Face Off (2011–…): Season 13, Episode 3 - Aztec Aliens - full transcript

The artists have to create ancient aliens that could have been the inspiration for Aztec Gods.


McKenzie: Previously,
on "Face Off: Battle Royale."

The artists created
whimsical monsters.

Walter's police-bunny
brought him the win,

but Sasha and Jo fell short in
the first elimination challenge

and were sent home.

And tonight...
We're delving into the world

of a brilliant ancient culture.

- I'm ready to go.
- I wanna take away

some of the human form.

- But that doesn't take it away.

- I don't know
what I'm gonna do.

- The face is not coming out.

I'm screwed.

[dramatic music]

- This is "Face Off:
Battle Royale."

[all cheers]

[exciting music]

? ?

[electronic music]

? ?

all: Ooh.
- What?

We walk into the lab

and I see stones and leaves.

I'm like, "What's going on?"

- Good morning, guys.
all: Good morning.

- Congratulations
on making it past

the first round of eliminations.
- Thank you.

- This week,
we're delving into the world

of a brilliant ancient culture

that believed
in 13 levels of heaven,

the Aztecs.

The Aztecs left behind
intricate parchments

with colorful images
of the gods they worshipped

and advanced technology

that remains unexplained
to this day.

Now, some do theorize
that this technology

was given to them
by ancient alien visitors

and that the images of the gods
they left behind

were actually
the aliens themselves.

- Nice.
- So your Spotlight Challenge is

to choose the image
of an Aztec god

and create an ancient alien
that might have inspired it.

- That's great.

I love that.

That speaks to me

I got so many ideas.
I'm ready to go.

On season seven,
I was a bottom look

on our ancient alien challenge,

so I really wanna redeem myself
and show the world

that I know
how to make an alien

and I know how to make
a good alien.

- And the scrolls next to me

represent the gods
that you'll have to choose from.

They are:

the feathered serpent
creator God;

the god of war and conflict;

the god of rain and lightning;

the god of fertility;

and Tonatiuh,
the sun god.

Okay, there are two scrolls
for each god.

So remember,
when you choose one,

you're also choosing
your battle partner.

Damien, you're up first.

? ?

- I'll...

go with you.

? ?

- May the gods be with me.

- So our head
to head battles this week

are Damien versus Graham,

Derek versus Matt,

Yvonne versus Mel,

Kelly versus Walter...
- We got this.

- And Kevon versus Jordan.

And before I send you off
to work,

just a quick reminder
that the winner

of this week's
Spotlight Challenge

will receive
the help of an expert

in next week's challenge.

Good luck.
See you soon.

- See you.
[all murmur]

? ?

- I choose Tlaloc,
the god of rain and lightning.

So I take what's ancient alien

and Meso-American in culture

and merge those two
with colors and symbols

of water and lightning.

I'm a big fan of
the Peruvian elongated skulls.

I know it is a risk
to incorporate that

'cause it is
the classic alien look,

but I think it'll really tie in
to Aztec culture.

I'm battling Derek
since he also chose Tlaloc.

I love Derek's work.

I think he's an amazing
artist and designer,

so I'm really excited to see

who comes out on top
in this challenge.

? ?

- I'm reading about Tlaloc,
and it says that

he has features
of a jaguar and jaguar teeth.

So I'm giving my alien
a jaguar exoskeleton.

On the scroll,
he has big, googly eyes,

but I'm going with no eyes

just to stay away from
that traditional alien look.

My biggest worry is that

it might read
more creature than alien

and all the pieces I wanna
incorporate in my character

are gonna be a lot,

but I feel like it needs it
and I need to step it up.

I really wanna win this

- So I picked Tonatiuh.

He's the god of sunlight
and warmth,

and, uh, in exchange for that
sunlight and warmth,

the Aztecs sacrificed
thousands of people to him

every single year.

I'm going with
a more traditional alien

that has bright yellow skin

and this crazy
bio-mechanical gear

that emits rays
of sunlight and warmth.

I really got to make sure
I'm on my game

because I know Graham's gonna be
out looking for blood this time.

I know you're coming for me,

- I choose Quetzalcoatl,

the feathered serpent
creator god.

In the artwork on my scroll,

it has big mohawk hair

and something
that looks like a beak,

but I don't wanna use feathers,

so I decide that my alien's
going to have

a sleek face
with a very harsh, pointy mask.

I wanna incorporate
the ring around the neck

as a cool color.

She's gotta look fierce.

I'm battling Walter,

and we've both won a challenge
as an All-Star

so this is gonna be interesting.

Two winners going head to head.

- I got Tezcatlipoca,
the god of war and conflict,

and I'm going to be
battling Kevon,

which is really crazy
because Kevon's from my season.

So this should be
an interesting battle.

So I start blocking out
the face.

Just kind of feeling out
the clay.

I start off
with a more elongated,

traditional head for an alien,

and then I had to
incorporate aspects

from the actual drawing
on my scroll.

There's a lot of circles
throughout the head area

that I'm turning into

There's also this gold mask,

and I think it'd be really cool
to have that reveal

a mouth full of black,
gnarly gums and teeth.

- Now we're [bleep] talking,

- You like it?
- Yeah.

- I'm very, very far outside
my comfort zone right now.

[both laugh]

- I'm not really
too into aliens,

but I'm really liking where
my shapes and forms are going

with my sculpture.

? ?

- Mel and I have Xochipilli,
the god of fertility.

I'm actually really excited
for this

'cause I think of life
and plants,

and there's a lot of leaf-like
shapes in the scroll,

so I wanna make leaves

that are growing out of her

to give, like,
a crown-like feel,

but then I want distinct
alien features in the face,

and I want her holding a baby

as her prop
to represent fertility.

? ?

- Xochipilli's associated
with butterflies

and four suns and seven flowers,

so I'm incorporated a butterfly
on the face

as part of the anatomy
and then working in

some of the sun
and flower elements as well,

and I hope it reads.

It's reading like a butterfly,
you think?

- No.

- But it doesn't.

- If you're going for fish,
that's pretty good.

- Graham tells me
it looks like a fish.

- Oh, that's cool.
Kind of fishy.

- I don't want it to be fishy.

And then Damien tells me
that he loves my fish.

So now I need to figure out

how to make this alien
less fishy

without me starting over.

? ?

- Tonatiuh.

I have Tonatiuh,
the sun god.

He's the center
of the Aztec calendar,

so in my design,
his face is the center

and sort of radiates out
into a sun shape,

but rather than emitting light,

I'm thinking maybe his skin
is metallic

and he actually reflects light.

- Oh, that's cool.
- Yeah, it's totally different

than everyone else's though.
- So?

It's good.
- So, might not be an alien.

[deep demonic voice]
We'll see.

I'm hoping the judges
are gonna say it's unique,

but who knows?

Maybe they'll like
a regular, old alien.


? ?

- Hi, everybody.
all: Hey.

- I selected
the feathered serpent.

He is believed to be

a flying reptile.
- Mm-hmm.

- So I wanna do,
like, a feathered mohawk,

and then bring, like,
a scale pattern up.

- Now what about the rest
of the body?

- I've seen so many makeups

that are just this and they win
and they do good, so...

- Yeah.
- I really wanna focus on this

and do a really good job.

- Well, it could be
a time saver for you.

I think you're right on.
- Cool.

- What god did you select?

- Tezcatlipoca, the god of war.

This face is gonna be divided
into three stripes,

and then on top,
I wanna give it a color pattern

that is going to represent
the stripes.

- What are you gonna do
in the mouth?

Are you gonna put teeth in?
- Maybe.

I haven't thought about it.
- I wouldn't even do a maybe.

This is the god of war,
and he's nasty...

- Okay, teeth.
- And he's mean,

and when he does...

one of those things,
he's badass.

- Yeah, all right.

- What Meso-American character
did you select?

- Xochipilli.
He's the god of fertility.

I saw this marking on the face.

I thought it'd be interesting
if it was sort of,

like, a butterfly on the face,

but two people have said
this looks like a fish,

which doesn't feel great.

- You wanna say beautiful
or pretty, but it's a fish.

[dramatic music]

This is the challenge.
- But I wanna take away

some of the human form,
you know?

- Well, but that really
doesn't take it away.

That makes it look like
you're doing a fish.

- I'm starting to feel
really stressed out

because my face
still looks fishy.

- Yeah.

- I have burned the first
two hours of the day

and I don't wanna start over,

so if Mr. Westmore doesn't know
how I can fix this,

I don't know what I'm gonna do.

? ?


[dramatic music]

- Two people have said
this looks like a fish.

- Well, you know, to me,
it looks like a fish.

Your nose.

- I feel really stressed out

because my fertility god's face
still looks fishy

and I don't wanna start over,

so I don't know
what I'm gonna do.

- You say you wanna
make her be beautiful...

- Yeah.
- And you're creating wrinkles

all over her face.
This is the challenge.

On your design here,
it has a type of nose,

but it's a little higher up.

This needs to be toned
down tremendously.

- That's great.

Thanks, Mr. Westmore.
- Good luck.

- Mr. Westmore, as usual,
gives me great advice.

So now I can move past
this fish nose.

- God of war?

- In the story,
it mentions obsidian a lot

and a darker,
almost black skin tone.

- You don't wanna
make him obsidian because--

I mean, it'll totally disappear

unless you did so much
highlighting in there.

- Yeah, uh, what I'm thinking
about doing

is start him out,
like, a translucent white,

and then do several washes
of a darker area,

and a lot of the raised areas

will keep that translucent white
alien look.

- That's a good look.

- I'm going with
plant-like forms...

- Mm-hmm.
- Because I just feel like

it's more mothering
to have her a female.

- Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
- I wanted to go with

an older version 'cause she's
the one that passes on life

to the people
that birth the newborn.

- I think lengthen this mouth
a little bit,

especially if you're gonna try
to do some old age in here.

- Right.
- Bye, everybody.

- See you later.
- Bye, thank you.

- Bye.
- Bye.

[electronic music]

? ?

- Mr. Westmore
helped me with the face,

but I'm still a little hung up
on this cowl right now.

I like asking Kelly for advice
'cause she shoots straight,

and that is really
what I need right now.

If on the head,
maybe this particular alien

wears a few ornamental parts.
- [inhales sharply]

- Just a few things
that it wears.

- No, the way you were
throwing it on there,

it wasn't reading very well.

I'm not gonna [bleep]
lie to you.

Don't get too lost in the little
details of the illustration.

Think of the whole character.
- Mm-hmm.

- You got this [bleep].
- Thank you.

My objective is to make
a badass war god

and if I have
a goofy looking cowl,

I don't think
it's gonna get me there.

So I'm going to focus

on making it
more anatomically sound.

? ?

- Is it done?
- Well, what do you think?

Does it look done?
- Sure.

- Once I build the face,

the next thing I need to start
thinking about immediately

is how to make these fins.

He has this large orb
in the center of his forehead,

and behind that,

it kind of fades up
to the shape really nicely.

So I start to create
some bone structure

for what I consider the fin,

and I start vacuforming that

to see what that shape's
really gonna look like.

It's got the shape
that I'm looking for.

It's has this nice wing,

almost Dilophosaurus
kind of look,

and I think it's gonna work.


- One hour, everyone.

? ?

- That's time, guys.

- No.
- Ow.

- Sorry, Damien
belly button holed me.

? ?

overlapping chatter]

- Hey, Damien.
- Hey, Graham.

- How's your foam?
How am dat?

- It came out good.
- Good for you, friend.

Good for you.

- It's day two of
our ancient alien challenge,

and the first thing I do is
a latex pool of my face

because I need to sculpt
my character's mask.

Since they are
misinterpreting her

as a godlike-looking bird,

I need the mask
to look like a beak

but still have
a futuristic design to it.

So I got my work ahead of me.

? ?

- I've already sculpted
a really traditional alien,

and I know that my paint job
is gonna bring

a lot of that Aztec-ian
sun god feeling to it,

but I don't feel like
it's gonna be enough Aztec.

My god actually
has this amazing headdress

that's very ornate
and hanging off his head,

so I decide rather than
actually copying that helmet,

I'm just gonna take pieces
of the anatomy

and try to pull some Aztec
influence into this helmet.

It looks almost exactly
like my concept drawing,

and I'm pretty excited
to see how it turns out.

? ?

- For my cowl, I wanna convey

a feeling of elegance
yet dominance.

It's beautiful, but it is
very dangerous as well.

Man, that's just fun to look at.
I dig it.

- Thanks, dude.

So I go in with
a lot of the filigree work

and the crop circles--
to me, that says alien--

and then I make sure
I incorporate

the Meso-American symbology
on the cowl.

It's, like, integrated
into his biology.

It's really coming together.

I'm extremely excited and happy
with the visuals.

? ?

- I'm sculpting my cowl,
my chest, and my hand pieces,

all pretty much
at the same time.

The cowl's gonna mimic
the shapes of the face.

The chest is gonna have
a big open area in the middle

with the exoskeleton
features flowing out.

- It's gonna be, like, the bones
protruding or whatever?

- Yeah, some--
something like that.

- That's cool.
- Thanks.

And since my structure is
all bone structure,

I'm gonna do the same things
for the top of the hands.

I'm a little bit worried
about time

'cause this is a lot to mold
and I feel like maybe

I bit off a little bit more
than I can chew,

but I definitely wanna stand out
from the crowd

and be on top,
so I'm taking this risk.

? ?

- So glad I made this
in monster clay right now.

Once I have the mask sculpted,

I take it over to the vacuform

so that I can take
some thermoplastic and...

[mimics vacuum]
Snap it on there.

I know that the heat
can reactivate my clay,

so I wait
for the last possible moment

to put my sculpture
underneath there.

Kind of worked.
I cut out the plastic.

I take off the mask,
and I go to clean the clay out,

but the face is not coming out.

Man, I should've put
a release agent on this.

Turns out that I didn't put
any release on it,

and since it's so thin,

scraping clay out
can ruin my mask,

and I don't have time
to sculpt another one.

This mask is crucial
to my concept.

I'm screwed.

[dramatic music]


[dramatic music]

- I can't believe this.

I vacuformed a mask
for my alien,

but I didn't put any release
on the clay

and now it's stuck
to the plastic.

I'm scraping and clawing

and it's not coming out.

I finally get to the point
where it's good enough.

I'm not going to have
to redo the face,

but I gotta work smart.

This is "Face Off."

No more [bleep] mistakes.

[electronic music]

? ?

- I'm sculpting
a decorative chest piece

to give a more ancient Aztec
look to my character,

but it's also integral
to the design.

I wanted to have
a literal reference to my god,

so I'm incorporated
lightning bolt hieroglyphs

since Tlaloc is
the god of lightning and water.

It's not too big, so it's not
gonna be too much of a hassle.

There's just enough time
to get it molded

so I can have it ready
for tomorrow.

- What you doing?
- Trying to make an over mask.

- An ugly mask?
- An over mask.

- Oh, over--

- I'm making an over mask

that goes over top
of my alien's face

to represent the gold mask
drawing on my scroll.

[machine hissing]

So once I've got
my mask sculpted,

I rush it over to the vacuform,

then I base out the mask
in black,

then I drybrush it gold.

I didn't get around
to doing everything

that I wanted to today,

but my mask is done
for the most part

and I'm pretty happy with it.

If I do as clean of a makeup
that I know I can,

I can win my battle with Kevon.

- Last 30 minutes, everyone.

? ?

- All right, guys, that's time.

- Good job, everyone.
Well done.

- [sighs]
- Am I happy with what I did?

It's the end of day two,

and I'm pretty proud
of what I got done.

I got a collar.
I got a cowl.

I got a face.
I got my hair.

I just need to go in with
a little bit of rub and buff

and, bam,
we got metal.

- That's awesome.

- I'm going to kill it tomorrow.

- Not bad, Kelly.

? ?

- Go, go, go, go, go.

- Oh, God.
What do I got?

- Not so bad.

- Looks like it came out.

- The first thing I do is
check on my hand molds,

clean 'em out,
slap some latex in there.

Let it dry while I pre-paint.

I'm the only one that got
a chest piece done,

and it's gonna be tough
going back and forth,

but today's all
about multitasking.

All right.

- Whoo!
- Hey.

- Hello!
- Hey, girl.

- Hi.
- How are you?

- Good, how are you?

- What's up, dude?
- Chase.

- Ugh, this thing has
so many little details.

I really like to pre-paint

because it gives me
a lot more time in Last Looks.

I can just walk in
and feel calm.

I have an opportunity
to fine-tune

instead of damage control.

So the more I can
get off my plate,

the better shape I'll be in.

? ?

- Mask on.
- This part is so scary

'cause if you mess it up,
it's all over.

I begin to apply to the face.

Is it on the nose?
- Close.

- But I'm having
one hell of a time

trying to make the face
fit properly.

Oh, [bleep].

Now, if I can,
I'll try and stretch it higher.

I'm just terrified
I'm gonna ruin this edge.

It's taking more time
than I want it to,

but I just got to keep going.

How about that?
- That's better.

- Okay, good.

? ?

- This is gonna be
the most intricate paintjob

I have ever done.

I plan to make a fade pattern
on each individual scale,

and there's probably
100 or so scales on him.

? ?

It's taking a lot of time,

but it will be well worth it.

So Kelly's in trouble
on this one.

- You can go ahead
and sit back down for a minute.

I'm gonna grab an air--
another airbrush

so I can base you out.
I really wanna redeem myself

from my Egyptian alien
from season seven.

That was actually
the only challenge

that we had Ve Neill
as one of our judges,

and I painted a yellow alien
that she hated.

So this time, I'm gonna paint
a yellow alien

that she's gonna love.

So I fill up this giant
[unintelligible] hopper gun

and I just start
basing him out

in a giant cloud of yellow,

then I spatter in contour
with some oranges and reds,

bring those colors in,

and I really wanted to do
a crazy, unique,

reptilian kind of pattern
coming off his back

and around his stomach.

This makeup is gonna either live
or die with the paintjob,

and I'm just having
tons of fun doing it.

? ?

- Hold still.
This part's integral.

I'm applying these fins
to the cowl

to really get the sun shape
out of his head.

I take a little bit of hot glue
and tack it all together,

stand back, then I'm thinking,

"Maybe these could use
something else.

"Metallic feathers?

That might be pretty cool."

- All right.
I can dig it.

- Let's see how this fits you.

There's 45 minutes left
and I have most of this painted,

but I'm a little nervous

because it's the first time
I'm seeing it on her together.

No, that is a mistake.

She looks like
a plucked chicken.

That's freaking me out.

This has a long way to go.

I've spent the last three hours

pre-painting this to make my
Last Look simple,

and instead
it's gonna be frantic.

? ?

- So I'm at a decent point
with my paintjob.

All of my membrane areas
are coming out

exactly how I wanted them to.

I need to see if my over mask
is gonna fit properly.

Let's see if this even works
at all.

Once I bring it up
to my model's face,

I realize that it really
kind of throws off

the entire shape of my alien.

Yeah, it's, like, stupid.

So I decide to scrap it.

That sucks.
At this point, I'm just glad

that it's not
an elimination challenge.

If it doesn't work,
it doesn't work.

- 15 minutes.

? ?

- All right, guys, that's time.

- Time's up,
and there's no mistaking

that this is a sun god,
so I'm super stoked.

- [sighs]
- That looks awesome, dude.

- Thanks, man.

- And then I
look over at Damien,

and he just nailed
his paintjob.

It looks so cool right now.

We got one hour left.

I can't just let him
run over me.

I'm gonna have to come with it.

All right, bring it on.
Let's go, Damien.


[dramatic music]

- I'm trying not to panic,

but it's terrifying
going into Last Looks...

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go.

Knowing I only have an hour
to fix this.

Not only do I have
to change her silhouette,

but I have
to change my paintjob

that I just spent
three and a half hours doing.

? ?

- Bam.
Oh, all right.

I should've put more detailed
painting into the helmet,

but I'm trying to make
the decision on whether or not

to actually
paint my model's back

'cause I'm really happy
with the paintjob

that I have on his chest,

there's just
not enough time for both.


So I decide it's definitely
gonna be worth it

to leave my helmet
where it's at

and go full bore
with the body paint.

? ?

- So I'm contouring
as fast as I can.

I'm trying to really
punch up these colors,

and I look over at Damien

and I'm like,
"Are you kidding me?"

Oh, [bleep].
The back?

He's painting the back?

So I'm, like,
calming myself down.

I'm like, "I can beat that."

Where's my pack of black?

? ?

- It looks ganky.
Okay, where's my scissors?

I'm cutting this off.

Time is running out
in Last Looks,

and the gold armor
I put on my model,

it's just not working.

Ugh, there's no [bleep] way.

There's no [bleep] way.

I don't want it to distract

from all the other work
that I've done,

so I scrap it.
I like that.

- 15 minutes!

? ?

- That's time.

[overlapping chatter]

- All right.
I mean...

it's better.

Time is up,
and she looks

a thousand times better
than before Last Looks.

It's really just gonna come down

to what the judges
are gonna think.


? ?

- Good evening, everyone.

Welcome to the
"Face Off" reveal stage.

Please say hello
to our fantastic series judges.

Owner of Alchemy Studios,
Glenn Hetrick.

- Good evening.
all: Hi, Glenn.

- Oscar and Emmy Award-winning
makeup artist Ve Neill.

- Hello again, everyone.

- Hello, Ve.
- Good evening, Ve.

- And, of course, creature and
concept designer Neville Page.

- Hi, guys.
- Hey, Neville.

- Hi, Neville.
- All right, let's get to it.

For your Spotlight Challenge,

we asked you to select
an image of an Aztec god

and create the ancient alien
who might've inspired it.

So let's take a look
at your creations.

Derek and Matt,
you are our first battle.

? ?

- It looks cool.
I really like it.

The details are showing,
but I don't know if it's enough

for the judges to notice.

? ?

- Derek's is very primitive
and Aztec.

I don't see anything
symbolizing water or lightning,

so I'm thinking I may have
a good shot at this.

- I'm really liking
how all the colors

are contrasting
with one another.

I'd like it to look maybe
a little bit more natural,

but I'm still
overall happy with it.

? ?

- I'm watching the lights
reflect off of him

and it's totally giving
that whole vibe

that he's, like,
this shiny sun god,

so I think I might've
won this battle.

- I really like this one.

My makeup looks very,
very warrior.

I think this could definitely be
a win for me.

- I'm really loving
the head area.

It reads really well from afar,

so I'm happy with the makeup.

? ?

- I like mine more
the more I'm looking at it,

but there's
a lot to look at it.

I'm proud of this makeup,
but it's not my favorite.

- I like the way my god looks.

She looks godly,
and I think she looks alien.

I'm hoping I win this battle.

- My alien walks on stage
and it's fierce.

The eye makeup brings
an attitude to her face,

so I'm happy.

? ?

- My ancient alien
looks powerful.

He has a presence that none
of the other ones have.

This is the coolest makeup
I think I've ever done.

- All right, judges,
go ahead and take a closer look

at these amazing aliens.

[upbeat dramatic music]

- Some really cool-looking
alien designs going on.

- It's super cool.
It's just it missed

a lot of the alien aspect.

It looks more like a creature.

- Well, it looks like Matt went
with the aquatic theme for sure.

- There's this alien shape
to the head

that inspires the headdresses

and the shapes
of their ornamentation,

which is the core
of this challenge.

Beautifully executed form.

This is way better up close.

- The palette
is so beautifully done.

- There's some really strong
design elements in her helmet.

- Oh, yeah.
It's fantastic.

- This doesn't feel
like alien tech.

It doesn't feel functional.

It feels like
a ceremonial headdress.

- There's a cohesive design,
but it feels clumsy.

? ?

It feels like the top
of the head is

a separate design element
from the entire face.

- I think this paintjob
is completely wrong

for this challenge.

We've seen this design
quite a few times before.

- But it is done well.
- It sort of feels sketched in.

Like he decided to go back
and add all the details to it.

- Wow, there's a lot going on
on this baby.

- I just like that
it's a completely different

and unique approach.

- But it doesn't feel
like it fits in

that cultural inspiration.

? ?

I think it's a remarkable
bit of work.

- I don't know how that

to what we're looking for.

Translating it
as an organic shape,

I think, is a huge misstep.

? ?

- The shapes themselves
couldn't be further off

from the type of art
that we're looking at.

- It's taking a step backwards

in quality and sophistication.

- Freaking gorgeous.
- Beautiful paintjob.

- What's happening
up in there is so beautiful.

Thank you.

[dramatic music]

- All right, the judges
have chosen the winners

and losers from each battle.

- It's very stressful
waiting for the results

because I'm the only person
that hasn't won one battle.

- Let's find out
who came out on top.

- If I lose this battle,
then I don't know

if I can even catch up
in this competition

- All right, guys,
It's time to get on Twitter

and tell us who you think
won tonight's battles

using #FaceOff.


- The judges have
chosen the winners

and losers of each battle.

Let's find out
who came out on top.

In battle number one,
Derek versus Matt,

the winner is...



In battle number two,
Damien versus Graham,

the winner is...



In battle number three,
Kevon versus Jordan,

the winner is...



In battle number four,

Mel versus Yvonne,

the winner is...



? ?

And finally,
in battle number five,

Kelly versus Walter,

the winner is...


- [mouthing]

to all the victors.

Now, the judges would like
to speak with some of you

to find out more
about your work.

Kelly, please step forward.

- [mouthing]

? ?

- Hello, Kelly.
- Hey.

- Tell us about
your Quetzalcoatl concept.

- She's a bounty hunter,
and her name is The End,

and she's
a one woman Death Star.

She's sent to destroy Earth,

but instead she falls in love

with the brutality of
the Aztec culture and history.

- It doesn't feel like
it fits into this challenge.

? ?

You should be able
to readily recognize

in the alien

some version

of what becomes their art,

their translation of that thing,

and this feels very divergent

from the core of the challenge.

- Quetzalcoatl
was supposed to be,

like, a feathered serpent,
almost like a dragon,

and I don't see any qualities
of that in this makeup at all,

in coloring and/or styling

or anything.

- I see a hint
of serpentine aesthetic

with what might be
on the forehead scales,

but that feels more
Greco-Roman inspired

than it does what the
source material is giving you.

? ?

- Thank you, Kelly.
You can step down.

? ?

Damien, you're next.

? ?

- Damien, please tell us
about your sun god deity.

- He comes from a planet

that only has two suns
and no night time,

so that's why his skin's
yellowed and hardened

and wrinkled over time,

and, uh, when he comes
to visit Earth,

they actually have
this bio-mechanical armor

that helps keep
their bodies warm

since we have night time.

- Well, I got to tell you,

he is spectacular.

Could you just
remove the robe again?

This paintjob you did
is phenomenal.

The fact that he is
supposed to be, like, a sun god.

He is so colorful and fantastic

and just all around bitchin'.

I don't know how else to put it.

- Thank you so much.

- The sculpture on the face

is really complex

and sophisticated
and interesting,

and then you've got
the bio-mechanical helmet.

Just so well done.

Beautiful character head to toe.
- Thank you so much.

- This is
a really interesting nose shape

I've never seen before,

and I love that
you were able to get in there

and you hand painted
those vacs for the eyes too.

- Yeah, everything's
hand painted.

- It looks like
a team-challenge effort.

It looks like two people
working on this thing.

- Thank you.
- Damien, you can head back.

- Thank you, guys.

? ?

- All right,
let's talk to Graham.

- Hey, Graham.
- Hello there.

- Tell us about
your sun-god-inspired alien.

- So I tried to go with a round,
sun-like shape,

and the idea was he dropped down
and assumed the role of God.

- My problem with this
is it feels mask-y.

? ?

The way you chose to transition

from face to the vacuform piece

and then to the feathers,
there's no organic transition.

I don't know
what I'm looking at

other than a mask.

- This seems more like a man

that's taken the guise
of the alien that inspired it

when what we were really looking
for was the alien himself.

- I hear that, though.
- I think my favorite part

about this makeup
is your color palette.

I love the bronze and the gold
and the copper and all that,

but you blended them
all together

so there's no definition
between any of them.

So this is a big miss
for me this week.

- Graham, thank you so much.
Please head back.

? ?

I think it was good

- Matt, please step forward.

- Hello, Matt.
- Hello.

- Tell us about
your ancient-alien concept.

- I wanted to go very aquatic
with the coloring.

Also, I wanted to put some

Meso-American structures
into his cowl

and some of his high points,
so his cheeks, his jawline,

to try to tell some story
going on in his biology.

- The sculpture's just stunning.

The Meso-American shapes
that you spoke of that

you've integrated
into the organic forms truly

feel bio-mechanical.
I love that.

That's a great way
to have put the technology

and the shapes in it
instead of on it,

something I wouldn't have
thought of myself.

- Thank you.
- Your paintjob is amazing.

I love the turquoise coloring.

You really do have
the reflection of the water

and the lightning
and that whole feeling.

Very nice job this week, dear.

- Thank you.
- The whole character

is just striking.

Breaking out and highlighting
around the brow, the nose,

and at the chin,

it frames these
ornamental moments,

and that's what graphic design
is all about.

It's bloody fantastic.

- Thank you so much.
- Matt, you can step down.

? ?

All right.
Thank you, guys.

If you'd please
head back to the makeup room

while the judges deliberate.

? ?

All right, judges,
let's start

with some of your favorites

How about Damien's work?

- It's so delightful to see
that kind of form development

in such a unique way.

- And the helmet contains
the form language

that so effectively ties it

to the Meso-American art.

It really looks like
that could've inspired the way

that they draw their gods.
- And the paintjob.

How did he have time
to do that paintjob?

- All right,
let's move on to Matt.

- Utterly skillful
and nuanced sculpting,

and the specific choices
of doing that reference

to the cultural ornamentation?

So beautiful.

- It really hit its mark

by creating
bio-organic mech shapes

built into the skin

that inspired the art

that was at the core
of this challenge.

- Let's talk about some of
your bottom looks tonight.

Why don't we start with Kelly?

- It had nothing to do
with the challenge.

It was the wrong color.

She didn't have one piece
of referenced anything,

on that character.

- This alien doesn't look
anything like the art,

so how are you
fulfilling the challenge?

- All right, and let's,
finally, talk about Graham.

- The entire makeup ended up
being a ceremonial mask.

It did not describe
advanced alien technology

or much
of the cultural reference.

- The feathers really
just put it

right into the party hat zone.

That was so silly.
- All right, judges.

Have you made your decision?
all: Yeah, we have.

- Okay.
Let's bring 'em back out.

? ?

Welcome back, guys.

Glenn, who is the winner
of tonight's challenge?

- The winner of tonight's
challenge is...

? ?

McKenzie: The winner
of "Face Off: Battle Royale"

will receive a VIP trip

from Kryolan
Professional Make-up

to one of their
85 international locations,

an all-new Fiat 500,

and $100,000.


- Glenn, who is the winner
of tonight's challenge?

- The winner of tonight's
challenge is...

[dramatic music]


[rock music]

You really killed it this week
with your old school alien.

We loved the paintjob,

we loved the helmet homage
to the source material,

and the graphic design
was absolutely outstanding.

Well done.
- Thank you so much.

It's cool to win
on an alien challenge.

It's cool to redeem my alien.

It's great to get
a "bitchin'" from Ve.

That's probably the best part.

I'm pretty stoked that
I've gotten to join the ranks

of the bitchin' makeups.

- Damien, congratulations.

Excellent work this week.
- Thank you.

- Now, because you have won
this non-elimination challenge,

you will get the help
of an industry expert

in next week's battle.

Your expert has spent
the last 15 years

working as a makeup artist.

He's contributed his talents

on some of Hollywood's
biggest films

and television shows,

including "Mad Max: Fury Road,"

"Star Trek: Into Darkness,"

"Guardians of the Galaxy:
Volume Two,"

and "American Horror Story:

He's a three-time
Emmy Award winner.

The amazing Mike Mekash.

- So awesome.

Mike's worked
on so many movies.

It's gonna be awesome just
to work with him in general,

regardless of what
the outcome is.

- Okay, everyone.
Why don't you all rest up

before your next battle round?
- Thanks.

- Bye.
- Bye.

It's not a good feeling
to be on the bottom twice.

This just means
the next challenge,

I gotta bring it back
'cause I am here for a reason.

[dramatic music]

Next time, on "Face Off."

Welcome to
the Face Off Grand Hotel.

- This is so cool.
- I'd go even bigger.

- I'm not feeling it.
- Your edges are not going down.

It's insane.

- I don't know if they're
gonna like this makeup.