Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 18, Episode 22 - The Keeper of Traken: Part Two - full transcript

Tremas claims counselor privilege to protect the Doctor and Adric from execution, though it binds his fate to theirs if they're found guilty of murder. Melkur strengthens his hold over Kassia while Seron decides to have rapport with The Keeper to learn truth, and Adric finds evidence of another TARDIS in the area.


Bring the strangers forward.

Sorry to trouble you, Keeper,
but we do seem to have a problem here.

-Please tell them who we are, will you?

The sanctum is invaded.

DOCTOR: Keeper, tell us.

Consuls, we are invaded.

Evil! Infinite evil.

Consuls, you're making a big mistake.

I'm sure you're all
charming, reasonable people at heart.

-KASSIA: Fosters, do your duty.
-The least you can do is hear what we have to say.

Execute them. This evil must be stamped out.


And Adric and I are willing to stamp
with the best of them.

But let's stamp with some justice and precision.

Consuls, you saw what happened.
Your Keeper was attacked.


Do I understand you to imply that one of us here
used force against the Keeper?

DOCTOR: Yes, someone here.
Or someone very near here.

-One of us?
-Against the Keeper?

The Keeper recognised you
for what you are, strangers.

-Creatures of Melkur!

Of course! The evil originates from him.

Don't you realise?

The evil is here before you. Before your eyes!

My wife is not well.

-Did she say Melkur?
-She has an obsession with the statue.

-Devoted to it. Takes it flowers.
-Since she was a child.

A force was certainly brought to bear upon
the Keeper from some quarter.

Tell me more about this Melkur.

-Consuls, this Doctor is procrastinating.
-Perhaps, but I would like this clear.

Are you asking us to believe that
some kind of psychic power has been used?

No, not at all. A high-energy beam.

And if I had the right instrument...

DOCTOR: Extraordinary.
It's just the thing. How very curious.

Are you a scientist, Doctor?

Yes, and so, I see, are you. Tremas, isn't it?

Been investigating high-energy force-fields, eh?

You understand these things?

Well, I've dabbled a bit in the bioelectronics line.

May I cast an eye over that?

Will the court permit
an exchange of scientific views?


No! No!




-Where did you get these readings?
-In the courtyard.

Plasma fields of this strength
couldn't have been generated

without some pretty formidable
magnetic containment.

I'm hardly tooled up for that sort of thing.

Quietly, Doctor.
I don't want to alarm the others with this yet.

What do you make of him? Does he talk sense?

It's hard to say.

Then let us proceed, husband. Fosters!

Wait. In honour to the truth, we cannot proceed.

What truth, Tremas?

The charges have not been proved
against the strangers.

Consuls, under sacred law,
I claim consular privilege

and take them under my protection.

-Consular privilege?
-No, Tremas. I'm doing this for you.

He is quite within his rights.

Maybe, but can't he tell us what's going on?

-Why this brave gesture, Consul Tremas?
-Yes, why? Let it be.

We have no right to question him on that point.

Very well.

We place you both
under the protection of Consul Tremas.

-You realise the consequences.

Should you infringe to the law here in any way,
then his life, too, is forfeit.

Ah, yes, yes. Very civil of you, Consul.

And we'll do our very best to try and return
the compliment. Won't we, Adric?

Kassia? Where's Kassia?


This mustn't be discovered. It is too soon.


Yes, indeed, this is a very serious matter.

Do they understand?
One can never tell with strangers.

Doctor, the consuls now transfer you
to the custody of Tremas.

But you must stay with him.

-A sort of house arrest? That suits us, eh, Adric?
-Suits you?

Yeah, with no Tardis,
we've nowhere to put up for the night.

There's little of the night left, Doctor.
It'll soon be dawn.

-It's been here again.
-What, Doctor?

-Whatever it was that was here last time.
-How do you know?

Those stones have been hit by a plasma beam.
They're disintegrated.

Look, the sun's coming up.
You're right, it is morning.

Tremas, do you know what I need
more than anything else in the universe?

-No, Doctor.
-Breakfast. Is your place far?



Yes, Melkur?

If you don't mind,
I think it's high time we got down to work.

-What do you have in mind?
-The first thing we ought to do is find my Tardis.

Proctor Neman had the grove thoroughly searched.

Grove? I've just come from there.

My daughter, Nyssa.


-How do you feel?
-Oh, fine, fine. It's always nice to be reprieved.

You didn't notice a tall blue box
with a lamp on top out there, did you?

There was nothing like that there.

I know that Tardis, Tremas.
It's got to be out there somewhere.

Very well, I'll take you there myself.

-But just you, Doctor. Adric will stay here.
-Thank you.

I tried, Melkur, but I failed.

The Doctor is now protected by sacred law.

Your failure is irrelevant.

The law which protects the strangers
will presently destroy them.

And Tremas? What of my husband?

You promised to save him.
He must not become Keeper.

Your precious Keepers. They, too, are irrelevant.

When this one dies,
he will be the last of his kind here on Traken.

But Tremas is named as successor.

Named, perhaps. But what's in a name?


Kassia is as good a name as Tremas.

I do not understand.

Understanding is not necessary
to your task, Consul.

Now listen carefully and obey without question.

Well, I had no idea
your science was this highly advanced.

It has to be.

To protect and expand a great power
which our Keeper exercises on our behalf.

Oh, yes, I've read about your Keeper.

The chosen Keeper dedicates himself
to the bioelectronic system.

The Source, yes.
From it he organises the whole Traken Union.


These readings couldn't be something to do
with the Source, I suppose?

The energy emissions?

Oh, no, the frequency profiles
are something completely new to us.

Have you tried a Fourier analysis?

Something to write with.

...and this matter must be dealt with immediately.

No, no, it's just this...

Secret meetings now?

Why do you visit my quarters
hugger-mugger like this?

Is this true, Seron?

Kassia tells us her husband
concealed knowledge from the consuls.

-What knowledge?
-The nature of these emissions.

Tremas has been recording their energy profiles.


Disharmony among us consuls now?

Tremas did not conceal the knowledge.

He and I have discussed the subject together.

You knew, too? This is a grave matter, Seron.

Dangerous knowledge, Consul.

Knowledge that could tip our people over the brink
into superstitious chaos.

Is that what you want?

This matter has grave implications
for the succession.

You question the Keeper's judgement?
You say Tremas is unfit to succeed?

That is for him to prove,
and the sooner, the better.

Rapport with the Keeper?

It is the only way we know to resolve this problem.

What is there to fear, Seron?

If he acted justly, he will survive
and we will be humbled.

If there has been deceit, then I am to blame.

Tremas did what he did on my advice.

You? Seron!

-Then in justice, Seron, you must enter rapport.
-No, that is not intended.

SERON: Intended, Kassia? By whom?

Very well, we will put it to the test.
I shall submit myself to rapport.

I ask that Consul Tremas keep vigil on my behalf.

With Consul Tremas under suspicion, too,
that is hardly the best choice.

-No, I...
-I shall keep vigil for you, Seron.

Thank you, Consul Kassia.

Under your zealous eye
we may be certain justice will be done.

Now, Consuls, you will excuse me.
I must prepare myself.

-Proctor Neman.
-Is something the matter?


We intend to visit the grove.
Who are those people?

-Ordinary citizens, Consul.

-They're waiting for a sign.
-A sign?

There are rumours
that the Melkur has been redeemed

and will bring these disasters to an end.

-That's hardly likely.
-No, it's superstition.

-But if I might suggest...
-Yes, Proctor Neman?

It would perhaps be better
if the Consul were not to visit the grove.

It might be seen as confirmation of the rumour.

I can see the force of that argument,
but what I'm more interested in is finding...

Thank you, Proctor, a wise thought.
I'll show the Doctor around the court instead.

-The man's too fond of money to be trusted.

There is another way to the grove.
The service vault beneath the Keeper's chamber.

-Citizen trouble there?

Entry to it is possible
only through consular agreement.

These readings were taken before we arrived.

-You know what it is?
-Well, I think so, except it's impossible.

But the Doctor will know for sure.
He must see this, Nyssa.

But you're supposed to stay with me.

Well, then you'll have to come along, too.
Come on, the grove.

You have served me well, Kassia.
At my feet you will find a gift.

Wear it as a token of your allegiance.

Now, the gentle irradiation

and your allegiance is assured.

Go now, Kassia. Be my eyes and ears.

It is not as you predicted, Melkur.
Seron will now enter rapport.

There is much that you do not understand, Kassia.

I have failed you, Melkur,
but spare my husband, I beg of you.

You have promised.



-There's someone in there.
-You mustn't be seen. It's too dangerous.


She's in some sort of trance.

-She must have come from the grove.
-Yes, from the Melkur thing.

You know, Tremas,
your Source manipulator is really quite beautiful.

Yes, its functions have expanded steadily
over the years.

Its limitless organising capacity
refined to a single frame

and obedient to the will of your Keeper.

Great achievement, Tremas.

And a great temptation to people
less principled than ourselves.

Yes, the thought has occurred to me.
Come, the grove is this way.

Bothers you, does it, Tremas?

Yes and with good reason.

Yes, me, too.
I'd like to take another look, but first, the Tardis.

Now, we put it down about... Yes, here. Hmm!

-It's here.

It's just been displaced slightly
by the current time cone.

Now, what's the simplest way around this?

I'd like to set up a standing wave,
something the auto systems can home in on.

Would a binary induction system
serve the purpose?

Well, it'll be a start.

Back to the vault stores, then.

Find your Tardis, Time Lord.
Much good will it do you now.

Yes, lady?

Proctor Neman,
why are all these people gathered here?

Rumours, lady. The law permits it.

They offend the dignity of the Keeper.
Have them removed.

But that is not lawful, lady.

My father and other consuls
determine what is lawful.

Remove them.

-See that they leave here.
-As you wish, lady.


Well, never mind, I'm quite good with locks.
May I borrow your brooch?

Hurry, Adric. Slip through.

KATURA: No! Nyssa!

-Do not enter the grove.

It's dangerous!

-Who says so?
-Seron and your father.

But my father... Yes, I see.

The Melkur can do without your attentions
for today, I'm sure.

But, unfortunately,
the state cannot do without ours.

KATURA: There are grave matters
for us to discuss, Nyssa.

LUVIC: Come on. We'll take you home.

KATURA: And stay there
until these things are settled.

So, your sheep stray from the fold, Doctor.

ADRIC: Doctor?

I thought I told you to stay with Nyssa.

Doctor, Doctor. I must speak to you.

-Shh. Can't it wait?

All right, come on. Through here.

So be it.

Good luck, Seron. We wish you well.

The wave loop pattern's unmistakable.

Ah, you recognise the source
of these energy emissions?

I thought they might be
from some sort of a Tardis.

I don't know what the Doctor thinks.

The Doctor thinks you might have
a very good point.

This certainly looks like a Tardis generator,

but you don't get shift ratios of this magnitude
in an ordinary type 40...


we have a full backflow inducer
in the making here.

Keeper of Traken,
the Consul's integrity is in doubt.

I therefore claim rapport with the Source
so that you may make your judgement.

There we are.

-A fully fledged full backflow inducer.
-TREMAS: Doctor!


-What does that mean?
-It means the Keeper is being summoned.

Your judgement, Keeper?

You are blameless, Seron, but doomed.

And we are both betrayed.

Forgive me, Seron.

-Consul Kassia.
-Forgive me.

But I serve a greater purpose.

Lost, degraded creature.

You betrayed your Keeper
and you're a sacred consular of the house?

Kassia, reject this evil, reject it.

I cannot.

Now, Melkur, now!

You wait here.


Dead. Seron dead. How?

-What have you done, Kassia?
-Tremas, my husband, I...


-Seron is dead, rejected by the Keeper.

Melkur is the cause of his destruction. Melkur.
And those are his agents!

Seron, and now you, Tremas.

Is nothing sacred any more? Fosters, take them.

Quick. The vault. The vault.

Leave them! Come with me.

-Hurry, Doctor.
-But we can't get out.

There are Fosters at the other door to the grove.

-You're forgetting about the Tardis, Adric.
-TREMAS: Come on, come on.


Wait, wait, wait.

-Will it work?
-Well, give it a moment or two. Trust me.

-If you come up with a better idea, let me know.
-MELKUR: Doctor.

Recovering the Tardis won't help you.

-So you're the cause of all this.
-Turn off your instrument.

Adric, Tremas, don't look at its eyes.

Doctor, look!

-Kassia, help us.
-Yes, help me, Tremas.


Don't look at my eyes.

He should be all right. Come on.
He's only stunned.

It is done, Melkur.

Oh, no, Kassia. It is only beginning.