Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 25, Episode 10 - Silver Nemesis: Part Three - full transcript

With the Cyber Fleet poised nearby, the Doctor may have no choice but to let them have Nemesis. Meanwhile, Lady Peinforte and Richard navigate modern society, De Flores encounters an open ...

Of course! It's so simple.

But they're shrouded.



They don't show up.

But we must try and force them into revealing themselves.

Treble... Bass... Please let me be right!


What are they?

Cyber warships.

Thousands of them.

And they're invisible.

What, what can we do?

I think our best move,
is to walk into the crypt with the bow.

Professor, are you losing your marbles?

We've got to get the bow into the statue's hands
in order to activate the validium.

Is this the only way??

I believe in the direct approach.

You can always go back to the TARDIS.

Are we going or what?

Surely we can negotiate this...

... this misunderstanding.

Our understanding is perfect.

You thought you had all three components of the statue

and naturally wished to destroy us.

You're completely mistaken...


Validium activity indicates the
proximity of the bow, Leader.


Kill them.

Herr De Flores, they're going to kill us.

Your day is over.

You betray me?

Have I taught you nothing?

Everything, which is why we now part company.

I'm afraid you fail to understand history,
in addition to Wagner.


Supermen are all very well.

But the giants are the master race.

Here he is.

Now make me one of you.

You show potential.

Very well.

Have them both programmed at once.

We must complete the statue immediately.

Locate the bow.
Destroy the Doctor and his young friend.

How is't with you my lady?

I understand not.

What's to understand?

Always I have treated you badly.

I have done you no service, shown you no kindness.

Yet, yet you risk your life to save me. Why so?

Should I not?

I do not live in the world of should.

But you... you are a good man, Richard, and I am evil.

My lady, we have no more weapons.

You are wrong.

I have one more yet that will not fail: my knowledge.

I will have the statue of Nemesis.



Look. Let's be honest, right?

I've never bottled out of anything before, but...

I'm really, really scared, Doctor.

Oh Ace, I'm sorry. Forgive me.

Why don't you go back to the TARDIS?

You'll be safe in there whatever happens.

No chance Doctor. No chance!

The Cyber Fleet is still not receiving
our transmissions, Leader.

Is there any pattern to the jamming signal?

It is meaningless.

Transmission channels to the cyberships
are clear again, Leader.

Excellent. Their arrival is imminent.

You fool. Without the bow,
the statue's power is nothing.

We shall shortly obtain the bow.

From the Doctor?

You delude yourself. He is no common adversary.

Do you think,
he will simply walk in here and hand it over?

Good afternoon.


Yes, here we are.

I'm sorry we couldn't have been here earlier,
but we were held up on the way.

Um, I don't believe you've met my friend Ace.

Give me the bow.

Cyberleader moves pawn to discover check.

Ace replies by neatly castling with the bow.

Give me the bow.

Doctor en passant behind Cyberleader.

- Give me the bow.
- Doctor supports combination gambit.

Take the bow from him.

Middle game element with Cybermen.

Kill him!

End game. Illegal move, but checkmate!

That seems to be in order. Run!


No statue?

Now it's awake. It'll follow the bow.

Fear not, Richard. It is the Nemesis come alive.


Why, yes!

Which means it is complete.

And now it shall be mine.

All power...

All power - past, present and future - shall be mine.

Why, I shall be mistress of all that is.

All that shall be...

All that ever was...

Yes. All!


Come, lady, let's find some shelter.

How dare you?!?
I shall lead and you follow!

Hey, why're we here?
What going on, Professor?

Unfinished business. We don't want those to fall into the wrong hands, just yet.

How's the game going?

Black's losing.

What happens to these calculations?

Bishop takes rook.
Someone steals them.

The same person who steals the bow? I mean, the same person who steals it in 1788?

How should I know, Ace?
Questions, questions...

Who brought validium to Earth in the first place?

What's really going on, Doctor?

Checkmate. Black wins. Time to go.
Take those gold coins. We may need them.

We needs must walk, Richard. We have no carriage.

We can avail ourselves of one of these steeds, my lady.

I know the method of it. Sit you here and rest awhile.

The Doctor must not lead the statue back to the rocket sleds. We will stop him.

Ah. Now, the statue should arrive any moment.

Now, everything depends on my final calculations

I can't allow myself to get wrong this time..

It's OK, Professor. I promise not to interrupt you.

- You are interrupting me.
- Sorry.

There is a slight problem. The Cybermen
could be here at any moment.

Don't worry, Doctor. I'll look after you.

Aim at the chest panel.

And I trust, you remember my strict instructions

that you're never to cause any further explosions.

I'm a better person as a result, Doctor.

Good. We'll be ready for anything.

All will be mine.

Uh, Cyril, honey... Uh, pull the automobile over. There's some people there who could use a lift.

Where are you folks headed?

To Windsor, and it please you, ma'am.

It surely does, honey.

Jump right in.

Herr De Flores, your day is over.

You betray me?

Have I taught you nothing?

We completely deceived them, Herr De Flores.

Even I thought for a moment we were finished. I am not afraid of death, only of failing in my duty.

Ah, yes! The bow, the bow...
The bow is esensial.

You shall have the bow.

You must be parched from standing in the sun.
May I offer you a little refreshment?

Thank you. No, Madam.

Are you folks uh, students?

Alas, I am but a servant, and cannot read or write.

My mistress is of noble birth
and has some Latin and a little Greek.

Well you must be on vacation at this time.

Go you far, Ma'am?

Far? Oh, I just came over from London.

Two days ride.

Well, no. Actually, the traffic
was pretty reasonable.

I left about - Let's see, um...
forty minutes ago.

Forty minutes?

Folks from the south are never in a hurry.

As a matter of fact, I'm here
on a visit, checking out my roots.

'tis wise with crops this time of year, Ma'am.

I am beautiful, am I not?

Yes. You're very beautiful.

It is only my present form.
I have had others which would horrify you.

I shall have both again. You are surprised I speak?

I... I know you're living metal.

I am whatever I am made to be.

This time Lady Peinforte named me Nemesis,
so I am retribution.

Catch you later.

My family came from around here.

I traced them way back to the sixteen hundreds.

All things, will soon be mine.

I guess they will, honey.

Time past, present and future; power invincible.

Destroy the human female. Find and destroy her.

The secret of the heavens.

Virginia is heaven, if you ask me.

My family owns a little land there.
They used to own a little land around here, too.

They used to own land in these parts too.
The Remingtons of Remington Grange.

I know them.

Thieves and swindlers all.

You study history?

Dorothea Hackensack, did bribe away my cook.

Now let me see..
Yes, there was a Dorothea.

- She died in sixteen...
- Twenty-one.

T'was a slow poison.

This is unbelievable!

Many found it so.

Here I am, driving around and I pick up someone who's researched my family tree!

We ride to destiny.

We surely do, honey! We surely do!

Now, we set the rockets to the correct time projection.

And you'll be on course for the Cyber fleet.


You're going to kill me anyway.

We detect only one more piece of gold.

Correct. So, who'll be next and who'll be lucky?

Kill her.

The rockets, are now locked on to your destination.

Let's see how they're progressing.

Right on course.

- And I am to destroy the entire Cyber fleet.
- Forever.

- And then?
- Reform.

- You will need me in the future then?
- I hope not.

- That is what you said before.
- That's enough.

- And after this, I will have my freedom?
- Not yet.

- When?
- I've told you when.

Things are still imperfect.


Harm her in the slightest, and I'll destroy the bow.

- Give us the bow, Doctor.
- No.

- Then we shall simply take it and kill you both.
- Ah.

In any case, your threat was meaningless.

How could you have destroyed the bow?

Well actually...
I would have been to arrange to the bow neatly place

in front of the rocket sled.

Then, I'd have arranged for the rockets to test fire at,
a pre-arranged time.

By the way. What is the time?

Well... is almost...

Is that it, Doctor?

Oh no! Not you again!

The bow.
The bow succeeded in deceiving the Cybermen.

They made the mistake
of assuming all human beings

to be weak, corruptible.

We, however, are loyal to the death.

The long journey is over.
You'll be worshipped forever.

Doesn't she speak?

Not to the likes of you.

Well Doctor, we must part.

And thank you for removing the Cybermen.

Now the Nemesis is finaly mine.

I'm sorry, Doctor. I thought I got rid of him.

Give the bow or I will kill her.

All things. All power. Time. Space. The world!

She is mad.

Speak not of my lady so!


I am here.

What do you want?

My Nemesis.

You're too late.

The Doctor's got it.

It is incomplete until it holds the bow.
That may be given over to anyone.

It will now be given to me.

No, us.

You are nothing.

Only the Doctor matters, and he is
but a pawn in the game of my making.

- Listen, you old bag!
- Enough!

The Doctor's not going to just give the bow.
Tell her, Doctor.

Tell her!

Doctor Who, have you never wondered where he came from, who he is?

Nobody knows who the Doctor is.

Except me.


The statue told me.

All right. So what does it matter?
He's a Time Lord. I know that.

Well, Doctor?

If I give you the bow?

Your power becomes mine,
but your secrets remain your own.

It's all over, Ace. My battle; all my battles.
I've lost. I can only surrender.


But not, to you. The Cybermen will have the Nemesis.

This is most rational, Doctor.

But I know your secret.

Very well. Tell them.

I shall tell them of Gallifrey, tell them
of the old time, the time of chaos.

Be my guest.

Your secrets.

The secrets of the Time Lords mean nothing to us.

Exactly. Thank you for comming to the
twenty century and giving me assistance.

Thank you for bringing the arrow. You may go now.


You had the right game,
but the wrong pawn. Check.

Enough, Doctor. Cancel the statue's destructive capability.

Thank you.

Do you understand the Cyber Leader's instructions?


Please don't surrender, Doctor.

Prepare it for launching to liaise with our fleet.

You have its position from this device.

A new and final era begins, Doctor.

Imagination, thought, freedom, pleasure.
All will end.

The Earth will be transformed into our base planet,
the new Mondas.

Before I kill you all,
you may watch the arrival of our fleet.

Launch the Nemesis.

Let them kill me, Doctor. Don't surrender!

Stand back. It's ready for launch.

Nice rocket technology, Doctor.

We shall watch its progress.


This is impossible. You gave my instructions to the statue.

Yes, I gave your instructions to
the Nemesis, and it understood them.

It understood them, and disobeyed
them, and destroyed the Cyberfleet.

Then you will join them.

Worth it.

That seems to be that. Thank you.

It's nothing, Doctor. I wish
it would have saved my lady, too,

But she was one with your statue.
How shall I live now?

Stranded. A stranger in this time.

I know how you feel. However...

We'll give you a lift.

Back to 1638?

It's possible?

Anything's possible.

So you sent the Nemesis off
into space, destroyed the Cybermen,

So you could finish them off?

I suppose I did. How clever of me.

Just like you nailed the Daleks.

As I said, Ace:
unfinished business.

There's still one question
you haven't answered.

We have none of this jazz whereof you
speak, Doctor, but I think you will like this.

Professor! Doctor!
Who are you?