Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 2, Episode 15 - Inferno - full transcript

Ian and Delos manage to escape from Sevcheria and Tavius agrees to help Barbara rejoin them.The Doctor's attempts to avoid being thrown to the lions inadvertently result in Nero deciding to burn down Rome.

Cut off his head!

Kill him!

Guards! Guards!

Look out Delos!

That's better my dear, now they
really are fighting for their lives!

Get up you coward and fight! Get up!

Your Caesar commands it!

Ian! We can get out this way!

Come on, Barbara!

I can't, Ian! I can't!

Kill them! Kill them!

Run quickly!

After them!

I'll come back for you somehow!

After them!

You'll never catch them now.

Back to your posts.

I'll teach you to turn against me.

We could have caught them, Caesar Nero.

Oh, you'd never have stood a chance in
the street outside.

But, I'll see them dead. I'll see them dead.

You think they'll come back Caesar Nero?

For her...

and when they do, you'll recognise them.

Take my guards and bring them to me.

I understand, Caesar Nero.

If you succeed, you will be rewarded.

If you fail, you die.

So you are a friend of the
gladiators, are you?

Give me your sword

He didn't fight hard enough.

You sent for me, madam?

Tavius, yes. Come here.

The new slave you bought for me...

Yes, madam.

I find her unsatisfactory. Get rid of her.

Of course,
as soon as I can find a replacement.


If she's not out of the palace today,
I'll take my own measures.

And they'll be successful this time.

But the Caesar Nero...

How dare you speak to me like that!

My orders are to be carried out.

Otherwise your own life will be in danger.


I've been looking for you everywhere.

Is there anyone inside?


Well, I think it would be safer if we
talked in there.

Tavius, I'm desperate.

You're the only one I can turn to.

I can't move anywhere in the palace.

The guards watch me all the time.

Now please, slowly. I don't understand.

Well, you remember when you first
brought me here?


I told you that I didn't intend to stay.


Well, that time has come.

I was planning to leave, a...

a friend of mine, Ian,
is coming to collect me.

Go on.

Well, Nero's found out about it...

and he intends to use me to trap Ian.

I see. When's your friend coming?

I think it's tonight.

Good. Now don't worry.

I'll think of something, I promise you.

Everything will be all right.

What can I say? I can't repay you.

I need no reward.

I have my own reason for helping you.

Poppaea instructed me to dismiss you.
I shall say I did.

Thank you, Tavius.
You've given me new hope.

Oh, do you know Maximus Pettulion?

Yes... yes, I do. Why?

Nero is planning an appearance for him
in the arena. It seem...

Two up... march!

One up... march!

Two up... march!

Maximus Pettulion? To appear in the arena?

Tavius! They're posting the guard

it must be to trap Ian!

If we've got to waste time until tonight,

I suggest we get undercover.

It's sometimes safer to hide in the open,

We won't get near the palace
you know that.

They'll be waiting.


but I've got a friend who specialises
in trouble.

He dives in and usually finds a way.

I think I'll take a leaf out of his book
for once. Come on!

You know what this is, child,
don't you? Hmm?


Yes. Caesar Nero made it.
The rebuilding of Rome.

Let me see, where are we now?

64AD, July. Yes, of course!

He sets fire to Rome!

I know about that, Doctor.

Yes, he must...

I expect his plan will be ready at
any time now.


Must you hiss my name from all corners?

I'm sorry, but I have news.


Nero has arranged for you to play
in the arena.

Oh! Has he now?

Well, I must have misjudged the fellow!

And as you play... the lions will
be released!

Oh, that will be charming!

Well, obviously you must leave here...

before this concert..

Oh, obviously, hmm.

So if you still intend to carry on
with your plan

today's your last chance to kill Nero.

Yes, yes.

Kill Nero? I beg your pardon?

Maximus, when you first sent word from
Corinth of your intention

to murder the Caesar Nero,
I informed your allies in the court.

Oh, yes, you did, did you? Yes.

Then, when the... the, er

assassins left here to waylay you
on your journey

Naturally, I thought that was the end.

Yes, but I arrived here, hmm?

Yes Maximus, you arrived here.

And the Centurion who was killed by my, er

allies, was the man that knew all about my
plans and Nero didn't?

Yes, yes, we all know that but my

main concern now, Maximus

is that you should act on what I say.

I shall certainly act on what you say
immediately! Hmm?

Oh, good, good! And the lions will
go hungry after all, eh?


Hmm. Well,
that's settled that little bit of intrigue.

I'm a would-be murderer, am I?

Well, we must be going, child.

I want to leave here as soon as it's dark.

Oh, but Doctor...

Now, now, now, there'll be no arguments.

You will do as I say. Hmm?

Maximus, my dear friend!

Oh, my dear Caesar Nero!

I have a surprise for you!


Guess what it is!

Well now, let me think, ahh,
you want me play in the arena!

You guessed...

Well, it's no problem at all, after all

you want to do you very best for
your fellow artists

well, why not the arena?

Y... yes, yes, of course, that is
exactly right.

Yes, but I promise you

I shall try to make it a...
roaring success!

You'll have to play something special,
you know?

Oh, yes, of course, of course, yes.

Something serious, yes.

Something they can
really get their teeth into!

You can't know, you can't! I've told no one!

Caesar Nero

I've always wanted to put on a good show

to give a great performance.

After all, who knows? If I go down well

I might even make it...
my farewell performance.

I've always wanted to be considered
as an artist of some taste!

Generally regarded as, er, well... er

palatable, hmm?

But I must be boring you, oh I must!

Surely you have...

so many other important things to attend
to without standing here

chewing over the facts with me?

Good gracious, there's something burning!

My plans! My drawings for New Rome!

You fool! You idiot!

A lifetime's work!

I'll have you both killed over
and over again!

Guards! Guards!

Fool! Idiot! Traitor! Pig!

I'll stick you both in the arena

on an island with water all round, a...

and in the water there will be
Alligators the water will be raised

and the Alligators will get you! Fool!

Brilliant! You?are?a?genius!
A genius!

I will make you rich! Rich!

So the senate wouldn't pass my plans, eh?

Wouldn't let me build my New Rome?

But, if the old one is burnt,
if it goes up in flames,

they will have no choice!
Rome will be rebuilt to my design!

Brilliant! Brilliant!

Well, there you are, release us.

You heard what Nero said:
Brilliant, brilliant!

Let us go, will you?

Otherwise you'll be getting some of that
Alligator treatment. Hmm hmm.

Go on, on your way. About your business.
Go along. Hmm hmm!

We'd better be going

child and I want to leave here as soon
as it's dark.

I didn't think that was going to work.

Wasn't going to work? What next?

I never had any doubt in my mind, my dear.

Fantastic! Brilliant!

It's a fantastic idea, Poppaea.

Well, if it's your idea, dearest,
it must be.

Well, nearly all mine, dear.

You know how I've always longed to
rebuild Rome, name it after myself.

Yes, I know.

At last, here's a chance of making
it all come true.

Burn the old one, and the cynics

will have to
pass my plans. It is a good idea, isn't it?

Yes, very.

Did you want me?

Only to find out why the Palace has been
surrounded by guards.

Guards? Oh, yes, of course, yes.

That new slave of yours, that girl

she and some of her friends are
coming here tonight.

They'll be captured and killed. I must, er

get someone to start the fires.

Tonight! No time like the present.

Stand up straight, soldier.

What's keeping them?

The guards should have returned hours
ago with my, er, torchbearers.

You - go and see if they're outside.

Ian, guards!

There must be someway of
getting in here.

Quick! Delos, get into line.

Hurry, hurry, come.

Well, pick them up then.


I don't know. I tell you one thing

if I get the chance, I'm going to
find Barbara.

That's enough. Silence!

That was just a sample.

There will be more for you, if you carry out
the task that I have for you.

I want you men to start fires in the
hutments next to the circus.

The fire will spread quickly.

By tonight, all Rome will be ablaze.

Kill anyone who tries to stop you.

You are acting on orders from Caesar Nero,
Emperor of all Rome!

You are Ian?


Come with me.

Then, the rebuilding will commence.

A new city will arise from the flames...

Neropolis, Nerocaesum or, huh,
just plain Nero!

Yes... they may have got in with the crowd.
If they did, they won't get out.

But how did you know I'd get in that way?

I didn't. I just put myself in your place
and that seemed the logical entrance.

Come with me.


Ian! Oh!

Put this on.

Will we get out of here?

There's a chance, Barbara. Just a chance.

See what that is.

This way child... and try and be quiet.

The place is swarming with guards.

Oh, er, it's only us!

Silence! Leave now and start the fires.

Well done, Delos!

The Emperors' instructions!

Well, now that you've found Barbara,
where are you making for?

We go north.


Well, I'll travel some of the way with you.

And there's home for me.

They won't catch me a second time.

I promise you that.


Good luck, my child, good luck.

Think the road's just up ahead.

Good, good.

I expect Ian and Barbara'll be wondering
when we're going to get back.



Oh, ha ha! The great fire of Rome,
my dear. Hmm?

My first real sight of history!

Yes, a most memorable occasion.

Isn't it strange...

to think that people will read about that in
books for thousands of years

and here am I sitting here actually
watching it.

It's a pity they got it all wrong.

Got it all wrong? What do you mean child?

Well, they didn't mention you.

Ah, of course not. Why should they?

Well, it was you who gave Nero the idea,
wasn't it?

Gave him?

Honestly, Doctor!

And after that long talk you gave me
about not meddling with history

you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

It's got nothing to do with me!

You burnt his drawings!

Oh, yes, an accident!

Well, maybe it was but if you hadn't...

Well, he could have... he could have

he would have been told someone else

you can't possibly accuse me of... of... of

for that! Hmm?

All right, you have it your way

I'll have it mine.

Now look here, young lady, lets settle this.

Insinuating that all this is...
my fault. Hmm?

My fault!

Nobody about.

Bit early, they might not be up yet.

If the master was back,
the servants would be.

Surely Vicki or the Doctor would
have cleared up this mess.

Ha! Ah...

so that's what they hit me on the head with?

Surely the Doctor wouldn't have gone
back to the TARDIS without us?

No, I don't think so. All in all, I think
we've... got back before them.

Yeah. Oh, I'm so hungry.

Yes, er, so am I. Erm, Barbara,

there must be a bit of that, er, cold
peacock of yours left in the fridge?

Hey, you're right!

Er, why don't you have a look?

Oh, very funny!

Instead of sitting there making
stupid jokes

As a matter of fact, you can start
with this.

Oh, Barbara!

Well you broke it.

I did?

Yes, well, I know I picked it up to help
but you got your head in the way.

you hit me on the head with that!

Well, yes... you see, erm, well,
in the struggle, you...

So, I've got you to blame for being
thrown into jail, eh?

Made to... row in a galley!
Fight like a Roman..

Oh, what are you doing?

I'll show you what I'm going to do!

Ahh! No! No! All right... I'll clear it up.

Ah... better.

Oh tempera, oh mores.

Well, well, well, well!

Oh, oh, Doctor!

Vicki, you're back!

Oh, what zest, what youthful exuberance!

Try not to look at them, child

their outburst of energy could
make you go dizzy!

Barbara, we went to Rome. We met Nero!

They all thought the Doctor was a musician

and they gave a concert and all these
people were...

Vicki, Vicki, listen, listen...

My dear Barbara.

The young lady doesn't want to
listen to people

who have been idling away their days.

I haven't been idling!

Well, now you've had a nice long holiday

I'm sure you can't wait to get back
to the TARDIS, hmm?

If you let us get a word in
edgeways, we'd...

It'll have to keep. Have a grape!

Come along, my dear.

Well, how do you like that?

Oh well...

Even if we had told them,
I don't think they'd have believed us.

No. Said we were dreaming.

Oh, it isn't fair, Ian, is it?

No it is not! Though, got a funny side
to it, hasn't it?


Come along, lazy bones!

Roman souvenir!

...And you see, after that

he got and he started pretending to

play the Lyre and the point was,
he wasn't really playing it at all.

But no one would admit they
couldn't hear him.

Exactly! He fooled everybody!

He usually does, Vicki. You'll see.

Oh, well. Much as I like these clothes

I really think we ought to change into
something a little more practical.

Yes, you're right.

Where will we go next?

Has the Doctor told you yet?

Oh no. He never does that.

You mean it's a surprise?

Er, yes, erm, to everybody!

But the Doctor can work the ship can't he?

Oh, sort of..

Go on, he must know what he's doing.

He's been at those controls for hours.

I don't believe you! Come on, Barbara.

Anything wrong, Doctor?

Uh? Oh, Chesterton!

Yes, you know,
I wouldn't had thought it possible

but somehow we've materialised for a split
second of time...

and been imprisoned in some kind of force.

I simply can't break its hold.

Somewhere, somehow, the...
we're being slowly dragged down. Hmm

Dragged down?

To what?