Face Off (2011–…): Season 13, Episode 2 - Moonlight Monsters - full transcript

In the first elimination challenge this season, the artists have to create fun and lighthearted monsters inspired by real life day jobs.


McKenzie: Previously
on "Face Off: Battle Royale"

the artists battled
head to head--

- It's on.

McKenzie: To create horrific
fairy tale characters.

- Whoo!
This is such high stress.

- It could be anybody's game.

McKenzie: Kelly's makeup wowed
the judges for the overall win,

but the defeated artists
are in danger of going home

in tonight's
elimination challenge.

Remember when you were afraid
of monsters under the bed?

- I can't afford
to be the battle loser.

- I literally have nothing.

- This is "Face Off:
Battle Royale."

all: Whoo!

[exciting music]

? ?

? ?

- Ooh, wow.

- What?
- Ew.

- This room is pink.

There are fluffy
toys everywhere.

Looks like a little girl
might live in this room.

It's a little bit terrifying.

- [bleep].
- Good morning, everybody.

Do you remember
when you were a kid

and you were afraid
of monsters under the bed?

- Yes.
- Well, films like

"Little Monsters"
and "Monsters, Inc."

have taken the idea
of scary monsters under the bed

and completely turned it
on its head,

featuring whimsical monsters
with day jobs

in a world a lot like our own,

so for this week's
Spotlight Challenge each of you

will chose an everyday
occupation and create the fun,

lighthearted monster
who carries out

that job in the monster world.

- I like that.
- That's cool.

- Monsters.
Okay, I can do that.

- Now, in the spirit
of the challenge,

there are various objects
under the bed

that represent your day jobs.

- Oh, my God.
- Oh, man.

- Now, there are two of each,
so when you choose one,

don't forget you're also
choosing your battle partner.

So we have a coffee pot that
represents a diner waitress,

a fireman's hat
for a firefighter,

a hair dryer for a hairdresser,

a badge for a police officer,

a gavel for a judge,

and some dental models
representing a dentist.

- Okay.
- Now, when I call your names

come on over and choose an item
from under the bed.

Jordan, you're first.

? ?


[clacks dentures]

? ?

- Ooh.

- [hisses]

- I got it.

- There's so much
to choose from.

- Decaf?
- Cheers.

- Now, before you get started,
there's just one more thing.

- Of course there is.
- Of course.

- A good monster still needs
to be able to scare on command,

so you must incorporate

a physical gag
into your makeup

that transforms your monster

from lighthearted
to terrifying.

- Oh.
- Ah.

Gags are tough.

They require prototypes
and troubleshooting.

It's just gonna take
a lot of time,

and that's what's concerning me.

- All right, now, we do have one
last order of business.

Kelly, you won
the last challenge

and received the help
of an expert today.

Well, your expert is perfect
for this challenge.

His first professional job

was with the makeup department
on the TV show "Munsters."

Since then he's made monsters
for films like "Goosebumps,"

and "Star Trek: Into Darkness,"

and along the way
he's won two Emmy awards.

Please welcome Jamie Kelman.


- I'm super excited
to work with Jamie.

It's like having a coach again,

except this guy gets to get
his hands dirty with me,

so this is gonna be sweet.

- Hey. Thank you so much
for being here.

- Thank you.
Thank you.

I'm very happy to be here,
make some monsters.

- Yeah. All right,
let's get to it.

You want to go join Kelly,
then, please?

- All right. Nice to meet you.
- So good to meet you.

- All right, guys,
it's time to get started,

and as a reminder,

this is a double
elimination challenge,

so make sure that you
pull out all the stops.

Good luck, guys.

? ?

- I'm super excited
to work with Jamie.

With this cutthroat battle
against Kevon,

it's a great advantage,

and I got to use it right.

I'm thinking of going
with a kind of bat monster.

My concept is--

[low, scratchy voice]
Her name is Mabel,

and she works night shift
at the cafe.

She'll tell you great stories,
but you cross her, and--


- Don't forget they want her to
go from whimsical to menacing.

- The biggest thing
that Jamie is pushing for me

is my monster
has to have character.

- Maybe she has a hairstyle
that this ties into

so that it's not
just, like, a beard.

- The gag is that
she pulls down her beard,

and it reveals this nasty,

lumpy lips underneath and,

like, a big, old tongue.

Gosh, I'm so pumped up.

- Two heads are better than one.
- You know?

? ?

- How's your idea looking?
Do you have [indistinct] style?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- This challenge I get
to go up against Damien.

We actually wanted to go
against each other

just for some
friendly competition.

This way we can
have fun with it.

My monster's a judge,

and since judges
wear these powder wigs,

I'm thinking it's made
out of brains,

and I want its eyes
to sort of bulge out.

Yeah, so I'm gonna try
to make it

so the eyes go--[rolls tongue]

It should be
pretty disturbing.

That big mouth, like--
- [laughs]

- I got the firefighter.

The first thing I was thinking
about was a fire hydrant

and then went to metal,

and so I'm going to be
doing a man made of metal.

For the gag I'd really like
to do something

where the jaw drops
or comes off,

and that's going to be
a big mouth of some sort,

something to really
scare the kids.

How's it going?
- Getting there.

I'm still working
on the face design.

- Oh, yeah.

I'm really nervous
to battle Derek

because I feel like he's one
of the strongest artists

in this competition.

- My concept for my monster is
this big, blue, grumpy fireman,

and then my gag is gonna be
his chin's gonna open up,

and there's gonna be
all this gore

and teeth and fangs inside.

It needs to kind of be
from the bottom up

with the big, open mouth.

- Good luck, brother.
- Thanks, man, you too.

? ?

- My profession is hairdresser,
and I am battling Yvonne.

I know that she is
very good at makeup,

so I really need to do well,

but I just cannot come up
with anything at all.

I can't worry about the gag
until I have a good concept.

? ?

- I selected the cop
because I think

I can come up with something
that can be both fun

and lighthearted
and also terrifying,

so I want to do a rabbit cop.

The gag is a cute
bunny rabbit hops out,

and he takes his hat off,

and he's terrifying
underneath his cop uniform.

- My concept is a four-armed
waitress squid, and the gag

is a terrifying face revealed
on the back of her head.

I'm going up against
Kelly this round,

and she's making
tremendous progress

'cause, well, you got Kelly
sculpting something,

and then you got Jamie Kelman
sculpting something,

so I have no choice
but to move very fast.

? ?

- My concept
for my police officer

is that
he's a mall security guard.

He's a really big dude,

and I want to make this
a rhino-inspired makeup.

For my gag I'm thinking
of making these two flaps

that snap down and expose
something scary underneath.

- So for my dentist I just
want to make a giant, wacky,

pearly-white smile creature
with big,

floppy ears and a little,

pink hairdo that might have
possibly kidnapped

the real dentist
and taken his place.

For my gag I'd love to have
a rolled-up tongue

that flops out
and flops around

whenever he opens his mouth.

I'm really liking where
this sculpt is going.

? ?

- I just don't want
your overlap--

- Yeah, I was thinking that.

- And underlap to not
harmoniously tie together,

of course.

- It's really cool
to have Jamie in the lab.

I'm blocking out the face,

and he's making these bat ears

and blocking out these huge,
nasty lips,

and I'm really liking the way
that this is going.

I love her. I love her.
- Yeah, it's coming along.

- But unfortunately,
our time must end.

- Okay.
- Good luck.

- You have a--thank you.

- Good luck to all you
crazy kids making monsters.

- Thank you.
- Good luck.

- Thank you.

- My mind is blank right now,

and I can't draw anything.

- How's your concept coming?
- I have none.

If I can't come up
with a concept for my makeup,

then I can't even compete.

- So what were you
thinking originally?

- I've had so many ideas,
and they're all so bad.

I have nothing.

I'll figure it out.

I was just getting some ideas.

Two people are going home,

and if I can't come up
with a concept,

then I don't have a chance here.


- My mind is blank right now,

and I just cannot come up
with anything at all.

I have nothing.

I'm feeling like
I can't even compete.

- You have a face,
and you have clay,

and you have
a really good brain.

- I really have no choice.

I just have to pick something
and go with it.

- You're so talented, dude.

Don't psych yourself out.

You could always start
looking at reference books.

- Yeah, maybe.
- You got this.

Come on.
Just go for it.

- So I start looking
at some reference photos,

and the idea of a insect monster
sounds really cool to me.

She's gonna open up her head,

and there's gonna be
a mouth inside,

and I think that'll
be kind of creepy.

I have renewed energy,

and I'm ready
to start sculpting.

[electronic music]

? ?

- Hi, everybody.
- Hi.

- Hey.
- Hello.

- I have a cafe waitress.
- Uh-huh.

- What I want the gag to be
is I want her to turn around

and have this mouth

and these eyes open
on the back of the head.

So do you think
I should avoid pointed teeth

on this to keep it friendly?

- Yes, 'cause it'd really be

to have him actually start
this way and then turn around.

- Okay.
- What character did you select?

- The dentist,

so he has blue toothpaste
splattered all over him.

He's got teeth protruding,
and he's, like, gum pink.

- This, to me,
looks very human with this

stuck on the end of it.

If you raise the nose up a bit,

it'll become more
of a character.

- So I got the dentist.

For my gag there's gonna
be a silicone tongue

rolled up inside of it.

- Now, how's that
gonna be released?

- I'm either gonna use
a CO2 cartridge,

or it's going
to be blown through.

- Blowing it would probably
be better than the CO2.

- Yeah.

- Because with that
it's like oop, it doesn't work.

- Yeah.

- If he could control it,
it's gonna happen like that.

- Right.

- I am making a police officer.
- Okay.

Your mouth is just a nonspecific
human pair of lips,

so I think you need
to change this a little bit,

and all your lines here,

you want to drag it
all down with gravity.

- Okay.
- She is a hairdresser.

- Okay.
- The idea is that

I'm gonna sculpt
a mouthpiece separately,

and then I will be able
to lift up the cowl

and stick the mouth
inside underneath,

but I'm having a hard time
figuring out my shapes

because I want it
to be bug-like.

- If you want it
to be bug-like,

you're gonna need planes to it.
Square it off.

- 'Kay.
- And then square it off.

- Okay.

- So then it takes it away
from looking like-

- Sure, to--yeah.
- A floppy ear, yeah, yeah.

- Okay, I see
what you're saying.

- Yeah.

- So I got the fireman.
- Mm-hmm.

- It's kind of like
a robot creature,

and I'm gonna be doing
a drop jaw gag.

- Don't be afraid
to make this thick enough.

This is all pretty close
to the head.

- Okay.
- So if you need more thickness

to make your gag work,
thicken it up.

- That's a great idea.
- Bye, everybody. Good luck.

- Thank you.
- Bye.

- Bye.

? ?

- I'm very worried.

I'm making a rabbit,
not really a monster,

but it's lighthearted and fun
and also terrifying,

and I have the gag,
so I hope the judges agree

that I'm fitting the challenge.

The face is done,
so it's time to mold it.

I'm still uneasy
about my concept,

but hopefully it works out
and I can squeak by this one.

- One hour, everybody.

? ?

- That's time, everyone.

[all cheering]

- All right.

The first thing I need to do is
open up my mold, clean it out,

and get my latex pulled.

For his regular teeth, I don't
want them to be regular--

like goofy, nothing scary.
- Yeah.

- And then it's gonna split
right here.

- That's cool, man.

- Now I have to start
making my gag,

so I sculpt the inside
of the mouth

down the model's chin,

and the cowl is gonna
go over that.

It'll split open
into two pieces,

and it's gonna reveal
this terrifying monster.

I'm really liking
how it's coming out.

- Man, so cool.
- Thanks, man.

- It's time to start
working on my gag.

So my initial idea was to have
this rolled-up, hollow, silicone

tongue that can fit
inside the mouth,

and the actor can just blow it
out like a party whistle,

so I grab a board
and a wooden dowel

and start sculpting my tongue.

I want it to be real warty
and nasty-looking,

just to have the inside
of the mouth be really realistic

and disgusting-looking

while the outside's cartoony
and lighthearted.

I'm nervous about
making the gag work

just because I've got to do
a lot of pre-painting

before I can even apply it
to the model,

so I've only got one shot,

and if it doesn't
turn out right,

it could mean the difference
between a win and a lose.

- For my firefighter
I vacuform over the jaw piece.

I want it to be
completely hollow

so that the actor can remove it,

and everything is underneath
for the scare,

so I try a pull method,

which is one large tube
with a smaller tube inside,

and then you can just slide
the jaw through up and down,

but unfortunately,

I'm having a really hard time
getting it to work.

I can't push these tubes
to the face

and get a nice, clean slide,

so I have to scrap that idea.

The gag is a big part
of this challenge,

and right now I don't even know

if my jaw piece
is gonna work out.

The metal up against the face,

since I can't build, like,
a whole frame--

- Yeah, that's true.

- I don't have
the time for that.

I've tested it a ton,
but nothing's worked out,

and I'm really, really nervous.

It's two in a row
if I'm bottom this time.

I could go home.



- The metal up against the face,
since I can't build, like,

a whole frame--
- Yeah, that's true.

- I don't have
the time for that.

For my gag I tried a pull method

so that I could
pull this jaw down,

but unfortunately,
I have to scrap that idea,

so I'm gonna do
a magnet reveal,

so there will be two magnets,

and I'll be able
just to pull this jaw off,

and there will be
these gnarly teeth underneath,

so I'm hoping
that my vacuform jaw

is lightweight enough so that
I won't have any problems.

? ?

- I got to start making
my big, bulging eyes.

The gag is that bladders
are pushing these eyeballs

out of the prosthetic
giving my character bug eyes.

The process of making a bladder

is stippling layers of latex
over and over,

creating a tiny cavity,
and then connecting a tube.


- Aw, dude, it's awesome.

- 30 minutes, everyone.

- Time is running out,

and I need
to run four squid-like hands

as fast as I can in slip latex
and poly foam.

To stay on track,
all that has to be done today.

- All right, guys, that's time.
- Oh, no.

Kelly won the last challenge

and had professional help
this round.

I can't afford to be
the battle loser this time,

so last thing I want,
day three, is more lab work.

I need to apply.
I need to paint,

and I need to finish the gag,

so tomorrow is going to be
a very high-stress day.

? ?

- Whoo!
- Gremlin hands.

- The edges are dope.
- That's pretty.

- Jordan, nice to meet you.
- What's up, man?

- You're a hairdresser monster.
- Oh, my God.

- I've got a lot to do,
so my plan

is to apply my cowl
and my face.

You want to push that guy
into place?

Glue the ears to the hat

and then start applying hair
to his chin.

I hope I can get it
all done in time.

- I'm just gonna cut this,
so get it ready.

I'm feeling extremely nervous.

The foam isn't great.

There's some areas
that collapsed.

My seaming
is pretty bad as well.

I haven't even started
to apply yet,

but I'm just going as fast
as I can, trying to save this.

- Yeah, I'm gonna put
little magnets right here.

It'll be easy for you
to just kind of

pull it and then click it
back if you need to.

To keep this mouth
closed for my gag,

I decide to use some magnets.

No, let's try something else.
But they're not sticking.

They're not working the way
I thought they would.

Yeah, this is gonna work.

I'm behind, but this is

a important piece
of my whole design,

so I have to make sure
it works.

- For colors I am using
the palette of a dentist,

the whites and the pinks.

Let me just get your left side.

I start with a base coat
of PAX paint,

and then I go in
with a lighter pink

for all the highlights
and the darker purples

and darker reds.

- You just brushed the dry blood
in there?

- Yeah.

- That looks cool, man.
- Everything's going great.

He's very cartoony
and vibrant-looking,

but I'm battling Jordan,

and his monster's
looking really awesome,

so I've got to bring my A-game.

- The idea is that with magnets
you're gonna be able to just go,

and it will show that part.

I've never really done
a gag like this,

and the magnets are tough

because the hot glue gun

has a metal tip
that sticks to the magnets,

so I'm having to pipe
the hot glue

onto a popsicle stick

and then put it on the magnet,

so it's a little bit
of troubleshooting,

but it's coming together.

I keep thinking about
the 8 million ways

I could have done this easier.

- You have all these jagged
teeth that I'm placing in.

I'm having a really hard time

getting the teeth
to stick down right here.

I don't think
I can make it work,

so it really throws off
this idea

that I have a mouthful of metal
underneath this jaw piece.

Let's see if this works.

It's not what I wanted,
but I have to stick with it.

- Pull it straight up.
I get the mechanical skull

for the second face
into the back of this cowl,

but time is almost up,
and I realize

that I have spent damn near

all of my application
time working on this gag.

Oh, God, what else.

Somehow I get all her arms
attached, her hands attached,

and a pink base layer,
but I need to do a lot

to make this aesthetically
to the level it needs to be at.

- We got 15 minutes, guys.

? ?

- That's time, guys.

Holy [bleep].

- Time's up, and I'm still
pre-painting it,

so I don't have anything
applied to my model.

In addition, I haven't
really had a chance

to work out my gag yet.

It's nerve-racking just
because I need everything

to go according to plan
in Last Looks

if I want any chance

of winning my battle
against Matt.

[all chattering]

- I'm freaking out a bit.

I got to paint the mouth,
get this hair on there,

and finish the face paint job.

This character has got
to stand out.

- I've got a lot to do
in this one hour.

I need to apply
my entire makeup

plus work out my gag.

But the tongue doesn't quite fit
the way that I anticipated,

so I'm gonna need
to hang it out the side.

I'm just hoping
that the silliness

of the tongue flopping around

will be enough
to please the judges.

- It feels like the hour's
going by in five minutes,

and I'm trying to get her
other hand on,

get her wardrobe on,
get her eyes in.

I'm still trying to figure out
this paint job.

It's all just a blur.

- I'm painting him red
to really show the inspiration

from the fire truck,
but it's drowning out

all that metal
that I painted underneath,

so it's not reading as well
as I'd like it to.

- 15 minutes.

? ?

- That's time, guys.

- [laughs]

- It's still a full creature.

At least you didn't do a robot
for a monster challenge.

This isn't what I've envisioned.

This isn't how I saw it.

I don't feel like it meets
the challenge.

I can feel the judges
yelling at me already.


[suspenseful music]

? ?

- Good evening, everyone.

Welcome to the "Face Off"
Reveal Stage.

Tonight, two of you
will be eliminated.

Now, before we get to business,
please say hello

to our amazing series judges,

owner of Alchemy Studios,
Mr. Glenn Hetrick.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

- Hi, Glenn.
- Oscar and Emmy Award-winning

makeup artist Ms. Ve Neill.

- Hi, everybody.
- Hey.

- Hey.
- And of course,

creature and concept
designer Mr. Neville Page.

- Hello, everyone.
- Hello, Neville.

- All right, let's get to it.

For your Spotlight Challenge

we asked you to choose
an everyday occupation

and use it to inspire a fun,

lighthearted monster
that carries out

that job in the monster world,

and in an added twist we asked

that you also incorporate
a physical gag

that would transform
your friendly monster

into a terrifying figure,

so let's take a look
at your monstrous creations.

Jordan and Matt,
you are our first battle.

? ?

- Even though my gag
doesn't really work,

I'm loving the way
that it looks.

The big, nasty teeth
are a great focal point.

It just really brings
the character together.

? ?

- The colors are great.
The gag is there.

Blood just spurts
like a root canal,

so I believe I've got a really
great chance to win this.

? ?

- The whole package
could be a lot better.

I Just wish it was bigger,
louder, more climactic.

? ?

- It's fun, but I'm looking
at my paint job on the face,

and it's not my best work.

? ?

- I'm concerned the judges

are going to think
it's painted too dark,

so I'm pretty nervous
at this point.

- He opens up his mouth,

and all that slime
and goo just looked perfect.

Hopefully the judges
get that effect and like it.

? ?

- He's got this long,
gross strand of slime.

I'm really happy.
The gag works fantastic.

- I want to beat Damien, but
he got a lot more time to paint

than I did,

so hopefully they dig my gag
and the character.

? ?

- I'm feeling really good
about my makeup,

and no dreads fell off,
so that's a huge bonus.

- My model goes to
pull her mohawk up,

and it just looks like
a black hole.

This makes me nervous.

? ?

- It looks really cool,
really fun,

and then he pulls that hat off,

and he looks so scary
and terrifying,

and it looks great.

- I think the gag worked out
better than I anticipated,

but I don't know
if it's enough to win my battle.

- Okay, judges, go ahead
and take

a closer look
at these magnificent monsters.

? ?

- Nice and shiny.
- So much better that way.

- Really contrasting colors

which made it feel
appropriately childlike.

Lift your cap off for us.

- Oh.
- Now we're talking.

- It's a beautiful pink
paint job.

I got to give him that.

This part is pretty fun
and silly.

- I think that the paint job
could have been

a little bit more defining

in terms of the two
different characters.

- I don't understand the choice

for the structure
of the sculpture.

- It's really simplistic.

- This feels confused.

- Hold that thing open.

- I think it's one of
the more successful reveals.

- Yeah, I like this one.

- It lines up really nicely.
- It does.

- Can we see it
without the face on?

- I love the reveal, but I don't
like the green paint.

It's muddy and gray.

- Can you reveal your dark side?

- It does go
from bad to worse,

I'll give it that.

- Thank you.

- Okay, the judges have chosen
the winners

and losers of each battle.

Let's find out
who came out on top.

In battle number one,
Jordan versus Matt,

the winner is...

? ?

All right, guys, it's time
to get on Twitter

and tell us who made your
favorite whimsical monster

using #faceoff.


- Okay, the judges
have chosen the winners

and losers of each battle.

Let's find out
who came out on top.

In battle number one,
Jordan versus Matt,

the winner is Jordan.

- Yeah.

- In battle number two,

Kevon versus Kelly,
the winner is Kevon.

- Ooh.

- In battle number three,

Jo versus Derek,
the winner is...


- Thanks.

- In battle number four,

Damien versus Graham,
the winner is Damien.

- Yeah.
- Congrats.

- In battle number five,
Yvonne versus Sasha,

the winner is Yvonne.


And finally,
in battle number six,

Walter versus Mel,

the winner is Walter.


to all of our victors.

Now the judges
would like to speak

with some of you
before making their decisions.

Walter, please step forward.

- Hello, Walter.
- How's it going, guys?

- Tell us about your approach
to this challenge.

- Well, I wanted the rabbit cute
and fuzzy,

and I wanted the reveal
to be he takes his hat off,

and it's a very monster-y
feel from the nose up.

- It is exactly
what we were looking for.

Some of the paint's
absolutely gorgeous

in that profile along the side

where it transitions
from the weird,

red-purplies into the white.
Great stuff.

- Thank you very much.

- I think your reveal
was just stunning.

When he takes the hat off,
you see those furrowed,

dark brows, fantastic.

- Thank you very much.
- That grin that he has,

there's just a little bit
of menace going on already,

and the choice of doing
a small nose also lends

to his cute factor

and makes the reveal
that much more horrific.

- Walter, please step back.
- Thank you so much, Brian.

- Jo, please come forward.

? ?

- Hello.

- Would you tell us the concept
behind your child's monster?

- When I got the firefighter,

I started thinking
about elements

that could actually fight fire

and then thought fire truck.

- For me it doesn't
work this week.

- Okay.
- Can he take his thing off?

It's really difficult

to tell what that
is supposed to be inside.

It doesn't look scary
or menacing.

- With the jaw off
it almost looks simian versus

looking like a large mouth
with metallic teeth.

- It desperately needs little
dings of silver and stuff,

and the idea,
as good as it is,

I don't think ends up
in your final product.

- Okay, thank you.
- Jo, you can step down.

- Thank you.

- Jordan, please step
to the center.

? ?

- So tell us
about your concept.

- My wacky dentist kidnapped
a real dentist,

tied him up,
put him in the closet,

and is now taking customers.

- It's ridiculous.
It's childlike.

I love it.

There's some beautiful shapes.
There's some beautiful painting.

It's very cartoony,

but it satisfies the challenge.
The only part of the challenge

it really didn't satisfy
is the gag.

- It's precisely like the zonky
type of shenanigans

we expected to see out
of a challenge like this,

and I think you delivered
super strong.

- Thank you.
- I love your color choices.

Those teeth are just so shiny
and so rotten at the top.

Fantastic, you did a great job,

- Thank you very much.
- Jordan, please head back.

- Thanks.

- All right,
let's talk to Sasha.

? ?

- Tell us about your concept.
- I wanted to create a monster

that had some shapes
of an insect

and an alien that would live
in Tim Burton World.

- The gag feels
really uninspired.

? ?

It's not well-integrated
into the fundamental design

of what you did.

- There's no payoff.
There's no monster involved,

and that is one of the main
things we wanted to see,

and I think staying away
from Tim Burton

when you have to do
light and breezy

is a much better choice.

- It comes down to the general
sculptural shape of your head.

It doesn't convey the things

that you listed
of insect, alien.

- Thank you.

- Sasha, if you'll
please head back.

Mel, please step up.

? ?

- Would you tell us the concept
behind your monster?

- I decided to pull

from some animal influences
in the design.

It's a rhino and a cow
sort of meshed.

- I've seen a rhino.

They don't look
anything like that.

He looks scary already,
and then he pulls down his skin.

It still looks like the same guy

with a bunch of eyeballs
on his forehead,

so we don't have enough
of a split there.

- Thank you.

- The skin texture
that you chose,

it feels like you were using
yarn art as a technique.

It's just not the level
of quality

that I would love
to see from you in the future.

- Thank you.
- The entire kids aspect of it

is so desperately missing.

It's not appropriate
for the challenge,

is the biggest issue for me.

- Okay.
- Mel, please step back.

- Thank you.

? ?

- All right, thank you, guys.

If you'll please head
back to the makeup room

while the judges deliberate.

? ?

All right, judges, we've got
a lot to discuss tonight.

Why don't we start with some
of your favorite makeups?

Let's begin with Walter.

- When I saw that blood

dripping down
from the side of the hat,

I went,
"Oh, this is disturbing.

This is gonna be good.
What's going on under there?"

- To hide that furled brow that
emotes this sinister, devious,

evil nature under the hat,
that's quite brilliant.

- It really showcased
competent character design.

- But the teeth were rubber.

It would have been so cool

if he would have done
acrylic teeth.

That would have made it
look more animated.

- All right, judges,
let's move on to Jordan.

- Polar opposite of Walter
because it is over the top.

I really appreciated
that he did his own thing.

- It's that beautiful shading
that brings

the whole thing together
and makes it feel alive.

But he missed the gag.
There's no gag.

Had to be a way to reveal
how cool that thing looked.

- All right, so as you know,
we are sending

two artists home tonight,

so let's move on to the makeups

that didn't work
for you this week.

Let's start with Jo.

- She had no place
to go with that.

I think it was just a bad idea
from the beginning.

- Going with hard surface

especially the first time
you've ever done it,

it's just far too difficult.

When you make a bad decision
conceptually, you're doomed.

- So judges, remember last week
Jo was in the bottom

with her Mr. Toad character.

What do you think of that?
- Similar problems.

I didn't think the design
was very well resolved.

- And the paint job
was not great.

- All right, so let's talk about
someone else

who was also
in the bottom last week

and this week, Mel.

- It would have worked if the
paint hadn't been so dark.

It was horrifying
to begin with.

- She did do, I think,
one of the cooler reveals.

I did enjoy the gag,

but I do think
that she is capable of better.

- All right,
let's move on to Sasha.

- That reveal's a pasted-on

just a mouth on the top
of the head.

How does that make it scarier?

- There's so much room
for growth there cosmetically.

- Last week she did
that mermaid in the wheelchair.

The face was a little rough,

but the whole idea
was pretty cool.

- It's not the concepts
I'm worried about.

It's the technical execution.

- All right then, judges,
have you made your decisions?

- We have.

- We have.
- Yeah, we have.

- All right,
let's bring them back out.

? ?

Welcome back, guys.

Glenn, who is the winner
of this challenge?

- The winner of tonight's
challenge is...

? ?

McKenzie: The winner
of "Face Off: Battle Royale"

will receive a VIP trip

from Kryolan
Professional Make-Up

to one of their 85
international locations,

an all-new Fiat 500,

and $100,000.


- All right, Glenn, who is
the winner of this challenge?

- The winner of tonight's
challenge is...



The rabbit guy

was a very, very clever way
to approach this challenge,

and your brain gag was also
extremely successful.

Way to bounce back this week.
- Thank you so much.

It feels extremely good to get
a win on an All Star season,

and it's momentum
going into the next challenge.

- Walter, congratulations.

You and Jordan are safe

and can head back
to the makeup room.

- Thanks, guys.

- All right, guys, as you know,

you are all on the bottom,

and two of you
will be going home tonight.

Please step forward.

? ?

All right, Glenn, who is the
first person going home tonight?

- The first person
going home tonight is...

? ?


We thought your creative

were really quite strong,

but you set yourself
on a super-tough path,

and the execution
of those concepts

was your undoing this week.

- Jo, you have all the things

it'll take to make a really
fantastic makeup artist.

I'm sure you're gonna
be spectacular in our field.

- Thank you.
- Jo, it's been so great

having you back with us,
but you have been eliminated.

If you'd please head
back to the makeup room

and pack up your kit.

- Thanks for the opportunity.
- Thank you, Jo.

- Good luck, Jo.

- It sucks to be eliminated
so early,

but it's been
an absolute pleasure

to have been part of All Stars.

- So Glenn, who is the second
person leaving us tonight?

- The second person
going home tonight is...


You have a great,
vivid imagination,

but your ideas congealed
into an alien-like being,

and it just didn't satisfy

this lighthearted
monster challenge.

- Sasha, I'm sorry, but you have
also been eliminated.

So that means Mel,
you are safe this week

and can head back
to the makeup room.

- Thank you.

- Sasha, I love how you think

and approach things,

and you will be missed,
but it's gonna be a pleasure

to see what you do
with your future.

- Thank you.

- Sasha, it's been so great
having you here with us.

If you'd please head
back to the makeup room

and pack up your kit.

- Thank you, everyone.
- Bye, sweetheart.

- Good luck.
- Thank you, Sasha.

- Good luck.
- Good luck.

- Coming back as an
All Star helped me realize

how much I want to grow.

There's so much
I still don't know.

all: Oh.

- I would have liked
to go further,

but I'm honored to be here

with so many talented people,

and I just can't wait
to keep going with makeup.

- I had so much fun being able
to sculpt monsters

and apply makeup.

I have no idea
what I'm gonna do after this,

but I definitely know
that art will be something

I'll never let go of.

McKenzie: Next time
on "Face Off."

We're delving into the world
of an ancient culture.

- I want to take away
some of the human form.

- But that doesn't take it away.

- I don't know
what I'm gonna do.

- The face is not coming out.

I'm screwed.