Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 3, Episode 4 - The Exploding Planet - full transcript

The Doctor and Vicki enlist the aid of the Chumblies to rescue Steven from the Drahvins and then find a way off the planet before its destruction.

Why do you not give up, Earthman?

I'd rather face the Chumblies than you
any day.

That will not work now.
The pressure has locked the door.

You must surrender, or die!

He cannot live much longer, Maaga.

Soon he will die.

We do not wish him dead.

But he is our enemy!

Also our hostage.

Machine with bomb approaching!

Quick! Take cover!

Stand clear!

All right, it's safe now.


Come along, my boy!

Up on your feet!

Quickly! Come on, come on, come on! Ah.

Oh, put your head down.

Now breathe deeply!

They nearly killed him in there.

Come on, let's get away from there in
case they come out.

Steady. Take it easy.

You're with friends.

Are you all right?

Yes, and thanks to the Chumblies
they did the trick.

I don't know what those Drahvins were
going to think. Ah.

Come on. Keep breathing. Keep breathing.

In and out. In and out. Come along!

Guns ready.


After them, and kill!

Be all right in a minute.


If you move at all, we shall fire!
Do not mistake our intention.

You will not interfere!

Doctor, please lead your party away.

I certainly will.

Can you walk?

Come on, my boy, on your feet.

Come along!

That way! That way! Come on!

Keep breathing hard, in and out.

Maaga, you will take your soldiers back into
the ship, and you will stay there.

Until now we have spared you, although you
have attacked us time and time again.

but we will always defend our friends.


We will prevent any attempt on your part
to leave the ship.

I am resolute! Now go back into your

You have polluted the air with your bomb!

It will have cleared by now.

The ammonia bomb was only a warning.

Go inside.


It's still there.

We cannot escape.


But Maaga, we...

We cannot escape yet! But we will.

No Drahvin is defeated until dead.
Is that so?

Yes, Maaga.

We are still alive.

It depends how long that machine will be.

You failed in your mission of patrol.

I was outnumbered.

You will be dealt with.
Failure is never tolerated.

You - does the forward hatch still work?

Yes, Maaga.


Yes, Maaga.

It is now dim light. Soon it will be night.

The last night... this planet will
ever know.

We must capture the Rill spaceship
before then.

When I give the order, you will steal
silently through the forward hatch.

You will then creep round behind the
Rills' machine. Understood?

Yes, Maaga.

And you will destroy it.

It's that ammoniac gas we were telling
you about.

I'd rather they breathed it than me.


There can't be a lot of time left now,
is there?

About six hours, child.

Have you finished that conversion?

Yes, we have.

But it will take some time to transfer the
power of your ship to ours.

Oh, nonsense, nonsense!

We are concerned for your safety.

And we're concerned for yours.

Oh, indeed, that's very noble of you all.

It's a matter of urgency. Come along.

Let's have the cable in please at once.

Very well.

Quickly! Quickly!

Quickly, child. Here.

Yes, that'll do. Splendid!

What is going on, Doctor?

What are you trying to do?

I'm going to transfer power from my
ship into the interior of the Rill ship.

Oh, I see.

Now if you suspect there's any trouble
whilst I'm working

I want you to contact me at once,

Do you want me to stay here?

Yes, I want you to stay here with the
leader of the Rills

and try and have some rest. Get some!

So, contain yourself.

Now then. Right! Off you go.

Can I come with you, Doctor?

Yes, child, if you wish. Come along!
Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!

You have not gone with your friends.


You are interested in our place?

Yes, quite.

So the Doctor trusts you?

Why shouldn't he?

No reason. I suppose you gave the right
"ethical" reasons for him

so naturally he does trust you.

We rescued you from the Drahvins,
but you still don't trust us?

Oh, you could be the same as them

using us for your own salvation.

The Doctor offered to help us.
We needed his help.

So did the Drahvins.

What are you getting at?


Yes, you are.

All right. You said it would take hours to
charge this ship properly.

The Doctor said he could do it in time.

Yes, but supposing, just this once
you're right, and he's wrong.

Would you take us with you, or would you
allow us to leave in our own ship?

In your own ship, if possible.

Come off it! I mean, if you don't get
this charged in time

you aren't going to let us go just like that

We are strange beings to you.
you?ve never met anything like us.

You come from Earth,
a planet we don't know

but clearly it is a planet which
still knows conflict.

Uh huh? So?

If we are right and the power-charge is
going to take too long a time

then the Doctor, the girl, and
you must leave.

We believe in self-preservation.

Huh yeah, I'm sure...

But if there is a choice, the Doctor
must go.

He travels further than we can.

And everything he has shown he stands for,
is what we believe in

so it is better that he goes.

Oh, I'm sorry. You can't blame me, though,
for being suspicious.

In that case, there's something you
ought to know.

Whilst I was in the Drahvin ship, they said
they intended to leave this planet in yours.

We are prepared to take them with us.

Ha, that's not what they mean. They take
your ship, you stay here!

We must hope they do not succeed.

Yes, well, there's so little time left.
They're going to be desperate.

I'll tell you what - why not let me fix the
cable for you at this end?

Thank you! The machine will help you.
It will be quicker.

It's got to be!

I'm ready, Maaga.

Then go.

And do not fail!

I shall not.

It's getting darker, Doctor.

Hmm? Oh, it's nothing to worry about,
my dear.

I think the evenings last here for about...
four hours.


To think that at dawn all this will explode
into nothing.

No, not just... nothing, child.
Hydrogen gas that...

springs itself out like molten silver
against the stars in the same galaxy.

Yes, well, let's have the cable, please.

Oh... good.

She's out of sight.

She will die... willingly.

She will not die until she has destroyed
the machine.

Will we escape, Maaga?

Yes, when we have destroyed the machine
we will escape!

Oh! What is happening?

It's first warning of the explosion.

We have only five hours left.

She must act quickly!

Well, it's all fixed up here, Doctor.

Any snags at the TARDIS?

Everything under control, my dear boy.

Oh good. Good.

Switch on your motors, please.

Start control! Full intake!
Cable guard stand by!

Is that the power being transferred?

Yes, it is, my dear.

How long will it take?

Oh, three to four hours, I think.

Oh, but this planet's due to explode in
less than five hours.

I fully appreciate that fact, young man.

There's that alarm again.

Oh, what's happened now?

Quiet please! Emergency message
coming through!

The Drahvins have escaped and destroyed
the Chumbley outside their spaceship!

Oh, no!

And the Chumbley outside my TARDIS?

In the position he has taken up he is in
no danger. Continue, Doctor.

There will be no more incidents.

Oh, they won't go after the TARDIS
anyway, Doctor.

It's this ship they want - and us.

You have done well.

Thank you, Maaga.

I will see that you are mentioned.

Did you see any other machines?

The only one there I destroyed.


It will not move again.

We are going to attack the Rill spaceship.

You will follow close behind me. Understood?

Yes, Maaga.

When we get nearer, I will give you further
orders. Come.

Oh, do stop worrying, dear boy,
and stand still.

Stand still.

Look, Doctor, I know exactly what
they intend to do.

And as soon as they see this cable,
they're going destroy it!

Do not worry. I am prepared for that.

Splendid! Splendid! Is the power still
coming through?

It is.

And how long's it going to take?

Another two hours, at least.

That should be enough.


Look, isn't it possible to charge any

Utterly impossible, dear boy.

There's great danger of the panel blowing.

Yes, well, we're going to be lucky to
get back to the TARDIS in time.

Well the Drahvins are still out to get us.

Do not worry. We will ensure that you
return safely to your ship.

Look! It's _.

Well, they don't waste time, do they?

Stand still!

You have escaped once
you will not do so again.

And be killed?

Death does not frighten me.
I die a warrior Drahvin.

Oh, Steven.

What have you done?

Do not worry, she is completely paralyzed.

I told you there would be no
further incidents.

Doctor? Where's the Doctor?

Oh, there he is.

Hello, I'm in here. Come in. Come in.

You may enter. But be prepared for a shock.

Do you think we ought to go in?

Come along. Come along. Come along.

We've driven them off.

But we have not destroyed one.

Don't worry, we will.

More machines!


Now you know what we look like.

I do. And I, for one, am glad of it.

We apologize for the glass partition

but you will understand we must keep
our atmosphere in here.

Yes, of course, of course.

Our appearance shocks you?

Not now. I must admit, it did at first.

Well, I don't see why the Drahvins
should hate you.

I know. I mean, after all, we must look...
just as strange to you.

To the Drahvins, we are ugly,
so they become frightened.

You are different from us, of course,
but at least you are intelligent.

Yes, what di... difference does it make
what your form is?

Importance lies in the character and to
what use you put this intelligence.

We respect you as we respect all life.


What's the matter, my child? Hmm?

I suddenly feel terribly ill.

It's the ammoniac gas escaping.

Oh dear, dear, dear, yes, I...

You had better return to the other chamber.

Our atmosphere is not good for you.

Ah, yes, thank you.

Young man. Young man.

I suppose we won't meet again.

It is improbable.



How much longer, Doctor?

One hour.

And how long till the explosion?

One hour... and a half.

Let's hope no more Drahvins get in here.

Oh, it's no good! Our guns can't harm them!

Then we must use bars, as Three did!

No, we will go that way.

Head for the spaceship part of the building.

We must concentrate on that. Come.

It can't take much longer!

Oh, patience, dear boy, patience!

Dawn will be here in half an hour now.

Yes, and when dawn comes this planet
explodes like a bomb!

Oh, really, you two! Huh, huh.

What's that? What is it?

Ah! That is a signal that the spaceship is
now fully charged

unless I'm very much mistaken.

Well and about time, too.

You are right, Doctor.
We are ready to disconnect.

Oh, good, good. Now, er, you have
sufficient power?

Enough to get us well out into space,
where we can recharge from a sun.

Splendid. Splendid.

Then I don't think there's any more
for us to do. We will go.

A Chumbley will escort you back
to your ship.

And yourself?

We will wait until you are safely there.

Oh, we shall be quite all right.

It is you that needs to be out of
range, not us.

The moment I start my motors, we shall
be out of range in time.

We need... we don't need space.

Go now, please.

Very well. In a moment we shall leave
here and enter the ship.

From that time we will not be
able to talk with you.

The Chumbley with you will
escort you back to your ship.

He will protect you and obey your commands.

Once you have gone he will destroy himself.


It will be painless. Merely putting itself
out of action.

Yes, I think I understand, and thank you
very much.

It is easy to help others when they are
so willing to help you.

Though we are beings of separate planets

you from the solar system and we from
another space, our ways of thought

at times, do not seem all that different.

It has been an honour to know
you and serve you.

Good luck.

Thank you. We shall give you time to get
clear before we take off.

Now we are going. Goodbye.
We wish you well!

They've started the motors!

Yes, and we've got less than half an
hour, Doctor.

Yes, you're quite right. Quickly! Quickly!
Come! Come!

Where are the machines?

There are none!


They're escaping!

There they go!

Isn't it amazing? What a wonderful
sight! Oh!


Yes. Yes, of course.

The Earth people! We can catch them!

Come on, Doc!

Here they come!

Can we see the disintegration on
the scanner, Doctor?

No, I'm afraid not, dear boy. We've
dematerialized from that galaxy...


...a long time ago.


What's the matter, child, hmm?

I've hurt my ankle.

Oh... yes, I'm afraid we shall... yes, we'll
have to put a cold compress on that.

Oh dear, dear, dear!

You know, I wish we could stop
somewhere for a while

and take stock of ourselves

instead of being surrounded by
dangers all the time.

Just put that, uh, switch forward,
would you? Thank you.

Look at that planet. I wonder what's
going on there?

Yes. Yes, I wonder, hmm.

I remember now. I must...

I must kill.

I must kill. I must kill...