeah, but, Dad...
No buts!

Just do it.

Excuse me.

Hey there, Molly.


Uh, Lester okay?

He's had a bad week,
that's for sure. Yeah.

What's this? His third time in?

On the plus side,
the nose is healing nicely.

Well, that's a start.

So... Uh, listen,
about that hand...

Oh, real mess there.

Super infected, nasty stuff.

I drained the wound,
removed the foreign object,

cut away the necrotic tissue, and
filled him full of IV antibiotics.

He won't lose the hand,
but it came close.

Yeah. Now, when you say...
foreign object...

Shotgun pellet,
looked like.

Had some fabric
attached to it.

So, it's possible the pellet
passed through something

before getting
into Lester's hand.

Yeah, or someone.


Can I talk to him?

Well, he's sedated now,

on account of he was septic
when you brought him in, so...

Like I said,
real nasty stuff.

Right, yeah, yeah.

Be a while before
he can answer any questions.

Hey, you seen Ida?

Wait, is she here?

Yeah... upstairs.
Just had the baby.

Holy smokes.

Girl or boy?

I heard, so... girl.


Dr. Esbit, call 118.

Excuse me.
All right.

It was the Romans,
wasn't it?

What are you saying?

Saint Lawrence, your window...
the Romans burned him alive.

They did?

You know why?

'Cause he was Christian.


But I think it was because the
Romans were raised by wolves.

Greatest empire in human
history, founded by wolves.

You know what wolves do.

They hunt.

They kill.

That's why I never bought
into The Jungle Book.

A boy is raised by wolves,

he becomes friends
with a bear and a panther.

I don't think so.

I knew a guy once.
Had a 110-pound Rottweiler...

and one night, this girl
thought it'd be funny

to get down on all fours
and let the dog hump her.

The dog still
had its balls.

Well, the dog gets up there,
but he's not in on the joke.

This is just a bitch in heat
as far as he's concerned...

and he's not leaving till
he gets what he came for.

Well, the girl, too late, realizes
the kind of mistake she's made.

She wants to get up.

But the dog had other ideas.

Had to shoot it behind the
ear to get it off of her.

I don't... I don't...

Well, I'm saying that...

the Romans,
raised by wolves,

they see a guy
turning water into wine...

what do they do?

They eat him.

'Cause there are no saints
in the animal kingdom.

Only breakfast and dinner.

So what time do you want me to
pick you up in the morning?

No... we're done.

You can stay the night, but you
gotta hit the road come dawn.

Here's what I owe you.

Sorry it didn't work out.


Heya... it's Molly.

Oh, yeah,
how you doin' there?

Pretty good.

How's things
going with you?

Not bad. Just... trying
to figure this thing out.

Yeah, so,
I was wondering...

with this fella
I arrested...

how come he was there,
you know, on the street...

on that street?

I mean,
if he is our guy and not,

you know,
some pastor actually.

So what'd
you come up with?

Well, see...

I'm not sure what I'm
looking for is the problem.

Plus, you know, it's dark out, so...
maybe go back out tomorrow.

Oh. I was thinking I might
drive out in the morning,

take a look at Lester's car.

Thought maybe...
after we could get together.

You know,
compare notes on this thing.

Sure. That'd be...

I'd like that.

Okay, so tomorrow then.


What'd you get
for number three?

X squared.
What'd you get for four?

A rhombus?

Help you?

You're not
supposed to be here.

Oh, no, I'm pretty sure I'm
right where I'm supposed to be.


Neighborhood watch.

If you don't move, I'm gonna
have to call the cops.

Well, friend,
there's no need for that.

This is a nice neighborhood.

Children play in
the streets, my children.

We have block parties...
fruit punch.

We don't need a man
in a dark car doing things.

You mean like sitting?

Don't be a nudnik.

This is a community.

People watch
each other's backs.

Someone gets sick, someone
dies, you bring a casserole...


Maybe I'm hereto help.

No, you have black eyes.

You're trouble.

I'm going inside
and I'm calling the cops.

Which building?

The one with
the Jew bus outside?

There it is.

Now the truth comes out.

You know...
some people think

you don't need alarms
on second story windows.

They think they can save a few
bucks, you know, and still be safe.

Another way they save money

is they don't hook up the
alarm to the phone line,

so the bell rings,
but the cops don't come...

or they come, but only after
the neighbors call...

which... if this community
is tight as you say,

you know...

just might be quick enough
to save your life...

or your children's lives...



You have a nice night.

How come we're all
in the hall then?

Ida kicked us out...
said we were being too loud.

Ah. You know, she did
just have a baby, so...

Ah. We all agreed it
was a good point.


So you're... being loud
in the hall instead.

All right, boys,
let's... pack it up.

Call her a night.

You really wanna go out there?

Goin' away.
From me.

I gotta protect
the baby here.

Come on...
Bil"s got a job to do.

Hey, you're making
too much noise.

Sorry, you sleeping?

that's a baby, all right.

Smell her.


That's what a new
one smells like then.


How you holding up?


You're the one
just had a baby.

Yeah, but I get
to lie down now.


I just look tired.

Inside, I'm raring to go.


How much do you wanna--
I don't need details.

Just tell me
you're taking care of it.

I'm trying, yeah.

Do you want me to stay the night?
I could sleep in the chair.

No, I got people coming...

my sister and her daughter.

Be here around
11:00, she said.

They said... Bernadette.

Vern's idea...
his mother's name.

I wanted Allie.

And now he's dead.

That man always knew
how to win an argument.

I think it's pretty, so...

Good 'cause
you're the babysitter.

Now go home.
Let me sleep.

And you do the same.
You look like a raccoon.

I gotta go to Duluth in the a.m.,
but I'll stop by after, yeah.