Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 3, Episode 9 - Horse of Destruction - full transcript

The Doctor waits inside the Trojan Horse for a chance to reach his companions but Steven's assumed identity as a Greek soldier and Vicki's growing feelings for Troilus endanger their escape.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Then woe to the House of Priam. Woe to the Trojans!

I'm afraid you're a bit late to say 'whoa' to the horse!

I've just given instructions to have it brought into the city.

Of all the idiocy!

To have it brought into the city!

Why? Th... that horse is in the image of one of our gods!

It's a trick.

My dreams have always been right and they foretell disaster.

Now were they right about that little temple?

That has brought us nothing but good luck.

Good luck you call it.

The whole family besotted by that sorceress!

Oh, I do wish you'd stop calling Cressida that.

And I would call it luck to have the entire Greek army removed from our shores.

Peace, at last! Though the arrival of the horse is a little puzzling.

Well, Cressida probably arranged it and the very sight of it just...

just frightened the Greeks away.

Where is Cressida?

Oh, she's probably down in the square watching them bring in the horse.

Oh, then I'd better go and look for her.

I don't like her to go wandering round the city on her own.

No, bring her back up here again she'll get a betterful view.

Katarina! Go and look for the sorceress.

I don't trust my lovesick brother.

But great priestess, the auguries said that...

Do you dare to question me?!


Very well then, go and watch for that girl.

What's going on up there?

They're just bringing the horse into the city. Follow me.

Oh, I'm still very worried about those fetlocks!

Be happy that's all you have to worry about.

Ah! Of all the undignified ways of entering a city

this takes the flying phoenix.

If only you would have allowed me another day to fit shock absorbers.

Zeus be praised! We've arrived.

Oh! Well now, what is it you propose to do, hmm?

We wait Doctor, without movement.

In absolute silence!

There, father, the horse is safely installed.

And you may notice my sister that nothing

er, "disastrous" has occurred.

Wait and see.

There's time yet and mark my words that horse will be the doom of Troy.

It's a little more rough-hewn than I had expected.

Well, since it's here, we'd better take a closer look.

That's some horse.

If you can call it that.

The Doctor said...

It'd be pretty silly if they caught you again.

Hmm, and you!

What do you mean?

Well, if they find us together they'll know you let me out.

They think I invoked that thing. I'm all right.

Yes, only so long as they think it's a gift from the gods.

They'll know very differently once the Doctor and company come out of it.

Do you think he's in it?

Well, it's likely, isn't it?

I mean he'll be worried about getting back to the TARDIS.

He must be able to see he's got nothing to worry about.

That thing is so rickety it must be full of people.

Oh right, you'd do better in the time they had?

Now, I wonder why he didn't delay like we asked?

He must have a plan of escape - to rescue us.

Cyclops must have told him where we were.

If Cyclops got through.


That is one of Cassandra's girls.


That girl, I've seen her with Cassandra.

She's a handmaiden at the Temple or something.

Then she must be looking for you.

Look, you go back.

I'll find somewhere to hide around here.

Look they trust me, I'd...

Better go!

In any case, Troilus will die of jealousy if he knows you're with me.

And what is that supposed to mean?

Oh come off it, Vicki.

The way you two were carrying on back there in the...

Troilus has been very kind to me and I'm very fond of him

and if all you can do is make remarks like that...

I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

No really, I am sorry.

Okay, but look, if you really are that fond of him

you'd better tell him to get out of the city.


You mean when they come out of that thing they... Steven!

It's possible isn't it?

Tell him to get out of Troy, just to be on the safe side.

Diomede! He's gone.


His cell's empty.

The guards were locked in by a trick so they say.

That Cressida! Troy's doom is nigh!

But how could it be? She's one girl!

A girl you call her, you love sick fool!

But I know she's a witch and must be burnt, along with that horse out there.

See! There she stands.

Now did you ever see someone so unlike a witch?

Come here my child, where have you been?

We've been worried about you.

I've just been out.

Yes, but where?

Look you didn't free Diomede did you?


Yes - your friend, the Greek prisoner, he has escaped.

Did you set him free?

Oh, that's nonsense.

I mean how could she have?

By sorcery.

I am not a sorceress - really I'm not.

Yes, I... I'll believe you my child

but you must forgive us if we are naturally suspicious.

This has been a long and difficult war and peace

will take a little bit of getting used to.

My handmaiden Katarina will stay with her.

Very well.

Come my children, our people have gone to the square of ot... oratory.

We must go and join them there and I must speak.

And we must also make plans for the celebration.

Thank you, my dear, see you later.

Thank you, thank you for being so kind to me.

My dear child, this city owes its salvation to you.

Oh no, let it not happen.

Did you want something?

No, thank you.

How you can sit there so peacefully defeats me, hmm!

Have you no feelings, mm? No emotions hmm?

I was thinking, Doctor.

That with any luck, either Agamemnon

or Achilles will not come through.

You mean they'll desert us, hmm?


...die. Just a hope.

One less finger in the pie, a greater share of the booty for me.

That is a most immoral way of looking at life, hmm!


It's the reason that I've been here for ten long years fighting all the time.

Yes, well, I must get out of here at once.

You can't.

Ahh! I've only got to pull that lever...

...and I can get back down into the square.

Yes, yes.

But as I happen to be sitting on the rope

you'll fall forty feet and break your neck.

I will not be party to your schemes!

You forced me to invent this contraption.

I'm very glad I did, Doctor.


Up to now, it's been very satisfactory.

You had no right to bring me here at all.

I'm utterly useless to you.

You must let me out of here!

You're selfish, greedy, corrupt, cheap, horrible.

Your one thought is for yourself and what you can get out of it.

Be quiet, old man.

I will not be quiet!

You may stay here if you wish to have your insignificant win.

Your victory or whatever you call it, but you must let me out of here.

One more word out of you and I shall kill you!

You would be my first victim in Troy.

That's better.

About now our ships should be returning... as you planned.


Oh! Oh, I'm so glad you've come.

I had to see you.

Troilus, dear Troilus, will you do something for me?


Leave the city.


It's Diomede.


I'm sure he's out on the plain.

You've got to go and look for him and find him.

If you bring him back you'll prove yourself the warrior you really are

he'll be your prisoner then as well as Paris'.

But he may have been rescued by the Greeks by now.

No no no, Paris said they'd all gone away

and that was before he even escaped.

Why this concern for Diomede? Is he?

Do you? I mean... are you in love with him?

No, he's just a friend.

Then if he's your friend, why do you want him captured?

To be a prisoner of war's considered very bad form.

But... Oh, why won't you see?

Go out and search for him on the plain!

Cressida, I said I'd do anything for you and a Trojan stands by his word

but please, why do you want me to leave the city

and go and search for a highly skilled Greek warrior?

He isn't armed.

I wouldn't send you out there if I thought anything could happen to you.

I just want you to...

I just want you to catch your own prisoner.

Did you mean that?

About not wanting me hurt?

Of course I did, I wouldn't ask you to do it otherwise.

Oh, Cressida.

You haven't got time, you've got to go now.

Don't worry, everything's going to be all right.


This plan of yours, Doctor... is going to be a great success.

Stay close to me.


Diomede where are you!

What ails you, petty Princeling?

Lost some plaything?

The one you call for is long dead.

You're a Greek!

I thought you'd sailed away. Who are you?

You should not ask. My name is Achilles.

My brother's murderer!

So Prince Troilus, is it?

Well, I killed your brother fairly.

Fought him man to man.

Alas I cannot do the same for you.

This would be the murder of a boy!

Has Cressida played me false?

Very well, I'll fight my brother's murderer for I only live to kill Diomede!

Who is already dead.

So follow him, Trojan!

So died my brother.

The wheel has spun full circle.

Diomede, I live to call down wrath for love of Cressida.

What noise was that?

What are you doing?

It's the Greeks!

They were inside the horse and our gates are open to the enemy.

And none of you would listen to me!

Flee hornets in their nest!

Kill them!


Oh, Doctor!

Oh, my dear child!

Oh, how lovely to see you!

Where have you been all this time, hmm? And where's Steven?

Doctor he's over there, but I've got to talk to you.

Oh now one thing at a time child.

Where's the young man?



Katarina, this is the Doctor.

Now go and find the man you call Diomede.

He's hiding amongst those pillars over there.

You're from the other place?

But who is this child?

Now pull yourself together, we've got to go, hmm?

Katarina, go and find Diomede

he will be there.

Bring him to... my temple, quickly.

We must all go and find him, come along!

No, Doctor, into the TARDIS.

Yes, but my dear child, the boy, the boy...

Open the door and listen to me please!

Yes, yes, but be patient.

Steven is safe, Katarina will bring him...

Yes I know, patience, patience...

Come on, I've got to talk to you!


Diomede, Cressida has sent me.

Who are you?

I've come to take you to your temple.

Oh, come, quickly.

I can't.

Lean on me.

Stop struggling woman!

You are reserved for Agamemnon and he's welcome to you!

Tricksters! You Greeks will never learn to fight honestly!

But we win!

Not for long.

The day will come when you will perish as you made us do!

Take her away.

The high-born are reserved for Agamemnon!

I can't wait to see him enjoy a talk with this one.

Ten long years we fought you, Odysseus!

And ten long years it'll be before you see your home again!

To Agamemnon with her!

To his ship. A personal present from me.

Keep your hands off me!

Keep your... hands off me! Oh!

Now then, you sure it's just the shoulder, hmm?

Right well, steady, steady, hold tight, hold on.

Yes, Careful, just a minute, careful, careful with him.

Oh dear, dear, this business.

There we are.

Now, come on bring him in... bring him in there.

Gently, carefully, that's it, that's it, put him on the couch.

Stand still old man - or you die!

I claim your machine as part of my share!

Share of what?

The spoils of war!

Now you stand back.

I've gone far enough with you, my Lord Odysseus.

You go adventuring on your own.

Be off with you!

Seize it! Come on, move!

Quickly... a cart!



I wonder... were you really Zeus, after all?

Cressida! Cressida!

Could you have betrayed us?


I came to find you.

Cressida what are you doing here.

Where's Diomede?

He's gone... with...

another friend that you never met.

Back to Greece.

No to... where I come from.

You see he wasn't really a Greek, he...

Oh, Troilus, you're hurt!

Just a bit.

No, let me look.

No, I'll be all right.

Look, Cressida, I don't understand?

I don't suppose you ever will.

That doesn't matter...

so long as you trust me.

Trust you! After all...

didn't betray you - that's why I stayed behind

I wanted you to know that I didn't.

The main thing is... I belong here now with you - If you'll have me.


Look what's happened.

There's only us now.

What do you mean?

I'll explain someday. I'm sorry.

But... but there's nowhere to go.

We'll find somewhere.

Oh, Cressida...

Cressida, look!

Be careful, they may be Greeks!

It's my cousin!


Yes, Aeneas. Oh, if only he'd come sooner!

That's it.


He'll help us.

But there's... there's nothing left.

Yes there is - there's us.

We can start again with your cousin's help we can...

we can build another Troy!

That's not good, that's not good at all.

Hmm! Get help.

What help is there in limbo?

What's that, my dear?


No, no, no, no, no, keep calm, keep calm.

Is she all right?

Yes, yes, she's all right, yes, yes.

What's she doing over there?

No, no, no that's not Vicki, that's not Vicki, now keep calm.

Be quiet!

Where is she? The Trojans'll kill her.

You came too soon!

She's all right, she's all right. She wanted to stay.

The Greeks... the Greeks... the Trojans...

Keep still.

Ahh... Vicki.

She's all right.

I know she is.

She's gone to find Troilus and she'll be quite all right.

This is just what she wanted. Now calm down.

Yes, quiet, quiet.

Vicki... Vicki...


You'll have to look after that young man.

I think he has calmed down.

Strange god, you bring me peace.

No, I... I don't know what Vicki has advised you, but...

Oh, the Priestess Cressida told me all would be well

and I knew it was to come.

What was to come my dear?

That I was to die.

My dear child you're not dead!

That's nonsense. Hmm?

This is not Troy.

This is not even the world.

This is the Journey through the Beyond.

Well, as you wish...

Thank you.

Yes, yes, yes, as you wish my child.

Now I want you to keep an eye on that young man will you. Hmm?

Yes, great god.

His name is Steven.

Oh... and remember Katarina, you must call me Doctor.

Oh, as you wish, Doc...

I'm not a Doc.

I am not a god.

Oh, my dear Vicki, I hope you'll be all right, hmm?

I shall miss you child. Oh, hmm!

Oh yes, now those drugs, those drugs, what am I going to do?

I must stop somewhere. But how?

I've got to, yes! I must! I must!