Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 18, Episode 15 - State of Decay: Part Three - full transcript

The Doctor finds archive material in the TARDIS that tells him he's dealing with an ancient enemy of the Time Lords, a nearly indestructible king vampire who's ready to revive and reenter normal space, spreading death, once again, across the universe.

Where are we, Doctor?

You are in the resting place.

- The resting place.


I am Aukon.

Welcome to my domain.

Well, I'm glad to catch someone at home.
Are we in time for a guided tour?

You're a fool to mock, Doctor.

There is power here
such as you have never dreamed of.

Can you not feel it?


Power, Doctor. It is the only reality.

- Why fight it when you could share it?
- Me?

When I sent my winged messengers
to hunt you down,

I sensed the power of your mind.

We seek such minds
for our great purpose.

What purpose?

At the time of Arising,
we servants will swarm.

You could be one of us.

I could?

Well, I've never been
a great one for swarming.

It's awfully kind of you to offer, but
where were you thinking of swarming to?

Out of this universe
and back to our own.

You know the way out of E-Space?

That is the secret of
him who brought us here.


So there was a guided tour.

We were summoned, the whole ship,
to be his servants.

Was that when you were just
plain Science Officer O'Connor?


- He was O'Connor?
- Yes.

Those officers aren't
the descendants of the originals.

They are the originals.

He has given us unending life.

He summoned us here speaking
to the others through my mind.

We fed and nourished him until now.

He is ready to arise.

Suppose we pretended to cooperate
till we get the data on E-Space.

Yes. No. Too dangerous.

Consider well, Doctor.

Won't you join us,

like your other companion?

- Who is he talking about?
- Can't even count on this planet.

The boy will be
the first of the Chosen Ones.

Boy? What boy?

He came here looking for you.
The name he used was Adric.

- Adric?
- Adric?

We will all serve the Great One, Doctor,
one way or another.

If you do not join us,
you will feed him with your blood.

No, there is a third choice.

What is that?

I can destroy the Great One.

- Off you go, Romana.
- Stop. Doctor.

By the power that is mine,
I command you...

I will not serve. I will not serve.

Come, Doctor.

Cover your eyes, Romana.

That might be all right
for half-starved peasantry, Aukon,

but it doesn't scare Time Lords.

Time Lords. The ancient enemies.

Always so anxious to leave, Doctor?

Now is the time of our feast.

We shall drain the blood
from your bodies slowly.

Drop by drop.


I hear you, O Great One.

Your ever faithful servant Aukon
awaits your command.

Yea, O Great One,
preparations are complete.

Sacrifice will be made.

At the time of your Arising,
you shall drink the blood of

Time Lords.

You have been chosen.

You have both been chosen.

Courage. It will not fail.

Aukon still retains the power
he promised to share.

He swore to us.

It hardly matters now.
The time of the Arising is at hand,

and all are equal before the Great One.

And this Doctor,

what is he doing here at this time?

We have him safe now.

His spirit will be one with ours.

Come, we must rest.
When we wake, we shall feed.

Why am I still afraid?

There was once an old hermit
from the mountains of South Gallifrey.

- Did he lead a very sheltered life?
- Yes.

Yes, he did.

He used to tell me ghost stories.
I like a ghost story.

- Do you want to hear one?
- No.

It's about a race of giant vampires.

- Vampires?
- Mmm.

They came out of nowhere.
Swarmed and swarmed...

What did they do, Doctor?

- Swarmed, that was the word he used.
- Oh.

They swarmed all over the universe.

And they were so strong

that one single vampire could
suck the life out of an entire planet.

One single vampire could suck
the life out of an entire planet?

- Yes.
- Rubbish.

Well, he wasn't a scientist. There are
other ways of looking at life, you know.

Anyway, according to the story,

we Time Lords hunted them down
across the universe

in a war so long and so bloody that
we were sickened of violence forever.

So they were all destroyed?

- One of them escaped, I think.
- And?

Just vanished into thin air. Poof.

Like the Hydrax into E-Space.

I've been sent to relieve you.

Give me your keys and report to Habris.

- Why?
- Don't argue with me, argue with Habris.

I know you. You're Tarak.
Tarak the traitor.

You ran out to join the rebels...

When was all this
supposed to have happened?

Hmm? When was all what
supposed to have happened?

The legend.

Oh, that.
Oh, in the misty dawn of history.

When even Rassilon was young.

I once worked in the
Bureau of Ancient Records for a time.

- So?
- Oh, nothing.

It's just that I once came across
a reference to something

called the Record of Rassilon
in one of the old data books.

And... Shh.

And it was an emergency instruction.

A copy of the book was to be installed
in certain time vehicles.

- What time vehicles?
- Oh, I don't know, I forget.

- What time vehicles?
- Type 40, I think.


- The Tardis is a Type 40.
- Is it? Oh.


You are wonderful.

Me? Wonderful?

I suppose I am.
I've never really thought about it.

Quick, the corridor.

Where's the Doctor?

- Are you all right?
- Yes, I'm fine.

Down the corridor to the left.

Still poring over those
old scientific records, Kalmar?

No, something new. Look.

Oh, you've improved the picture.
What's that? More history?

Not history, Veros, the present.

We're scanning
the surrounding countryside.

- A scanner cover?
- With a full choice of frequencies.

I only discovered the facility
by accident.

There's not much to see on the visible
spectrum now that night is falling.

Something's moving.
Can it detect life forms?

I'll switch in infrared.

Yes, someone's heading this way.

It's Ivo, Kalmar.

Let him in.

It's dangerous for you to come here.
Why didn't you use the communicator?

I have to talk face to face.

Look, Ivo,
Kalmar's discovered a scanner.

We can cover all the surrounding area.

Maybe reach the village and the Tower
if I can boost the range.

We're safe now. We'll have warning of
an attack if the guards come snooping.

It's heat-sensitive.
It measures the presence of life.

Then it can't help me find my son.

- Karl?
- He is dead.

Those fiends drank his blood.

But you're safe, aren't you?

Technological rats living safely
in their little hole.

I'm sorry.

Anyway, that's not
what I came to talk about.

Look, something's happening
in the Tower tonight.

Some kind of ceremony.
They'll be busy. Preoccupied.

No, it's too soon.
We must have more information.

For me, Kalmar, it's already too late.

I shall wait until tonight, gather my
people together, and attack the Tower.

- Ivo, no.
- Ivo, you mustn't.

You and your heroes can watch it
on the scanner, Kalmar.

But remember this.

When they're finished with us,
they'll come for you.

Tarak, now listen.

We're going back to our ship
for some information.

I want you to tell Kalmar... No, wait.

Tell Kalmar to prepare an attack, but
not to move until I join you, all right?

- Right.
- Good. Come on, let's go.

We've forgotten about Adric.
He's still a prisoner somewhere.

- We've got to find him.
- Adric?


Where can we start?

Well, there is an inner sanctum.

It's where nobody is allowed
but the three.

If that thing down there
is what I think it is,

and if it escaped into our universe,
billions of lives would be lost.

- Could you take me there?
- Of course, Doctor.

Come on. No, no. Romana,

you take the Tardis,
and I'll take the inner sanctum.

No, you take the Tardis.
I'll take the inner sanctum.


- Inner sanctum, please.
- Certainly.

- Master, the young humanoid, Adric...
- Yes, I know, I know.

What you do mean letting
stowaways aboard the Tardis?

- It isn't a number 9 bus, you know.
- Culpability factor zero, master.

Well, never mind about that.
We've got work to do.

Please specify task, master.

I want you to help me tap
the memory core of the Tardis.

Now, the information I want will be on
the earliest section of the data core.

It's called the Record of Rassilon,
and it's to do with...



That's the entrance
to the inner sanctum.

It's always guarded.

Time for the old prisoner trick,
wouldn't you say?

Come on.

Come on.

Lord Zargo wishes to see the prisoner.

Zargo sleeps.
It's forbidden to disturb him.

- I have my orders.
- And I have mine.

No one must pass this door.

I will take full responsibility.

The code key, please.

Oh, not like that.

Just a minute. Who are you?

- Do you know the Lady Camilla?
- Of course.

I just happen to be
her blood group separator.

- What?
- Why, you...

- Okay?
- Well done.

- This way. We have to move quietly.
- Shh.

- Let's hope they're sleeping.
- Let's hope they don't wake up.

I've heard that when they wake

they wake hungry.




- Nothing.
- Nothing? What do you mean, nothing?

Nothing, master. There is no mention
of the Record of Rassilon.

Have you tried "Rassilon, Record of"?

Access attempted under all permutations.


Information on vampires
totally absent from Tardis databanks.


Try your folklore section.

My folklore section contains
vampire lore from 17 inhabited planets.

I will begin with Earth.
The legend of Count Dracula.

No, thank you, not Dracula.

Emergency instructions.

There are 18,348 emergency instructions.
I will now list them in code order. 1...

No, no, no, thank you. No, thank you.

There is a magnetic card system
on this vehicle, master.

Well, why didn't you say? Of course.

We could destroy them now,
while they're sleeping.

They can only be destroyed
with a wooden stake.

There's this.

It's not
a wooden stake, Tarak.

We're supposed to be
looking for Adric, remember?

Your friend?

I'm just wondering
if we found him in time.

The Record of Rassilon.

Oh, good.

The Record of Rassilon.

Got it.

"Vampire Army."

Listen to this, K9.

"So powerful were the bodies
of these great creatures,

"and so fiercely did they cling to life,
that they were impossible to kill,

"save by the use of bow ships."

Bow ships? What are bow ships?

Bow ships, unknown.

Never mind.

"Yet slain they all were,
and to the last one,

"by the Lords of Time.

"The Lords of Time
destroying them utterly."

Well, that's good news.

"However, when the bodies
were counted..."

I knew it. Just like the legend said.

"When the bodies were counted,
the King Vampire,

"mightiest and most malevolent of all,
had vanished,

"even to his shadow,
from time and space."

Until now.

Continue, master.

"Hence, it is the directive of Rassilon

"that any Time Lord who comes upon
this enemy of our people

"and of all living things, shall use
all his efforts to destroy him,

"even at the cost of his own life."

Query. How may this creature
be destroyed?

What? That's a good question.

Let's see what it says about battle.

"Cattle. Rattle..."


Got it.

"Energy weapons were useless

"because the monsters absorbed
and transmuted the energy,

"using it to become stronger.

"Therefore, Rassilon ordered
the construction of bow ships..."


"Swift vessels that fired
a mighty bolt of steel

"that transfixed the monsters
through the heart.

"For only if his heart
be utterly destroyed

"will a vampire die."


What? What is it?

Is this data of practical value, master?

Well, it might come in useful.

If we could only lay our hands
on a mighty bolt of steel.

Surely not so soon.

The mutation must take some time.

Maybe he's still under hypnosis.

Adric, wake up.

Wake up.

I'm trying to rescue you, come on.

It's like a kind of dream.

Someone was whispering to me
about power and eternal life.

They're going to initiate me
in some big ceremony.


Come on, Adric.
We've got to get out of here.

- I think not.
Look out.

No. No. No.

You killed him.

The blood of the dead is stale and flat.
I must feed on the living.

We still have these.