Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 20, Episode 1 - Arc of Infinity: Part One - full transcript

On Gallifrey, someone on the high council is perpetrating a treasonous act - transmitting the Doctor's bio-extract from the space/time matrix to an anti-matter being. On Earth, two English lads spend their last night in Amsterdam sleeping in a crypt where they're attacked by an alien creature under the same anti-matter being's control.



It's too late.
Omega controls the Matrix.

We know who you are.

That changes nothing.

Transfer will take place as planned.

But you are antimatter.

You seriously believe
you can reverse what happened?

Oh, yes, Doctor.

Not without Hedin's help.

Your friend is dead.


Omega, listen!

-Omega must be found and stopped.
-We know he's on Earth.

He has a friend of ours captive.
Tegan, an Earthwoman.

Would she know their precise location?

Perhaps, but I would have to
enter the Matrix to find out.

-No! Omega's mad. He'll kill her.
-Please, Nyssa...

-You know...
-Wait in the Tardis!


Even if we know where Omega is,
can the Tardis leave Gallifrey?

We will contrive a way for you to leave.

Well, Omega, you've won.

We can't stop you now.

It cost Hedin's life to convince you.

That was an accident.

-Is Tegan safe?
-She is.

Prove it. Let me speak to her.

Help us, Doctor.

My cousin, he's sick.

We're in an underground crypt
behind a fountain...

-Silence, girl!
-I told you, you've won.

Even if we know where you are,
we can't leave Gallifrey. You know that.

Holland, Doctor. Amsterdam.

Tell him the precise location,
and you will die.




She's unharmed?

Of course.

And so long as you
do not work against me,

Isn't there any way
of distracting Omega?

I've already tested
the bypass procedures.

Omega has cut us off.

A pulse loop, Lord President?

Of course! Fetch it, Damon.

Thalia, prepare the Matrix terminal.

A pulse loop?

A simple device to trace faults
on the master circuits.

It has a photon pulse.
Omega will have to track it down

to confirm that we're not trying
to bypass the matrix control.

And in the confusion

it will allow the Doctor's Tardis
to leave undetected.


Don't worry, Tegan's unharmed.

Are you ready to leave, Doctor?

As soon as you give the word.


-Now! Go, Doctor!

He's gone.

It's working, sir. Omega is confused.

We're almost ready to materialise.

-What's that for?

Omega's using a fusion booster
to build up energy to transfer.

If we can attach this,
it should knock it out of phase.

Isn't that dangerous?

Hopefully it will feed the power
back through his own equipment.

-A kind of short circuit.
-Exactly! How's the meter?

Now calibrated
to detect any change in antimatter.

Omega has destroyed the loop.

Let's hope it gave the Doctor
all the time he needed.

-DOCTOR: I don't believe it.

I think we made it.

Come on.


It sounds like a power house in there.

How do you know where to look?

When I spoke to Tegan,
she mentioned her cousin and the JHC.


She risked her life
to give us that piece of information.

If we find out what the JHC is,
it might lead us to where she is.

How will you find out?

We'll start
with the telephone directory.

You're dealing with a Time Lord, Doctor.
You won't find answers in there.

Won't we?



Jeugdherberg Central Youth Hostels.

-Must be where Tegan was staying.

Well, there's not many of them.
We'll give them a ring.

Nyssa, money?

NYSSA: You must have a coin somewhere!

Is that it?

Afraid so.

Antimatter present, but steady.

Omega hasn't transferred yet,
but it can't be much longer.

-Can you find him using that?
-If only it were that easy.

-What now?
-No other choice.

We must check every hostel on foot.

-Can't we use the Tardis?
-Can't risk it.

Might alert Omega.

This way.

Omega's transfer is imminent.

-This could take forever.
-Well, there's no other way.

That receptionist wasn't very friendly.

What if he was being difficult,
chose not to remember Tegan?

-We go on, Nyssa.
-Can't the Time Lords help?

No, they've done all they can.
Now it's up to us.

We'll try one more hostel,
then we must split up.

-Divide our effort.
-How much time do we have?

Well, it can't be long.

I fear Omega is about to transfer.

We have no record of a Miss Jovanka.

And what about her cousin?

How would I know that, sir?

Yes, sorry. Well, thank you.

Excuse me.

Erm, you said your friend
was from Australia?

-Well, I wasn't on duty yesterday,

but there was an Australian. Um...

Colin Frazer.

One moment, please.

-Isn't there anything at all we can do?
-No, Tegan is our only link.

Excuse me.

-You wish to know about Miss Jovanka?

Well, Mr Stuart, a friend of Mr Frazer,
left something for her.

I was to give this to her
if he missed her at the airport.

I see.

-Well, I'm not supposed to...
-It's very important we find her.

-Frankendael, where is that?
-Frankendael? Not far.

-Could you show me?
-Of course.

-Oh, I'm so sorry!

Sorry! Sorry!


I can't see a crypt.
It must be behind the house.

It's only a matter of minutes.

The fountain!

Tegan said behind the fountain.

Where could they be?

Well, that depends on the form
Omega has given his Tardis.



Yes! Perfect!

-Of course! I've been so silly!

Amsterdam is located
on the curve of the arc,

below sea level to maintain pressure
for fusion conversion.

The fusion booster from Gallifrey.


Nyssa, fire, Nyssa!


-What was it?
-An Ergon.

One of Omega's less successful attempts
at psychosynthesis.


Drop the weapon, Doctor!

Drop it or the Earthwoman dies.

NYSSA: Tegan!

It's too late, Omega.

You can't transfer now.

I have all the energy I need.


What have you done?

The Arc of Infinity is shifting.

Go, Omega, please,
while you still have a chance.

I must transfer!

Cease to be antimatter.


Yes, Doctor.

I live.


The bond is not complete.

Isn't it?

It's not permanent.

It will fail. Revert to antimatter.

You're wrong, Doctor.

I have life again.

You destroyed my Tardis,
but I shall build another.

Expect me on Gallifrey soon.

-Doctor, quickly.
-I must find the matter converter.

I can't destroy Omega without it.

Tegan, help me.

I must help Colin.

Tegan, hurry.

The Doctor has failed.
Antimatter, and building up fast.


-TEGAN: Omega killed him?

He'd want to hide himself in the crowd.

At least we have some idea of
what he's wearing.

What happens if we don't find him?

The biggest explosion this part of
the universe is ever likely to witness.



-He can't be far ahead.
-How much time do we have?

I don't know. The magnetic shield
is in accelerated decay now.

-What will happen?
-He will revert to antimatter.





The Doctor's not going to be
able to contain it.

I've found it unwise to predict
what the Doctor can or cannot do.

We've lost him.

I see you, Omega.



This way.


He'll be all right.

-Are you okay?
-He'll be all right.

The shielding is going fast.

-He's disappeared.
-He can't have.


I warned you this would happen, Omega.

Things could have been different.

Power and the greatness of Omega
could have been yours.

But no. Your hatred of me...

We didn't hate you, Omega.

Why couldn't you be content to
survive as you were?


Time to come home, Doctor,
time for rest.

To find peace, but it's over now.

All must die.

You'll never have the courage to
use it, Doctor.

I can expel or destroy you, Omega.

It's your choice.

Too late, Doctor.
What you offer is worse than death.

If I am denied life,
then all must perish.

-What's he trying to do?
-Willing his own destruction.

Don't force me, Omega.

Farewell, Doctor!

Stop him!


It's over.

The antimatter source is gone.
Omega has been destroyed.

Unfortunate wretched creature.

My hope is that
he has found peace at last.

Is Omega dead?

Well, he seemed to die before,
yet he returned to confound us all.

Well, you'll be pleased to hear
Colin will be out of hospital

in a couple of days and
on his way home to Brisbane.

-And what about you?

Ooh, I'm indestructible. I'm fine.

It's been marvellous to see you again.

Indeed. I've missed you.

I wish you didn't have
to go back to your job.

What job? Didn't I tell you?
I got the sack.

So you're stuck with me, aren't you?

So it seems.