Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 9, Episode 23 - The Time Monster: Episode Three - full transcript

The Master enlists the help of Krasis to control Kronos while Yates tries to bring the TARDIS to the institute only to come under attack from dangers from the past.


You're wrong, Sergeant Benton.
That is the oldest trick in the book.

What are you going to do?

I am going to bring somebody here

who can help me
find the power that I need.

- Without it, I am helpless.
- I don't understand.

Of course you don't understand.
How could you possibly understand?

Only one thing stands between me
and complete power over the Earth,

over the universe itself!

And the one I bring here
will show me how to harness that power.

Now, you watch that crystal!





I am Krasis, high priest of the temple
of Poseidon in Atlantis.


But surely Kronos is your lord?

You would dare profane with
your irreverent tongue the great secret?

The mystery which no man dare speak?

Who are you?

I am the Master,
lord of time and ruler of Kronos.

You are lying! No one rules Kronos.

- I shall, with your help...
- You...

And together we shall become
masters of the universe.


No, let him go.
He can do us no harm now.

Come with me.

Is this the abode of Lord Kronos?

No. But with you to assist me,
I shall bring him here.

I exist only to do his will.
He is not to be commanded.

Oh, but surely

Kronos obeyed the priests of Kronos
as a pet dog obeys his master.

- You...
- The truth, Krasis!

- It is so written.
- Ah.

Well, therefore you have the secret.
You have the formula.

No. It is lost.

For five centuries,
it has been lost to Atlantis.

And there was nothing handed down?

- Nothing.
- Nothing at all?

Nothing save the crystal

From this seal
I can learn the true constants.

Kronos is in my power at last!


That's all you need at the moment,
until your body recovers from the shock.

A charming prospect, I must say.

Hey, Ruth?

You'd better find out
about my old age pension.

After all,
I'll be 26 in seven weeks' time.

- Try not to be too bitter, Stu.
- Oh...

BENTON: Doctor?
JO: Sergeant Benton?

Doctor, it's the Master.
He's there in the laboratory.


But how can Atlantean measurements
mean anything to you?

Comparative ratios remain constant
throughout time.

If you have nothing intelligent to say,
do please keep quiet.

Right. Now...

we switch on.


Are you sure he said
he was from Atlantis?

Yes, he...
He just appeared from nowhere.

Right, what are we waiting for?
Benton, Doctor, on the double!

LETHBRIDGE: Females, stay under cover,
right, Miss Grant?

Brigadier, wait!

Hey, wait for me. Females indeed!

Doctor, look!

DOCTOR: It's a massive feedback of time.

Jo, it's too late. Kronos is coming.


Come, Kronos, come!


MASTER: Kronos, welcome.




Kronos, be at peace, I am your friend!

You will never control Kronos.
He is the ruler of time.

He is the destroyer! We are doomed!

Rubbish! Kronos, hear me!
I order you to obey!


Well, well, well.

So the pet dog does obey his master, eh?

Right, you stay in your kennel
until I have need of you.


Just as I thought,
they've run right into trouble.

Jo, you stay here.

She'll be all right,
now she's outside the limit.

What's the matter with them?

What's... What's happening?

- Are you all right?
- Well, what's going on?

Don't worry.
The Doctor will explain later.

I hope.


- What are you doing?
- Reversing the interstitial flow.


Now, don't interrupt me.
I must concentrate.

You have not the power to control him!


I shall have, never fear.
Just give me time. Now...

I must put him back where he belongs.


W-W-What on earth? Doctor,
will you please kindly explain...

There's no time to explain now.

Benton, take the chair.
Everybody inside, quick.



It's safe to go in now,
most noble high priest.

(SARCASTICALLY) Thank you for your help.

I am no slave that I should serve you.

I serve only the gods.

You'll serve me, Krasis,
and you'll like it.

You dare mock the high priest?

Take care. I can always
bring Kronos back, you know.

No! No, I beseech you!

- What is your will?
- Knowledge.

Your knowledge of the ancient mysteries.

Why could I not control him?

For all your sorcery, you are as a child
trying to control a rogue elephant.

- A puny child.
- But I have the crystal.

That crystal is but a part
of the true crystal of Kronos,

- a small fraction.
- A fraction?

And the rest is in Atlantis?

Deep in the vaults
of the temple of Poseidon,

guarded by night and by day
from such thieves as you.

You may command the slave

but never shall you command
the mighty one himself.

You think not?

We shall see.

Do you see, most venerable King,
the crystal has gone!

And Krasis?

I was here.

The sky opened and a sphere of fire
hurled by the hand of Zeus...

Yes, yes, yes, yes.
I saw the thunderstorm myself.

- What next?
- They disappeared,

Krasis and the crystal,
together like smoke.

What does it mean, Lord Dalios?
Has the time come at last?

You are young, Hippias.

As young in years
as in the sacred mysteries.

What do you know of Kronos?

The years of Kronos
were the golden years of Atlantis.

- Perhaps he will return to us.
- That is my fear.

Our world is in great danger! Come.

How old would you think me, boy?

A great age, Dalios.

How great?

Four score years or... more, perhaps.


A stripling of 80 summers, eh?

No, Hippias.

When these eyes were clear like yours,

I saw the building of the temple.

I was a witness of the enthronement

of the image of the great god
Poseidon himself.

But that was...

Well, it must have been 500 years ago.

Five hundred and thirty-seven.

Dalios, will you have me believe
you are...

I am.

What is it, that light?

It is the light
of the true crystal of Kronos.

This is the great secret,
the veritable mystery.

But now that Krasis has gone,
you alone know the secret.

You must guard it with your life.

I shall, my lord.


Have no fear, it is the guardian.

Return to your rest. It is I, Dalios.

What? Who was it?

You said no other person
shares the great mystery.

The guardian is a person no longer.

A thing, a creature
too horrible to imagine.

Half-man, half-beast!


Make yourselves comfortable,
if you can.

Thank you.

All right, Doctor, go on, what next?

Having picked us all up
by the scruff of the neck

and bundled us all in here,
what do you propose to do with us?

Nothing at all.
There's nothing to be done except wait.

I seem to have heard that before.

Speaking personally,
I'd love a cup of tea.

- How about it, Stuart?
- Well, I'll put the kettle on.

Hey, Ruth, get the mugs out, huh?

- Right.
- How about a sandwich?

- Only marmalade, I'm afraid.
- I'd love one, please.

This isn't a picnic!

One moment you're talking
about the entire universe blowing up

and the next you're going on about tea!

Doctor! What's happening?

A great deal.

For instance, you, Brigadier,
you were caught in a hiatus in time.

Being without becoming.
An ontological absurdity.

I don't understand a word you're saying.

Well, it's true.

You and Benton and Dr Ingram,
well, you were... You were stuck.

Nothing of the sort, Miss Grant.

Well, you wouldn't be
aware of it, of course.

Because your time had slowed down, too.

And all because of this TOMTIT gadget?

Yes, so it would seem.

After all, it did make
a crack in time, didn't it?

JO: A what?

Oh, a gap between the now and the now,
as Sergeant Benton put it.

Yes, exactly.

So we're bound to experience
all kinds of freak side effects.

You mean, even leaving Kronos
and the crystal right out of it?

- That's correct.
- Marmalade sandwich?

No, thank you. Jo?

Well, why weren't we affected

when we were actually
working the machine?

I mean, we weren't slowed down.

Well, you stand right under a fountain,
you don't necessarily get wet, do you?

- Oh, I see. Hmm.
- Well, I'm dashed if I do.


- Doctor, what are you doing?
- Me? Collecting.

Right. Now we shall soon
be ready to move.

Master, he may return.
The mighty one may return!

Oh, fortunate Atlantis, to be blessed
with such a courageous High Priest!

Never fear, Kronos will only return
if I desire it.

But the crystal!

I am reversing the interstitial flow,

thus draining the time energy
from the crystal.

Otherwise, we couldn't take it with us.

We? Where are we going?

Where do you think?


Atlantis, of course.

DOCTOR: Well, he must be stopped.

LETHBRIDGE: Fair enough.
Why don't we get on with it?

Because we can't even find out
what he's up to without the Tardis.

Right, a bottle, I need a bottle.

STUART: How about this?

No, no, that won't do.

One with a narrow neck,
a wine bottle.

- Moroccan burgundy, for instance?
- Yes, that'll do nicely.

- There we are.
- Fine. And the cork?

Oh, you've got me there,
I'm afraid, erm...

- RUTH: How about this, Stu?
- Oh, remarkable efficiency!

- Still on the corkscrew.
- Well done.

Doctor, I must insist,
what are you up to?

Delaying tactics, Brigadier.

A small fly
in the Master's metaphorical ointment.

Right, nearly there.

The fire is dying!

You are indeed the Master.

- Do we have a fork, Jo?
- Mmm-hmm.

Thank you.

Right, so far, so good.

- Another nutcase.
- (CHUCKLES) Fruitcake standard.

You just wait and see.

Right, Krasis, you'll have
to help me to carry it.

No! No, I dare not!

But there's nothing to be afraid of,
I promise you. Do as I tell you.

Master, do not compel me, I beseech you.

And what's that meant to be?

You're a philistine, Brigadier.

It's not meant to be anything,
it just is.

I hope.

You mean it's just
a ridiculous piece of modern art?

No, certainly not.
It's a time-flow analogue.

Of course it is, Ruth.
You should have seen that at a glance!

The relationships between
the different molecular bonds

and the actual shapes
form a crystalline structure of ratios.

Does it make
any sort of sense, Dr Ingram?

- None whatsoever.
- Just as I thought.

Doctor, please stop
this silly game at once.

Patience, Brigadier, patience.

Now then, here goes.

- Oh, dear!
- What's up?

- Well, it doesn't work.
- LETHBRIDGE: You astound me.

Bad luck, Doc. Have a cup of tea
and drown your sorrows.

Thank you.


Yes, of course, tea leaves.

Tea leaves.

I give you my firm pledge, Krasis,
the crystal is totally inactive.

It... It looks dead.

Well, of course it is. I promise you.

Right, here we go.


No! No, the crystal's afire!
The great one comes again!

The meddling fool!


But what does it do? I mean, how does it
actually affect the Master's plans?

Well, it's just like
jamming a radio signal, Jo.

We used to make them at school
to spoil each other's time experiments.

I don't believe it,
I just don't believe it!



(SIGHS) Ah, well.

Well, it was fun while it lasted.

MIKE: (ON RADIO) Greyhound? Greyhound?

This is Greyhound three. Over.

LETHBRIDGE: Greyhound three, Greyhound.

Thank you, Captain Yates.
And where have you been? Over.

MIKE: Greyhound three.
Won't be long now, sir.

About 10 miles or so. Over.

LETHBRIDGE: Greyhound,
well, get your skates on, will you?

We need the Doctor's Tardis here
double-quick. Out.

MIKE: Greyhound three. Wilco. Out.

KRASIS: Images that move and speak.

Wagons but no oxen to draw them.

This is indeed a time of wonders.

I will show you greater wonders
than either.


Master Lord, you will not bring
the mighty one here once more?

Certainly not!

I will just give you a demonstration
of my power over time.

Now, you watch this carefully.


Look out!

Greyhound three? We're stuck in the mud.

Forced off the road by some goon
in fancy dress.

I think. Over.

Are you suffering
from hallucinations, Captain Yates,

or have you been drinking? Over.

I could do with one,
I don't mind telling you.

This character in armour
just galloped at us.

You know, sir, the King Arthur bit.

Then he vanished.

In a puff of blue smoke, I suppose?
You have been drinking!

And that, Captain Yates,
was just a sample.

Right, Sergeant, get a shift on.
I want to get out of here.

Right, lads, everybody out!

Right, Sergeant. Get...

- Look, sir.


MIKE: Hey!
What do you think you're up to?

Get down! The blithering idiot means it!

Greyhound? Greyhound? Over.

I'm listening, Captain Yates. Over.


Another hallucination, sir.

Roundheads attacking us
with ball ammunition.

Cannonballs in fact! Out.

Captain Yates,
if this is some sort of a joke, I...

Believe me, Brigadier,
this is no kind of a joke.

This is deadly serious.

All right, Doctor,
you tell me what's going on.

Well, don't you see?
Roundheads? Horsemen in armour?

The Master's using that crystal
to bring them back in time.

So why don't we get over there
and stop him?

Because it would be suicide
to go anywhere

without the protection of the Tardis.

And that's stuck in the mud
being battered by a load of Roundheads!

We'd better go and fetch it. Come on.

Come on, Jo.
Brigadier, are you coming?


Oh, Benton, you'd better stay here.

If the Master shows his face,
you know what to do.

- Yes, sir.
- Can I come, Brigadier?

I've always fancied myself
as a bit of a cavalier.

Sorry, you'd better stay here
with the Sergeant.

- RUTH: But, Brigadier...
- You're the only people

who can handle that infernal machine,
apart from the Doctor.

I must ask you to place yourself
under the Sergeant's command.

Both of you, right?

(SIGHS) Full of old world charm,
isn't he?

Do buck up, Lethbridge Stewart.

Sorry, Doctor, a matter of some urgency.
Better go under my own steam.

Cheers, see you there.

Try not to be far behind.

But why?
Do you fear this machine so much?

I fear nothing.

It's just that I intend
to go to Atlantis

and I don't want my enemy to follow us.

Now get on with it,
you 17th century poltroons!




(SCOFFS) I could have told you
that wouldn't work, Captain Yates.

Now, stand by to duck,

for here comes the grand finale.


- What's that?
- Sounds like a motorbike.

Yeah, but it's coming from the sky.

- Doctor?
- Hmm?

There's something wrong with the engine.

Never. Why?

Well, listen, there's a funny noise.


What now?

- What's up?
- Listen.


That sounds like... No, it can't be!

Oh, yes, it can.

It's displaced in time
but that's real enough, that's a V-1.

- What?
- A V-1, a doodlebug, a buzz bomb.

The Germans used them
towards the end of the Hitler war.

Well, what did they do?

Blew up sizeable chunks of London.

It that engine cuts out,
then fall flat on your face

because that'll mean
it's on the way down.

Look, there's the convoy.

Greyhound three, greyhound three.
Can you hear me, Captain Yates? Over.

MIKE: Greyhound three,
I can only just hear you. Over.

Yates, that thing is a bomb
and it's on its way to you. Over!

Say it again, say again,
I cannot read you. Over.


Jo, out of the car and get down quickly.

Yates, get out of it, man, it's a bomb.
It's a bomb! Get out of it, Yates!

All right, lads, it's a bomb! Dive!



Yates, can you hear me?
Yates, can you hear me?

Can you hear me? Over!

Mike, can you hear me?