Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 19, Episode 20 - Earthshock: Part Two - full transcript

With the Doctor cornered in the underground caves by androids, Adric ventures outside of the TARDIS and manages to destroy one of them. They get control of the situation and the Doctor manages to open the door they've located - but in doing so, he's activated a bomb. They set off to find who is behind it all and arrive on board a spaceship on its way to Earth. Unknown to them as yet is that it's all down to the Cybermen, who are determined to destroy the Earth.



(SCOTT) Behind the rocks!

Who are they?

Androids. That's why they didn't register
on your scanners.

Androids? Are they yours?

No. They'll kill me as willingly as they'll kill you.

See what I mean?

That's them. I recognise that sound.

- It was they who attacked you?
- Yes.

- Do you know why?
- No. There isn't a reason.

Whoever controls them thinks there is.


Destroy them!

Destroy them at once!

Our weapons have no effect on them.

They will if you concentrate your fire.

Hold your fire!

When I give the word,
go for the one on the right.


Got him!

(DOCTOR) No, it's only damaged.


The androids are too valuable to waste.

They are programmed for self-preservation.

They will not take any more unnecessary risks.

- Will they attack again?
- Undoubtedly.

- The exit's covered.
- Won't someone on the surface come down?

- Sooner or later.
- Hope it's sooner.

- (SCOTT) What are they doing?
- Waiting.

- What can they possibly want?
- Isn't it obvious? Us dead.

But why?

Were you near the rock fall
when you were attacked?

- Yes.
- Maybe they're protecting that hatch.

What can be in there
that's worth so many lives?

Let's find out.

I haven't had much experience
of fighting androids.

- They're just like people.
- Only they function much more logically.

Which can be their weakness.



- The rifles are almost finished.
- So are we!

Brave heart, Tegan.

The androids are programmed
to protect that hatch and remain operational.

They know we are able
to inflict serious damage on them,

so if we attack that hatch, we create a dilemma.

- We attack. They defend.
- Why do they care about the hatch?

They won't care, they'll react.

The conflict between duty and survival

will confuse them so that they make mistakes.

- I hope you're right.
- Let's find out.

Right. Stand by.


They are attempting to break through the hatch.

- Are their weapons capable?
- Yes, Leader.

They must be stopped immediately.

Well done!

- Who's that boy?
- It's Adric!

Is the second android fitted
with visual monitoring?

- Yes, Leader.
- Then, activate.

We must act quickly.
Prepare to activate the device.

- It's too soon, Leader.
- We must be prepared.

(SCOTT) Very good shooting. Well done!

(NYSSA) It's fairly primitive.
(DOCTOR) You think so?

Look at this.

Lieutenant, you should curtail
the celebrations for the time being.

- We must get this hatch open.
- What's the hurry?

This android was a massive
ultrasonic transmitter.

So that's the signal I picked up in the Tardis.

What does that mean?

Someone knows we've destroyed
these guardians.

Carrier signal now being transmitted.

Beam locked on.

Your troopers got carried away!

Get back. The hatch may be booby-trapped.

- And you?
- My arms are only this long.

- I can't move any further.
- Can you see what it is?

- No. Get back.
- Everybody back!

Activate the computer.

It's too early, Leader. It will be wasted.

The device is already lost.

Let the Earth see the effectiveness
of Cyber technology. Explode the bomb!

- (CLICK!)
- Got it. The release mechanism.

- Get back.
- You've checked for booby traps.

- I'm not in the mood to argue!
- Come on, lad.

Further than that!

- The Earthlings have broken in!
- They are too late!

- Are you all right?
- Yes.

I thought a booby trap had gone off.

- What is it?
- A bomb!

Opening the hatch began the arming procedure.
You should let your people know.

- How long have we got?
- I don't know. Everyone into the Tardis!

- Walters, come in, please.
- You can't stay behind!

It was my own stupidity that started it off.

The least I can do is...

Of course! Come on!

How much longer before activation?

One minute.

Set the co-ordinates at zero!

It would be nice to know what you're doing.

- The bomb is remote-controlled.
- Can you jam it?

Yes, but not till I know where it's coming from.

Master detonator engaged.

- That isn't right. Or is it?
- How long does an arming procedure take?

- Not long.
- Shouldn't we move the Tardis?

30 seconds.

- What's happening?

Our signal is being jammed.

More power!

- Hurry!
- But you've jammed the signal.

If they increase power,
they could break through.

- Supplementary power on.
- Hurry!

Power building.

Magnetic clamp.

Magnetic clamp. How much damage
could this bomb do?

Enough to make life intolerable
for the few who survived.


- Oh, no!
- What's the matter?

Whoever they are, they're fighting back.


This situation is bizarre.
There's just no purpose to it!

There is. We just don't have all the pieces.

Professor Kyle said she'd been here
a month before the androids attacked.

Laser cutter.

You think they should have attacked earlier?

- It would have made more sense.
- I don't think so.

The androids are programmed
to protect this hatch.

Why draw attention to yourselves
by attacking on the first day?

I suppose that has a certain logic.

Magnetic drone.

There was power in that circuit!

- What's happening?
- The signal's breaking through.

That's it. Maximum output.

There must be more!
The Tardis has limitless power.

But the transmitter doesn't.

- Drastic action is called for.
- What can we do?

Abandon methodical procedure
for blind instinct. Laser cutter!

Full power.

We proceed towards the destruction of Earth!

Hmm, right or wrong, here we go.

- Our signal has broken through.
- Excellent.

- A fault?

No, Leader. The bomb has been deactivated!

That can't be. Cyber technology
is too advanced for Earthlings!

- It's stopped.
- What?

It's stopped! They've stopped transmitting!
The Doctor's done it!

But how did they succeed, Leader?

They have been helped. We have been betrayed!

Whoever has done this
must be found and destroyed at once!

- Tell me, Adric, why a bomb?
- Doctor?

Why not a missile or some other device,
and why these caves?

- There's a reason!
- It's not our problem, Doctor.

Oh, isn't it?

I should have realised sooner
that the Earthlings had help.

There's nothing on this replay
to indicate who it might be.

What is that?

I know that object.

The bomb is deactivated.
Your scientists can dismantle it. Good luck.

But you must stay!

- We want to show our gratitude.
- We have a lot to do.

(TEGAN) Haven't we done enough for one day?

- You could spare a few hours.
- No.

- (TEGAN) Where are we going?
- Sector 16.

(NYSSA) That's deep space.

We're looking for the people
who built the androids.

- Do you know where they are?
- We know where their signal came from.

- We'll come with you.
- We can't fight androids by ourselves.

I'm hoping that won't be necessary.

If my planet is being threatened,
I would like to help.

- Indeed.
- All right.


- What is it?
- (LEADER) A Tardis.

A Time Lord? But they're forbidden to interfere!

This one calls himself the Doctor,
and does nothing but interfere!

EmotionsI Love, pride, hate, fear.

Have you no emotions, then?

In this regenerated form, he confined
the Cybermen to an ice tomb on Telos.

I imagine you have orders to destroy me.

As this, he defeated us in our attempts
to destroy Voga, the planet of gold.

You've no home planet, no influence, nothingI

You're just a pathetic bunch of tin soldiers
skulking about the galaxy.

I did not see any of them in the cave.

It appears he has regenerated again,
but whatever his form,

he must be found...

..and destroyed.

Bigger than you think!

(DOCTOR) Adric, do you have a moment?

- I'm hungry.
- You can join the others later.


Look... I'm very grateful for your help
with deactivating the bomb.

That's all right.

It was very brave,
and when you tackled the android.

- All part of the daily routine (!)
- Hmm...

I've been thinking
about your wish to return home.


I thought that if we work out
a satisfactory course,

I might give it a try.

- I've already done so, Doctor.
- Really?

I've even calculated the way into the CVE,
the gateway through E-Space.

- You've done extremely well.
- Thank you.


I'm sorry about our argument earlier.

So am I. I over-reacted.

Do you really want to go home?

Of course not.
There's nothing there for me any more.

So you've done these calculations for nothing!

It made a point, didn't it?
Besides, I might change my mind again!

Our deep space probes
have identified the Tardis.

- Its destination?
- The freighter.

Excellent. Our contingency plans can go ahead.

The attack on Earth will proceed accordingly.

The captain's been
on the space station a long time.

- Everything's all right.
- I wish I had your confidence.

Three men have disappeared
in the last two weeks.

Just one word
from a disgruntled member of crew

and we'll be stuck here for months
pending an enquiry.

They won't talk. They know
that a late delivery means no bonus.

I wouldn't be so certain. Morale is very low.

And with every negative thought you have,
Ringway, it sinks even lower.

You're an officer. Smile when you talk
to the crew. Reassure them.

Security scan in section 15
is still non-functional.

Oh, for heaven's sake!

- (BEEP!)
- Bridge.

- (MAN) The captain's coming aboard.
- Thank you.

Thank you. Now, isn't that good news?


This is where the beam came from?

As near as I've been able to trace it.

The freighter could be nothing more
than a relay point.

And the crew entirely innocent
of what's going on. We'll start with a recce.

May I come?

- You're sure?
- Yes.


Which way?

I don't think it really matters.

- Take that to my cabin.
- Welcome aboard, ma'am.

- Don't call me ''ma'am'' on the bridge.
- Sorry, Captain.

Get that transponder code fed
into the navigational computer at once.

- I want to get underway.
- Yes, Captain.

Seven hours they kept me waiting. Seven hours!

- I'm exhausted.
- Were there problems with security?

Earth's on red alert.
Some interstellar conference.

They're checking more carefully.

That's why we were scanned half a dozen times.

I've got a clearance straight through to Earth.
Our bonus is safe.

There was no mention
of the missing crew members?

Mr Ringway was concerned
that was the reason for you being delayed.

Panicking again, was he?
No. No mention, Mr Ringway.

I happen to think the disappearance
of three people rather important.

So do I, but it's something that can be settled

when we get back to Earth and our
cargo's delivered safely, understood?

Make ready to get underway.

If it makes you any happier, double the patrols.

I don't want any mention of this.

You're beginning to bore me.

- I should have gone.
- The Doctor will be OK.

- What's that?

The freighter's gone into warp drive.

(MAN) I don't fancy walking around that lot.

- Who's on first watch?
- I am, Captain.

I wish you luck. I'm going to my cabin.

I thought I'd check the security patrols.

You do that, mister.
I'm sure they'd appreciate it.

Why is she always running me down?

A bit of advice - you shouldn't
sound so earnest all the time.

You could hide an army down here
and no one would find it.

What's that?

- What?
- It's gone.

- I saw something move.
- Where?

- By silo 16.
- Are you sure?

Let's look.

- Aren't we being a bit casual?
- The ship's totally automated.

- There must be a crew.
- A small one somewhere.

(ADRIC) Yeah, but not here.
What's the point of going on?

I want to announce my PRESENCE
and see what the reaction is.

How will they know we're here?


The freighter has security clearance
for its journey to Earth.


The disappearance of three crew members
has caused a lot of unrest.

Search the hold.
You will find a scapegoat there.

- Leader?
- You have intruders!

I don't like being so far from the Tardis.

- Someone should have seen us by now.
- Let's go back.

Minute or two more.

Ringway to Vance. Report, please.

- Vance, sir.
- Report position.

Low walkway, just passing silo 529.

We've spotted someone, sir.

Apprehend him. I'll be down directly.

What's the matter?

I have a feeling
we were spotted a long time ago.

We're being followed?

We've lost him.

No, we haven't.

Sorry to disturb you, Captain,
but we have intruders in the hold.

I'll come up right away.

- Where did he go?
- This way.


Why won't they show themselves?


- What's happening?
- Over there!

- Have you got them yet?
- No, Captain.

- Why not?
- They're out of camera range.

Sound the general alarm. I want them caught!


Doctor! Doctor, over here!

- They're finished.
- Let's go before we're caught and blamed.

I've seen wounds inflicted this way before.

We've got to get out of here.

On this ship, we execute murderers!