Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 18, Episode 16 - State of Decay: Part Four - full transcript

The Doctor joins the villagers' revolt against their vampire rulers, unsure how to kill the king vampire. Meanwhile Adric is first in line to join the new vampire order while Romana is laid...



You've killed him.

The blood of the dead is stale and flat.
I must feed on the living.

We still have these.




Go, Aukon.
It is too late to interfere now.

I said, no.

Get back.

The boy is the first of the Chosen Ones,
soon to be one of us.

He is not for you.

The girl, then. Let us have the girl.

The girl is a Time Lord,

one of the ancient enemies
of the Great One.

She is to be held for sacrifice

at the time of Arising.

- It's no good, K9.
- Master?

Listen, I'm going to have to go
to the rebels for help.

But will they help I ask myself.

Probability of indigenous
dissident group

rendering effective assistance,
very low.


I'm thinking.

I've got to make
a very impressive entrance,

something that'll
win them over entirely.

Got it.

Right, K9, we need
a slight spatial movement,

at no temporary displacement.

- Very tricky, these short hops.
- Information, master.

What is it?

The relative smallness of E-Space

should render fractional increments
more stable.

But of course. Good boy, K9.

We can't let Ivo and the villagers
attack alone.

They'll be slaughtered.

Will it help if we're slaughtered
with them?

Just as we're winning back
the old knowledge.

I refuse to throw it all away.

Ivo was right.
You do prefer these toys to human life.

Because they are the slow secret
of victory.

Why do you think they are so afraid
of science?

The Doctor was a scientist.

Like all the rest,
he vanished in the Tower.


Halt. Don't move.

Look, I'm awfully sorry
to drop in on you like this,

but we do have a bit of a crisis
on our hands.

We stand on the very threshold
of our triumph.

I have communed with the mind
of the Great One and he is ready.

Thanks to the blood and souls
we have fed to him for so long,

his body is healed of wounds,
regenerated and whole once more.

- And he will arise tonight?
- It is certain.

When all is prepared,
we will go to the resting place

and summon him.

When he wakes, he will be hungry.

Ivo and his faithful villagers
will be able to perform

one last service for their masters.

And when they are consumed...

We shall leave this miserable space trap
for the real universe.

Rich, fat worlds teeming with life.

We shall suck their life blood
until they are empty husks

and pass on to more worlds,
and get still more.

Countless inhabited planets
all waiting to feed our hunger.

I have served a thousand years for this.

At midnight, our servitude will end,

and our glory begin.

But the proper rituals

must be carried out,

or the Great One will be displeased.

Zargo, Camilla,
you will initiate the boy.


I have sacrificed

the girl.

Lack of weapons.

No experience.

Odds almost insurmountable, but...

Ye who outlives this day
and comes safe home

shall stand a tip-toe
when this day is named,

and rouse him at the name of E-Space.


Well, that's the problem.
There's got to be an answer.

- What?
- That's the question.

We must join forces with Ivo
and attack the Tower.

- Tarak was right.
- Yes, yes.

Where is Tarak now?

We dare not attack the Tower
until we are ready.

You've got to be ready.

You people have had a thousand years
to rid yourselves of this evil

and now all you've got are three hours.

Do you really expect us to believe
that some great creature

sleeps beneath the Tower
and is about to awake and destroy us?

Where do you think Zargo and his friends
got their powers, hmm?

- I don't know.
- No. That's the very devil of it.

If I had any instruments with me,
I could show you.

- Scanner.
- Scanner. Scanner?

The console you got working for us,
I discovered another facility.

- Range?
- Should reach the Tower.

Now, come, and you'll see
how I'm telling you the truth.

Gather round, gentlemen.
Hang on a minute, hang on a minute.

Take a moment or two
for the picture to steady.

There we are. Oh.

It seems to scan right through
the spectrum.

KALMAR: There's the Tower.

The spectrum's a bit weak at the moment.


I'm picking up sleeping life forms.

Now we're going into X-ray.

Watch the area below the Tower.


What is it?

The heartbeat of the Great Vampire.

Well, Kalmar?

See if you can raise Ivo
on the communicator.

So the vampires in the stories are just
pale imitations of the real thing?

If the Doctor's suspicion is right.

Oh, yes, the Doctor.
Is he coming back from the Tardis?

Well, we were supposed to join him there
after we'd rescued you.

Only you didn't, did you?

- Didn't what?
- Rescue me.

Tarak got killed, you got caught,
and the Doctor's safely out of it.

He can clear off in the Tardis
whenever he likes.

How dare you, Adric?

It looks as if this is one time
the goodies don't win after all.

- Still, I'm all right, aren't I?
- Oh, yes, you are all right.

You haven't done
so much better yourself.

You stow away in our Tardis, you...

Now, look, I've been offered
a partnership, power

and eternal life, they said.

They are vampires, Adric.
Do you want to become one of them?

You said yourself, you're on the menu.

If it's a choice between that
and joining the diners, I mean,

there's no sense in two of us
getting the chop.

When the Doctor gets back
from the Tardis,

he's going to need your help.

Why am I being kept prisoner like this?

She's the sacrifice, not me.
I'm supposed to be a Chosen One.

I'm sorry, Time Lady.

One of my family's died
for your lot already.

I reckon one's enough.


Do you know what happens to vampires
when they die?

But they don't die.

Do they, Aukon?

Release him and prepare him
for the ceremony.

Prepare the sacrifice also.

It is time.

Our HQ, the Tower. Hmm?

Now, we can take the Tower between us.

- Yes, well, I'm pretty sure of that.
- But what about Aukon?

Aukon and his friends will be
distracted by the ceremony.

But what about the guards?

Well, there are ways
of dealing with guards.

And how do we deal with that?


You said your people killed
thousands of them.

Yes, but that was after
a long and bloody war

and they had bow ships
that fire mighty bolts of steel

and pierced each vampire's heart.

- Maybe there's another way to kill them.
- Oh, well...

Their cardiovascular systems
are incredibly efficient.

They can just seal over minor wounds.

Yes. There's a very practical reason
for the traditional wooden stake.

If we sharpened a tree trunk...

No. I doubt even that
would be big enough,

and, anyway, how could we propel it?

Mighty bolt of steel.

A catapult?

Of course, an arrow of steel.
I've been looking at it all this time.

Right, gentlemen, let's gather round
and finalise our plans.

Now, we need a group of your best men,
a sort of commando force.

- You'll lead us then, Doctor.
- ALL: Yes.

- No.
- ALL: Oh.

It's all right.
I've got other things to worry about.

But I can lend you a very useful tool.

ALL: Huh?

- Armoured.
- Yeah?

- Immune to hypnotism.
- Yes?

- And a dead shot with a nose laser.
- Good.


Reconfigured in aggression mode, master.


Guards. Guards.


- Doctor...
- Good, good.

- Stay calm, Doctor.
- The others have gone.

Therefore, the ceremony
must have started.

Now, listen to me, all of you.

I want you to hold this Tower
until K9 gives the signal.

We will not take orders from that thing.

- One day you'll apologise for that.
- Never.


Never mind. Trust me, it'll work.

After K9's signal, evacuate the Tower
and make your way round to the caves.

If you should find Romana and Adric,
see if you can rescue them

and get away from here as far
and as fast as you can. Got it?

Good. Go. Stop.

Don't forget, K9 gives the signal.

Listen, I've got a plan.
Can you hear me?

My lord...

How dare you interrupt us?

We are attacked, my lord.
The Doctor with rebels and villagers,

and some strange mechanical beast
that shoots men down.

- We must go back.
- No. The time of Arising is now.

Then send your servants, my lord.
Send the bats.

I have need of them.

The guards must hold the Tower
to the last man.

We are outnumbered. Unless you aid us,
we shall all be killed.

Then die.

That is the purpose of guards.


When they have taken the Tower,
they will come to attack us.

By the time the Tower falls,
the Great One will have arisen.

We shall be invincible.

Three scout ships, three chances.

Now, which one first?

- Veros.
- Ivo.

- This is for my son.
- I tried to help him.

Come on.

Dead as a dinosaur.
Circuits must be corroded.

Have to try one of the others.

Now the sacrifice is made ready.

Seize him.

Come on.

One to go.

O Great One, hear us.

We celebrate your arising
with the sacrifice of a Time Lord,

one of the race of your enemies.

Drink her soul and grow strong.

AUKON: Come, servants of
the Great One. Come.

Drink the blood of the sacrifice.

Come on.

Come on.

What happened to
all that Earth craftsmanship, eh?

Just because you've been laid up
for a thousand years.


A scintilla of power left
in the energy cells.

A few drops of fuel.
Oh, lovely Earth craftsmanship.

Leave at once.
Evacuate the Tower. Evacuate.

That should do it.
Short trip, quick flip.

Time to be going, Doctor.

- The ship.
- What's happening?


Romana. Right, time for me
to tell you what happened.

You sent the scout ship
on a little trip.

Right, yes.

AUKON: He rises.

See. The Great One rises.

He comes. The Great One comes.

Don't worry, don't worry.

Have you ever heard the expression
what goes up must come down?


I wish I hadn't.


Get down. Get down.


There was never anything really
to worry about.

Their time was up. Well done.

Well done. Well done, well done.

So that's what happens to vampires
when they die.

Glad you didn't join them?

Look, I'm sorry about that.
It was just a bluff.

Just so happens
I was trying to rescue you.

But you didn't, did you?

Well, we've dealt with
the Tower, Doctor.

Now, what about this monster?

What did you do?

Well, I just fired off one of
the rocket ships, you see,

and I arranged the controls
so that it went straight up...

And came straight down again.

But what about the Lords,
Zargo and the others?

Ah, well, they just went to pieces.

- Doctor...
- Yes?

As one scientist to another,

- It was nothing.
- There is one thing, Doctor.


I feel I really must apologise
for the things I said about K9.

Go on then.

Well done, dog.

Your thanks are recorded.

There, that should do it.


There, that should do it.

Well, Kalmar, there's all the knowledge
you'll need in there.

Use it well,
and if that's what you want,

you can be a high technological society
in no time.

- We'll do our best, Doctor.
- Good, good.

- Doctor...
- Yes?

If we can get the main ship working...


Inside, you two.
We'll just have to go along in a minute.

Is there any way out of this E-Space?

Perhaps one day,
we can get back to Earth.

Well, I really don't know.
You see, we came here by accident.

But you were brought here
by the Great Vampire's brain

and his secret died with him.

Kalmar, such good luck.

Oh, thank you, Doctor.

And you, young man,
you're going straight home.

But, Doctor...

You're going straight back
to the Starliner.