Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 3, Episode 5 - Mission to the Unknown - full transcript

Whilst The Doctor, Steven and Vicki are traveling to their next destination, on the planet Kembel, Marc Cory, a Space Security Service agent discovers The Daleks are attending a secret meeting with their allies. Where Cory discovers the Dalek's evil plan, which sets the stage for the epic 12-part adventure "The Dalek Master Plan".

I... I remember now.

I must...

I must kill...

Must kill...

I must kill.

Why you ever wanted to land on a planet

like this in the first place
I'll never know.

This is getting on my nerves.

I hate to think what kind of an
animal makes a noise like that.

Yeah, they're getting closer.

Yes, all the more reason to...

stop talking and get on with the job.

Just you listen to me, Cory.

I know my orders were to let you
have full reign

and you've certainly taken
advantage of that.

But as Captain of this expedition, my first
responsibility is to get this ship off the ground.

So just... cut the chat.

Some other time, hmm?

Bring that wrench.

How's it going?

Ah, it's slow.

Flare-back melted the retaining bolts.

It's just solid lumps of Tarnium.

Ah, got some of it free.

I want to have a look round.

Listen, if we don't shoot off soon

we won't make it to the rendezvous
with the freighter, you know?

If we're not in the pick-up orbit,
they won't wait.

You'll make it, Lowery. Here you are.

I'm doing the best I can.

I didn't want to touch down on this lousy
planet in the first place, remember?

Let's not start that again.

Just get on with the job would you?

Where the devil's Garvey?

He should be back by now.

No idea. Pass that screwdriver, will you?

Kill! Kill!

Ahh. Managed to get some of it free.

Look at it - useless!

Get me a spare, will you?

No, in the ship.

Ah, it's no good, Cory.

You needn't bother with a spare.

I'm just not gonna be able to fix it.

Jeff! Jeff!

You've killed him. You've killed Jeff!

It was him or you.

You didn't give him a chance.

You shot him down like an animal.

You just shot him down!

A Varga thorn.

Wha? V... Varga?

Careful! Don't prick yourself with it...

or you'll end up the way Garvey is.

I'd have to kill you.

What do you mean?

Let's get back into the ship.

What about his personal effects
for his family?

All right. But hurry up.

I didn't intend to tell you anything.

But since we're stuck on this planet
and Garvey is dead

there are some facts that you're
entitled to know.

Yeah - Jeff Garvey's dead.

I mean, we flew together for the
last ten years

and now he's dead, and you killed him.

You'd better explain that fact
and make it good.

Sit down and take a look at this.

Huh! I might have known

"Space Security
Service - Licensed to kill".

That's right.

Well count me out.

This other document gives me the
authority to enlist the aid of any persons,

civil or military. You were just enlisted.

From now on, Lowery,
you can take your orders from me.

Yeah, all right, all right.

But I don't fully understand.

Better fill in a few details.

All right.

I suppose you've heard of the Daleks?

The Daleks invaded Earth a
thousand years ago.

That's right.

Well, they haven't been active in our
galaxy for some time now

but that doesn't mean they've exactly
been sitting around.

In the last 500 years

they've gained control of over seventy
planets in Ninth Galactic System

and 40 more in the Constellation
of Miros.

Don't see why that should concern us.

I mean, they're both millions of
light years away from our galaxy.

Mmm... that's what we all thought.

But about a week ago, we had a report
from the captain of a space freighter.

His navigator spotted a... a space ship
of a type never before used in our system.

He saw it only for a second but he gave
us a good description.


What he described... was a Dalek spaceship.

Freighter XM2, freighter XM2,

come in please, come in please!

Can you make it work?

It's got to work!

It may have been damaged in the crash.

We must keep on trying!

Have you tested the link pulses?

I know what I'm doing.

All right, all right, so the link
pulses work.

There could be something
else wrong with it.

What about the Vergometer?

Have you tested that?

Without that you'd never break through
the atmosphere.

How can I possibly test that?

We've just got to take our chance that it
hasn't been damaged.

Freighter XM2.

Freighter XM2, come in please!

Come in please!

It's useless.

Are you sure we can't repair this ship?

Oh, not a chance.

So you think that the Daleks have established
some sort of a base here, is that it?

It could be. This is the most
hostile planet in the universe.

People from other civilisations avoid it.

I suddenly had a hunch...

that this might make an ideal place for
any secret preparations

that the Daleks wanted to make.

That's why we brought this ship down here.

Did you tell anybody else about this
hunch of yours?

No one - not even your commander.

I just asked for a couple of men and
a small rocket.

I didn't even tell him what for.

Then why are you telling me?

Because of this

a thorn from a Varga plant.

A thing... part animal, part vegetable,
looks like a cactus.

The poison attacks the brain.

Rational thought is replaced by an
overwhelming desire to kill.

Eventually the poison seeps
through the system

and the victim is gradually transformed...

into a Varga.

Well, what's that gotta do with the Daleks?

The only place in the universe

where Vargas grow naturally is on
the Daleks' own planet


If the Vargas are here, the Daleks are too.

I will receive your reports.

First - space monitor control.

Space monitor control.

The emissaries from the seven planets
will arrive as arranged.

Then the conference
will begin at first sun.

Security report?

Security control.

Position of alien space craft located.

Our patrol will reach it shortly.

The ship and its
occupants must be totally destroyed.

Destroyed! Destroyed!

It will be done.

Is anything out there?

Vargas - they're closing in.

Do you mean to say they can move?

Very slowly - look.

They use their roots to drag
themselves along.

How long are you gonna be with this...
this rescue beacon?

Well this is the recording part.

Let's hope it wasn't damaged in the crash.

We'll soon find out.
Can you fix this capsule up?

Well that's easy enough

but this is the recording mechanism
for the message.

If we sent the rocket into space
without this

not only would we not be rescued

but if you put it up early

no one would even know we were here.

Hurry up and attach it then.

All right, all right!

I'm as keen to get out of here as you are.

Give me those pliers will you?

Nearly finished.


I don't know how long we've got.

Now the Daleks must know we're here.

They'll be coming for us soon.

Well I still think you're jumping to
conclusions, you know.

I mean, just 'cos these...

Are they...

Varga things grow here.

It's no proof that the Daleks are here too.

Take my word for it,
they're here all right.

Yes, but couldn't these Varga things
grow here naturally?

I mean... it's possible, isn't it?

No, they were developed in
Dalek laboratories.

They grow them to give
themselves protection.

Well if they're synthetic,
that means they...

Look, stop asking questions and
get on with the work!

All right...

Preceptor readings
indicated alien space craft.

We will close on it from two directions.

We obey.

Those things are getting too
close for comfort.

I'll fix 'em.

It's no good, Lowery.

They'll only grow again as fast as
you can shoot them.

At least I'll have had a try at 'em.

Get back to the beacon.

You sure it'll work?

Well it should work

it's standard safety equipment on
all rocket ships.

What does it do exactly?

Well, you record the message, SOS

on this, just like an ordinary
tape recorder.

The rocket launcher shoots it
high into orbit

once it's in orbit it transmits the message


From what we know about the Daleks,
we've got to be picked up.

Well it's tuned into a special frequency

and there are listening posts
all over the galaxy.

Our people should get the message.

And all we have to do...

is to stay alive until they get here.

That's the biggest rocket ship
I've ever seen.

It's like nothing we've got.

It's from an outer galaxy.

Yeah, but what's it doing in a

God-forsaken planet like this?

I don't know.

But I'll tell you this

there's something very big going on here,

and if the Daleks are involved,

you can bet your life our whole
galaxy is in danger!

The ship from the planet Gearon...

...and the beginning
of the Great Alliance.

That should just about do it.

Give me the capsule will you.

I'll record the message.

What is it?

There's something out there moving.


No. Moving too quickly.

Come on, we've gotta... gotta get away.

What about the distress signal?

Take it with us, launch it as
soon as we get a chance.

All right. Which way?

Over here.

They won't be the only ones, so watch out.


Get down and don't make a sound!

The ship is empty.
The crew has gone.

We will search for them.

Destroy the ship. Fire!

It's just falling apart!

Come on!

Come on man! Come on!

They'll be looking for us now!

Report destruction
of alien ship to control.

I obey.

Advise that we will now
seek out the crew.

Alert all patrols.

We obey.

With the arrival of our ally

Malpha, we are enough.

The meeting can now begin.

No it can't.

What is wrong?

There is a hostile presence among us.

What do you mean?

On arrival here

I am told that there are hostile influences

from the solar system among us.

Not among us.

Then here - on the planet Kembel.

Some beings have landed
from the planet Earth

hostile beings from the centre of
the solar system.

But do not worry, their spaceship has
been destroyed.

What about the beings?

They cannot escape.

At this moment they are being hunted down.

They will be destroyed.

Are you sure?

They cannot get away.

Suppose they send a message
through this universe?

They will not have time.

If they do not die by our Varga plants

my patrols will kill them!

They will be exterminated!

This way.



All are agreed. It is done.

The seven great powers of the outer
galaxies are one.

Our galactic domination...
We are the mightiest in the universe!

This is indeed an historic moment in the
history of the universe!

We six from the outer galaxies

joining with the power
from the solar system

The Daleks! joining with the
power from the solar system

The Daleks!

The seven of us represent the greatest war
force ever assembled!

Conquest is assured!




The moon colonies!

They will all fall before our might.

But the first of them will be...


We've got to get this capsule off
and fast.

There's a city down there - a Dalek city.

I got quite close.

Close enough to hear an announcement
through the loudspeaker system.

And what did they...?

Our whole galaxy is to be invaded
and destroyed!



You must kill...

The Varga!

That's right.

I'll soon...

soon I shall be one of them...

Kill... Kill!

This is Marc Cory

Special Security Service

reporting from the planet Kembel.

The Daleks are planning the complete
destruction of our galaxy.

Together with the powers of
the outer galaxies

a war force is being assembled...

Seismic detector is registering.

The crew from the rocket
ship must be in this direction.

Are they to be taken for questioning?


They are to be exterminated.

Destroy them on sight.

Destroy and exterminate!

We obey.

If our galaxy is to be saved

whoever receives this message must relay
this information to Earth immediately.

It... it is vital that...

defence mechanisms are put into
operation at once!

Message ends


He is dead.

Our plans for the
galactic conquest are safe.

Whatever information he discovered has
died with him.

Return to the city.

We obey.

Now all is ready.

We at this table

pledge our allegiance

to the Dalek cause.

Our armies will reduce
the galaxies to ashes

their people to dust

and Earth we will conquer first.



Victory! Victory! Victory!