Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 4, Episode 32 - The Faceless Ones: Episode 2 - full transcript

With Polly having apparently forgotten them, the Doctor, Ben and Jamie decide to carry out their own investigation of Chameleon Tours.

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You're quite sure
you've never met these men?

They say they know you.

But they can't know me.
This is my first visit to England.

But Polly, it's us. Me and the Doctor.

Would you mind telling
us your name?

I am Michelle Leuppi from Zurich.

You have a passport?

Yes, of course. Here.

Have I done something wrong?

Oh, no, I don't suppose there's anything
for you to worry about, miss.

May I just ask what
you're doing in England?

I have come here to work.
Look, here is my work permit.


Oh, yes, that's quite in order.

Thank you.

Excuse me.

Where did you learn
such excellent English?

I had an English governess.

Would you mind telling me
what's happening?

Nothing that need concern you, miss,
everything's perfectly in order.

Now if you'd just like to go
through there?

Thank you.

Polly, wait!

Just a minute, young man.

But she's a friend of ours
and she saw the murder.

You're going to wait here until
the Superintendent of police arrives.

Now understand that?

Ah, you're going to tell him
about the dead body, very sensible.

No. I am going to tell him about you.

Put me through
to Superintendent Reynolds.

Jamie, I don't think
we're very welcome here.

When I say run, we run.

Hello, Super? Commandant.

I've got a couple
of illegal entrants here.

Yes... Immigration desk number five.

- DOCTOR: Run.
- Commandant.

Situation changed.
They've just made a run for it.

I'll give you their description.

Quick. He's suffocating.

You were 20 minutes late.

Who is he?

Meadows, Air Traffic Control.

BLADE: Good.

He may be useful to us.


They're still hunting for us, Doctor.

Yes. We'll have to keep out of their way
until we can prove our story.

A fine chance we have of doing that,

with Polly kidding on
she doesn't know us.

I don't think Polly was kidding on.

In fact, I don't think that was Polly.

Of course, it was Polly. You saw her.

You don't want to believe
everything you see, Jamie.


All clear, Doctor.

- Doctor?
- Jamie.

What was the name of that hangar?

Polly said... Chameleon something.

Yes, Chameleon Tours.

An advertisement
for Chameleon Youth Tours.

"Budget Tours for young people

"between the ages of 18 and 25!"

What do they mean by budget?

Inexpensive, cheap.

This could be the bait.

Do you know what a chameleon is, Jamie?

It's just a name, I suppose.

It is the name of a small animal,
a lizard that can change its colour

to merge with its background.

But it's a name that could
equally be applied to people as well.

People who change their personalities
to suit their own ends.

Budget Tours. Young people
between the ages of 18 and 25.

Oh, yes, there's something strange
going on here.

Doctor! Jamie!

Ben! Are you all right?

- Yeah, I'm okay.
- Well that's a relief.

What happened to you two
and where's Polly?

We can't talk here. (CLEARS THROAT)
We've got to find somewhere to hide.

Something about passports.

I've got the very place. Come on.


Is he all right?

We'll see.


Read the first line!


Vocal control.

BLADE: Try that.

H... X... 0... A...



All complete.

Who are you?

My name is George Meadows.

I work at Air Traffic Control,
Gatwick Airport.

Where do you live?

Number 10, Sylvia Avenue.

Number 10?

Until last week, we lived at Number 34.

I've been too busy to tell
the Personnel Department of the change.


Look! There's Polly!


look who she's working for.

- Chameleon Tours.
- DOCTOR: Yes.

Leave this to me.


Please, go away.

Now, something
has happened to you, Polly.

I want you to try to remember
up to the time we left the hangar.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Now think, Polly.
There were three of us in the hangar.

You were showing us something.
Now what was it?

I tell you, I don't know
what you're talking about.

The hangar, Polly, The Chameleon hangar.

You said you'd seen the man who did it.

I didn't see anything.
I think you're mad.

If I'd seen anyone shot,
I'd have gone to the police.

Anyone shot?

(EXCLAIMS) I mean murdered.

I didn't say anyone was shot,
or murdered, Polly.

Look, please, will you
just leave me alone.

- What's happened to her, Doctor?
- I don't know.

But I mean to find out.

Come on, let's find that place
where we can talk.

BEN: Right.

Come in here.

I was going to brief you
for this assignment,

but there isn't any purpose, now.

I have failed, then?

Circumstances are against you.

I'll make arrangements for you
to leave on the next flight.

Back to base?


What about that man?
He's very persistent.

Don't worry about him.

We have ways of dealing
with such people.



Are you sure
you haven't seen him, sir?

I'm quite sure.

Oh, Jean,
this is Detective Inspector Crossland.

Give him any help you can.

- COMMANDANT: If you'll excuse me?
- Yes, of course, sir.

Well now, Inspector,
what can I do for you?

Well, I think I'll need
a pass for a start.

Well, that's easily arranged.
Anything else?

Yes, I was supposed to meet
a colleague of mine here,

a Detective Inspector Gascoigne.

- Yes?
- Well,

he was investigating a missing person
off one of your charter flights.

The funny thing is, he hasn't shown up.

Detective Inspector Crossland.
What shall I say your business is?

into Chameleon Youth Tours.

What is this place?

It's a machine
that takes your photograph.

- Photograph?
- Well, you see you've got...

No, Ben, not now. What puzzles me
is this girl pretending to be Polly.

Yet, in a way, she is Polly.

Do you think she's been brainwashed?

No, not in the time.

Whatever happened to her
happened to her in a few minutes.

Look out.

All right.

Now, Ben, Jamie, we've got to find out
more about these Chameleon Youth Tours,

but the trouble is,
we're not free to move around

with the authorities looking for us.

Well, they're not looking for me.

Well, that's true.

You could investigate the hangar.

Leave it to me. Now, what about you?

I'm going back to the Commandant
and try and convince him

that there's a murderer abroad.

Well, I'll go with Ben.

No, Jamie, I want you to find your way
back to the Chameleon kiosk

and keep an eye on Polly.


WOMAN: (OVER PA) Further call
for flight number BR129 to Geneva,

now boarding through channel B
at gate number 19.

Further call BR129 to Geneva,
now boarding gate 19.

SAMANTHA: Oh, are you in charge here?

Ah, yes. Can I help you?

Yes. I'm Samantha Briggs
and I've come down from Liverpool.

Oh, really?

It's about my brother, Brian Briggs.

What about him?

He went on one of your tours,
and now he's disappeared.

I'm sorry, I don't follow.

Well, it's really very simple.

I tried to get the telephone number
of the hotel you sent him to,

and the operator said
there was no such place.

Well, the operator
must have been mistaken then.

- So,

I got in touch with the police

and they said that Brian
wasn't staying at any hotel in Rome.

Well, um, perhaps
he changed his mind

and decided to go off
on a different tour then.

Well, what about this then?

A postcard from Brian, posted in Rome.

Yes, that does seem odd, doesn't it?


Would you like me to make
some enquiries, for you?

Well, what do you think I've come
all the way down from Liverpool for?

Well, since you've put the matter
with the police, why have you?


They said that dozens of people
go missing every week

and they haven't got the men
to go chasing after them all.

I see. What did you say
your brother's name was?

Brian Briggs.

Would you like me to spell it for you?

That won't be necessary, thank you.

I'll see what I can find out,
if you don't mind waiting.

Is Captain Blade there?

- No.
- Well, I must speak with him, urgently.

Enquiries about a missing passenger.

I'll tell him to contact you.
He shouldn't be long.

POLLY: The gentleman I wanted
to speak with wasn't available,

they're trying to find him.
Do you want to wait?

Well, I've got nothing else to do,
have I?

I'll be over there.

Oh, blast.

Is anything the matter?

Stuck up thing.

- What?
- Not you.

That girl.

She just couldn't care less.

- About finding your brother.
- Yes.

I couldn't help overhearing.

Do you think
something's happened to him?

Well, that's just it, I don't know.

Oh, Brian can take care of himself
all right, but still.

Aye, well, I hope you're right.

What do you mean?

I might just be able to help you.
I can't tell you anything at the moment,

but later, I'd like you to meet
a friend of mine.

I'm sure he'll know what's best.


- Excuse me, sir.

There's a gentleman to see you.

Did he say what about?

Well, yes. It's about a dead body.

Bring him in.

- Would you come in, please?
- Thank you.

Ah, Commandant.
How nice to see you again.

Airport Police, please.

At least, hear what I have to say.

I've heard all I want to from you.

What do you mean, they're engaged?
This is the Commandant.

- Thank you.
- If you're going to speak to the police,

then tell them that there's something
happening in this airport

that may endanger human lives.

Hello, police? Commandant.

Would you send a couple of men
down here at once, please.

(SIGHS) Since I'm obviously
about to be arrested,

may I make one last request?

Listen to me for just one minute.

Not for one second.

I've heard all I want to hear
about burnt fibres,

ray guns, disappearing bodies.

But there was a dead body
in the Chameleon Tours hangar.

Did you say Chameleon Tours?

Why, do you know something about it?

Well, no, but Inspector Crossland
wanted to know.

All right, Jean. I'll handle this.

Ah. Take this man away, put him
under lock and key and keep him there.

One step nearer and I'll blow you all
to smithereens! Catch!

All right, after him.

BLADE: That's quite clear, is it?

You know what to tell her?

D do.

BLADE: As soon as
you've got rid of the girl,

close the kiosk

and get on the next flight.

Miss Briggs.

Yes. Have you found anything?

Er, well, yes, I have. But I'm afraid
it doesn't help very much.

Your brother definitely did get
on our flight to Rome,

but what he did when he got off
the plane, I couldn't tell you.

Well, if you can't, who can?

Miss Briggs, We're dealing
with thousands of passengers every week.

We can't keep track of every single one.

If I were you, I'd go back to Liverpool.

I'm sure your brother
will turn up eventually.

Now, if you'll excuse me,
I have to close this kiosk.

Thanks for nothing.

There's something funny going on here.

- Why?
- My brother's vanished,

and that lot just couldn't care less.





What's the name of the man
who's in charge of this airport?

The Commandant?

Right, well look, can you put me
through to his office, please?

All right, then Air Traffic Control.
But I want to speak to a friend of mine

who should be with the Commandant,
right now.

Doctor, I'd like you
to meet this young lady.

What young lady? Where's Polly?

She's still inside.

I shan't be a minute.


But why wouldn't you listen to him?
It's all true.

I'm in the Chameleon hangar now
and I We just..

- DOCTOR: Ben!

Ben, can you hear me?

Ben, can you hear me?

Ben, are you all right,
can you hear me?



Ben, can you hear me?

Who is he?

A friend of that Doctor on the screen.

Did he see what happened in there?

He must have done.

Then he'll be coming here.
We'd better be prepared for him.

First, dispose of the body.

Who is he?

His name's Brian Briggs.

He was supposed to have come through
here about a week ago, on holiday.

Thousands of people
come through here in a week.

Aye, well, it was just a chance.

- Do you remember that man?
- Oh, yes, I remember him.

He had a pass.
But I can't remember his name.

He's a colleague of mine,
Detective Inspector Gascoigne.

Now, when did he come back?

I couldn't tell you.

There are so many faces.

There was a bit of bother this morning,
he could have slipped through then.

What sort of bother?

Two people without passports,
who told some story

about a body in a hangar.

What happened?

Ah, it was all a hoax.

These two men, they ran away.

The airport police
are still looking for them.

Can you describe them to me?

One was a scruffy-looking man,

wearing a frock-coat, the other
was a Scots boy dressed in a kilt.

Oh, shouldn't be too hard to find.


Hey, do you think we should go
after your friend?

- He's been gone about 10 minutes now.
- No, he said half an hour.

Now, we'll do what he said.

Hey, he's a right weirdy, isn't he?

No. I wish I had his brains.


You're all right as you are.

WOMAN: (OVER PA) Chameleon Youth Tours
announce the departure

of their flight number 413 to Zurich.

Will all passengers please assemble
in the departure lounge.

Hey, look, they've opened up
that kiosk now.

Aye, and where's Polly?

WOMAN: (OVER PA) Will all passengers
please assemble in the departure lounge.


Packing cases.

I'm quite sure the first thing you want
to do when you get to Switzerland

is write home to your parents.

But in case you don't have time,
Chameleon Tours have some postcards

of Zurich ready for you to write here.

When you've finished your postcards,

give them back to me,
and we'll post them for you in Zurich.

Eh, do you mind?

No, go ahead.

Look. A postcard of Zurich,
stamped with a Swiss stamp,

all ready to post.

- Well?
- Oh, you're a right one, aren't you.

Don't you see. This could explain
the card I got from Brian.

It was posted in Rome,
but that doesn't mean to say

that he posted it. Ta.

Oh I see. We'd better tell
the Doctor about this!

Er, how long's he been gone?

About half an hour now.

- Right, I'll go and find him.
- SAMANTHA: I'll come with you.

Just a minute, son.
I want a word with you.

VOICE: Somebody, help me, please.
I'm suffocating.

Quickly, somebody help me please.
I'm suffocating.

Help me, please.