Dollhouse (2009–2010): Season 1, Episode 13 - Epitaph One - full transcript

In the future, the imprinting technology is rampant. A few people stumble on the Dollhouse.

Exultation, this is Mag.

This is Griff. Go, Mag.

Northeast of Spring and Fifth.

Green room is open
but the party is crashed.

Roger that. Any wielders?

Negative. Just butchers and dumb shows.

But it's pretty thick.
Come in as soft as you can.

Will do. Ditch the tech.

Ditch the tech.

Okay. How far to the new hole?

- Where's Laura?
- Butcher.

- She got torn?
- She got printed.

Almost took a bite out of Iris
before we noticed.

I put her down. She's at peace.

What's wrong with your face?

- It's my face. Get out of it.
- Were you crying?

Hey, let's focus, people.
We need to get underground.

We need to get out of the city.

We wouldn't make it three miles.

Yeah, so we live in a sewer?

Come on. We need to get into the desert.
No tech. No printing.

Unless China puts down another
blanket signal.

Look, we decided.
We go underground, deep as we can.

- How's the crossing?
- Doable.

I'll need a barker, though.
It's crowded out there.

Let's draw straws. Mine's shorter.

Damn it, tell Trudy I loved her best.

Zone's barker.

Mag, you're on point.
Lynn is the mother.

We good?

Let's go.

I'm insane and none of you
gonna be spared.

Zone, now's now.

Look, the kid is one thing,
but dragging that dumb show around...

The kid won't leave his side yet.

We don't go near
those freaks of nature, ever.

We only roll with Actuals.
Those, put out their misery.

You wanna be the one to tell
the little girl we gotta plug her dad?

- Sure. Hey, kid, guess what...
- Stop it!


We'll let her get used
to us for a few days,

and then we'll ditch the old man.


Smells like home.

Guys, check this out.

Who said, "The deeper, the better?"

Butchers coming.

If they smell us, they will come down.

Cover our tracks with the tripper.

At least now we'll know
if they crash the party.

God, that was long.

This must be a subway service tunnel.

There's something else.

So, I guess we're not in a sewer.

Any ideas?

It looks like a spa.

Eight stories underground?

- It's got air.
- Yeah.

Air for who?

Well, some kind of power's on.

This place is empty.

Let's make sure of that. Let's split.

Lynn and I will check the perimeter.
Look for a generator.

And, hey, there's no signal
can get through down here.

No sewage.

Which means we just
walked into paradise.

Keep your eyes open
and your weapons cocked.

Paradise wasn't built to take in strays.

That guy sure loves the sound
of his own voice.

We all love the sound of
our own voices. That's why we're here.

Keep our own voices.

With no signal down here,
how's anyone gonna take them?

What is this? Some kind of romper room?

Must have been a daycare.

Have the kids play
where everyone could see them.

A lot of tech for a playroom.

Did you see who printed Laura?

Could have gotten too close
to a boom box.

- She say anything?
- Yeah.

She read her last will and testament,
then she recited the Gettysburg Address.

She was walking and she was white.
I put her down and moved the hell on.

Don't get all womanly.

- I just wish...
- That you could have said goodbye?

Wish it had been you.

Wow, they got the geney working.


Over here.

We found some breakers.
That was easier than I thought.

What the hell is this?

It looks familiar.

Yeah. Grandpa use to kick back
on one of these, watch the Dodger game.

No, no. She's right. Was it on the news?

Not this place.

I more and more feel
we should have gone to the desert.

- Tech!
- Easy. There's no signal down here.

No bars. What about a hard line? No.

I don't think so. I saw some fiber
optics cut over by the power box.

I think this place is closed off.

Well, I'll just wait over here.

- This is for printing.
- Crap.

No, no. This is different.

You can control everything.

Ultra-simple interface, memory banks.

What kind of memories?

Well, there's one way to find out.

- Are you nuts?
- We heard rumors about a cure, right?

Rumors, man.

Well, maybe this will tell us something.

I say we load some memories
into Mr. Miller.

We'll ask him some questions.

Well, a memory in Mr. Miller
wouldn't be hard to spot.

Objection. Insanely stupid idea.

No tech ever, right?
That's our theme song.

How long can we just run?
This place is here for a reason.

And it's empty for a reason.

- I'm in.
- Me, too.

I'm downstairs.

There's so many bits in here.
And there's whole personas.

But there is this.

One file open with a list of memories.

What are you gonna give him?

No persona.

I'm just gonna give him
one single memory.

And we'll go from there.

Did I fall asleep?


Mr. Miller, can you remember anything?

Yes. I was talking with someone.

A man.


I'm not sure.

Do you remember what he was saying?

- It all seems pretty clear to me.
- Does it?

Whatever I want, right?

- Within reason, yes.
- Doesn't seem possible.

Would you be here if it did?

Suppose I just want somebody
to pretend that they're in love with me.

Then you are out of luck.

If you engage an Active,
then he or she...



Then she will see you
and totally, romantically,

chemically fall in utter
and unexpected love with you.

You are a man who can have
everything he wants.

This isn't just about what you want.

This is about what you need.

An Active doesn't
judge, doesn't pretend.

This will be the purist, most genuine
human encounter of your life and hers.

It is a treasure,
one I guarantee you will never,

never forget.

A brothel.

You mean to tell me that the tech

that punk-kicked the ass of mankind

was originally designed to create more
believable hookers?

They called them Actives. I think
they were used for a variety of things.

Yeah, for millionaires.

Money, man.
It's like the main ingredient in crazy.

Iris, honey, do you have to pee?


I saw where the bathrooms are.
I'll take her.

Come on. You don't wanna miss
the Mr. Miller comedy hour.

Oh, wait, kid, if you find any food...
Eat it.

Take that.45 with you.

What's next?

I guess we'll jump ahead a bit.

- Are the memories stored in order?
- Some kind of order.

I mean, whoever set this thing up
was unorthodox, to say the least.

Is it as you'd imagined, Mr. Brink?

It's actually weirder.

Which may be a first.

This obviously is the
programming center.

It's great. I love what you
haven't done with the place.

I get up in this, I'm gonna need a
couple of throw pillows and a fridge...

Should we order you a poster with a cat?
Maybe hanging off a tree?

- I like this guy already.
- It's not a dorm room.

Mr. Dominic is our head of security.

I'm here to make sure
the house runs smoothly.

No unstable elements.

So, do you get me the fridge
or do I talk to someone higher up?

Perhaps you'd like to see
the imprinting process.

You build it there, it comes out here.

We have access to over
a hundred thousand brain models.

Every scanner Rossum makes
sends a full 3D map to our mainframe.

- In three years, we'll have a million.
- That's beautiful.

I'm also gonna need a trampoline.

We have at least 10 Actives
sent out per day.

It take two hours to upload an imprint,

- so I don't see you having any...
- Two hours? What?

Are they memorizing their personalities?

Two hours is
the standing record for any house.

Do you think you can beat it?

To a pulp, yeah.

First of all,
the analog cables have got to go.

You're uploading the personal
history chronologically, right?

Endless. The information bottlenecks.

To preserve the integrity
of the memory structure.

No, no, no. You don't have to.

They can experience it teleologically,

and the imprinted memory
can sort it out for you.

Dump it all at once?

Come at him from all sides.
It's basic micro-pulse.

In and out. Five minutes, tops.

What if their brains turn to jelly?

Well, with the obvious
exception of yours,

the human brain is
a massively powerful creature.

Underestimating it is usually
the last mistake any culture makes.

Cities don't burn
because everyone got smarter.

They burn because
someone lost control of them.

I'm sorry, but whence this clown?

Did Idi Amin turn down the job?

Mr. Dominic is my eyes and ears.

Can I be your nose and throat?

In matters of security,
my assent is a formality,

including the termination
of unstable employees.

- Mr. Dominic?
- Ma'am.

Get this man a refrigerator.

What's a brothel?

I'll explain it when you're older.

Did I have a stupid look on my face?

Yeah. Well, you, too.

Hot water.

No way.

Okay, sweetie, toilet's
around that corner.

You do your thing.
I'm gonna take a quick shower.

I don't wanna do it alone.

I haven't had a shower this year.

Okay. Don't worry. I'll
be right here. Okay?

- Okay.
- Okay.

Hello, Echo.

Does a treatment sound nice?

- It does.
- Good.

Lie back, please.

This girl is going to be fresh
out of the shipping container

from a little town called Dolinsk.

No skills. No English.

- You know what you're doing?
- What's better to infiltrate the herd,

a wolf in sheep's clothing or a sheep?

I haven't taken on
the Russian mob lately, so I don't know.

They start trusting her,
then we can give her the skills.

I don't know what you're saying.

How are you feeling?

Not exactly good as new.
You've gotta pick up the pace.

I don't know if I can
hold out much longer.

Hang in there.

Can the Russian girl?

But as for me,
the headaches are getting worse.


Now, go, go, go.

I can't believe it. Lynn!

At least she went as herself.

We're gonna hunker down
in the romper room.

We'll set up some trippers.
There's good visibility up there.

Yeah. So the whole world can see us?

Nice little display case for
our potential corpses.

The answer's up there.

The big creepy slabs
of tech are up there.

There's no answers, Mag. Just history.

So it seems like this is the place
where the tech originated.

Maybe there's a way to stop it.

Fine, but since we agreed
to keep her around,

I think it's time to birthmark the girl.

Agreed. Agreed.

Good. Don't worry, sweetie.

Everybody's gotta grow up sometime.

I'm not ready for this.

Where will you go?

I don't know yet. I'll have to
figure that out on the move.

Somewhere they can't pinpoint me.

- Where is that?
- I don't know.

And I wouldn't tell you if I did.

Echo's already in danger.
I don't want you to be.

It's an understatement to say
they have ways of making you talk.

Maybe I'll just keep moving.
I'll be okay.

You won't be able to go to the hospital
if you need to.

Here. Some extra bandages
if you need to re-wrap it.

I'm healing fine, Claire.

You'll need these to fight off
infection. Fever is the first sign...


I'll be okay.

I wish we had more time.

I know.

I'll come back for you. You understand?

I will come back for you.

We call it a birthmark.

It's the only way we could tell
a person really is who they say.

- Lf you...
- Iris Miller.

Yeah. So if you start acting strange,
we can ask you your full name

and know that you're okay.

The word has been spreading
for a while among Actuals,

so if we meet any new Actuals,
we can check to verify.

And this makes you one of us.

I wanna be like Zone.

Why on Earth?

'Cause he's funny and mean.

You don't have to tattoo my dad.

He doesn't know who he is anymore.

How's she doing?

Tattoo is the least painful thing
that girl has ever gone through.

We need real food.

I'll think on it.

This place has running water, though.

And power and heat and no signal.

Griff, if we fortify and find
whatever's down here with us,

blast it to pieces,
we could set up in this place.

- Griff?
- I think it found us.

I found your friend.

Move and you die. You're surrounded.

I will shoot you very hard.

Who are you?

- My name is Whiskey.
- What's your last name?

- I don't know.
- She's a dumb show.

A dumb show
that bashed Lynn in the head.

Where were you born?

I don't know.

Let's blow this bitch
back to the Bush years.

- Did you kill our friend?
- I found her.

She was sleeping.

- You wouldn't even know...
- Hold on a second, you guys.

Hold on. How did you get down here?

I've always been here.

- I'm gonna blast her.
- Power down a second, Zone.

Since when do we mull this over?

Are you looking for Safe Haven?

- What?
- What do you know about Safe Haven?

It's a myth.

She's empty.

Our knowing can be changed.
You die as you were born.

Heart in concert with the mind.

She's empty, man.

I know the way to Safe Haven.

You do?

I can show you the way.

There must be a secret tunnel
or something.

I wonder how many Actuals are there.


Here? This?

Mag, grab the heavy thing.

This is the way to Safe Haven.

You gotta be kidding me.


The chair. The memories will tell us
how to get there?

So we are on the right track.

'Cause the wind-up doll says so?

I told you there were answers.

- She's right. We keep going.
- Are you printed?

This girl probably killed Lynn.

We should waste her,
not take her advice.

Now, instead of finding food,

y'all wanna hang with dumb shows
and play with tech all day.

Food. I think we're close.

There was this one girl, Echo.

She seemed like she could
withstand the prints.

I know where to find food.

Where? Where?

If you point at the freaking chair,
I will end you.

In the kitchen.

In the kitchen.

Sorry to make you come down.

I'm allergic to shellfish,
so this is a real treat.

Topher, I'm looking for Mr. Ambrose.

You don't recognize me.

Well, of course not. I
don't recognize me.

Mr. Ambrose. What's going on?

- I've come here...
- How?

Delivered on a hard drive.

I'm here to inform you that this

is a service we now provide.

- I'm sorry. I...
- Upgrades.

We at Rossum now provide select clients
with complete anatomy upgrades.

You're giving away our Actives.

No, we're not giving them away.
We're charging a lump nine-figure sum.

This is wrong. You can't do this.

I think you'll find in the coming months
we can do whatever we want.

What about the laws?

We've always been above the law, Adelle.

Only now, we're also writing it.

This will all be legal within a year.

Everybody who matters is either
a client or one of ours.

I was talking about
the laws of humanity.

Laws of evolution, Adelle.

Imagine what one man can achieve
if he has no fear and will live forever.

This is not what we set out to do.

It is not what you set
out to do, Adelle.

You cannot have that body, Mr. Ambrose.

It belongs to another soul,

and I will not sell these people off
at any price.

Listen carefully.

This is the time to choose,
Adelle, Mr. Brink.

Whether you want to be
someone who lives on,

the endless, epic arc of history,

or a quickly discarded,
decomposing vessel enriching the soil.

You both earned a place on the ark.
Mr. Brink, he practically built it.

So you can take this body if you want.
I won't fight.

Right now, I'm in 10 others

having this conversation
in 10 other houses.

If you do reclaim this
body, though, we'll

know and you'll have made a choice.

A defining choice.


What do you say?

This is sick.

I thought knowing how it happened
would somehow,

you know, make it not as bad.

Does it hurt? It looks like it hurts.

He doesn't remember it hurting
when it's over, though, kiddo.

So, can that machine
take people out of people

and put them in other people?

Yeah. I think so.

Daddy's angry! Daddy's angry!

- You son of a bitch.
- Did I fall asleep?

No, not in front of Iris.

What do we do now?

I will help you find Safe Haven.

There is no Safe Haven.

Not for everyone.

I regret to inform you, ma'am,
that we've had a security breach.

I sent for you, Mr. Dominic.

After everything we've been through, you
think I'm still your faithful lap dog?

After the Attic,

after what you did with my body.

You were a spy. You were caught.

What did you think would happen?

Exactly what happened.


So you've been briefed.

I saw Topher's face.

Almost worth the price of the ticket.

And I took a little walk outside.

That wasn't a good idea.

I ran into a guy...
Business guy. Very nice suit.

It's three buttons again.

Who saw that coming?

Guy asked me to help find his mommy

and did I wanna play
pretty princess with him.

Said he's not gonna like
kindergarten because there's boys.

So I'm thinking,

"God, some twisted freaks
imprinted this poor guy,

"but, no, maybe I'm wrong."

Maybe this sick sap saw what was coming
and just decided,

"I can be whoever I want."

That's what this whole operation
was about, right?

Giving people what they want.
No, no, no, what they need.

Everybody needs to get away.
To slip out of their lives.

The thing they couldn't do,
the girl they couldn't have.

The pretty princess
they never got to be.

I miss anything?

Just the vodka, thank God.

How's it feel to end the world, Ms.

There may be a way to stop it.

Tech's out there.
You can't make it go away.

There's a block,
a defense against being imprinted.

Topher has a cure?

Caroline has it.

Which one's Caroline?

This way? Yeah, straight ahead.

Big old plate of chicken.

But there's no Caroline in here.
It's like she didn't exist.

- She exists.
- But how do we find her?

Something goes in there? Yes.

- What? What, ma'am? What goes in there?
- I don't remember yet.

- Where's my dad?
- Dead.

You should be in the bedchambers
with the others.

I don't wanna be with them. Too much
talk makes the headaches worse.

- Just take the damn meds.
- No!

No. If this is what it means to be me,
I'd rather deal with the pain.

Juliet had another one of her dreams
last night.

We were all on a boat this time,
a giant boat.

Even her dreams are hacky.

You should have seen them
all cooing about at her feet.

So, what? That offends you?

Hope seems almost cruel at this point.

Just these people, they make me crazy.

- Maybe I should just go aboveground.
- Don't talk like that.

You know how dangerous it is.

The tech's gone wireless. People are
stealing bodies left and right.

You don't wanna end up like November.

Which one?

The safest thing we can do is just
cut our lines and go on lockdown.


Have we ever known anything else?


Right. That's over with now.

- You're bleeding?
- Yeah.

My new birthmark.
I made Charlie do it for me

so that I always know who I am.

If I think I'm someone else, I'll
have to face up to that hideous lie.

I want to show you something.

From the lab. So no matter what happens,
we have a backup here.

All of us, even Caroline.

So, now you can always
be yourself again.

As long as there's someone
to lead us back.

Kid, listen, there's
only three of us now.

So I think it's time to give you a gun.

- I'm scared of guns.
- I know. Small gun.

All you gotta do is point
and pull the trigger.

Just be careful, okay?

Old school. So each one of these holds
an entire personality, huh?

How do we know which one is Caroline?

One by one. We load up Whiskey
and introduce ourselves.

God, that's gotta suck.
Waking up one day in a different body.

You have no idea.


Oh, God.

- You?
- You murdered them all.

I really didn't want to.

You guys kill everyone
that's printed. Bigots.

We saved your life. Griff saved
your life. This whole time...

Easy part to play. A stupid kid.

I don't know how I got dumped
into this little bitch's body,

but that chair is my chance to get out.

- You want Mag or you want me?
- Mag, thank you.

I need Caroline or Whiskey or whoever
to lead the way.

So, sorry, Zone. Been really nice.

A little patronizing, but...

How did you know?

I saw Mr. Miller's birthmark
after his body hit the ground.

His name wasn't Miller.

I'm humble in prayer and hopeful
that we'll be able to go outside.

Even if not tomorrow, then someday.

I'm humble in prayer.
I am grateful for my memories.

I tried to give him haloperidol,
but he won't take anything without you.

Right. Thank you, Dr. Saunders.
It's one of his bad days.

- There you are.
- I'm sorry. I was at circle.

Come here. I need... I need to tell you.


Ultra-infrasonic emitters.
You don't need a translator

when speaking directly to the brain.

Have you had anything to eat today?

No, no, no.

And it was just one phone call.

One robo call to a city.
That's all it takes.

An entire army in a single instant

in the hands of any government,
and boom. We went boom.

Millions programmed to kill anyone
who's not programmed to kill anyone.

And then the war has two sides,

those who answered the phone
and those who didn't.

You know what, don't answer the phone.
Promise me you won't answer the phone.

I promise, sweetheart.

I could read to you. Do you like that?

So which is worse? Pick up the phone
or don't pick up the phone?

I can't tell.

It's an interesting question.

An entire army in a single instant.

That's all it takes.

That's brilliant. That's so brilliant.

Why didn't I think of that?

Did I think of that?

Did I?

Oh, God.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

If I can think I can figure things out,
is that curiosity or arrogance?

Oh, my God.

I know what I know. I know what I know.
I know what I know. I know what I know.

I know what I know. I know what I know.

It's okay. It's okay.

It's okay.

I know what I know.


Home sweet home.

Glad to see the doctor
back in the house.

Didn't expect to after
they fixed your face.

- How did that happen?
- Long story.

It's gonna be tough
getting everyone to the compound.

- The tech they need doesn't travel.
- It works, then.

No one's been printed there.

We have Alpha to thank for that.

I'm surprised to see
you and Paul together.

Jury is out on together,
but he's got my back.

Listen, I need Topher
to put me in the chair.

Back me up on a drive. Hardcopy.

Topher doesn't go up there anymore.

I can do it for you.
You're copying yourself?

In case something happens to me.

I know exactly where we're going.

Gotta keep that close for now,
but someday, someone may need to know.

- How will they know where to look?
- I'm working on that.

Once we hit the ground,

there's no time to cry
about how different it is up there.

It's different.

You stay close to the person in front of
you and you keep your weapon ready.

Someone from outside of this group...

You've come to save the innocent lambs?

They're not lambs, DeWitt.
I think I've mentioned that before.

What about the rest of us, Caroline?

Are you going to save us, too?
Or have you come to kill us?

Can you give me a reason not to?

I'm not going to plead with you.

Your mind's made up.

Yes, it is.

- Caroline?
- Yeah.

Great, puberty all over again.

- How many we got?
- You're looking at them.

- What year is this?
- 2019.


Dr. Saunders, I can't
believe you held out.

My name is Whiskey.

Oh, well, thank you, Whiskey,
for helping them find me.

- Was I my best?
- Better.

You knew her before?

I told her if she stayed,
she'd lose her mind.

I guess she decided that was better.

- But you discovered a cure?
- Yeah.

- Where is Safe Haven?
- That's what they're calling it?


That's our tripper.
Party's crashed, let's move.

Come with me, Whiskey. I need to wait.

- Come with us. Butchers are coming.
- I have to wait here.

- They'll waste you.
- I need to wait.

This way. The elevator shaft.

Mag, you go first. I'll hold them off.

I'm right behind you.

Burn down my home

My memory's hardened
in the brightest chrome

Good times escape

While every mistake
seems to be caught on tape

I will go rolling fast

Arms out in the rain

Feel momentum building to lift

Off ground like an airplane

Love ties you down to the pain

A billion eyes are watching first light

They see what remains

They really thought
they were helping, huh?

Giving people what they needed.

- Is this what we needed?
- No.

Kids playing with matches
and they burned the house down.

Gave up this town

What waste are we left with
when it's boiled down

Shine light on me

Your image reflected
is all you'll ever see

I will go rolling fast

Arms out in the rain

Feel momentum building to lift

Off ground like an airplane

Love ties you down to the pain

I hope we find me alive.

A billion eyes are watching first light

They see what remains


Corrected & Synced by Bakugan