Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 25, Episode 9 - Silver Nemesis: Part Two - full transcript

As hostilities break out between factions vying for ownership of the comet, the Doctor goes after the worst of the lot - Cybermen, using Ace's upgraded boom box to flood Cyber Communications with jazz music while trying to locate the whereabouts of the fleet beyond this mere scouting party.


Don't move.

They saved my life.

Don't thank them yet.
You might live to regret it.

What are they?


So, Doctor.

A new appearance.

Otherwise our anticipation of your presence
has proved entirely accurate.

Eradicate them.



Doctor, we can't stay here.

We certainly can.

This exactly the same thing that happened the last time.

Only then it was the Roundheads and Lady Peinforte.

A hit! A very palpable hit!

See how my poison is as deadly as ever, Richard.

And I shall look after the sick.

Which reminds me, I'll return to Briggs his money.

Get up, fool.

I tell thee, Richard, were the
men of silver like these here in our day,

my life had been quite different.

Now I'll let them all destroy each other,
and then we take the Nemesis.

Where did it come from?

I couldn't see.

Cybermen killed by a bow and arrow?
It's ludicrous...

Unless... Of course. The head's made of gold.

That's real gold?

The only substance,
to which Cybermen are vulnerable.


Gold dipped in poison.

Lady Peinforte's signature.

I really think we should get out of here, Doctor.

I think you're right.

My lady. Who is that little man?

O glorious evil, It is he!


We must retreat. It's our only chance.

And leave the statue?

The statue alone is useless to them.
The bow is ours. Get it.

Bring the bow at once.

The Doctor and the female
have escaped with it, Leader.

And that one?

Terminated by another human female using gold.

This must be the Lady Peinforte.

My lady, there are people there.

Of course there are people. This is Windsor. Come.

Cut the statue free and take it into the craft.

I don't like this place.

We're just passing through, Ace.

What happened to the body? It's gone.

Yes. Someone's moved the chess pieces.


Is that what we came here for?

Our friend the mathematician was a genius, but he needed a little help to get started.


I really don't like this place. Can we make a move?


What is the gold dust for, Herr De Flores?


Validium was created as the ultimate defence
for Gallifrey, back in early times.

- Created by Omega?
- Yes.

- And?
- Rassilon.

- And?
- And none of it should ever have left of Gallifrey,

but as always with these things... some of it did.

So you had to stop Lady Peinforte...

Or anyone else.

... from ever putting the three bits together.

Yes. So, I launched the biggest one into space.

But you got the sums wrong.

Look, we're almost there.

I'd feel a lot safer tracking them inside the TARDIS.

Well the Cybermen might find the TARDIS.

I mean this way, our validium leads us to their validium.

Isn't that a bit old-fashioned?

I'm an old-fashioned guy.

Are you looking at me?

Stand aside.

What are you? Social workers?

Out of my lady's way.

We want to tell you our problems.

Will you, be turned into rats?

We already have been.

Poor ones. That's our problem.


Money, say you?

The remaining validium approaches, Leader.

As predicted. Activate communications unit.

But the Doctor and Peinforte are still to be destroyed.

Our victory is inevitable.

The Doctor will come to us, and Peinforte is a simple savage accompanied by a terrified peasant.

What am I supposed to be listening for?

Cybermen communicating.

I don't like Cybermen.

You should see the ones they're communicating with.


Yes. But if we could only jam their signal!

Have you got a tape?

Yes. You mean this thing transmits?

Of course it does. I built it.

Commence transmission.

Leader, I must repeat my objection

to the transmission of incorrect information.

Our force does not,
yet possess all three units of validium.

You are outside your function.

Are we having fun?


Interference. Origin unknown.

Open the monitor channel.

That'll keep them busy.
Time to go?

Oh, I do love a jam session!

Who did this to you?

Social workers.

My lady...

Of course I heard it.
Am I deaf?

It sounds like a bear. But worse.

See! We are near the Nemesis.


The bear will not pursue us.
Such things happen only in the theatre.

What creatures are these?

I know not.

They will eat us.

I beg you my lady, return us to our own time.
England now is full of terrors!

You're mad!

Return without the Nemesis? Never.

And without my knowledge, you cannot return at all.

I tell thee Richard, either you
assist me and we gain it,

or I leave thee here forever.
Now come.

I think they are peaceful.

What place? What place is this?

This piece of ground on which you stand?
Why I will tell thee. It is thy grave, Richard.

- What?
- Yes.

I ordered that you should be buried here
when I planned my tomb.

See, there is thy stone.
If the dogs would not eat thee,

I ordered you put out here,
to attend me in the next world as in this.

Because there, you see, is mine burial place.

And aptly, the silver creatures there
do hold the Nemesis.

We shall attack!

Just in time.

There is nothing here, my Lady.

See the arrow.

The statues here depend upon it.

Now our plan begins to operate.

She will find that her crypt has weathered with age. The fact of her death will drive her insane.

This is your tomb.

Rather fine, is it not?

But where is the statue of Nemesis?

Where is it? Where?

Is this the human condition of madness, Leader?

It is. Kill them.

It must be here. It must be!

My lady.

It is here. The arrow tells me!


This was once the estate of the infamous Lady Peinforte

in the seventeenth century.

Lady Peinforte? But Herr De Flores, we've seen a woman in seventeenth century dress today,

firing arrows at us and at men of silver.

I don't suppose you've completely ignored my instructions

and secretly prepared any nitro-nine have you?

What if I had?

You naturally wouldn't do anything so insanely dangerous

as to carry it round with you, would you?

Of course not. I'm a good girl and do what I'm told.

Excellent. Blow up that vehicle.

Destroy them. Destroy them!

We cannot sustain these losses, Leader.

We must withdraw.

No, we must hold the statue
and take the arrow from them.

If we are overcome, our entire strategy will fail.

The Cyber race will cease to exist.

Your logic is correct.

Their supply of gold is limited.


Of course. Help me, Richard.
It's in my tomb. Help me.

Hello. I'm the Doctor. You believe you want to kill me.


Kill them.

They killed them.

Just because I blew up the ship.

They're dead already.

The Cybermen have transformed them. They were no longer human beings.

You mean that's why the Cybermen saved my life?

So they could do that to me too?

Probably. They were like people themselves before they turned themselves into Cybermen.

Quite a lot of human beings are trying to follow their example.

My lady, where are your bones?

What matter?

Are we still jamming?

The tape's still running.


Let's see who's listening to it.

Ah. Sweet.

We want to talk to you.

I don't know if you're familiar
with Wagner's Ring das Nibelungen

Now we, we are the supermen.
But you, you are the giants.

They're wonderful creatures.

Of course,
but why should we form an alliance with you?

We had a leader once.

He predicted your coming. Now, together,

we shall fulfil his vision and enslave the world.

Together? Cybermen need no help from any race.

But, a woman who is almost less than human
now holds the statue.

But she is armed, with only primitive toys.

You insult us?

Of course not, but whatever your...
unfortunate vulnerability,

it does not affect us. We can remove her for you.

We accept. Destroy the woman and her servant

and we will divide the planet
into your slave groups and ours.


But remember, any betrayal will be fatal.
We are invulnerable to your weapons.

Once they have the arrow and the statue, destroy them.

Nothing there?

Why am I doing this?

That handful back there weren't
the only Cybermen in the universe.

We've only got to find out where the others are.

Look, this is way the signal is being received, right?


But according to the scanner, there's nothing there.

Then the scanner's wrong!

That lot were only the advance party.

Out there somewhere is the entire Cyber force

and they want the Nemesis
more than anything else in space.

How can you be so sure?

Because, it's 1988.

That makes sense.

Listen, Ace. The Nemesis generates destruction. It affects everything around it.

I launched it into space,

but unfortunately with an orbit that brings it back to Earth every twenty five years...

I mean, take the twentieth century. It appeared in 1913.

The eve of the First World War.

Twenty-five years later...


Hitler annexes Austria.


Kennedy is assassinated.


Check the scanner again.

Unfortunately, Wagner must be rewritten.
The supermen must control the giants.

Only two illiterates stand between ourselves and the Fuhrer's dream.


How perfect you are.

Immaculate beauty carved in absolute evil.

But where lie your bones my lady?

They must be buried.

What matter?

They are dead. But I live.
And soon I'll have the bow...

and my Nemesis will be complete.

We are attacked.

Quickly. The arrows.

We have but one left, my lady.

And I do not think our arrows
can stop these weapons.

Nonsense. Make it count.
They killed the silver creatures.

See, lady. We have no chance.

No. They cannot take the Nemesis,
not now I have it.

They cannot not for nothing did
I design my own tomb.

Death is but a door. I always knew I'd cheat it.
Help me with the statue.

We cannot lift it, lady. We must fly.

Put up your hands.


Do you want the statue, master?

Here, take it. Take it.


And the arrow. See?

Forgive me, my lady.

Unhand me. No!

No matter Karl, no matter.
They are of no importance.

We have the statue, the arrow... and the bow.

But the Cybermen?

Gold overcomes them. We have no such weakness.

See, how the statue prepares for life.

Our first task then,
will be to take control of the extra-terrestrials.

Unfortunately, that will not be possible.

Keep away, I possess the entire statue of Nemesis.
All power is mine.

The life and death
of everything in existence is in my hands.

Then where, is the bow?

Of course, It's so simple.

But they're shrouded.

You what?


They don't show up.

But, if we keep jamming
their communications they'll be forced.

Bass... treble... O please let me be right.


What are they?

Cyber warships.

Thousands of them.
They were invisible.