Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 18, Episode 23 - The Keeper of Traken: Part Three - full transcript

With Tremas falling under suspicion, due to his association with the Doctor, a new Keeper Nominate is named. Now, with everything in place, Melkur has only a short wait before his full malevolence can unfold.


-Hurry, Doctor.
-But we can't get out.

There are Fosters at the other door to the grove.

-You're forgetting about the Tardis, Adric.
-TREMAS: Come on, come on.


Wait, wait, wait.

-Will it work?
-Well, give it a moment or two.

Trust me.

-If you come up with a better idea, let me know.

Recovering the Tardis won't help you.

-So you're the cause of all this.
-Turn off your instrument.

Adric, Tremas, don't look at its eyes.

Doctor, look!

-Kassia, help us.
-Yes, help me, Tremas.


Don't look, not my eyes.

He should be all right. Come on.
He's only stunned.

It is done, Melkur.

Oh, no, Kassia. It is only beginning.


They are to be closely watched.

And no contact with anyone
without my express authority.

Yes, Consul.

My husband and his friends
have betrayed the Keeper.

A full confession to satisfy the Traken people
and then...

You understand?

These services will not be overlooked, Neman.

-Where could she be?
-Here she comes now.

Kassia. Kassia, where are the strangers?

-Closely guarded.
-And the Keeper?

It is our duty to propose a new successor.
Tremas has forfeited his right.

Seron is dead.

-Then it's got to be one of us.

We shall have to decide the issue formally.

But later.

Well, quite a little home from home.

It's the penal wing, Doctor.

We haven't had much use for these cells
for some time now.

Not till we came along, that is.

Can you open it?

Some sort of electron lock.
Still, sonic screwdriver should do it.

-What's the matter?
-Seems a bit far along.

Be a good chap, will you,
and nip outside and unlock it for me.

I'm not a magician, you know.


Lovely day!

All is as you predicted, Melkur.

Seron is dead, Tremas is in disgrace,
he cannot become Keeper now.

-You've saved him.
-And he may continue to live.

If you continue to obey.

-What? Can there be more to be done?
-Oh, yes, my servant. Much more.

The Doctor, he is a great and cunning enemy.

While he lives, the cause of Melkur is in doubt.

The Doctor and his young friend.

With them you must finish the job
you have begun.

And one more thing.

You have interfered with the succession.

Order must be restored.

-A successor is to be chosen.
-Will this successor serve us as you do?

-I do not know.
-But we must know, Kassia.

These things must be ensured.

I can think of no better Keeper than yourself.

No! No, release me!

Not until the work is done, Kassia.

The Keeper's not dead yet,
so we still have a little time.

Not much, Doctor.

Seron's murder proves the Keeper's power
is at an end. His death can't be far off.

Whatever happens, Melkur must not be allowed
to make contact with the Source.

How could he, Doctor?

The bioelectronics only permit a Traken
to succeed to the Keepership.



Melkur, I implore you, answer me!

Ah, spying, eh? My Fosters will deal with you.

-Your Fosters?
-Yes, mine! Bought and paid for.

But you haven't bought my father
or Adric and the Doctor.

No need, they're under lock and key.

He's no criminal. Nor are the strangers.
This Melkur has made you mad!

Don't interfere with what you don't understand.

Now go home! This will all come to good in time.

Consuls of Traken,

recent events have proved that a great evil
threatens our Traken Union.

It is our clear duty to unite and strive to defeat it.

-Are we agreed?
-Yes, Kassia.

We're all proud of our liberal tradition,
but this superstitious mania,

-this cult of Melkur, is growing.
-Fostered by my husband and the strangers.

-It must be stopped.
-It will, Consuls.

But only if we demonstrate our intention
to oppose it.

And to do that we need a Keeper nominate
who will not shirk what must be done.

That's certainly true,
but I'm far too old and... Luvic!

Oh, I do not have such greatness in me.

So there's no great dilemma about the choice.

Proctor Neman,

please, take me to my father.

I'm sorry, lady, that is impossible.

My father is still a consul of Traken,
I demand to see him.

Your father and the strangers
are condemned criminals, no one may see them.

-By whose orders?
-Consul Kassia.

Forgive me, I have my instructions.

So be it.

Consul Kassia, we appoint you Keeper nominate.

-Do you accept or reject?
-I accept.

Well, that's that.

Well, first the matter of Tremas
and the strangers. Kassia?

The strangers must die.

Tremas will be of use.

Yes, his contribution to the state
has been outstanding.

Their deaths will serve to deter others.

Yes. Sadly we must show
that out intentions are firm.


I cannot accept payment.
The honour of the Traken Union is at stake.

There is a limit to the power of money,
Lady Nyssa.

I think this is powerful enough.

-I see.
-Please, do as I ask.

-I will use it if I must.
-You will die for this, lady.

I know what I am doing.

Now the key to the cell, please.

Down there.

Lovely day.

Not a very talkative lot, your Fosters, Tremas.

I suspect Kassia's bribed them.

-She daren't risk losing us now.
-Why? Why should she anyway?

-Ah, a friendly face.
-NYSSA: Doctor.

-Nyssa, the lock, look.


New technology dates so quickly these days.

Well done, daughter.

-Which way, Nyssa, this way or that?
-Follow me, Doctor.


The ion bonder. I stepped up the ion rate,
they'll sleep for quite a bit yet.

What? I must remember never to fall out
with your daughter, Tremas. May I look at that?

Yes, very clever.
No self-respecting fugitive should be without one.

Where to, Doctor?

Back to the Tardis.
Much the safest place if we can get there.

-We must hurry.
-The grove.

We can't use the sanctum entrance,
they've taken my ring.

And the main gate's guarded all the time.

It's the only way in. Just stay calm, eh?
I'll think of something.


Come on, back!

-Painful duty, Consul Kassia.
-Not really our way, this judicial blood-letting.

Still, if it must be, it must.

-The prisoners?
-Oh, we were attacked.

-The Lady Nyssa...
-Search the court!

They can't be far away. Now find them!

Or you, Neman, will wish you had never been born.

-Yes, Consul.
-No, wait.

Have the court sealed.
Double the guard on the sanctum and the grove

and search everywhere,
including the residential quarter.

Yes, yes.


Ah, good morning, or afternoon, or is it evening?

It's very difficult to keep track of time
around here.

-Up against the wall.

-Doctor, the ion bonder.
-Ah, yes.

That's enough! Kill them.

Tremas, we've got to get out of these corridors
and lie low somewhere.

-We're close to our quarters, Father.
-Too risky.

Not if they've already searched there.

-Good thinking, Adric. Come on, Tremas, lead on.
-Come on.

I'm disappointed, Kassia. You have failed me.

We will find them.
The court is sealed, they cannot escape.

I warned you about the Doctor,
but you chose to ignore me.

Now you suffer!

Rise, Consul.

Were you not necessary to our purpose,
you would die.

Tell me what I should do, Melkur.

First the Doctor.
It is clear now he must be destroyed.

I shall not rest till it is done.

Time presses, Consul.

The power of the Keeper is almost ours.

Only the Doctor can destroy
all that we have planned.

He must be found! Must, you hear?



The new regime seems to be making
rather a mess of things.



Blueprints, master plans,
do you happen to keep them here?

What plans in particular?

Well, the master plans
to the Source manipulator, of course.

Yes, in the atmosphere safe.

The secrecy of the source manipulator
is a sacred trust.

Tremas, we must stop Kassia
becoming the Keeper,

and for that we need the master plans.

-But I swore on oath, Doctor.
-Well, of course you swore an oath!

Now you have to choose, your personal honour
against the safety of the whole of Traken.

Yes, Father.

I can't, Doctor.

Well, that's fine.

That's fine, Tremas.

I mean, when this thing
has taken over the entire Source,

you'll have the consolation of knowing
that you kept your honour intact.

The original design of the Source manipulator.

The means that gave power to our Keepers.


Consul, there's no sign of them.
Some of my men made contact, but they got away.

Oh, where could they be?

Well, they were last seen
heading towards the grove.

Yes, obviously trying to get to the Doctor's craft.
Very well, we'll help them.

-Call off the search.
-Call it off, Consul?

Have the Fosters withdrawn, all of them.

Including those covering
the entrance to the grove?

Especially those. I want it left clear.

May I ask what you have in mind, Consul?

Same as before, Neman,
the death of the prisoners.

Now, Nyssa...

you stand on guard.

It's magnificent. Magnificent.

It's a pity about that poor chap having to sit
for thousands of years in a chair,

but it is magnificent.

It's a small price to pay for harmony
throughout the Union, Doctor.

Thousands of years of peace and prosperity
for all our people.

Yes, I can see there's something in that.
Adric, put your mind to that.

-That could be the crucial circuit.

Agreed, yes. I wonder could it be tripped?

I wouldn't like to be around if it was.

What are you thinking, Doctor?

Oh, dangerous thoughts, Tremas,
dangerous thoughts.

Look, Adric, warp crossover connected there,
shutdown element there and...

-Well, only if the servo blew.

-You aren't serious, are you?

It could be done.
Tricky, and I hope not necessary. Yes.

Thank you, Tremas. Put that away safely, will you?

-Nyssa, how're the fun and games over there?
-No movement, nothing.

Good, let's get back to the Tardis.

(WHISPERING) Come on. Off you go.

-The signs are unmistakable, Katura.
-Yes, Consul.

It's happening at last. Fosters, find Consul Kassia.

Bring her here immediately. Tell her...

Tell her the Keeper is dying.

-No Fosters anywhere.
-But they can't have given up the search.

It's not like Kassia to give up so easily.
I don't like it.

Neither do I.
Still, what can't be cured must be endured.

That's the silliest thing you ever said.

Yes, yes, don't listen to me, I never do.
Come on! Come on.

The texts say it is an agonising death, Katura.

Yes, for his sake and ours, may it be swift.

With the Source out of control,
nature, they say, reverts to destructive chaos.

I dread that anything should go wrong, Luvic.

Yes, yes, Kassia must be here
the instant the moment comes.

Then let her hurry.

Time runs out.

-ADRIC: I don't like it, Doctor.
-No, it is very quiet.

(WHISPERING) Wait, wait.

Come on, quickly.

Now, remember we come to the statue,
no funny business. Off you go.

-What is it?


(SCOFFING) Imagination, come on.

Well, Neman.
Neman, you've made a splendid recovery.

Unfortunately for you, yes. Now, stand still!

Neman, I'm Tremas, your consul.
What's happened to you people?

Enough, Consul. There is nothing to be said.

As far you are concerned,
our instructions are clear.

Well, clarity is the soul of knowing
what the other chap's going to do.

What are you going to do?

By order of the Keeper nominate,
you are all sentenced to death.

NEMAN: Sentence to be carried out immediately.






TREMAS: The Keeper, Doctor! The Keeper's dying!

Yes, and Kassia will be the next Keeper,

unless we make the sanctum.

He dies, Doctor, the Keeper dies!



Quick, Kassia, quickly!

Yes, Melkur. The time has come.

MELKUR: Do what must be done.
I am impatient, Kassia.

Keeper of Traken, your work is done.

Go swiftly in gratitude
for all you have accomplished.

She who will succeed is present.

Relinquish the Source and die!

He is gone!

The Keeper is dead.

The Source, has it survived?

KATURA: All will be well, Consul.

All will be as it should be.

Consuls, you are witness to my acceptance.

Instruct the Source
the transition may be completed.

-Come on.
-MELKUR: Doctor.

So you survive after all.

Oh, yes, yes, we're still here.
Don't write us off yet, will you?

Look into my eyes all of you.

There is nothing more that you can do, Doctor.

So, look, and you will die swiftly.

A merciful death.

Refuse and you will regret it.

No, no, we know what you're up to, Melkur.
And we'll stop you, that's a promise!

But it's too late, Doctor. The Source is mine!

And soon, very soon, you will feel its power!


Now this Traken web of harmony is broken,

I am free!

KATURA: By this act, Kassia,
you are physically confirmed as Keeper.

Prepare for access to the Source.

May you bring peace and blessing
for all your time, Keeper.

DOCTOR: Consul, don't do it!

-You again?
-Fosters, these traitors have no business here!

Consul Kassia has betrayed you all.
Don't complete the transition.

Do your duty, Katura, complete transition!

-Don't listen to her, Consul!
-Complete transition!

-TREMAS: No, Katura!
-Transition complete.

You now have access to the Source, Keeper.


-The Keeper!
-We warned you, Consuls!

It's our only chance. Secure the Tardis,
take Nyssa with you and wait outside!

It's too late, Tremas, far too late.