Dollhouse (2009–2010): Season 1, Episode 12 - Omega - full transcript

Having abducted Echo, Alpha attempts to recreate the "composite event" that resulted in his becoming a mosaic of all the imprints he'd ever had, so as to make her a fitting companion for himself - at a frightening cost. Meanwhile, Ballard must overcome his scruples when Boyd and Adelle ask him to work with the Dollhouse to find Echo and Alpha before it's too late. Meanwhile, there are disturbing revelations about Alpha's background - and that of Dr. Saunders as well.

Help! I need help in here!

Victor. He attacked Victor.

Alpha. We need EMT response. Now!

He had a scalpel. He cut...

Exits have been secured,
but I think the horse has left the barn.

Motor pool's reporting a dumped van
about two blocks from here.

Full lockdown. I want a complete
head count, Actives and staff.

Go and help Victor.

- Yes, ma'am.
- Quickly!

He came for Echo.

He took her.

It was an imprint, I don't know what.
He somehow buried the signature.

We can find them both
because she's tagged.

Not anymore.

Her GPS strip. Dug it out of her.

And he went into the system
and severed the bio-links.

I can't see her vitals. She's just gone.

I want to know what
he's imprinted her with.

- I'm looking.
- Keep looking.

He asked me if I always
wanted to be a doctor.

Well, who can fathom
the mind of a crazy person?

The one who made him crazy, maybe?

How do you like your new togs, baby?

I love them. Thank you.

Ouch. It still stings.

Had to get it out.
You trust me, don't you?

- You know I do.
- Yeah, I do.

We've been through
a lot together, haven't we?

Ever since you took me
out of that first place, when I was 13.

Thirteen, already a woman.

That's what you said.

- I remember.
- But it never happened.

- Did you tell her that?
- Shut up.


I didn't know you when you were 13.

- None of us did.
- One of us did.

One of us did.

I'm not Bobby.

What do you mean, you're not Bobby?

I mean, I'm not just Bobby.

Bobby, my Tasty Couture printed tee,
she left it out of the bags!

You got enough there for now, don't you?

We can't go back.

You left out my Tasty Couture.

I looked really cute in that shirt,
too, you stupid bitch.

Ms. Alvarez, Mr. Blevins,
am I to understand

you lost both your Actives
and our client?

Yes, Ms. DeWitt.

Alvarez's girl is a bad influence
on my guy, Ms. Dewitt.

I don't know why
we insist on pairing them.

There is no "we"
in this equation, Mr. Blevins.

It is not your concern which Active
is selected for which engagement.

Your only task is
discreetly to observe the proceedings.

And we were, but it looks like
Alpha knew he was being followed.

I made it very clear these
imprints were prone to paranoia.

I flagged it in the paperwork.

Just as a point of interest,

how potentially lethal
would you say these imprints are?

I close my eyes

Then I drift away

Into the magic night

Okay, Lars.

Who you working with?

Nobody, I'm not working with anybody.

Who was in the vans?

Vans? I didn't see any vans.

Did you see vans?


it's sad. It's sad how you lie.
I can smell it.


You think that I have survived
this long, on the run,

without being able to tell
who's lying to me,

And who's not?

You're hiding something.

I can see it in your eyes.

And I'm gonna cut it out!

It's complicated. It's complicated.

All right.

Make it simple.

You're not real.


Even your girlfriend.

- What did you say about my girlfriend?
- You're not real!

Either one of you!

You think you're on a cross-country
crime spree. But you're not.

You think you have a doomed love.

It's not doomed. It's not even love.

I paid for this.

It was supposed to be my fantasy.

I just wanted to have a little fun.

- Just a little fun?
- Yeah.

You wanted to have a little fun?
Well, are you?

Are you having fun, Lars?


She's real.

And that's the last real thing
you're ever gonna see.


Yeah, baby?

I've got a lock.
San Pedro, Industrial road, 7-18.

We're close.

Whiskey, would you like a treatment?

Yes, please.

Back off!


Yeah, let's do that, instead.

Let's go to the van, okay?

Thanks for the ride.

Where's Kepler?

Don't tell me that hypochondriac
gave you the slip?

Leave us.

This man,
the man you brought here tonight,

was, until last year,
one of our Actives.

Designation, Alpha.

You're telling me Kepler's a doll?

Not at all. Stephen Kepler,
the real Stephen Kepler, is a corpse.

His body was identified
this afternoon by Arizona authorities.

And these bodies...
You programmed a massacre.

The Alpha situation was an
unfortunate technological anomaly.

A technological anomaly?

My God, what have you people done?

What have you done?

You have brought this thing
back into my house

to defile it a second time.

And now, he's taken Echo.


Yes, I thought that might
wipe the smirk off your face.

I'm walking out of here, now.

Out of the question.

He broke out of here, Alpha,
and so will I.

Alpha's a genius.

None of the follow teams
has even left the garage yet.

Building's locked down.

Someone called in a terrorist threat.


He's laughing at us.

I can make this go away.

Set up this perimeter.
Let me know when it's done.

Yes, sir.


Thank God it's you.

And not someone who can stand you?

Keep your eyes on me. Nod.
They're watching us.

Do you trust him?

I trust that I know what he wants.

Listen, there's no bomb.

- What?
- The tip was bogus.

The Dollhouse is real.

- The Dollhouse?
- It's right under your feet.

A self-contained facility
built entirely underground.

I've seen it. I can take you there.

Everybody back in the trucks!

False alarm.

- What are you doing?
- What am I doing?

A bogus bomb threat, Ballard?

What, suspension wasn't enough for you?
You wanna go to prison?

Don't let me change my mind.

Hi. I have news.

Have you identified the latent imprints?

Not yet. I was going to inventory
all of Echo's old imprints,

to see if maybe the signatures
matched any residual noise,

and anyway, they're not there.

- I beg your pardon?
- They're gone.

Every wedge. Primary and back up.

Every personality we've ever imprinted
on Echo, they're gone.

Why would he take the wedges?
What good would they be to him?

Welcome to your castle, my princess.

Behold, your throne.

Oh, wow.

Say, you got a bathroom?

It hurts.

I know it does.

It won't always.

I'm not my best anymore.

I want to be my best.

Yes, I know you do.

How can I be my best now?

Dr. Saunders?

- How can I be my best? Please.
- You can't, Victor.

You can't be your best.

Your best is past.

Your past, you can't even remember.

You're ugly now.

You're disgusting.

All you can hope for now is pity.

And for that, you're gonna
have to look somewhere else.

Dr. Saunders?

- Dr. Saunders?
- Hello.


What do we have here?

She came back from the Miller
engagement with some shoulder pain.

Have one of these,

and sit right down here,
and I'll see what I can do.

You're overworked, dear.

You're too popular for your own good.
I keep recommending a week of rest.

Our number one Active?

Boss Lady will never let her lie fallow.

- I try to be my best.
- I know, I'm sure you do.

We have an intake,
all available Handlers to the floor.

- You got this?
- Yeah.

Well, sounds like you're
going to have another friend.

Friends are nice. They sure are.

Impressive, no?

This is where you'll spend the
majority of your non-engagement time.

When does the hankering
for tasty brains kick in?

These people are zombies.

We call them Actives.

You'll be served five-star cuisine here.

And you'll never want for anything.

This isn't the end of your life.

Then why do I feel like
I'm walking to the gallows?

It's five years.

And to you, it will
feel like an instant.

She's sad.

Dr. Saunders is nice.

So this is it.

This is where you steal their souls.

Yeah. And then we put them in a
glass jar with our fireflies.

Why is there a tall, morally-judgmental
man in my imprint room?

Besides him.

Special Agent Ballard
is going to lend us

his inestimable
crime-solving abilities.

Oh, cool.

Say, maybe he can start with
finding the guy who tasered me?

Pretty sure he led
Alpha right in here.

He can help.

We all need to work together if there's
any hope of finding and stopping Alpha.

You know that better than anyone.

You will assist Special Agent Ballard
with this profile.

All hands on deck. Do
I make myself clear?

- Good day.
- We're ready for our treatments.

- What the hell is this?
- Couple more decades...

I'll take Sierra first.


What is this thing, anyway?

What are we gonna do to her?

Everything. Nothing.

Not to her, she won't...

We won't be needing this, will
we, honey? Wendy's going away.

She won't be here in a minute.

Wait. What, it's like a magic trick?

- We're going to make her disappear?
- We're going to stick her in a wedge.

We're going to wedge her.

I don't get it.

Of course you don't.

How could you?

The mind you have been given is so tiny,
so primitive,

that it is incredible
you can even perform

basic motor functions, or form words.

Screw you, Bobby.

Don't mess me up. Look, you're perfect.

I needed you just like this. Just
like this, not afraid of anything.

So we could get out of that place
and make it here.

And you were great.

Jacking that car, getting that girl.

You're perfect.

I was?

You're always perfect.

Hello, Echo.

Hello, Alpha. Good... day.

- I'm going to yoga.
- I like you.

You're special.

- I try to be my best.
- You are the best.

- I try to be my best.
- You are the best.

Hey, hey, hey.

Echo, Topher would like to see you
for a treatment.

I enjoy my treatments. Thank you.

Go on ahead, I'll catch up.

What the hell are you doing?

"Hell"? I don't understand "hell."

It's what you would have caught,

if it had been DeWitt coming
around that corner instead of me.

You'd already be on your way
to the Attic by now.

Just watch your step.

I'll do that.

Topher says it's like childbirth.

I think it's more like
watching someone die.

Well, someone's going to die if my
partner doesn't get her ass out here.

Trail's going cold.

But you're not cold, are you, handsome?
What's your story?

Wait, don't tell me.

You got multiple contracts on this job?

That's okay. I like a little
stiff competition.

When it turns out you're not the one
who collects the bounty,

promise you'll hold it against me.

So, if you're done molesting the
furniture, can we get these guys?

Well, you're still in your pajamas.

She's not screaming anymore.

She's screaming...

They're all screaming...
The little one's not...

Why must you always...
Why can't you ever take my side?

I didn't say nothing.

You always say nothing.

There she is.


Am I supposed to hear something?

Not yet.

Bobby, you're scaring me.

Little lamb.

What have you got to be afraid of?
I'll tell you what!

There's only one person
that can hurt you now, just one.

And that's what we're
here to take care of.

Who was he after?

The day it happened?

The day of your unfortunate
technological anomaly.

He wasn't after anybody.
It was a random killing spree.

You're wrong.

Look. You can't profile Alpha.
He's not a person.

He's like Soylent Green. He's people.

He experienced a composite event.
Forty-eight personalities.

Not split personalities.
Full, total, complete personalities

got dumped into his coconut all at once.
He snapped.

Oh, I believe he snapped.
Who did he target?

Who did he go after first?

His Handler.

Half my staff.

And Dr. Saunders walked in.

The woman with the scars?

This is a waste of time.

In a mass killing like this, the first

victims will often be
whoever's in the way.

Who was the first individual that Alpha
went for the moment he had a choice?



The first individual?

He came over here to the self shelf.

It's where I keep my primaries stored,

the original personalities that
the volunteers first walk in with.

He took his original self

and he smashed the hell out of it.

And you said this time he took
all of Caroline's imprints,

the ones you created.


Where's her original self?

We have a backup, right?

This was the backup.

Where's the original?

Hello, Caroline.

Has it been five years?

What is this?

What am I doing sitting here

and standing over there?

Baby, meet yourself.

Oh, God. The wrongness of this
is so large. Whose body is this?

That's just the body. They're all
pretty much the same.

I think this one wet itself.

What did you mean "meet myself?"

This whining, pathetic creature, this
self-hating human, that was you.


She's responsible for all of the
terrible things you can't remember.

My brain hurts.

How do you think my brain... Hey!
That is my brain!

I want my brain back.
I want back in my brain!

You should have thought of that before
you vacated the premises.

- I don't even know this girl.
- Do you know why?

- 'Cause we never met?
- Because she abandoned you.

She walked out on you
when you needed her most.

Times got a little tough.

The road got a little rocky,
seas got a little choppy.

And she thought, "Hey. I'll go to sleep.

"Night, night. See you in five years!"

She left you to the jackals,
to the wolves, to the predators.

Isn't that right, Caroline?

She said that I would be taken care of
and that I would be safe.

Do you feel safe, huh?

Do you? You feel safe?

Safe, do you feel? What do you feel?


I'm with her.

You are her! But you don't have to be.

You can ascend. You can evolve.
It's in you. I have seen it.

And I can help you, baby,
just like I always have.

She was never there when you needed her.

But I was.

I like trees.

Someone's getting a treatment.

Whiskey, would you like a treatment?

Yes, please.

All right.

Tidy your station and then
you may go with Sophie, Whiskey.

I swear, if that girl
keeps getting sent

out she's never going
to finish the tree.

- And it's a small tree.
- That's my girl.

What can I say? Most requested
doll in the house. Number one.


Whiskey? Let Echo be number one.

Easy. Settle down, Alpha.

How? How did this happen?

I don't know. I don't know.
Some residual memory,

inactive neurons from
a previous engagement.

All I can do is run a
full-range diagnostic.

I'm bringing up every last one of his
prior builds, see if anything matches.

You don't leave this
room, until it's done.

And when you're finished,
send him to the Attic.

I don't understand. Was I not my best?

I was making art.

Alpha? You need to settle, okay?

You need a treatment. Okay? A treatment.


- Yes, please, I... I need a treatment.
- That's good. That's good. He's good.

- He's down. Thanks.
- I need a treatment.

Yes, you do. You surely do.

I enjoy my treatments.

Well, then you're gonna love this one.
It's kind of a "greatest hits."

Hey! I need some help!
Come here, come here!

Shut... Shut it down!

Understand "hell" now.

My God, Topher!
What the hell's going on here?


Forty-eight personalities,
each with its own rich history,

and none of it tells me anything.

Who's Alpha?

Alpha is all of these.

That's what I keep saying.

And, of course, it doesn't tell you
anything. It doesn't tell me anything

and I'm smarter than everyone
in this room.

But less scary.

I know you're all very invested
in your vaunted technology,

and it is very impressive,

but I still don't believe you can wipe
away a person's soul.

Their what?

Their soul. Who they are at their core.
I don't think that goes away.

You'd be wrong about that.

I wanna know who Alpha was.
Who was he before, in private life?

That is not relevant.

With all respect,

one of Alpha's first
acts after compositing

was to destroy his original self.

- We should know who that was.
- What?

All right. I still have about 19
personality builds to reassemble

so I can try and figure out which of
Echo's imprints Alpha used on her. So...

Good luck with the whole God thing.

Do not let him do this to you, please.

You don't even know
what it is I'm doing.

It's not good. I know that.

- I've been in that chair. It hurts.
- But just for a minute.

- You won't remember.
- I remember.

It still smells like burnt hair in here.

He's going to make me a superior
creature, an ascended being.

Do you even know what that means?

Do you? No.

Okay. So you're not better than me.

Look where you are. You're in
a lair, okay? An evil lair.

And you're sitting in some messed up
dentist's chair

letting a guy who talks to himself
attach wires to your head,

which, incidentally, is my head!

Open. Bite down. Good.

Go ahead. Keep talking.

I want you to. We all do.

This is how it shall be.

She will ascend. She will know.

And then she will kill you.

What? Why?


That's what we need, a blood ritual.

Yes, yes. We gotta have one of those!

The Aztecs knew it. The pre-Hellenic
Minoans knew it for God sakes.

From the moment man first clawed his way

out of the primordial ooze,
and kicked off his fins,

he's understood that
the gods require blood.

New life from death.

The ancients had it right.

The old gods are back.

Alpha, meet Omega.


No way! You cheat...

I'm gonna kill you...

Shut up!

I thought maybe I'd solve my murder.


I'm counting on it.
Let's help each other out...

Oh, God.

Oh, gods.

I get it.


Now, I get it.

I knew you would.

Oh, yeah.

Now I understand everything.

Carl William Craft.

Three names. Always ominous.

When the Rossum Corporation first began
its investigations into neural science,

some of our recruits were furnished
by the Department of Corrections.

You experimented on prisoners?

We offered the opportunity to trade
lengthy prison sentences

for five-year terms of service with us.

What was he in for?

Kidnapping, attempted murder.

Well, he never actually killed anybody.

Not until he came here.

Based on what I'm reading, this man was
well on his way to becoming Ted Bundy.

You have no proof of that.

The only reason he didn't kill anybody
is because the victim got away.

When they finally picked up Craft, they
found a whole murder kit in his car.

- He was evolving.
- So there's a living witness.

- You wanna drive?
- I can do that.

We are confused.

Omega, you hit me with a pipe.

Yeah? Call me Omega again,
and you'll get some more.

Something must have
gone wrong with the composite.

Nothing went wrong.

Every imprint this
Active has ever had is

alive and awake in her head right now.

Then why did you hit me
in the head with a pipe?

It was handy,
and you wanted me to kill myself!


I wanted you to kill her.

"Her" is me. You made that very clear.


"Her" is the old you. Try and keep up!

I'm way ahead of you.

You think we're gods?

We're not just humans anymore.

We're not multiple personalities,
we're many personalities.

One of my personalities
happens to be a multiple personality,

but that doesn't make me
a multiple personality.

I'm looking for a little nuance here.

We're not gods.



Nietzsche predicted our rise.

Perfected. Objective. Something new.

Right. New, superior people.

With a little German thrown in,
what could possibly go wrong?

We're not new.

We're not anything.

We're not anybody,
because we're everybody.

I mean, I get it.

I understand it.

I'm experiencing, like,
38 of them right now.

But, I somehow understand

that not one of them is me.

I can slip into one.

Actually, it slips into me.

They had to make room for it.

They hollowed me out.

There is no me. I'm just a container.

There's a "you." She's right here.

He may be crazy, but he's right.

You walked away from me.

You left me alone in that place.

Why did you do that?

It's complicated.

Sweetheart, however
complicated you thought

our life was before, you cannot...

How's that for a complication?

So let me ask you something.
It's pretty obvious you're police.

How'd you end up working
for these people?

Could ask you the same question.

I'm not working for them.
I'm just trying to save the girl.

There's always a girl.

427. Nita Walsh.



Ms. Walsh.

Who's asking?

Special Agent Paul Ballard, FBI.

I'm sorry, I know it's early,
but there's an urgent situation

you may be able to help us with.

If we could ask you a few questions.

It's about Carl Craft.

I don't have strangers in my home.

I'm just leaving for work.
I'll come down.

You do realize what we're doing
to this woman?

Resurrecting a nightmare.
And maybe for no good reason.

Whoever Carl Craft was may have
nothing to do with who...

Alpha is.

Agent Ballard, how may I help you?

You don't know what you're doing,
what you're giving up!

Right. Why would I want to live
in a luxurious spa-like environment

when I could live here with you?

I thought you were different!

I thought you were exceptional.
But I was wrong. You're weak.

I may not know who I am,
but at least I know who I'm not.

I'm not your girlfriend.

- You okay?
- Yeah, I kick ass.

Who are you?

I'm Echo.

And who is that?

She's nobody.

I'm just the porchlight,
waiting for you.

You have to put me back.

You have to put me back in that wedge.

Because we need to get...

Wendy back in her body.

Why do you have to go back in the wedge?

Why don't you come home?

I did sign a contract.

I have 38 brains,

not one of them thinks you can sign
a contract to be a slave,

especially now that we have
a black president.

We have a black president?

Okay, I am missing everything.

Yep, let's do this.


Hey, hey.

Now, do what I say

or I will blow your brain out.

What's this? Background singer?

I don't know why Alpha would imprint her
as a background singer,

unless he was starting an evil band.
Nope. Next.

This is Topher.

Topher. Question.

When Alpha was an Active, did he have
any engagements that ended up in Pedro?

He had a lot of engagements, Boyd.
Can you be more specific?

When Alpha was a civilian,
he abducted a woman,

kept her captive for three days
in some sort of defunct power plant.

She escaped.
Cops picked her up on the highway.

Get me Whiskey 1.1.

Too traumatized
to find her way back there,

but it was somewhere in San Pedro.

Actually, yes.

There was one engagement,
he slipped his Handler.

It was a double,
he was with Whiskey 1.1.

It took us a while to get
a lock on his location.

It wasn't a place we'd been before,
it was a bit off parameter.

Explains why your bounty hunters
haven't turned up anything.

Here it is. San Pedro,
Industrial road, 7-18.

Thanks, Topher.


He's using an old Whiskey imprint.

Get in the chair.

What are you going to do? Wipe me?

No, I'm going to put her in you.

It's what you wanted, isn't it?
Of course, then I'm going to kill you.

It's a little elaborate.

Why don't you just shoot me,
and the damn wedge?

I'm not going to shoot the wedge.
I'm going to keep the wedge.

I'm going to use the wedge.

And I'm going to grab
Wendies and Beckies and Stacies

from all over this great nation.

And every one of them
will be a Caroline.

And every one of them will get
carved up, and her throat cut,

until I get bored.

Now, get in the chair.

You like knives and scissors.
You like to cut things, don't you?

Whiskey. You cut up that poor girl
because of me!

- For you. It was for you.
- Hey, save it.

And don't hand me any more
of your crap about you

being some superior ascended being.

To ascend to anything, at minimum,
you don't cut up women.

- Lay back in the chair.
- You lay back in the chair.

I'm done laying back in the chair.
I'm ready to rinse and spit.

I will shoot it. I will blast the wedge.

So, blast it.
What's stopping you, Edward Scissor-pud?

- I'm not fooling.
- He's not kidding!

- We're not bluffing.
- I'm bluffing.

But the rest of us, we mean business.

- I said, shoot it. I don't care.
- Yeah, well, maybe she will.

She won't know. She's me.
And we're both coming to get you.

Wanna bet it's stolen?

He's up there.

Caroline's up there.

I see.

You wanna save the girl?

Go get her.

You saved her.

Dr. Saunders?

I think you gave me more computer skills

than would be required
by a medical doctor.

It was very easy for me
to hack your system.

I'm curious.


Well, I guess I understand

why they wouldn't
want to waste an investment.

And, I suppose, why hire
a new physician when you can just

imprint the broken doll?

But why did you decide it was
so important for me to hate you?

I think that's strange.

You didn't open it.


Aren't you curious
to see who you really are?

I know who I am.

So, he continues to elude us.

He does.

And the poor child at the warehouse?

An anonymous source is providing
generously for her family.

- Cold comfort.
- Yes.

We'll find him.

I have confidence now.

Our new contractor
has the skills to inspire it.

I don't work for you yet.

Remember our deal.

The young lady's freedom
has been granted.

With full payment on her contract.

Of course.


Send her in.

Come in, my dear.

I just have a few
things for you to sign.

And then our business will be completed.

Thank you.



Did I fall asleep?

For a little while.

Okay, you can go now.

Thank you.


It was so easy.
I feel like I just got here.

Of course.

Okay, thanks again.


Excuse me.

Shall I go now?

If you like.

I don't think I got your name.

Madeline. Madeline Costly.

Madeline. That's a lovely name.

Change your heart

It will astound you

I need your loving

Night to sunshine

And you are?

I'm nobody.

Everybody's gotta learn sometime

Everybody's gotta learn sometime

Everybody's gotta learn sometime


Corrected & Synced by Bakugan