Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 16, Episode 23 - The Armageddon Factor: Part Three - full transcript

The Shadow kidnaps the Doctor and tries to secure the Key to Time, while the Marshal prepares for an all-out assault against Zeos. Meanwhile, the Doctor's companions try to locate the missing TARDIS.


Good luck. See you again soon.

ROMANA: Doctor!

Doctor, wait!

Oh, no! K9, it was a trap!

A trap?

-What are they doing in there?
-Going to Zeos, I should think.

What do you mean? How can they?
It's a room!

It's not just a room, Merak.
It's a transmat point.


Short for Particle Matter Transmission.

I'll explain it to you another time
when I've got about two weeks to spare.

-Were those things Zeons?
-Yes, I should think so.

-And they've got Astra?
-And the Doctor.

Come on, we shall have to try
and use the TARDIS. Come on, K9.

But you promised.

You promised me victory.

The war has served its purpose,

as you have served yours.

Now that I have the Time Lord,

there will be no more attacks from Zeos.

Make of that what you will, Marshal.

No more attacks?

Then I can still win.

I can achieve a great personal victory!

I shall lead the final assault myself!

Marshal, the Zeon fleet's gone!

They had us at their mercy
and now they've gone.

Yes, Shapp!

We've exhausted them!

Now we'll strike back!

ROMANA: What's the matter, K9? Hurry!

Haste unnecessary, Mistress.

Sensors indicate
the TARDIS to be missing.


SHADOW: Place the control device.

Now, Doctor,
you are completely in my power.

Really? Do you mean because of that?


Very well.

Now do you hear me, Doctor?

Yes. Yes, I hear you. Who are you?

I am the Shadow.

Your adversary, shall we say.

It is not important.

You come in quest of a key.


The Key to Time, as it is called.


You are in possession
of certain elements of that key?



I warn you, Doctor.

If you lie, the pain will increase.

Where are they?

I don't know.

Where are they?

Lost. Lost!

Open your eyes, Doctor.

Are they in there?


Then you will open it.


Release him.


We'll just have to work out a way
how to get into the transmat shaft.

Any ideas, K9?

this locking system is complex.

It will take time.

As quickly as you can, K9.

Listen. The bombing's stopped.

Oh, yes.

Now that means the Zeons know
that we're done for.

-Then why capture Astra?

Because she's somehow involved
with what we're looking for.

Almost finished, Mistress.

This is hopeless!
We've no idea where to look.

Yes, we have.

This Tracer will tell us which direction
she's in and how close.

I see.

Ready, Mistress.

-Well done, K9.
-I'm sorry, Romana!

Now your quest is over.

You have something of,
shall we say, interest to me

in this machine of yours?

Oh, you mean the TARDIS.
Yes, yes, I expected to find that here.

Correct me if I'm wrong.
This is Zeos, isn't it?

Don't waste my time.

And we came up in the transmat shaft

and then, as they say,
everything went black.

Open the TARDIS, bring me the pieces.

Interested in timepieces, are you?

Chronostatics, horogenesis,
that sort of thing?

You are not dealing with a fool, Doctor.

Oh, yes, I am.

I'm sorry to disillusion you,
whoever you are.

And you tried breaking and entry
into my TARDIS, didn't you? And failed!

Covered with automatic defence
mechanisms. Very clever, really.

Bring me the first five segments
of the Key to Time,

or I shall destroy you.

If you do that,
you'll never get them, will you?

And if you let me go in there,

there's no guarantee
that I'll come out, is there?

It's bigger than it looks, you know.

I take it you have the sixth segment?

-Destroy him!
-Hold it!

There must be
some civilised solution to all this

without this continued use
of brute force.

The Key to Time.

Look, I'd really like to help you,
but I've got a problem.

You see, the thing is,
the segments are in there

and, of course, I can go in there,

-but I can't bring them out here.
-Why not?

Well, you see, I've built a fail-safe.

The segments are in a sort of
limbo closet in, um, in limbo.

And the only way to get them, you see,
is with the next piece.

So if you just let me have it, I'll pop
in there and fetch them for you.

You think I would trust you?


And I certainly don't trust you.

Bit of an impasse, eh?

No, Doctor, there is no real difficulty.

I have waited so long, even another
1,000 years would be nothing for me.

But you... I have watched you
and your jackdaw meanderings.

I know you and I know there is
a want of patience in your nature.

-That's right! Fools rush in...

Leave him. He will make his own mistake.

Then, Doctor, I shall be waiting.

No, I think I'll have
a little look round first

for the sixth segment.



Astra, where are you?

I don't know!

I don't know, I tell you!

You must know.

You are a daughter
of the Royal House of Atrios.

Yes, and I tell you, whoever you are,
I've never heard of the sixth segment!

Or the sixth anything!

And I tell you, Princess,
the secret has been passed down

through generation after generation
of the Royal House.

And, since you are the sole
surviving member of the line,

you must know and you will tell me

if I have to tear it from
the living fibre of your very being.

-Do you understand?

And if I knew, I would tell you!

You do know and you will tell me.

Since you care so little
for your own life,

let us see how you care for another.


MERAK: Astra? Astra, where are you?


I'm here!

You fool!
Do you think I would leave you on Zeos?

Shout all you like. You're not within
a million miles of your precious Merak.

Not on Zeos? Then what is this place?

This, Princess, is my domain.

Shapp! Where's Shapp?

Investigating intruder report
in K Block, sir.

What? Our chance to strike
a fatal blow at Zeos...

He left this situation report, sir.

I want every available ship made ready.

There is only one ship left, sir.
Your escape...

Your command module, sir.

-Have it made ready!
-Yes, sir.

Hurry, K9.
If the lock's jammed, destroy it.

Affirmative, Mistress.

Finished, Mistress.

Right. Quickly, K9, inside!

Come along!

Hold tight. Here we go.

(WHISPERING) Come on, K9.

Listen, I'm going to find Merak
and try and get the Tracer back.

You go find the Doctor, okay?

-Off you go.


Shapp to Control. Shapp to... Shapp...





That's far enough, Doctor.

Now, turn round. Hands in the air.

Straighten up. Slowly.

I'm not armed, you know.

All right, what happened?
How did I get here?

Well, through the transmat, I imagine.


Which section of Atrios is this?
I don't recognise any of it.

Shapp, we're on Zeos.


You were transmattered up
the transmatter there. Look, transmat.

SHAPP: Zeos?

How can we be on Zeos? No, this must
be a prohibited area. Section 11B.

I mean, it must be Atrios.

Shapp, old chap, we're on Zeos.





Give it to me! I must find Astra!

Listen, Merak, we all want to find her.

Now, look, if I let you go,
do you promise not to interfere?


-But I know she's here.

-Is that hers?

-Yes, I gave it to her.
-Where did you find it?

There. The Tracer picked it up.

-The Tracer?
-Well, try it.



-Are you sure this is Zeos?

It's very dusty.

Maybe the Zeons don't use it much.

-It's not irradiated.
-How do you know?

I've checked.

And the air's clean, but nobody
could have been here for years.

Yeah, except K9. Here.

Have you ever seen a Zeon, Shapp?

-Not since the war started.
-No, but before the war?

-Well, of course. We traded with them.
-What do they look like?


Much the same as us.

Their clothes are different, but...
Yeah, apart from that...

They're not tall, emaciated
creatures with long, black robes?

Not the ones I saw, no.


Well, the ones that brought me
here were. Very sinister.

Could be the result
of biological warfare?

Yes, but there's no sign of your attacks
getting through, though, is there?

They must have been Zeons.
I mean, who else could they be?

Isn't it odd you've never
taken any prisoners?

Oh, they use disintegration capsules,
like we do.

-Yes, I...
-K9: Master.

DOCTOR: K9, what took you so long?

I have been communicating
with the Zeon commandant.

It was most interesting.

Really? We'd like to meet this
commandant, wouldn't we, Shapp?

Yes, yes, it could be useful.

It can be arranged.

-DOCTOR: Good.

Well, I mean, I think you'd better
trace Romana and Merak first.

Please follow.


-He seems in good fettle.

K9: Fettle? Define fettle.

Well, you know, form, condition, tone.

K9: It is stimulating
to communicate for once

with something other than a limited
and unpredictable organic intelligence.

What did you say? With something other?

K9: Affirmative. I have been
communicating with my own kind.

The day of retribution is at hand.

I shall myself lead the final assault
upon the very citadel of Zeon might

and deliver to it such a crushing blow

that the dread spectre of Zeon
aggression will never rise again!

Victory, my people! Victory or death!

The command module is ready, Marshal.

The bombs are loaded
and the pilot fully briefed.

Good luck, sir.

And then Merak said he found this.
It's Astra's.

The strange thing is, it gives off
a very faint signal on the Tracer.

It's obviously not the sixth segment,
so what is it?

Well, I'd say it's been in touch
with the sixth segment, wouldn't you?

Shapp, has K9 mentioned Astra?

Well, is that where she is?
With the Zeon commandant?

Oh, for pity's sake, man, tell me!

-If I were you, Merak...

I'd try to exercise
a little more self-control.


K9: You will remain here, please.
In silence.


What's wrong with K9?

I don't know.
I've never seen him do that before.

That doesn't mean to say,
of course, it isn't normal.

Silence, please. Communicating.


Wait here, please.

I think that was
a sort of identification ritual.

You know,
rather like the dance of the bees.

A complicated set of movements
to prevent strangers entering the...

Whatever it is.

-What are bees?

With stings in their tails.



The commandant will see you now.

Come on, Romana. You two stay there.


There's your enemy, Shapp.
Runs everything.

Attack, defence,
surveillance, production, everything.

The ideal war general.

No glory, no speeches,
no medals and no blood.

-What do you mean?
-It's fully automated.

There are no Zeons on Zeos.

-No Zeons on Zeos?

Just this passionless lump
of minerals and circuitry.

Highly efficient, doing very well,

given Atrios a battering,
killed millions without a flicker.

Just doing its job.
And totally invincible.

Invincible? Yes. We'll see about that.


I see... Automatic defence mechanism.

-Doctor, please.
-It's all right, Merak. Quiet.

K9, would you ask your friend here...


K9, would you ask Mentalis here

if the name Astra rings a bell,
so to speak?


Mentalis has instructions

that all information regarding
Princess Astra is inaccessible.

And the war?

The war is over.

The bombardment is over.

The next step is obliteration.

For whom?


Faster. Faster!

-Target located, sir.

Prepare to attack.