Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 19, Episode 19 - Earthshock: Part One - full transcript

In 2526, 8 Earth paleontologists and geologist were investigating a fossil find in a newly discovered case when 7 of them disappear. The only one who seems to have got out is Professor Kyle. She accompanies Lt. Scott and his troop of soldiers into the unmapped caves to see if they can find her colleagues. What they find however is the Doctor and his traveling companions Nyssa, Adric and Tegan who have also just arrived in the TARDIS. They're near the location where the scientific expedition was attacked and Scott suspects the Doctor. There are others in the in the subterranean structures however.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -



How does this thing work?

It focuses upon the electrical activity of the body -
heartbeat, things like that.

But only of mammalian life form.
Everything else is excluded.


(MAN) Nothing.

Could they be shielded
from the scanner in any way?

A lead screen. Some of the newer alloys.

There isn't anything like that in the cavern.

- They're dead, aren't they?
- It does seem likely.

- Such a pointless waste.
- We'll find out.

They can't be far. I radioed
immediately I left the cavern.

You've done all you can. Don't upset yourself.

Walters, scan again. Maximum amplification.

- How many of you were down there?
- Eight of us.

- What were you doing?
- A survey.

The particular cave system we were in
has just been discovered.

It's proven to be rich in fossils.

- Are you all palaeontologists?
- And geologists.

- It doesn't make sense.
- Scan complete, sir. Negative.

No sign of life.

(MAN) Right. Get your gear together.

We're going down!

I realise going down again must be hard.

The caves are uncharted.
You'll never find the bodies without my help.

I'm grateful!

Snyder! I want you to stay here with Walters.

- Sir.
- Walters, I want a constant scan.

Let me know the instant
you see anything, all right?

(WOMAN) Troops ready, sir.

Sergeant Mitchell.

Do you believe Professor Kyle?

I think she's telling the truth.

- As far as she knows it, that is.
- I agree.

All right. Put the troop on full alert.

And just in case she is lying,
we'll have her up front where we can see her.

They're making good progress.

- Is that supposed to happen?
- What?

It was a sort of flare. It only lasted a second.

Probably nothing. This equipment's ancient.

- There!
- Ghosting.

Shouldn't we tell Lieutenant Scott?

It isn't worth it.

You must read this, Adric. ''The Black Orchid''.

- Why?
- It's fascinating. Such scholarship!

- Why should that interest me?
- What's the matter?

I'm fed up.

- Why?
- I'm tired of being considered a joke.

- No one thinks that.
- Then why am I constantly teased?

Everyone's teased from time to time.

- Yeah, but not as often as me.
- That's not true!

No, and I suppose neither is the fact
that when Nyssa or Tegan ask a question,

you find time to answer it,
but hardly ever with me.

Doctor, how am I to learn
if you never find time to explain?

Time? We have spent many hours
discussing and debating endless topics.

I'm just fitted in when it's convenient for you.

- All right. I'll make more time.
- No. You've said that before.

Some distraction always prevents it happening.

I give you my word.

Just as you gave your word to Tegan.

- That's not fair.
- I'm not allowed to criticise you,

and it's never your fault when things go wrong.

- Have you finished?
- There's more.

- It can wait!
- I can't.

I'm tired of being an outsider, Doctor.

I want to go back to my own people.


- Is this the only way down?
- The only known way.

It must have been fun
getting the gear through there!

We were cursed from the beginning.
Even lighting the tunnels was a nightmare.

- In what way?
- All sorts of things.

Tools went missing. Important
components were discovered smashed.

- Sabotage?
- I didn't think so at the time.

Someone who wanted to wreck the expedition
could have been more determined.

As ultimately they were.

- There.
- I'll never be able to do that properly.

It isn't difficult.

(DOCTOR) I will not do it! The Tardis
is not designed for E-Space! Tell him!

- Tell him what?
- He wants to go home.

- To Alzarius?
- To Terradon.

- That means going into E-Space.
- It would be very dangerous.

- I'd plot a course.
- Using negative co-ordinates?

I have the mathematical skill.

We'd have to pass through the CVE.
You can't calculate random co-ordinates!

The monitor indicated they were not random.

You don't have the monitor's skill,
and even if you did,

- I am not going into E-Space!
- I'll find someone who will!

E-Space is another universe.
There aren't taxis going back and forth!

Once I calculate the course,
the journey will be simple.

- It won't.
- Romana's still in E-Space.

Once I get there, she can help me.

- Is it really that dangerous?
- Would I make this fuss if it weren't?

- Can I use your computer?
- Help yourself (!)

I'm not waiting around
while you plot your own destruction!

(SCOTT) How much further?

- What caused that?
- I don't know.

(MITCHELL) Bane's hurt.
(BANE) It's my shoulder.

(MITCHELL) Nothing broken.
(SCOTT) Can you walk?

- I think so.
- Good.

Bane's had an accident. I'm sending her up.

- She'll need medical treatment...

What's that?

I don't know. It's making
the scanner flare as well.

- See if you can trace it.

Too late.

- I've heard that noise before.
- When?

A few minutes before we were attacked.


Where are we?


- Not again!
- 26th century.

The year is 2526 in the time scale
you call anno domino.

Thank you.

Why have we materialised underground?

Why not? Adric wants to use the computer,
I want to go for a walk!

- Why not help Adric?
- I don't need his help, thank you!

- You see?
- Please. It's gone far enough.

Since his regeneration,
he's become decidedly immature!

I'm going outside now.
I might be gone some time.

I'm going to talk some sense into the Doctor.

It's all getting rather silly, isn't it?

- I didn't mean to be so rude.
- Why don't you calculate the course home?

Show the Doctor it can be done.
When he's calmed down, we'll talk to him.

- Will he listen?
- Of course he will.

This is the main group.

This is the wounded party.

- Where have they come from?
- I don't know.

We have three unidentified
life forms on the scanner.

- One of the readings is ectopic.
- (SCOTT) What does that mean?

That one of the life forms has two hearts.

It's so peaceful and cool down here.

Breathe deeply and relax.

Now, go and make it up with Adric. Please?

All right, but I'm not taking him
back into E-Space,

and that's my final word on the matter!

Look at his calculations. It may be possible.

All right, I'll look,
but I'm not promising anything!

Of course not, Doctor (!)

- You're sure the life form's alien?
- Positive, sir. The reading's true.

Give me their position as soon as possible.

Working it out now, sir.

Unshoulder arms.

Set them on stun.


(TEGAN) Doctor!

- There's something wrong.
- What?

Haven't you noticed?

It should be totally dark but we can see.


And something else.

Lots of bones.

I've worked out the position
of the three intruders.

Their lateral co-ordinates are 0, 3, 9 by 4, 0, 1.

(WALTERS) Depth co-ordinates,
23.336 metres.

Reference 1,9 by 74.9.

By my reckoning,
your alien life form is in a tunnel

alongside the cavern where we were attacked.

I must rest for a moment.

Look at the wounded party.
They've hardly moved.

- I'm going down.
- Why?

- They may need help.
- I'll let them know you're coming.

(DOCTOR) Fascinating.
(NYSSA) They're huge!

Which creature had such bones?

- Dinosaurs.
- An amazing species.

- Are they your ancestors?
- I hope not!

- You should be proud if they were.
- They had a brain the size of a pea!

They were the most successful
creature on the Earth.

Fossilised remains are all over the planet.

Not bad adaptation for a creature
with a brain the size of a pea!

- How long did they exist?
- 100 million years or so.

They seemed so secure,
yet died out virtually overnight.

Come on, Professor!

It's like a graveyard.

How could such a successful species
die out so quickly?

Hypothermia, then starvation.

- Caused by what, an ice age?
- Something equally as devastating.

- The Earth collided with something.
- An asteroid?

Could be, I don't know. I've always
meant to slip back and find out.

- Snyder.
- You should be near the wounded party.

I can't see anyone.

They're on your level, about 30 metres away.

Advancing now. Will leave communicator on.

(BANE) Is that you, Snyder?

Are you sure they're on this level?

Positive! They should be very close.

Hang on... The scanner's flaring.

The flaring's very heavy.

(SNYDER) See if you can get a fix on it.

(MITCHELL) Come on. Keep up.
The exercise will do you all good!


- Snyder, do you hear me?
- Just.

It's no go.

The scanner registers the flare,
but the computer doesn't. It's weird.

- Keep trying.
- You're very close to the source.


(WALTERS) Snyder? SnyderI

Negative emission! Snyder, do you hear me?

Get out of thereI Bane and Collis are deadI

Do you hear me? SnyderI
Get out of thereI SnyderI

Things have collided with Earth before.

What was so different about this one?

Its size. It was gigantic.

How could one asteroid
wipe out all the dinosaurs?

You're forgetting displacement.

Millions of tons of earth and rock

would have been hurled up into the atmosphere,
enveloping the whole planet.

Would it have blocked out the sun?

Yes. The temperature would
have dropped radically.

And without warmth, reptiles cease to function.

Poor old dinosaur!

(SCOTT) All right. Take it easy.

- I can't keep the pace up!
- We'll rest here for a minute.

- (BEEP!)
- Scott.

(WALTERS) Snyder and the others
have just gone off the scanner.

- What?
- The screen flared again,

then their scan lights went out.

They're dead.

Have you checked the scanner?

Yes. It's working perfectly.

Could be a rock fall that killed them.

Any change in position of our alien friends?


Shall I take a couple of troopers
and go back, sir?

- Carry on, Mitchell.
- Carter, Bailey.

Don't wander too far, Doctor (!)

Professor Kyle, we must go on.

I'm fine now.

Right. Prepare to move out.

(TEGAN) It's weird. All happened so long ago.

65 million years.

I wonder what evolutionary stage
my ancestors were at?

Primitive, Tegan. Very primitive.

(MITCHELL) Come on.

Not again! Please, not again!


- Mitchell.
- The scanner's flared again, Sarge.

- Whereabouts?
- Very close to you.

- There's been a rock fall.
- Where are the three aliens?

In the tunnel down here.

Right, take cover!

Come on.

Look, Sarge. What sort of weapon
could do that to a person?

I don't know and I don't care.

I just want the people who did this.

(MITCHELL) We've company. Two of them.

That's not possible. There's no reading.

(MITCHELL) Take my word for it.

They're here and they don't look...

Sergeant Mitchell? Sergeant!

- Sergeant Mitchell!

Look, Doctor. Mining equipment!

I don't think we should go any further.

(NYSSA) I can't see anyone.

Hold it there!

(TEGAN) What's going on?
(SCOTT) Shut up!

Do you recognise any of them?

- No.
- How do you do? I'm the Doctor.

This is Tegan and Nyssa.

- I said shut up!
- What are we supposed to have done?


(WALTERS) Sergeant Mitchell
and her troops are dead.

Are you sure?

Yes. She was reporting in when she was killed.

- How many hostiles were there?
- Two.

- Where are they now?
- They're not showing up on the scanner.

- That's impossible!
- I know, sir.

All right. Keep searching.
Let me know when you find anything.

Anything we can do?

Obviously not!

Too many people have died
for you to play the fool!

Now where have you gone?

Where have you hidden the bodies?

- Seven people were murdered here!
- We didn't do it!

- We only just arrived.
- I'll show you how we got here.

Don't waste my time!
Where have you hidden the bodies?

The rock fall! The bodies must be here!

Shall WE look?


What is it?

Where's it coming from?

What's that?

I don't know.

Seaton, Foster! Help them clear the rocks away.

(KYLE) Lieutenant!

These belong to Dr Khan. My assistant.


Is this why you killed them?

- I know nothing about it.
- We're telling the truth.

- Open the hatch.
- I can't.

- Open it!
- I'll try.

- Nyssa...
- Stay where you are!

I want HIM to do it.


(SCOTT) Behind the rocks!

Who are they?

Androids. That's why they didn't
register on your scanners.

Androids? Are they yours?

No. They'll kill me as willingly
as they'll kill you.

See what I mean?

That's them. I recognise that sound.

- It was they who attacked you?
- Yes.

- Do you know why?
- No. There isn't a reason.

Whoever controls them thinks there is.


Destroy them!

Destroy them at once!