Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 9, Episode 24 - The Time Monster: Episode Four - full transcript

The Master prepares to travel back to Atlantis but the Doctor links his TARDIS to the Master's to try and stop him.


Now, stand by to duck,

for here comes the grand finale.


- What's that?
- Sounds like a motorbike.

Yeah, but it's coming from the sky.


What now?

- What's up?
- Listen.


That sounds like... No, it can't be!

JO: Look, there's the convoy.

Greyhound three, greyhound three.
Can you hear me, Captain Yates? Over.

MIKE: Greyhound three,
I can only just hear you. Over.

Yates, that thing is a bomb
and it's on its way to you. Over!

Say it again, say again.
I cannot read you. Over.


Jo, out of the car and get down quickly.

Yates, get out of it, man! It's a bomb.
It's a bomb! Get out of it, Yates!

All right, lads! It's a bomb! Dive!

Brigadier, come in, please.
Greyhound three, come in!

Captain Yates, can you hear me, sir?

It's no good. I just can't raise them.
They must have copped it!

What happened then?

I don't know.

- Some sort of explosion.
- Ah, I heard it.

Funny, that. Huh, it was just about here
where that doodlebug fell.

Back in 1944, that were.

You know, I thoroughly enjoyed that.

You have...
You have destroyed this Tardis?

No, it can't be destroyed.
But people can.

- Mike, you all right?
- Now, you take it easy, Mike.

- You've finished work for the day.
- Sir, I...

- An ambulance is on its way.
- Jo, can you spare me a moment?

Sorry about the Tardis, Doctor.

Oh, don't worry, Captain.
We'll soon have her on her feet again.


Right, Jo, I want you to keep
a close eye on this.

As soon as you see
the slightest reaction, you let me know.


One, two, six, heave!

Sir, I'll stand by.
But I'm glad you're all okay, sir.

We'd really thought you'd copped it.

It's a daft idea, anyway.

I've had one basinful and I don't feel
much like walking into another.

You heard what the Doctor said!

You know, Stuart, for a so-called
member of the dominant sex,

you are being remarkably feeble.

Hey, hey! Is this a private fight
or can anyone join in?

Boadicea here only wants to creep over
to the lab and knobble the Master!

Hey, well, supposing
the time field's still working?

- Exactly!
- Well, we shan't know that

till we try it, now, shall we?

Right, then, what are we waiting for?

Oh, you're worse than she is.

Oh, you're suggesting we just sit here

and let the Master treat us as
a load of twits, I suppose?

Look, mate, you're paid to play
the James Bond games. I'm a scientist.

- Stuart, really.
- Oh, don't you start.

You'll be the first to clobber me
if I muck things up.

Well, you might at least have a go.

Oh, why are you men so spineless?

Lovey, I'm not men. I'm Stuart Hyde,

registered, card-carrying,
paid-up coward!

Oh, for Pete's sake, what are you
looking at me like that for?

- (SIGHS) All right, I'll come.
- Thanks, Stu.

Jolly good, Stu,
I knew you wouldn't let us down.

Just give me time, that's all.

Well, come on, then.
What are we waiting for?

Let's go.

Come, Krasis. We have work to do.

Master, what is this place?
Is it a temple?

Do not let it concern you, Krasis.

So vast a space inside so small a box!

My power is greater than
your imagination can encompass,

you just remember that.

Your only interest at the moment is
to realise that Atlantis awaits us.

Now, test the power levels.


Just a few minutes recycling
and we shall be ready to leave.

I'm getting a reading.

- Oh, it's very low.
- Mmm, it's fading again.

He must be testing before take-off.

The power drain would have
been enormous.

- Brigadier?
- Yes, Doctor?

The Master seems to be
on the move again.

Right. Sergeant!
Get the Doctor's machine loaded up.

No, there's no time for that now.

I'll have to take the Tardis
up from down there.

I'll use the time sensor as a homing
device and put my Tardis inside his.

Then wherever he goes, I'll go with him.

- Well, goodbye, Lethbridge Stewart.
- Bye.

I'll make contact as soon as possible.

We'll make contact as soon as possible.

- We?
- We.

- Nothing I can say to dissuade you?
- No.


- Doctor?
- Yeah?

The Tardis looks different.

Oh, just a spot of redecoration,
that's all.

Now, Jo, you realise that
what I'm about to do

is going to be appallingly dangerous?

I've been in the Tardis with you before.

All right, but you've been warned.



- Can I take your coat?
- Thank you.


Now, then. Come over here, look at this.

Okay, I'm coming.


Now, the two Tardises are operating
on the same frequency, you see?

Now, here comes the tricky part,
you see this?

- Yeah.
- Well, this is the time setting.

Now, it's critical to a billionth part
of a nanosecond. You see?

- Yeah.
- Now, hold this.

If it's infinitesimally low,

we'll miss it entirely and go
whistling off to heaven knows where.

But if it's too high,
even by a fraction of a moment...

Woomph! Time-ram!

- Time-ram?
- Yes.

See, the atoms making up
this Tardis would occupy precisely

the same space and time as the atoms
making up the Master's Tardis.

- But that's impossible!
- Yes, well, of course it is.

- So what do you think would happen?
- Woomph!

Exactly. Extinction. Utter annihilation.

- Now, do you still want to come?
- It is my job, remember?

- Glad to have you aboard, Miss Grant.
- Glad to be aboard, Doctor!



Uh-huh. Yes.

Yes, so far, so good.

How long's it going to
take us to get there?

Well, that's the curious thing,
no time at all. We're outside time.

Of course, it always seems
to take a long time

but that depends upon the mood,
I suppose.

- What, your mood?
- No, no, no, hers.

- No, the Tardis's.
- You talk as if she was alive.

Well, it depends what you mean
by alive, doesn't it?

You take old Bessie, for instance.

Right, coming in to land now, Jo.


Hold tight.


Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!

Still, that was always
on the cards, I suppose.

His Tardis is inside ours instead of,
well, the other way round.

Yes, quite.

Very curious effect, that.
I wonder how it happened?

Jo, switch on the monitor, will you?
Let's see where we are.

Well, that's strange.

(SNAPS FINGERS) No, of course!

We're seeing through
the TOMTIT gap into the time vortex.

Jo, you wait right here.

(SIGHS) Good grief!

Jo, come out here a moment, will you?

- I don't get it!
- No?


Follow me.

I still don't get it.

Well, it's perfectly simple, Jo.
My Tardis is inside the Master's.

Yes, but his is inside yours.

Exactly, they're both inside each other.

Yeah, I should have suspected that.

- Well, what are we going to do now?
- Three guesses.

Um, I wonder. Wait?

Right first time.


Alien warriors!

I'll soon fix them.


Right, D squad, round the block.

Keep your eyes open...


That'll keep them nicely unoccupied
for the time being.

- Right, Krasis, in you go.
- Where?

Into the Tardis, man, and hurry up!

Right, they won't stop me now.

Sorry, Professor,
but that's where you're wrong.

Well, well, my devoted assistants.

- And are you going to stop me?
- Not by ourselves, no.

- Take a look behind you.
- Oh, come on, really!

You suit yourself, mate,

but let's just have those hands
up in the air, shall we?

I should have disposed of you
while I had the chance.

Yes, well, you'll never
have a better one.

Stu, see if he's got a gun.

Stuart, look out! No!

Master! The other one is here!
Your enemy is here!

Good! Ha ha!

Now I've got him really trapped.

STUART: What the...


- What's happening, Doctor?
- We're on our way, Jo,

the Master's taken off for Atlantis.

She's never behaved like this before!

It's because the Tardises are operating
out of phase, that's why.

Well, that's calmed her down a bit.

She's very temperamental
when she's roused, isn't she?

You know, I never know whether
you're joking or not, I...


Oh, I think I've bruised my tailbone!

Sorry about your coccyx, Jo, but these
little things are sent to try us.

- My what?
- Coccyx, your tailbone.

I'm sorry about your coccyx,
too, Miss Grant.

How very sociable of you both
to drop in.


- Well, I don't think we should touch it.
- Why ever not?

Well, the Doctor was going after
his Tardis, right?

- Right.
- Well, that thing there

- is a sort of time machine, isn't it?
- So what?

So we'd better leave well alone.

- You're in command, Sergeant Benton.
- Yes.

And a right foul-up
you've made of it, too!

- Well, not exactly his fault.
- Well, don't look at me.

You can't say I didn't warn you,
now, can you?

Oh, well, I'll listen to you next time.

That was the closest I'll ever come to
catching the Master, that was.

Oh, come on now, it's not
the end of the world, now, is it?

Isn't it? Well, the Doctor
seems to think it might be.

And the Master, well, there's no telling
where he is by now, is there?

Or when he is, for that matter.

Oh, for pity's sake, look,
you two make me sick!

Standing about moaning
like a couple of old women.

- Old women?
- Look, I mean it, Stu.

Well, okay, he's gone off somewhere,
so he's gone off.

Whether he's gone
into the past or the future...

- All I know is...
- I don't know.

And frankly, I don't care.

The point is that we are here and now.

Now, what we've got to do is
to define the problem...

That's all very well,
Miss Ingram, but I...

Stop right there, Professor.

The problem's defined.
Come and have a look.


BENTON: It's the Brigadier!
RUTH: Exactly the same as before.

How can it be the same as before
now that the crystal's gone?

I think I remember the Doctor said
it works independently,

even without the crystal.

Yes, but do you realise
we're still trapped inside?

Now will you let me turn off
the transmitter?

Well, I don't think we ought to.

Perhaps we could get out
through the back.

- It may not work all the way round.
- I'll bet it does.

How do you propose finding out?
I mean, once we're stuck, we're stuck!

Yes, and only the Doctor
can get you out.


- All right, Dr Ingram, switch it off.
- Ah-ha! A man of decision.


- Go on, then, switch off.
- But I have.

They're still stuck!


But that's impossible!

Well, you'd better explain
to them, lovey.

They still think
they're stuck, apparently.

Yes, and we're still trapped... in here.

What can I do for you, Doctor?
Or is your visit purely social?

Well, I thought we might
have a little chat.

What an excellent idea.
Why not join me out here?

One step outside my Tardis and that
would be the end of me, wouldn't it?

(SCOFFS) You have a very poor
opinion of me, don't you, Doctor?

You've noticed. Well, well, well.

It might be of interest
for you to know that, um,

I've put a time-lock on your Tardis.

You cannot leave,
unless I lift it, of course.

Do you think that I haven't
thought of that, too?

You're as trapped as I am.

You couldn't even open that door
of yours unless I wish it.

Alternatively, I could fling you out
into the time vortex now.

I doubt whether you could do that to me,
so be very, very careful, Doctor.

Do you really think I care
what happens to me at the moment?

Don't you realise that
your plans could...


You know, he has an excellent brain,
that man, though a little pedestrian.

But oh, dear, what a bore the fellow is!

- But is he dangerous?
- He's dangerous enough.

But don't worry. I can handle him.

But you said he was in there.
You told me he was safe in there.

Once he realises that he's talking to
himself, he'll be out here like a shot.

Ah, he's realised it at last.

That took a long time,
the slow-witted fool.

Now, you watch. He cannot bear
not to have the last word.

He's not even listening.
He's turned the sound off.

Well, that's not very nice, is it?

We've got to make him listen.
It's our only chance of stopping him.

You're not thinking of
going out there, are you?

No. Not if I can help it.

Well, what are you going to do, then?

If he's turned his sound receiver off,
I must make myself heard without it.

"If the Thraskin puts his fingers
in his ears, it is polite to shout."

- That's an old Venusian proverb.
- Well, what's Thraskin?

Thraskin? Oh, it's an archaic word.

Seldom used since the 25th dynasty.

- The modern equivalent is plinge.
- And what does "plinge" mean?

Oh, for heaven's sake, Jo.
I've just told you, it means Thraskin.

Of course!

But why? I mean, if you turned it on,

the Brig and company should have
speeded up again. Why didn't they?

Well, I don't know but it looks as if

TOMTIT has made a permanent gap
in the structure of time.

- Our only hope is to close the gap up.
- So what are you doing?

Well, I'm turning the circuits
upside-down, so to speak.

Well, it's empirical,
but you never know.

Empirical, I...

That, Sergeant Benton, means that
I haven't got a clue what I'm doing.

Join the club.

So, it's just trial and error?
Have a go and see what happens?

Yeah, more or less.

Right, Stu, you monitor
the interstitial activity...

- Okay.
- If you get a reading

- over 6.0 give us a shout.
- What's the upper limit?

If it gets to 7.0,
say a quick prayer and duck.

- Well, what about me?
- You just stand there and look pretty.

- Right, Stu, are you happy?
- Ecstatic.

Okay, then, let's have a stab at it.

Interstitial activity, nil.

Molecular structure, stable,
increasing power.

- 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0.
- How's the time reg?

- Steady on 004.
- Right, isolate matrix scanner.

- Check. 4.5, 5.0...
- Interstitial activity.

Shooting up! 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, 7.0...

RUTH: No more, it's running
away again. Start decreasing power.

6.5, 6.0, 5.5, 5.0, 4.5, 4.0...

Right, that should be enough.
I think the level should be okay now.

- Mmm, quite okay, I'd say.
- Right, now, let's have a look at it.

It's made no difference.

They're still stuck.

There we were, the skin of a
gnat's whisker from the big bang and...

- And nothing happened at all.
- Nothing?


Master, what is he doing?

- The same as I would in his position.
- And what is that?

- Wait and see, Krasis, wait and see.
- And what are you going to do, Master?


Testing, testing, testing.

One, two, three, four, five, testing.

- JO: He can hear you.
- I thought as much!

Yes, and he can't turn me off. Can you?

- You've got to listen to me now.
- Have I?

Obviously, you've not as yet been
able to bring Kronos through,

otherwise you wouldn't be
going to Atlantis.

So perhaps there's still time to
make you realise the folly of your...


I'm sorry, Doctor, what was that again?



- Of all the low, underhanded tricks.
- What language was that?

- English.
- English?

- Yes, but backwards.
- I just don't get it.

Well, he's picking up my words
even before I've spoken them

and feeding them back to me through
the Tardis's telepathic circuits,

making them come out backwards.

- The Tardises are telepathic?
- Yes, of course.

How else do you think they communicate?

Well, that decides it. I've got
no option. Now listen to me, Jo.

- When I go out there, I want you to...
- You're not going out there.

Well, what else can I do?

But, Doctor, you said yourself
it would be suicide to go out there

- without the protection of the Tardis!
- Well, I've got to risk it.

He's got to be stopped.

But that's no reason to
put you into any danger.

Now once I go out of that door,
I want you to close it, all right?

- But that means you'll be locked out!
- Yes, and you'll be safely locked in.

Now, you're not to open that door
for anybody or anything until I say so.

- I won't do it. I will not do it!
- Jo, you'll do as you're told.

It's your job, remember?

But Doctor, if anything
happens to you...

Yes, I know, Jo. I know.
Now, go and open that door.

There you are, Krasis.
What did I tell you?

Won't you introduce me?

I am Krasis, high priest
of the temple of Poseidon.

Greetings to you, Krasis.

Any friend of the Master's
is an enemy of mine.

Oh, come, Doctor, must we play games?

I take it you have something to say
to me before I destroy you?

Yes, I most certainly have.

MASTER: Your usual
song of death and disaster?

I do wish you'd learn a new tune.

You're risking the total destruction
of the entire cosmos.

Of course I am.
All or nothing, literally!

What a glorious alternative.

- You're mad! Paranoid!
- Who isn't?

The only difference is that
I'm a little more honest than the rest.

Goodbye, Doctor!

KRASIS: No, Master, no!

MASTER: Behold Kronos,
a rare and delicate feast for you.

A Time Lord! Devour him!




Kronos, be at peace!

I command you, be at peace!

Your work is nearly done, for now.


You see, Krasis? Kronos is my slave.

JO: Doctor?

- Miss Grant?
- What's happened to the Doctor?

You must help him.

Ah, he's beyond my help, my dear.
He's beyond anybody's help.

You mean that thing,
that creature really swallowed him up?

Ah, that's a nice point. Yes and no.

Yes, it engulfed him.
No, it didn't actually eat him up.

He's out there in the time vortex
and there he's going to stay.

Then he is alive?

Well, if you can call it that.

Alive forever
in an eternity of nothingness.

To coin a phrase, a living death.


That's... That's the most cruel,

the most wicked thing I ever heard!

Thank you, my dear.

Now, what are we going to do
about you, though?

You're an embarrassment to me.

As indeed is that antiquated
piece of junk of the Doctor's.

Now, let me see...

I don't really care any more.

Do what you like.
But just get it over with.

Your word is my command.

Goodbye, Miss Grant.