El Cid (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Ordalía - full transcript

Flaín looks for the man that frustrated the treacherous plot. Rodrigo knows that man was his grandchild, and so he sends him to Vivar, away from the Court. Ruy refuses to leave the King to the mercy of his enemies.

Charge, charge.

Iron in front of you.

Are you okay, kid?

Yes, yes.

That's enough for today. Let's go.

Give me a moment, Master Orotz.

Of course, kid. Good practice.

Thank you.

Prophet of doom.

I need to know whose blood this is.

A stiletto doesn't cut, it stabs.
And leaves a very particular wound.

Like that of an arrow?

No, son.

When you pull an arrow out,
the wings of the tip rip the skin.

This leaves a very clean wound.

Come, help me.

No. No, no, sir.

Don't worry. You'll live.

Uncover the wound.

Look at it.

Find someone with that wound.

The reward is 50 days' wages.

Spread the word.


Why are you looking for him?

What has he done?

You have yet to earn the right to ask.

Find him.

Rodrigo... Whoever betrayed us
can inform on us. And then...

If he had talked to the king, they would
have cut off our heads by now, sir.

What I don't understand
is why he hasn't done it yet.

Neither do I.

Carry away my bad luck, swift swallow,

like you carried away
Our Lord's crown of thorns.

Water cleans, but does not cure.

My name is Abu Bakr, young Christian.

Peace be with you.
How long have you had that wound?

What do you want?

To help you. It's getting infected.

Your blood is carrying
the poison to the rest of your body.

I'm curing it with salt.

We need to cut open the wound
and let the bile flow.

I am not going
to let a stranger cut me open.

What purpose does that tool serve?

Many things.

But mainly for reading the stars.

Talking to birds is stranger,
don't you think?

-How long have you done it?
-I don't talk to birds.

I don't know.

Since forever.

Something tells me
we'll see each other soon...

boy of the birds.

Damn it...



What do you want?

What are you doing?

You're in mortal danger.

The whole city is seeking someone
with a stiletto wound.

-How long have you known?
-I saw the blood. Anyone could have.

I wouldn't have it
if you hadn't tried to kill the king.

Meddling bastard. Why did you save him?

Because I'm not a traitor.

I'm loyal to León.

And I to the king.

I'm sending you to Vivar.
You'll be safe there.

Safe from whom?

Who's behind all this?

Grandfather, who wants to kill me?

The less you know, the better.
You'll leave tomorrow.

Not with the king in danger.

Damn it, Ruy. I'm trying to save you.

And I you. I won't talk to the king,

because if I talk to him,
he'll condemn you to death.

I'll find the conspirator.

And I'll unmask him.

If it's the last thing I do.

Justice has been done.

Next case.
Martín, coin filer. A witness has...

Your Majesty.

There's an infidel claiming to be
ambassador of Al-Muqtadir of Zaragoza.

-What does he want?
-I don't know.

His name's Abu Bakr.

He's the emir's physician.

What happened?

Don't receive him.

He must. Al-Muqtadir pays
considerable tributes to León.

Your Royal Highness.

My Lord, the Aragonese troops
are attacking the north of the emirate.

That can't be. Two weeks ago,
King Ramiro of Aragon was here visiting.

With all due respect,

two weeks ago his troops crossed
our borders and began their pillaging.

Why you...

His Royal Highness, Al-Muqtadir,

requests that Your Majesty
come to his assistance

in accordance with your mutual pact.


My Lord, Your Highness surely
isn't considering coming to the rescue

of an infidel, against a Christian king.

Your sage advice is always welcome, Count.

I must think the matter through.

You'll have my decision in a day.

For now, he is our guest.

See to it he has all he wants.

As you wish.

That damned Ramiro.

No sooner does he arrive
in Zaragoza than he attacks my vassals.

Your brother's provoking you.

I know. And the count,
what do you think of him?

That he was being insolent.

Who is he to give you orders?

No. No.

It was calculated.

I have to go to Zaragoza.

If not, he will appear to be
in charge of León. Dog.

That's what he wants.

-But why would the count...
-I'm not sure.

But he's plotting something.

So, why don't you detain him?

First I want to know
who his accomplices are.

Do you suspect anyone?

I do.

I suspect everyone.

It must be hard living under the same roof
as your brother's murderer.

Bermudo died in battle.

As you wish.

Soon he will be avenged.

Remember my conditions.

Don't touch a hair on my husband's head.

Of course, my lady.

We must rise up when the king isn't here.

When he leaves for Zaragoza,
it will be time.

I'm not certain he's going to go.
He's having doubts.

Count, my husband is smarter
than you think. Never underestimate him.

What are you insinuating, Your Majesty?

You were right.

The king suspects
you're plotting something.

We mustn't meet like this again.
We will be found out.

That's why the king must
leave León urgently.

You have to convince him.
For his own good.

One more thing, my lady.

I would like to ask Your Majesty a favor.

Something that would give me
great pleasure.

Where have you been?

Why? Are you feeling lonely?

They're paying 50 days' wages to find

a stiletto wound in León.


Orduño told us.

Who's paying?

If we find out who it is,
who do we tell to get paid?

Tilting exercises today, slackers.

Get your lances and saddle up your horses
before noon.

Damn it.

Don't worry,
I won't tell anyone about your wound.

Although 50 days' wages
are a lot of wages.

Why haven't you informed on me?

Could your excellency read the stars
and find out who is looking for me?

If only it worked that way.

For the pain.

Pour a few drops on the wound.

But be careful, it's very strong.

If you smell it or mix it with water,
it will put you to sleep.

Thank you.

You are too hot-headed, Álvar.

-Thank you, My Lord.

What an honor.

The man from Vivar
has deigned to grace us with his presence.

Under the arm, like we practiced. Orduño.


Sir, I must ask you a favor.

I want your consent to send Ruy to Vivar.


Why let a promising young man
languish as a border guard?

My daughter...
His mother can't take care of him.

Lisardo. May I, master?

My Lord.

Don't hold the lance forward
for the whole charge.

It will shake despite your arm strength,
like Álvar thinks. Álvar.

You have to hold the lance up.

And only lower it at the last moment.

Yes? Yes or no?

Yes, sir.


Orduño, let's see
if you're as brave with the dummy.

It doesn't matter how you hit the dummy.
It'll go one way or the other.

This is so you lose
the fear of getting hit.

Good, Orduño, good.


Don't go full-speed until the end.

Velocity is only important
at the moment of impact.

-Good, well done, Ruy.
-Way to go.

To Vivar, never.

I'm not giving up my best squire.

How did you do it?

You're something else, Ruy.

You were just lucky.

Orduño's right.

From the ground
everything can be seen more clearly.

Look, you don't belong to this court.

And I am going to expose you.

You'll sink into the sewer you came from.

No one will remember your name.

While mine will be associated
with great feats.

I think you have something in your teeth.

Don't disrespect me, bastard.

After I'm done with you,

even your whore mother
won't recognize you.

If you mention my mother again,
I'll kill you.

Scarecrows only fool crows
for a couple of days.

Yes. And on the third, they crap on them.

Hey, hey.


Are you sodomizing the little runt?

Get up, Lisardo. Come on.

It's no big deal.

I wasn't born for this.
I want to be a troubadour.

You have to have something
to defend yourself with.

Aside from poetry, I have good aim.

True beauty is in piety.

As women,
you will experience three stages in life,

that of a maiden who obeys her father,
that of a wife who obeys her husband,

and that of a widow who only serves God.

Virginity is piety's witness.

Ah, she who loses it out of wedlock.

She would be better off
not being among the living.

That's enough for today.

Are you going to tell me
what's wrong with you now?

I always knew you were a...

It's not that, my lady.

Ermesinda is Count Flaín's chambermaid.
Queen's orders.

Ermesinda asked us not to say anything
to you in case you got angry.

He wants you as a concubine.

Do you know how he looks at me?

He makes me feel dirty.
I wanted to get married.

Stop crying.

When do you have to start?

When Her Majesty Lady Sancha orders it.

If in your sad existence
you hide something from me again,

you'll miss being Flaín's whore.


Looking for this?

I knew it was you.

What did you do to win that trophy?

Fulfilled my duty and my honor,

something you will never understand.

My father will love it when I say

it's you with the wound.

You won't tell him.

No? And if I do, what will you do?

Tell the king
your father wanted to kill him.

Do you have any proof?

Isn't this proof enough?


Don't end up headless.

We'll see whose head rolls
across the courtyard.

With your permission, Father. Mother.

Do you want to eat, dear?

Why don't you give me to Count Flaín
as well, so he can have fun?

He needed a chambermaid.

It was a good chance to get close to him.

Satiating the count's appetite
is this family's fate.

I'm tired of playing along

with what he wants. All he...

If you don't think it is appropriate,
he can have another.



Give him Ermesinda.
If not, he'll want another.

Will you also sacrifice my virtue
to placate that wild boar?

For stability?

Your turn will come.
And you will obey when I order you.

There is a sacred order in the world.
Everything has its place and you...

you have to learn yours.


The king has spoken.

Don't be afraid of the count.

Serve him well
and he will treat you with affection.

I want to know who he talks to,
where he goes, when.

I want to know everything, understand?

Do you understand?

Do it well,
and your penance won't last long.

And don't say anything
to anyone, or I'll know.

Yes, yes, My Lord.


I did it.

Get lost.

Get out of here.

You're going back to Vivar.

I brought you here and I'll send you back.

I'm not going.

Sancho won't allow it.

Grandfather, I know who's behind all this.

The count.

Damn it, Ruy.
You're going to get us both killed.

I won't leave the king
at that traitor's mercy.

What would you do in my place?

Very well. Do what you have to do.

I know what you would do...

Did you find out anything?

Not yet, father.

What an unexpected pleasure...

If you go to Zaragoza,
I'm in for a long fast.

I don't know if I'll be able to bear it.

What makes you think I'm going?

Stay here with me.

Who needs tributes
when we have each other?

Especially those from Zaragoza.

My brother Ramiro would be delighted.

He could buy an enormous army with them.

You always know
what's best for the kingdom.

If I go...

can you think of anyone
who could take charge of León?

You don't think I'm capable?

Quite the contrary.

That's precisely what worries me.

What are you going to do?

The king won't value your loyalty,
like your father.

I'm going to do what he would have done.


Your Royal Highness,
thank you very much for receiving me.

Do you have a response
I can take back to Lord Al-Muqtadir?

Will Your Majesty
come to the rescue of Zaragoza?

Yes, I have made a decision.

Your Highness.

The Navarrese.

The Navarrese have crossed the border.

They're not plundering,
just marching here.

They have come to reclaim the territories
they lost in Atapuerca, My Lord.

Gather the troops.

Your Highness... With respect
to my request...

It will have to wait.

This is what I was talking about.

Why talk of Islam and a holy war
when we can't stop killing each other?

Well, you did kill his father...

Shouldn't you have killed our cousin too?

You left him alive, and here he is.

I hope with all my heart

that you never have to stain
your hands with the blood of a brother.

What are you thinking of doing, Father?

Hurry up and talk with your cousin.

Say we want a single combat.

If his champion wins,
I will return the land he demands.

Let's not sacrifice more lives.

As you wish.

Can I go with him?

You, no.

Cousin. You decided to visit us.

I've had a debt to collect
for some time, Sancho.

My father is offering
to resolve this between champions.

The winner gets to keep Atapuerca.

We'll fight, you and I. What do you say?

Tell my uncle
that Navarre accepts the offer.

And I admire your courage, cousin.

Fight for León, if you please.

I, on the other hand, I have a champion.


If you do not deign to fight,
what obliges me?

Jimeno frightens you, doesn't he, cousin?

I'll beat that draft horse myself,

and whichever Navarrese challenges me.
Let's go.

Let's go.

What do you mean
you're going to fight him yourself?

Don't even think about it.

Trifón, get ready.

-But, Father...

This is a government matter.
Not a tavern brawl.

I pity you, brother.

What are our enemies going to think when
they see you aren't going to fight?

Sir, don't let her...

Forget about that now.
I need you for something else.

Let's go, hurry up.

My sword is thirsty for blood.

Useless pages.

Leave us, we'll suit him up.

Let's go, out. Out.

Something wrong, My Lord?

Come on, give me a hand.

-What are you doing?
-Come on.

What are you doing?

Let's go, let's go.

Don't hold this against me.

-Did you kill him?
-What? No.

Well, he's going to kill us
when he wakes up.

Shrimps, help me undress him.

Have you lost your mind?

-The king said no.
-Quiet. Start helping.

He'll kill you if
that giant doesn't first.

Take care of it. You of little faith.

This is a just cause.
God will be on my side.

Lisardo, bring me some water.

Ruy... If Sancho dies,
the king will skin us alive.

I know.

What is that, Ruy?

Ruy, what are you doing?

Give it to him.

Give it to him.

My Lord.

I'm going to make Father proud of me.

I'm going to do it for Castile.
I'll do it for León and for the king...

-Sir. Sir. Ruy.
-Hurry, lay him down.


Trifón, wake up.

Wake up.

Wake up. Damn it...

Now what do we do?

How do we explain this?

Why does Sancho always disappear
when I need him by my side?

Wait here, my lady.

Is something wrong?

I'm going to fight in the duel.


Why? What about Trifón?

No more questions, my lady, I beg you.

Don't breathe a word of this.

Ruy, listen to me...

there are many knights
in the Kingdom of León. Why you?

Because I have to.

Why did you send for me?

I just wanted to tell you one thing.

-If I don't return, I would like to...

I would like to...

say goodbye.

I'm not going to say goodbye to you.

I'm not going to say goodbye
because you're going to return.

If you don't bring it back to me,
I'll never forgive you.

You hear me?

Since when, falcon,
do you bring death with you?

May God choose the more just cause.

Out of my way.

Who's the one fighting?



How many times do I have to tell you
not to expose your flank?

Get up.

The most important thing in life...

is to have faith.

Come on.

Jimeno. For the king.

For Navarre.

Come on.

When all is lost,
there is always an opportunity.

Let your enemy feel overconfident.

-Yes, God damn.

Nuño, come with me.

Ruy, wait. Ruy.

Ruy. Let's go.

Let's go.

You did it, Ruy.

Hold on, Ruy.


Ruy, you did it.


-Let's go.
-It's okay.

That's it, Ruy.
That's it. Get it off.

Come on, let's get this off.

Yeah, yeah. Come on.

-Ruy, get up.
-We've won, you know?

What happened?

You don't know?

Your squire won the duel for you.

My Lord...

You passed out. Perhaps because
of the chain mail or the heat...

I fought for you.
I hope I haven't disappointed you.

Tell this dog
that his brother has taken Graus.

Zaragoza will pay no more gold...

until he fulfils his duty.

King Ramiro has taken
the town of Graus and besieged the castle.

If Graus falls, Zaragoza will fall.

King Al-Muqtadir informs
Your Majesty that protection payment

will cease
until Castile fulfills its obligations.

Then we'll force Zaragoza to pay, Father.



Ramiro is testing me. If I don't stop him,

I'll lose respect,
and after Zaragoza, it will be León...

and Castile.

Castile will fulfill its obligation,
is that clear? Is that clear?

You will go to Zaragoza
with some Castilian troops.

I will stay in León
with the rest of my army.

Nothing must happen to Ramiro, okay?

Do you hear me? Nothing.

He's the only brother I have left.
Swear to me, Sancho.

Do you swear?

I give you my word, Father.

-Finally, My Lord.
-Finally what?

You're going to Vivar.

To protect the border.

You're not going anywhere.

I want you with the prince in Zaragoza.

Stay close to him.

Have someone tend to those wounds.