Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 20, Episode 2 - Arc of Infinity: Part Two - full transcript

With an anti-matter being trying to enter the universe through the Doctor, risking the destruction of everything, there is only one clear course of action for the High Council of Time Lords...


I'm the Doctor.



Take them away.

Each and every time the Doctor returns
to Gallifrey there's violence.

Perhaps it is we
who should modify our approach.

He resisted the guard.

We send armed guards

when a friendly face
and a welcoming hand would've sufficed.

Are you surprised that he resisted?

He's hurt. He must have
proper medical attention.

He'll recover.

The compound is guarded.

If you try to leave again,
my men will shoot to kill.

See that the Doctor knows.

Well, where is he?

The Doctor tried to evade security.
Some force had to be used.

He'll be brought here
as soon as he's recovered.

The situation is critical, Castellan.

Of that fact, I am more than aware.

If I may pass?

I must give my report
to the Lord President.

Not the most welcoming return.

They've taken
the main space-time element.

That's the only way to keep
me and the Tardis here.

-What do we do now?
-We need a link,

something to prove the connection
between this creature and Gallifrey.

And how are we going to find that?


-The Doctor is secure?

The High Council wish to see him
the moment he's recovered.

And, Maxil, see that he's there,
or you answer to me.

KLM announces the arrival of
the delayed flight from London.

Excuse me.

-Tegan Jovanka?

-Robin Stuart.

-I'm a friend of Colin's.

Colin told me you were travelling round
together. Is he here?

-I'm afraid not.
-Oh. He is all right?

Look, let's go into town
and I'll tell you all about it, okay?

You're to come with us, Doctor.

There's no need for all the fire power.

They have orders to kill
at the slightest sign of resistance.

-The Council Chamber, I suppose.

My companion is not involved in this.

Move. My orders are to take you both.

Two coffees, please.

When did you last see Colin?

-Well, it's difficult.
-What do you mean, difficult?

It's hard to explain.

-He's disappeared.

-Couldn't he have just wandered off?
-You're not going to believe this.


-A pleasure to see you again.
-And you, Hedin.

Nyssa, my old friend, Councillor Hedin.

Councillors, my companion,
Nyssa of Traken.

-You are welcome to Gallifrey, Nyssa.
-Thank you.

Well, Doctor,
an unpleasant business, this.

I'm sure you understand

why the Lord President
was forced to recall you.

Given the chance,
I would have returned willingly.

You've never proved
as cooperative in the past.

You remember you were asked to
return Romana and you failed to do so.

-Romana chose to stay in E-Space.
-That's all past history.

Yes. Well, now that I'm here, Thalia,

have you given any thought
to what's happened?

There hasn't been much time, Doctor.

Has anyone checked to see
if my biodata extracts

have been removed
from the Matrix, Castellan?

-What are you suggesting, Doctor?
-I would've thought that was obvious.

None of this could've happened unless
the creature had that information.

I should've thought
the most important...

Councillors, the Lord President.

-You, too, have regenerated.
-Indeed, President Borusa.

And Nyssa of Traken, isn't it?

Sorry to have kept you waiting.

Please be seated, Councillors.

This session of the High Council
of Time Lords is now in progress.

It's the sort thing
the Doctor gets up to.

-A friend of mine.

Have you reported this to the police?

Of course. But do you think
I could tell them the same story?

-Colin has disappeared.
-He's a foreign national. A hitchhiker.

Unless there's proof of violence,
they're not interested.

-It's the same in any country.
-We'll see about that.

I can't get involved.

What I've said is the truth,

but I've lost my passport.
I can't risk making a fuss.

Marvellous, isn't it?

First I lose my job,
not to worry, I think.

I'll go and see my favourite cousin,
cheer myself up. Now this.

I'm sorry.

What do you want to do?

Tell me your story again, every detail.
Then we'll go to the police.

It's all right. I'll handle it alone.

The space-time parameters
of the Matrix have been invaded

by a creature from the antimatter world.

We know its composition

and how unstable
is the magnetism that shields it.

The creature must be expelled
immediately if we are to avert disaster.

Without knowing its purpose here?

Its presence here
must be our first concern.

Antimatter cannot coexist in harmony
in our universe.

Lord President,

this creature is here now
because it bonded with me.

To do so,
it needed something very special,

full and precise details
of my biological make-up.

Now, I didn't pass this information on,
somebody did.

The question is who.

We considered this, Doctor.

But the implications
are quite preposterous.

Chancellor, can bonding occur without
the full imprint of a so-called bioscan?

Not to my knowledge.
But the power of this creature

is outside the limits
of what we know, Doctor.

Lord President, I ask for time
to have this fully investigated.

I'm sorry, Doctor, but we must deal
with the situation as it exists now.

The time factor involved leaves
only one course of action open to us.


You know that capital punishment has
long been abolished here in Gallifrey,

but there is a precedent
for a situation like this.

Have you nothing further to say, Doctor?

I have a great deal to say.

You can't do this!
You must destroy the creature.

Child, do you think
we have not considered this?

The creature is shielded.
We have no way of tracing it.

-So you're prepared to kill the Doctor?

Remove the Doctor
to the security compound.

As soon as the warrant is issued,

you will convey him
to a place of termination.

I'm sorry, Doctor.

No! You can't.

Executing me will not alter the fact
there's a traitor at work on Gallifrey.

What did they say?

Foreigners get themselves lost
all the time.

They'll make routine enquiries.

Which means, as you said,
they'll do nothing.

-Did you tell them about the crypt?
-Only that Colin was last seen there.

So what now?
We can't just abandon Colin.

-You are telling me the truth?
-Yes, I am.

Let's see
if we can find Colin ourselves.

Time Lords, I beg of you,
think what you're doing.

The creature knew the Tardis' location,
time-zone coordinates, bioscan.

That information could only have
come from here, from Gallifrey.

Only the High Council of Time Lords
can extract such data from the Matrix.

-You, too, accuse us of treason.
-Can you deny the possibility?

-At least give the Doctor time.
-There is no time.

No can proof of what you say
change things.

-We must prevent the full bonding.
-But the Doctor is innocent.

What would you have us do?

Spare the Doctor and condemn
untold billions to destruction?

That is the choice we face here.


-Hold him!

-I must speak to the Doctor.
-He is a friend of mine.

-I have my orders.
-You don't have to relish them so much.

We have listened to what you say
but the decision must stand.

Lord President, in view of what she says

couldn't we at least delay
carrying out the judgement?

We can't risk it, Hedin.

We're sorry, child,
but truly there's no other choice.

So much for your justice.

All that remains is
the warrant of termination.

The precise wording
should be in the Matrix.

What would we do without your diligence?

This session of the High Council
is now adjourned.

Nyssa of Traken, I am Damon,
a friend of the Doctor's.

We must talk, but not here.


I'm worried by what both the Doctor
and his companion have said.

The possible connection between
this creature and Gallifrey?


And the fact that a Time Lord
could be a traitor.

-You do intend to pursue it?
-They were both overwrought.

-But if it were true...
-I'm sure I'd know

if such a serious breach of security
had occurred.

You're sure it was
the Doctor's biodata extract?

Yes, I managed to pass it to him
on his way to the compound.

We must tell the High Council

But who to trust?

Only members of the High Council
have access to biodata information.

We must find a way
to speak to the Doctor.

That could be difficult,
he's closely confined.

-The Doctor is to be terminated.

-You are prepared?

The Matrix is already programmed.

You wanted to see me?

Your guards will not allow me
to leave the console room.

They have their orders.

If I'm to die,
I want to prepare myself mentally.

For that I need to be alone.

Which is the nearest room?

My companion's.
It has already been searched.

Then you may withdraw.
But be sensible, Doctor.

If you try to lose yourself
in the corridors of the Tardis,

my men will hunt you down.

And your death will be
far from dignified and painless.

-Nyssa, Damon.
-We had to see you, Councillor.

-I'm deeply sorry for what has happened.
-Councillor Hedin, we need your help.

Anything I can do.

We must see the Doctor.
Can you arrange it?


The Castellan is very possessive
about his charges.

The Doctor isn't a criminal.

True. But what has happened
makes him very dangerous.



I said difficult, Nyssa,
but not impossible.

Especially with one so sensitive
to public opinion as the Castellan is.

My bioscan.

I just don't think it's wise,
that's all.

I'm not scared to go into that crypt
if that's what you mean.

Look, I feel bad enough about Colin,
what if something happens to you?

Don't worry on my account.

-How much further is it?
-Just over the next bridge.

Wait here.

-I feel there's something wrong.

The Castellan agreed too quickly
to our visiting the Doctor.

Even if he knows he can't refuse,
he always attempts to make it appear

he's granting you permission.
I mean, that's the Castellan's way.

So soon? What about my appeal?

You have visitors, Doctor.

-How did you get in here?

Councillor Hedin arranged it
with the Castellan.

Well, that's very generous
of the Castellan.

-Come, we'll walk while we speak.
-You are to talk here,

where I can see you.

Castellan said we might be alone.


Well, Damon, what news of
my old companion Leela?

She's well and very happy.

I was so sorry
to miss her wedding.

Still, perhaps I'll get to see her...

You're a fool, Maxil.

In here.

Maxil has just planted
a listening device in the console room.

Well now, we have proof my biodata
extract was removed from the Matrix.

-So there is a traitor.

And a disaster in the making.

Unless I'm mistaken, Gallifrey could
lose control of the space-time Matrix.

But that's impossible.

That's exactly
what the High Council think.

So, we must see what we can do
to stop it happening.

Look, Damon, I know you've already
risked a great deal for me but

-could I impose on you a little further?

I need another space-time element
for the Tardis.

-Preferably without a recall circuit.
-I'll see what I can do. Anything else?

Yes. You could check to see
if the Matrix is aware of any details

concerning power equipment,
movement, transportation.


Well, Commander, our time is up so soon.

Well, Nyssa, that's my final word.
No appeals.

We must accept the decision
of the High Council. Understood?

-This is it?

The entrance to the crypt is over there
behind the fountain,

but I've found the back way in
behind the house.

It's impressive.

We must hurry, I must first check
the coding for type 40 time rota.

-All is in order, Castellan.

No appeals? No last-minute requests?


The Doctor seems to be taking it
quite well, in fact.

You are extremely privileged, Maxil.

It's given to very few to supervise
the destruction of a Time Lord.

It has, in fact,
only happened once before.

-The warrant is issued?

Summon the Doctor.

It is time, my friend,

the Council has been summoned
to the place of termination.

You have little time, can you do it?

All will be ready here.

Do precisely
as you have been instructed.

To the controls.

-What is it?
-The alert.

The Doctor is being taken to the place
of termination. We're too late.

-They'll execute him now? This instant?

No, Nyssa.
Look, you can't stop them now.

-Help me.
-Please, Nyssa, please.

-You'll die, too.
-We can't fail him, Damon.

You finish assembling the time element.
Now please, I want this thing open.

It's madness.

You must get to the Tardis
and fit the element into place.

If all goes well,
we'll need to leave in a hurry.

Be careful and... And good luck.

I trust you know what you're doing.

You know the choice
we have to face, Doctor.

Our duty, if not our conscience,
is clear.

And the decision was unanimous?

There was one dissenter,
your good friend, Councillor Hedin.

Thank you, Hedin.
I much appreciate all you've done.

By the authority vested in me,
as laid down by Rassilon,

I, Lord President Borusa,

and in harmony with the majority
of the Time Lords here present,

we are resolved...

Halt! reason of cruel
but unavoidable necessity,

we have no recourse but to exercise
the final sanction of termination.

Commander Maxil,

this warrant empowers you
to carry out judgement.

Guards, bring the Doctor forward.

Align scan coordinates.

-Over here, Doctor.

Nyssa, I will not have blood spilled
to save my life.

Nyssa of Traken,
I command you to lay aside that weapon.

Doctor, quickly.

Obey the Lord President
or you, too, will die.

You cannot escape, girl.

Don't you understand?
The Doctor was betrayed.

His bioscan was extracted
from the Matrix. Doctor, tell them.

They're right, Nyssa. We cannot escape.

-But we're ready to leave.

We must obey the Lord President.
I know what I'm doing.

The weapon, please.

Lord President, my companion
acted from misguided loyalty.

She will cause no further trouble.

In return,
I ask that she's allowed to go free.

Thank you, Doctor.
For your sake, we will overlook it.

Activate booster terminal


Judgement has been carried out,
Lord President.