Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 2, Episode 32 - Flight Through Eternity - full transcript

The TARDIS crew's attempts to escape from the Daleks take them to the top of the Empire State Building and a 19th century sailing ship.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Cease firing. They have escaped.

Final termination is inevitable.




We will embark in our time machine at once.

The Dalek supreme has ordered they are
to be pursued through all eternity.

We did it! We did it!

Yes young lady, a very good thing we did.

We might not you know.

Oh, come on, Doctor.

You weren't exactly bursting with confidence
when the Aridians held us prisoner.

A momentary qualm, a momentary qualm.

Nothing more, nothing more.

Yes, I had a qualm or two myself.

Yes, quite so, oh..

Hey, I wonder how those Mire Beasts are
enjoying that Dalek, eh? Bit gritty.

Oh, I don't know, I should think a little

Pate de Dalek a la Mire Beast might be
rather palatable!

Oh Doctor!

Well, we can always drop you off
to find out, hmm?

Thank you very much!

We've just escaped from those things.

We don't want to be sent back there.

Ah and I don't think we shall run
into them again.

And I think you must agree that we
gave them a very good hiding.

Yes, yes, yes...

Now, what's this, Doctor?

That's my Time Path Detector...

It's been in the ship ever since
I constructed it.

But do you know, I don't remember
it registering before?

What does it show?

Well, it surveys the time path we're
traveling on.

The fact that it's registering can
only mean one thing...

Yes, go on!

It's another time machine,
traveling on the same route!

Enemy time machine position now constant.

Lock tracking device.

Tracking device locked.

Report extent of time curve.


Daledian scale; nine-one-five degrees.

Compute time lag by earth scale.

Er, one, er, forty, er. Computer reading.

One-five earth minutes reducing.

We are close behind them.

Success! Success!



Final victory inevitable!

Order executioner to prepare to disembark.

I obey.

What flavour is it?


Ah, it's useless, useless, hmm!

Hello, hello? Got our
battle dress on again?

The Doctor doesn't seem to be
having much luck.


Well, if we can't escape from them,
we'll have to stay and fight 'em.

But we're in front. We could moing.

Yes, but for how long, Vicki?

Let's ask the Doctor.

He should know by now
what he's going to do.

Ah, I'm afraid it's no good.

I'm quite unable to elude them!

Doctor, what are we going to do?

When we land?

Just wait for the Daleks to catch us up?

It takes 12 minutes for our computers to
re-orientate and gather power.

Now that 12 minutes is vital to us.

We must hold onto it.

Give me time to be able to do
something whereby...

Why don't we just go faster, Doctor?

Yes, well, please, just leave it to me,
just leave it to me, will you?


The time rotor - Doctor, it's slowing down!

Yes, yes - hmm?

Oh, that means we can land in two minutes.

But where, Doctor, where?

Here, on top of the Empire State Building

you're on the 102nd story
above the ground level.

At a height of 1 473 feet.

This is the tallest building, the tallest
structure in the entire world.

Now you note, when you come up in the
elevator, it took you seven minutes.

Well this way down, you wanna get down in
a hurry, it would take you 30 seconds.

Well, of course, we, don't, recommend that.

Now as we gaze out across the panorama...

As we gaze out across the
imposing panorama of our proud city

you will notice many other
notable buildings.

Among them the, er, Chrysler
Tower that's 1 046 feet high

and the Jannen Tower,
that's 6 080 feet high,

and already it's threatened with

Without what?

Up the mighty Hudson river and now if
you'll come with me to the

north aspect of the building, I will
point out more items of interest.

We sure don't have anything like that
in Alabama! No sir, ha!

I could have sworn that thing wasn't
there just now?

Well, I guess that's New York for ya! Ha!


You're from Earth...

No, no Ma'm. No, I... I'm from Alabama.

Er, what time is this?

Three after twelve, Ma'm.

I really meant what year is it?

What, you mean you have
different years here?!

Well... what year is it in Alabama?

1966 Ma'm.

You wouldn't be trying to have a bit
of fun with me now, would you?

No... no.


Mornin' 1966!

Oh... Erm... thank you!

Pleased to oblige you, Miss!

I recognize this place.

It's Ancient New York.


There were pictures of it in our
history books.

It was destroyed in the Dalek invasion.

Wait... how many more of you
are there in that thing?

Oh, just the four of us, young man.

Must be a kind of tight squeeze?

Can't all have come out of there.


This is no place to meet the Daleks.

A lot of innocent people could get hurt.

Yes, quite so, quite so, dear boy.

Well, er, the computers will be ready in
a few moments.

I... suggest that, er, we re-embark.


Er, Vicki, Barbara, come along.

Hey, er, you goin' back in?

Yes, that's right.

Oh now, come on, wait a minute!

I just bet you folks are from Hollywood!

You're making some kind of motion picture.

Now that's it, ain't it?

No, it ain't! I... I mean it isn't it.

Come on, you. Tell me,
you're secret will be safe!

Yes sir! Real safe.


Sure, I've seen this trick before.

Great long police cars comin' outa tiny
little wooden sheds!

Ha! I saw you come outa there with
ma own eyes!

You just ain't gonna make it back in again!

Goodbye. Goodbye! Goodbye!

Hot diggety! Ah knew ah was right!

Y... you, you should be wearing
Police uniforms

you all is... you all is in a chase.

Chase? Yes, as a matter of fact, young man,
that's exactly what this is.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must be getting
along, it's the, er, chase, you know?

Sure thing Mister! Ah understand.

Just wait 'til I tell the folks back
home I met some real movie pe...

Do you know Cheyanne Bodie?

Look, just wait a minute,

...I want to get this thing on celluloid.

That's real clever, how they done that.

Sure if it don't beat all!

Sure is clever that...

God darn it
if they ain't gone an' done it again!

Howdy Mister! Say, you sure are an
ugly looking friend!

Wait... what's the name of this film,

My, my my, boy, you come all
over in blue spots.

What's this thing here?

Now, just, now now!

There ain't no need to get sore.

The other movie people was right friendly.

Movie pe...

Where are they?


They was in some kind of beat-up
old blue wooden box

It just kinda like vanished!

I say, I thought they'd hav
been chasing you.

Just hold it there, Mister.

I want to get a picture of this.

Sure is the greatest...

Well, dang me! If they ain't
gone an' done it again!

This is... the greatest thing.

It's gotta be around here somewhere?

Just can't vanish into thin air.

I know you're there somewhere boy!

As I enjoy... gives me a chance..
You know, I get around

There's gotta be a trick to it somehow!

Yes sir! I bet this here is hollow!

That's what it is...

He's a nutter. Keep an eye on him

see that he don't jump over the building.

I'll get a cop. Watch 'im, eh?

Yes, I wonder, hmm?

They're still on our track.

Catching us up, are they?

Will you get my screwdriver, child?

The large one. The one that I was fiddling
with on the Visualiser.


Oh, this thing's heavy.

Yes, thank you, thank you.

Is this going to work, Doctor?

Maybe. I'm not sure.

But if they're going to catch us up

we've got to find something to fight back
with, hmm?

Oh, Doctor, why don't we just
stay where we are?

That's out of the question, my dear.

The vacuum in space, we should all be
dead in no time.

Here you are.

Ah, thank you, thank you.

What's this all about?

Well, the idea is, my dear,
is to find something that...

we can fight back with.

Doctor, we're landing!

Hmm? But I'm not ready, I'm not ready!

We can't meet them now! Oh, gracious!

No, wait a minute. We shall have to land
and then...

take off as quickly as we can again.

Land about six miles off to the
south-south-west, sir.

Aye, that'll be the island of Santa Maria.
One of the Azores group.

We're making poor time, Mr. Richardson.

And now it be calmed, after the storm.

I'll mark a reading on the deck log, sir.

I'm going below if you should want me.

Sarah says our child has sickness.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear about that, sir.

It is a ship, Ian! It's a sailing ship
at sea.

Barbara, don't go wandering off, please.

I just want to have a look.

I... I love sailing ships!

There's no point in being seen.

No, well, erm, I'll just have a look
over the ships rail.

No, no, the Doctor's at the
controls, we're...

Got you!

Oh, let go of me! Let go of...

No, you don't, my beauty

Captain Richardson's got a way of
dealing with stowaways.

I am not a stowaway and you're
hurting my hands!

Just you keep still.

Where've you been hiding since we
set sail, eh?

I haven't been hiding!

I have just come on board!

I suppose you're some sort of a mermaid
that's lost at sea, eh?

You swam out from Santa Maria now

just to give us poor lonely sailormen

a little bit of feminine company, eh?

Well, everything appears to be in
order, my boy, mm?

Oh, we haven't done very well so
far, Doctor, have we?

Let's face it.

First of all, we land on top of a

Now we land on a crummy old ship.

What we need is space.

Mmm, indeed, indeed, well,
we're ready to move on.

Now, would you, er, tell the ladies that I,
er, want to get away, please.


Thank you.

Barbara's got a case of call of the sea.

Ah, I'm sorry about that.

You're hurting my hand!

Look, even if I told you the truth,
you wouldn't believe me.

I believe what I see.

Now, come along!

You're going before the Captain!

Well done, thanks Vicki!

That's all right, anytime!

Hey, there's somebody coming! Hide!

Got him! I got him!



Vicki! Vicki, quickly!

Ah! Oh, Ian! I'm terribly sorry!

Did I hurt you?

Oh, that's a silly question!

Come on, let's get him into the ship.

Oh, Ian! I didn't mean it! Oh, Ian!

Captain Briggs! Captain! Captain Briggs!

Yes Mr. Richardson?

Captain, there was a thing.
On the lower deck.

What are you talking about?

A stowaway sir. She got away from me.

A stowaway, eh? A girl?

Aye sir.

Mr. Bosun!

Rise all hands amidships, we've a stowaway!

Aye aye sir!

How'd she get away?

I got a hit over the head.

By her?

No sir, it couldn't have been
because I was holding her arms.

Do you think it was the...
the white Barbary terror?

That's ungodly
superstition, Mr. Richardson!

We've more than one stowaway aboard
Mr. Bosun.

Aye sir.

The storm must have bought them out of
their hiding place.

Aye lad. I want 'em found.

Each watch can take a section of the ship
and search it thoroughly.

I'll, er, I'll take the
forward hold sir, er

Mr. Bosun, take, er, Starkey
and Willoughby, search the aft.

Starkey and Willoughby!

And Bosun? I'll thank you not to disturb
my wife and child.

Aye aye sir.

The rest of you men search the hold.

Keep your hands off the cargo.

We shall soon be arriving.

Order the search party to stand by.

They are ready.

Is that where the humans have landed?


Join the search party and
prepare to disembark.

We are materializing... now.

There's nobody here, Willoughby.

We'll try below.

The white terror!
The white terror of Barbary!

Where are the time travelers?

Run lads! 'Tis the white terror!

Run, run!

You fools! Get back to your posts!

Get away!


Get away!

Do not move! Answer my questions!

Come on, sir, come on!
It's the Barbary terror! Come on!

You're not going to take my soul!

Is the earth time machine here?

It has not yet been discovered.

Join in the search.

You search up there.

No... no!


No... No... No! No! No!

Please! No! Please!

No, no, argh!

There is no one on the vessel.

Come. We must continue our pursuit course.

Is that better?

Oh! Thanks! Oh...

Well, you must admit it was funny.


I haven't seen the joke yet, I must say.

One thing I did see by the way

the name of that ship we were on.

Was what that?

The Mary Celeste..

Mary Celeste?

Vicki? Any change, Doctor?

I altered the curve we were traveling on.

For one moment, I dared hoped
we'd lost them.

They must have detected the
change and followed.

They're close on our track.

But surely we've got
our 12-minute lead still?

I'm afraid not. It's down to eight.

It will be reduced even further
after our next landing.

We must face the facts;

the Daleks are closing in on us.