Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 2, Episode 16 - The Web Planet - full transcript

The TARDIS is drawn by a mysterious force and lands on the alien planet Vortis. There the Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Vicki find themselves caught up in a war between an evil force known as "The Animus", its ant-like Zarbi allies, and the butterfly-like Menoptra race and their allies the subterranean Optera.


I wouldn't have thought it possible
but somehow we've materialised,

for a split second of time,

and been imprisoned in some kind of force.

I simply can't break its hold.

Somewhere, somehow,

we're being slowly dragged down.

Dragged down? To what?


All responses...negative.

Air thin and static.

Crags and pools.

It's like a cemetery, it's so quiet.

Yeah. No vegetation.

And I haven't seen anything move yet.

We're on the moon!

What is holding us here? What force, hm?

That looks a bit grim. Where are we?

Hm? Oh....

Doctor, can't there just be something wrong
with the Tardis?

Wrong? My boy, we've been
dragged off our course.

The question is, is it some natural phenomena

or is it intelligent, deliberate, or for a purpose?

You'll find the answer, Doctor. You always do.

-You'll find the answer.

Yes, my dear. I'm confident that I can
counteract it with more power, yes.

Let me see.



Good. The power response is satisfactory.

-Can you hear it? Listen.

What is it? Ian, Barbara, what is it?

-What can you hear, Vicki?
-A sort of humming.

Can't you hear it?

You hear anything, Doctor?

Oh, she's probably heard an extra-sonic sound.

You know, the thing that young people
and young animals hear.

Excuse me, you're in the way.

Oh, it's stopped. Barbara, it's stopped.

-Are you all right now?
-Yes, thanks.

Doctor, we must get out of here.







What's happening, Doctor?

We seem to be caught. Trapped somehow.

This is some strange phenomena.
There's no power in the ship. It's useless.

Ian, Doctor, look.

BARBARA: I saw a flash behind one of those crags.

-IAN: Where?
-Out there. I saw it.

-Well, it's not there now.
-I can see it's not there....

All right, don't need to snap at each other.

I'm sorry.

You probably saw some cosmic ray
which is caught in the interference.

Well, I was almost.... Vicki?

-The noise, did it stop?

It's all gone now.

Come on, I think you better lie down for a while.

DOCTOR: So disturbing, all this interference.

Well, Doctor?

There's nothing for it, my boy, but we shall....

It's a matter of exploration.
We shall have to go and find the trouble

of this interference and then learn
how to counteract it.

No need for the other two to come out.
I'll go tell them.

Quite so.

-How is she?
-She's better.

Doctor, you have such a thing as a sedative?

Yes, of course, my dear. It's in the first aid box.

You know where that is. It's there, facing you.

Oh, Doctor, what a mess.

Honestly, one of these days I'm gonna have
a jolly good spring clean around here.

She's asleep already.

Barbara, the Doctor and I
are going outside to have a look around.

Now, don't worry.
I won't let him out of my sight.

Nearly done, my boy?

-Yes, we're ready. We'll be all right.
-You be careful.

-Both of you.
-Yes, of course.

-Now, I want you to wear this ADJ.
-This what?

It's an Atmospheric Density Jacket to be precise.

I see. Is the atmosphere a bit thin?

Yes, I'm afraid it's rather subnormal.

Hello, what's this extraordinary thing?

These are what they technically call
respiratory compensator.

Oh, I see. A sort of...

-advanced oxygen mask?

Well, come on then, Doctor.


How do we open the doors? We have no power.

Dear, dear, dear. Hm.

-It's one thing after another.

Yes, well, I....

I didn't want to....

This is not merely a decorative object.


Come along.



Here, take these. You'll feel much better.

-What is it?
-It's just something to make you sleep.

May I see the container?

Any aches or pains?

No, I didn't hurt myself.
My ears still sting a bit, but that's all.

Well, have you decided yet
whether to take the prescribed dose?

-Looks a bit medieval.
-What do you mean?

Well, you wouldn't like it if I wanted
to stick leeches all over you, would you?

And I mean, it boils down to the same thing.

-They might have taken these in your time....
-Now wait a minute.

You can't blame my generation for everything
and those pills belong to the Doctor.

He must've picked them up on his travels
'cause I've never seen Aspirin before.

So, you studied medicine at school, did you?

Yes, of course, I did.

-Didn't you teach it?

We work upwards from the three Rs.

Reading, writing, 'rithmetic.

-It was a nursery school.
-It was not!


I wish I'd gone to your school.

We had to take a certificate
of education in medicine,

physics, chemistry....

Wait a minute. How old were you?

-Well, I was ten when I took those....

What did you do in your time?
Live in the classroom?

-Live in the what?

Lecture hall.

How long did you study?

Almost an hour a week.

-We had these machines, you see....
-All right.

Now, look, you don't think there's
anything wrong with those pills, do you?


Why don't you just pander to

my old-fashioned medieval superstitions
and take them for me?

-After all, it would save me

having to put make-up on and a mask
and dance around a fire

in order to get rid of evil spirits.

-All right.

That's nice, Barbara.
Haven't seen you wear it before.

The bracelet? No, I haven't had it for very long.

-Was it a present?

-From Ian?

From Nero, as a matter of fact.

From Nero?

-But it couldn't be....
-I haven't had a chance to tell you before

-but Ian and I went to Rome also.
-But I....

I'll tell you all about it when you wake up.

I'm not sure whether you're making it up or not.

-I'll ask Ian. He'll tell me.
-Well, you do that.

-He'll be back soon.

He's gone outside.

Well, well.

That is remarkable.



During all my travels,
I don't think I've ever come across this.

Magical. Isn't it extraordinary?

I say, are you there, Chesterton?

Chesterton. What are you doing, dear boy?
Fiddling and gaping over there.

Come over here and learn something.
Look here, do you see what this is?

-It's mica.
-Yes, one of the silicates.

-Capable of withstanding great heat.

Have you got something sharp
I can have for a moment?

Oh! Try my pen.

That's very clever.
You know, you've never done that before.

That's a remarkable conjuring trick.

That was no conjuring trick, Doctor.

That was my pen, it vanished into thin air.


(ECHOING) Vanished!

Yes, my gold pen!

(ECHOING) Yes, my gold pen!


What is it, Doctor?

Echoes, dear boy!

I don't mean that.

I mean this place.

I have a feeling....

What sort of feeling?

I have a feeling we're being watched, haven't you?


No, no, no, I....

I can't see any spooks or anything.
I don't think so, no.

Not particularly, no. I must say that if I lived here

and I heard you roaring your head off,

I'd probably come down and take a look at you.

And take my pen?


What if the power that's got hold of
the Tardis has taken your pen? Of course.

Now then, there's something for us to solve.
Come along.


-Sorry, did I wake you?

The others back yet?

Erm, no, not yet.

-Is something wrong?
-No, why?

Don't know. You seem nervous.

-Oh, there's something about this place.
-I know.

I wish we'd materialised in some
really luxurious place, you know.

Lot's of lovely things to buy and eat and wear.

-Is your arm hurting?

Vicki, I....

I know this sounds silly but,

it doesn't feel as though it belongs to me.

A little while ago it moved
without my intending it to.

It's the things we don't understand
that frighten us.

I'm sure there is a perfectly simple explanation.

I'm just letting my....

Doctor, look.

-That was built.
-Yes, but when?

It's old, so old.

Look at the state it's in.

DOCTOR: It's a pity
we didn't bring a ladder with us.

We might be able to see what's on the top.

-Well, it isn't Nelson.

No, pity.

Well, it certainly has nothing to do
with holding the ship here, my boy.

-Curious, though.
-Yes, it's curious. Yes.

But we must find something
more tangible. Come along.

Doctor, look.

It must be water.

-Any form of life would need that.
-Wait. Stop!

What's the matter?

You're a little premature.

-Let's have your tie.
-I haven't got one.

I know you are not wearing one, dear boy,
but the one around your middle.

-I hope my pants stay up.
-Yes, that's your affair, not mine.

-There you are.
-Thank you.


Let's see.

IAN: Just a minute.

-There you are. See that?

There you are. You see?


Yes, I do see.

You've ruined it. It was my Coal Hill School tie.

-You've just....
-Saved your life.

You were about to have a wash in there,
weren't you?

Or probably drink some of it.

We very nearly had the remnants
of a Coal Hill School teacher in there

instead of his wretched old, ragged old tie.

Never mind about that. What is it?

Let's see, now, what have we got?





acid, yes, similar properties of formic acid.

Yes, it's strange.

It's very strange.

Doctor. There!

There's something in there. I saw light.

-It broke the surface.
-Light? Is it a reflection from a planet?

No, it was in there. I saw something in there.

Now, my young man,
if this is your idea of revenge for that tie,

then I think it a pretty poor effort.

Doctor, this is not revenge.

Listen, we came here
to find out the source of interference.

Now, I suggest we keep our mind on this subject.

You're rambling on. Come along.


What is it, Doctor?


You mean the noises are messages?

It probably comes from some sentient thing,
or a machine operated by it.

We must find the source of this interference.
Come on.





Barbara, where are you?


(ECHOING) Barbara!

IAN: That's Vicki.

Something's wrong back at the ship.

They've probably left the doors open. Come on.

-Come on.
-Look out!


Don't come near, Doctor. Don't come near.

Go back to the ship! Go back to the ship!


DOCTOR: Stand still.

It stings and hurts.

I'll go back to the ship and try
and find something. Can you wait?

Yes, all right.


My ship.

My Tardis.