El Cid (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Campeador - full transcript

The Castilian troops, with Sancho and Ruy in the frontline, fight and uneven battle against innumerable Aragonese forces. When all seems lost, an unexpected conclusion.

Come on, let's go.

Don't stop. Keep moving.

During battle,
look for the flag and group around it.

Together, you will be invincible.
Divided, you'll fall one by one.

This is crazy.
They outnumber us five-to-one.

You're no longer in my personal guard.
Return to your post.

The lad speaks the truth, my lord. Look
how many they are. We can't stop them.

We'll stop them alone.

Let us carry out the charge.

I'll take this.

And I'll lead the battle.

I've been in many battles.

Get ready by midday
and in charge formation.

My lord, they are too many.
But we may have a chance.

We'll die together
if this is to be our last day, my lord...

but listen to him.

I've missed you all.

And we've missed you.

Welcome back.

How is everything?

How are you?

My lady.

What are you doing?

I'll be forever grateful.

Certainly. And don't make me regret it.

Sister, we'll always
remember what you've done.

Get back to work.
The offerings won't knit themselves.

My lady... thank you.

You look beautiful.

How are things? Let me see.

Sit down.

Mother! I have to tell you something.

Later. I must go to San Isidoro.

What I have to tell you can't wait.


If you don't want
to listen to me, the king will.

Go on ahead.
Tell Elena to wait for me outside.

I'll always be loyal to you, Mother.

I don't know what you mean.

The first woman to wear the crown of León.

Your reign will make history.

What? Don't say things like that.

I know everything, Mother.

The conspiracy, the papal bull...
If you...

Be quiet!

What you're saying is dangerous.

I know.

I only want you to know that I understand
the need to get rid of the king.

The failed attack during the tournament.

Don't worry.
I'll always be loyal to my mother.

And to my queen.

Urraca, you can't mention
any of this to anyone. Do you understand?

Trust me.

Run along now. We'll talk later.

I'm invisible to the king.
For him, only Sancho exists.

My lord...

My lord. Your father
will eventually realize your value.

Not if Sancho wins.

Then I'll never have
the opportunity to show him.

And his squire?
He'll end up knighted.

That is something I can remedy.

You've more than proved your loyalty.

Moreover, you're the son of the count.
You deserve to be knighted.

Are we Leonese?

Where is it?

Where is it?

Where is our famous courage?

Come on, Alfonso, show it to me.

Hail Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with thee.

Without sin.

What sin afflicts your soul?

Pride, Your Grace.

That inflated sense of pride.

And what provoked such a fault?

Putting my trust where I shouldn't.

Thinking they would respect my wishes.

And those wishes were...

To be queen.

My husband would still be Count of Castile

and no one would make
an attempt on his life.

They tried to kill him.

My lady, add another sin along with pride.


We had an agreement.

You have confused
your wishes with reality.

Did you really think King Fernando
would be content with Castile?

That he wouldn't try to take León,
and get revenge on his traitors?

If you don't respond, it's because you
yourself know that King Fernando must die.

Or perhaps you think being the queen
of León doesn't entail sacrifices?

Who would have thought that your charm
lay in your incessant prattle.

Flaín dishonored you, right?

Was it difficult?


Yes, my lady.

Did you resist?

You did well.

It would have been worse.

I'd be better off dead.

I'm worthless now.

You have to be resilient, woman.

You're alive and safe.


But not intact.

Ermesinda, my virginity
is worth a kingdom,

but yours can be fixed.



So, what do you want?

A king knows his vassals.

A father knows his children even better.

The time has come to knight Orduño.

The count's son?

Why him?

As recognition of his loyalty to me.

I'll think about it.

My men are complaining

about not getting to battle. Why...

I said I'll think about it!

Anything else?


My informants reported
that Sancho's troops

and Al-Muqtadir have left Zaragoza.

Arrange more masses for Sancho.

And organize a banquet for tomorrow.


We'll say we have a sign
that Sancho will win the battle,

that we cut open a dove
and that its liver was red.

I want Flaín
and his Leonese nobles to be there.

At the end of the banquet,
on my order, arrest them all.

What about the bishop?

I want him there too.

I want him there, but don't arrest him.
I don't want to provoke Rome.

I'll prepare everything, Your Highness.

One more thing.

When the banquet ends,
lock my wife up in her bedchamber

until I can confine her
to a monastery close to León.

A place where I can
visit her whenever I please.

Knights of Castile...

the time has come to show them
what we're capable of.

It's up to us to make sure that
what we do today is remembered forever.

It's better to die here
than to return to León in shame.

For God and King Fernando!

For King Fernando!

For King Fernando!

Protect Sancho with your lives.

Remember what I told you!

On Don Sancho's signal,
after the charge, protect the flag.

Anyone who touches
my Uncle Ramiro will be skinned alive.

They did it. Give the order.

Stay calm.

Let time wear down the rock.

Group together!

Group together!

Group together!

Our Father who art in heaven...

Let's go!

...hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come,

thy will be done...

on earth...

as it is in heaven.

Where are the damn Moors?

Ruy! Help the prince.


Help Sancho!

Son of a thousand whores!

Varo. Varo.


Ruy, get the banner!


Group together!

Group together!

The time has come. Now.

Alahu Akbar!

Alahu Akbar!


Kill the prince!

Kill him!



Father! Father!




No, no, no!



No! No!

The king of Aragon is dead!

The king of Aragon is dead!

The king is dead!

The king of Aragon is dead!

My lord!

Someone clean and prepare
King Ramiro's body!

He must go back to my cousin
with full military honors!

The field is ours.


The field is yours...

Ruy Díaz, "The Champion."



The baraka was true.

He is the Man.

I'm almost done.

Son of a...

There are nicer ways
to fool a man than to patch up a hymen.

I can't take it anymore!

She'll be fine.

Your life depends on it.

You shouldn't feel sorry for me.

This mark is a gift
that no woman enjoys among men.

A gift?

Of freedom.

In that case,
you're more fortunate than the queen.

What's that?

A mix of herbs.

To ease the pain.

I call it "husband soother."

Just two drops?

A larger dose could
plunge her into an eternal sleep.


Perfectly. Do you?

Do you understand
you've never seen me here?



Leave us. I need to talk to my daughter.

You wanted to help me?

The time has come.

Perhaps you think that I'm a sheep
that needs to be herded, Count?

Ladies, what are you doing here?

To what do I owe
the pleasure of your visit?

Or perhaps you think my feeble female neck

isn't strong enough
to support the weight of the crown?

I know you spoke to Don Bernardo.
Sit down, I'll request more wine.

We don't want wine!

How dare you defy me!
I told you my husband was untouchable.

If we leave him alive,
he'll kill all of us.

Your Highness too.

I don't want León at all costs.

I'll renounce the crown if needed.

Without me,

there is no León.

My daughter is witness.

Her weakness will be the death of us all.

Don't underestimate
my mother's strength, my lord count.

She's a queen. And a woman.

Don't forget it.

Would you really renounce the crown

when León is within reach?

You don't get it.

You don't understand.

When I entered the conspiracy,
it wasn't to ascend the throne.

I did it to save your father's life.

I knew that Flaín was prepared
to take him out, with or without me.

That's why I accepted.

On the condition that he not be killed.

Father pushed you aside
to take your crown.

He wouldn't even share it.

We're talking about killing him!

We're talking about justice!


I can't.

I can't.

I could never hurt your father.


Don't worry.

I understand.

The banquet is ready.



Leave us.

Enjoying what will never be yours, dear?

You don't find that unfair, Father?

Why unfair?

I'm the eldest.

I can't be queen because I'm a woman.

That's what you don't understand.

I didn't inherit that throne.

I took it by force.

You were crowned because
Mother made them accept you.

She only prevented me
from killing all of León's nobles.

Don Bernardo as well?

Don't fool yourself.

Rome always sides with the strongest.

Cute speech.

Yet, Sancho will inherit everything
simply because he was born male.

The throne demands violence.

Sooner or later
it must be defended by force.

Sancho is strong.

I raised him to be.

Don't you think I'm strong, Father?

You think you are.

But you're missing
what's most important.

Enlighten me.

You lack valor.

The nature of woman is weak
and inclined to obey without...

Without fighting for what she wants.

The throne wouldn't last
a second in the hands of a woman.

To be king, you must be prepared to spill
the blood of those you love most.

And I am.

Now and always, daughter.

Thank you for the lesson, Father.

I'll never forget it.

Tomorrow there's a banquet.

Let your brothers know.

That's great news.

No one wins but Allah!

No one wins but Allah!

No one wins but Allah!

No one wins but Allah!

Enjoy the recognition.

I don't want it.

Get used to it. The stars tell me
that this is only the beginning.

One battle and our friend
is already known to the Moors.

Hey, Lisardo, we're alive.




Master, look at me!

Leave me alone, Ruy!

Leave me alone!

How is Master? Is he all right?

He's fine.

Once the rest of the men
can ride, we're leaving.

Did you see him in battle?

He was basically untouchable.

Damn it, Álvar.

If it's poetry again,

I'll stab myself with my sword.

I'd enjoy that.

No one in León will believe us.

I don't get it, but she wants to see you.

Don't look at me.
I don't understand anything in this court.

Don't touch her.

Whatever happens, don't touch her.

You could get us all killed.

You sent for me, my lady?

So you're the hero of Graus?

I was only serving my king.

We're different, then.

I only serve my desires.

What am I doing here?

You owe me an apology.

An apology for leaving
before I finished my song.

I'm sorry, my lady, I had to attend...

You had to, you had to...

Something about your lord?

Anything else?

Yes, there is.

I have to go.

Let yourself go.

The night is the best time
for keeping secrets.

-My lady.

Why are we having this banquet?

I don't know, I only hope father
has good news from Zaragoza.

It would be great
if Sancho and the rest returned.

It would, my lady.

Hey, let's enjoy the dinner.

Ermesinda is still indisposed.
I fear she will miss the banquet.


Yes, my lord?

Do you know why I like dogs?

No, sir.

Because they never bite
the hand that feeds them.

It's a pity we can't say
the same about men, right?


Let us raise our glasses in celebration!

Hey, Urraca, you're freezing.

I hope you're not ill like Ermesinda.

To Orduño,

whom, before all of you, I dub a knight

and member of my personal guard.

Do you swear
to give your life to protect mine?

I swear.

You'll have to find a new squire.

I fear there aren't many men
who see serving you as an opportunity.

You could always turn
to our sisters' ladies-in-waiting.


Are you sure?

I think you care more
about Sancho and his men.


You've had enough already.

Where are you going?


Lamb brains. My favorite!


I want to understand

why my fiancée

isn't jumping with joy over my knighthood.


Our marriage is drawing near...

What are you doing?

Nevertheless, you feel
further from my reach.

Orduño, when you're sober, we'll talk.

Let go of me.

Let go! Let go!

Did Ruy give it to you before he left?

You're a whore.

Let go of me!

Please, let go of me.

Please. Let go of me.

Let go of me.


Please. Please.

Why not try what others have already had?

No, no, no!

Stop, please.


Never treat me that way again.
Do you hear me?

Ruy, you'll be next.

Take it to the king.

I want to propose a toast to you, Father.

For love and the crown.

Love, don't you think you've drunk enough?

Out of the way!

Out of the way!

What news do you bring? Speak!

-Sancho won.

Wonderful! Yes! Good!

-Hail Sancho!

...the casualties were many.

To Sancho!

Silence, silence!


King Ramiro is dead.

My brother?


My brother...


What is it? Fernando!



-My love, what is it? Fernando!

Help! Help!




Get the doctor! Hurry!

Help me!



Help me, the king needs help!

-A doctor!
-Help me!