Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 16, Episode 22 - The Armageddon Factor: Part Two - full transcript

In an effort to escape the Marshal, the Doctor finds the TARDIS buried under rubble, and figures that he may have stumbled across the missing princess, who has now been abducted by someone else. But he does find a new ally in her love, who believes that the Doctor did not have anything to do with her disappearance.


Stay where you are.

Listen, we tell you the truth
and you don't believe us.

You accuse us of crimes
we haven't committed

and now you're going to have us shot.

I think after a long journey,
that's a bit too much, Marshal.

K9, lights.

Goodbye, Marshal. Come on.

Stop them! Stop them!

-Come on, run.
-Where to?



The TARDIS. It's gone.

Yes. Buried under that rubble.

-Then we're trapped. There's no way out.
-There's always a way out.

-If only we can find it.
-Yes and if one has time.

Those guards will be after us
any minute.

Possibly, possibly.
K9's watching our rear.

(SHUSHING) Someone's coming.


-Oh, it's you.
-Where is she? Where's Astra?

-We don't know.
-Just a minute. Why do you want to know?

I love her.


Oh, well, just before
the Marshal arrested us,

I did find somebody and judging from
the voice, certainly a young woman.

-She was through there.

-That's a high radiation zone.
-No, wait a minute. I'll take a look.

I can't see anything.
K9, any sign of our pursuers?

Negative, Master.
They went the other way.

Good. Now listen, K9.
We want this door open, but be careful.

-There may be someone on the other side.
-Understood, Master.


What is it?

It's all right. He won't hurt you.
He's with us.

Who are you? Are you Zeons?

No, of course not. But we're friendly,
don't worry about that.


Keep an eye around the corner.
Come here, Merak.

Why would the Marshal
want to get rid of Astra?

The Marshal?
What makes you think he's involved?

The Marshal knows.

-He wants the war to go on, of course.
-Of course.

-How much longer?
-12.23 seconds.

Well, I knew I was in danger,
but I thought Astra was safe.

Marshal always said that he needed her
support, her influence with the people.

Yes. Is there any other reason why the
Marshal would want to get rid of her?

-None that I can think of, no.
-Ready, Master.

Good. Romana.


She's not here.


Here's something.

-Look, this is hers.
-Then, she was here.

-Danger, Master.

It is dangerous
to remain in this environment.

-Astra, she must be here, she must be.
-Radiation levels excessive.

Look, Merak, we can't do anything
by staying here...

If Astra's been...
Then I will stay with her.

Merak, people aren't dissolved
by radiation.

You're a surgeon, you should know that.

If she's not here,
she must be somewhere else.

-Come on, Merak, worrying won't help.

Let's get out of here
before it's too late.

K9... K9, keep an eye on that wall.


Merak, do you know if there's
anything behind that room?

Nothing but a recycling shaft.

This area's been disused for years.
Radiation leak.

She can't have been there for very long.
But how did she get out?

They could have moved her
while we were with the Marshal.

They moved the guard's body.
On the other hand...

On the other hand what?

On the other hand, anything's possible,
well, almost.

Merak, a recycling shaft,
recycling what exactly?

Scrap, metal waste, for the war effort.

Everything metal gets put down the shaft
to be recycled in the furnaces. Why?

Oh, just general interest.
Come on, let's go.

Where to?

Well, if there's no way out,
there's only one thing to do.

-What's that?
-Go back the way we came.

I'd like to find out what that Marshal's
really up to. Come on.



We've got them on scan, sir.
Surgeon Merak's with them.

That traitor.
And that machine of theirs?

No sign of it at the moment, sir.

-Have them picked up.
-No need, sir. They're coming this way.

That machine of theirs,
metal, would you say?

Partly, yes, sir.

Recycle it, Shapp.

Locate it and turn it
into scrap. Understood?

Yes, sir.

-Got a fix on it now, sir. In K Block.
-Get rid of it.

We've got the machine, sir.
It's en route to the recycling furnace.


Shapp, when you find the others,

treat them...properly.

No softening up, sir?

No, Shapp. No brutality.

Yes, sir.

Not yet.

Blaster inoperative.
All other circuits undamaged.

Temperature increasing.

-What are you doing?
-Looking for something.

-I wish I knew.

All I know is that
this will tell us when we find it.

-That's why you're here?

-Not to help us?
-Look, we will if we can.

You'll just have to trust us, Merak.
Will you?

What else can I do?

Tell me, apart from that circlet
that Astra wears,

is there anything else
that she always wears or carries?

-Not that I can think of, no.
-I see.

-DOCTOR: Come on.
-You, stop.

Take them. Come on, move.

-Where are we going?
-The Marshal wants to see you now.

That's funny. I want to see the Marshal.
Come on, let's move.

So nice of you to invite us back.

Those two, wait over there.
You, come with me.

Listen, I don't think we've been
properly introduced.

-I'm the Doctor. Who are you?
-Major Shapp.

-This way.

Ah, Marshal,
I understand you've got a few problems

and I was thinking if you and I
got together, we...


Is he all right?


-He's meditating.

-Does he do it often?
-When things are not going well.

He makes most of his decisions this way.

No wonder things aren't going well.

Standing in front of a mirror gimling
and smiling at himself like that

is the first sign of megalomania.

-He's not a ventriloquist, is he?
-A what?

A ventriloquist.
A chap who throws his voice in your ear.

Throws his voice. Has a dummy.
Operates a dummy.

A dummy. A... Of course.

Ah, Marshal.

Welcome, my friend.

Friend? The last time I came here,
you wanted to shoot me.

A misunderstanding. I apologise.

Fancy you mistaking me for a Zeon.
Really, Marshal.

-I had forgotten.

That you had been foretold.
Your coming had been foretold.

You had...
You mean that we were expected?

It's the war.

This endless war occupies my thoughts
to the exclusion of all else.

I understand how you feel, Marshal.

Now that you are here, you are the one.

-I am. Am I?
-The one who will lead us to victory.

Oh, good-oh. As long as there is
no personal risk involved, of course.

To halt the hated Zeons in their tracks,

wipe their presence from our skies,

and free this land, this world,
this Atrios...

-This blessed plot.
-Good. Good.

This blessed plot from the terrors
of war and the evils of pestilence. I prefer the original.

You, Doctor,
you shall give us our victory.

Yes. But listen, before I do,
what happens if I don't?

-The question doesn't arise.
-Oh, well...

I'm very grateful for your confidence,
Marshal. I'll see what I can manage.

We're not under arrest then?

Oh, my dear Doctor...

It's nice. I need to know the situation.

-The basic situation.
-Of course. Shapp?

We've located the Zeon fleet, sir.

Then stand by to counterattack.

Come, Doctor, come.
You shall see it all.

Temperature unacceptable.

Request further instructions.

Master? Master?

Now, Doctor, you shall see
the mighty battle fleet of Atrios,

-the weapons that are available to you.

The new architect of our victory.

-Shapp, order the counterattack.
-Yes, sir.


Base to fleet. Commence attack.
Attack, attack, attack.

COMMANDER.' Closing, closing. Range 430.

Fire 04. Hold on 70. Ranging, ranging.

Target acquisition. Fire now.

Report RDF and maintain attitude
43, break 06. Closing.

Closing. We have full combat state
on all sectors.

Six ships? Is that it?
The mighty battle fleet of Atrios?

It does the people no good
to know the truth, Doctor.

They live on hope. Nothing else.
It's been a long, hard struggle,

production is slow,
losses are crippling.

-But we fight on. That's the main thing.

To win. What else?

War is an expensive business, Doctor.
But worth it.

Now, look. Look.

SHAPP: A hit, sir. A hit. Confirmed.

-MARSHAL: And another.
-One of ours, sir. That's 04, sir.

-MARSHAL: And that?
-SHAPP: 06, sir.


Shall I pull them out?

Never. Press home the attack.

02 is gone, sir.

What, in the name of Atrios,
is the matter with them all? Why? Why?

It's inexperience, sir.

Brave, but barely trained.

The best crews went a long time ago.

Pull them out.

SHAPP: All units disengage.
All units disengage.

Break off action immediately. Break off.

Three ships left,

out of a once proud
battle fleet of hundreds. Three.

You see now why we need your help.
We must have the weapon

that will wipe the Zeons
clear of our skies once and for all.

Can you provide it?

Yes, I think so.

-What is it?

Very funny. How can we have peace
until we have the ultimate deterrent

that will ensure a lasting peace?

Tell me, Marshal,

if you had this ultimate deterrent,
what would you do?

Use it, of course. Make sure it works.

Yes, well, you have
a true military mind, Marshal.

Thank you.

I tell you what I'll do.
You help me find the...

You help me find the Princess Astra
and I'll knock you up a deterrent.

How's that?

I like you, Doctor.

Overheating. Overheating.

Oh, yes.
I think I can do something for you.

It must be the ultimate deterrent.

Oh, it will be, it will be.
A sort of parasol affair.

-Well, a sort of umbrella force field.

You know, that no Zeon ship
can penetrate.

Oh. So we can attack.
They can't retaliate.

Well, not quite.
I mean, they can't get in.

But you can't get out.

-Then how do we win?
-Well, I...

We must have victory.

Well, there's always a snag.
I mean, but I'll work on it.

-Look, I'll need K9.

Yes, my computer.
The one you thought was a weapon.

-Well, Shapp?
-It's too late, sir.

It's on the way to the furnace.

-Furnace. What furnace?
-Recycling. We recycle all scrap.

Scrap! Where is this furnace?
Where is this furnace?

Closing down.

-Close down the furnace.
-I already have, sir.

The Doctor must not die. Not yet.

It takes weeks to cool down, sir.

The Doctor must not die!

There'll be nothing left
but slag and clinker. I'm sorry, sir.

Sorry? Sorry?


Oh, K9, are you all right?


Affirmative, Mistress.

Warm for the time of the year.

It's a little trick I picked up
from the fire walkers in Bali.

They do it all the time.
Come on, old boy.

He's not even singed.

-My apologies, Doctor.
-That's all right.

We all make mistakes, sometimes.
Don't we, K9?


Now listen, Marshal, if you're going
to insist we do this your way.

-I do.
-Yes, I thought you might. Now, listen.

If we're going to set up a one-way
force field, one that keeps

the Zeons out but allows you
to pass through it to attack them,

we're going to have to get to know
our enemy, so to speak.

-What do you mean?
-I was thinking of terms of

a psychological barrier.
It's cheap, efficient and energy-saving.

And it would stop the Zeons
wanting to come here.

Introduce an element of Atrophobia.

-What a brilliant idea.
-Go on.

Yes, but, to do that,
I'd have to meet one, you see.

Get to know it.
Brain patterns, that sort of thing.

-Is that right, Romana?
-Oh, absolutely. There's no other way.

-Marshal, can you arrange that?
-No, Doctor.

Look, it doesn't have to be
anything particularly intelligent.

-Any prisoner would do.
-There are no prisoners.

This is war to the death.

Like us, the Zeon warriors are sworn
to destroy themselves.

Death before dishonour.

Well, if you can't find me a Zeon,
I'll have to think of something else.

-Time is running short, Doctor.
-How right you are.

Any news of Astra?

Intelligence reports suggest that
she's been abducted by Zeons.

-If that's the case, then I'm afraid...
-Quite, quite. Marshal...

-Marshal, would you excuse us please?

-Thank you.
-Marshal, the Zeon fleet closing again.

Doctor, when you went
into the furnace after K9,

the Marshal almost went berserk
at the thought you might be killed.

-He did? How very considerate of him.
-No, it wasn't.

Because what he said was,
''The Doctor must not die. Not yet.''

-And listen,

I saw something at his throat,
like a little, black cylinder.

What? A device of some sort?
Something you weren't meant to see?

Yes. I'm sure of it. Yes.
A control device?

If the Marshal is a puppet,
who's pulling the strings?

Yes and what's behind that mirror
he's so fond of looking at?

-Questions, questions.

And no-one answers.

We're no closer to finding Astra

or whatever it is you're looking for.
Well, are we?

Merak, I believe we're closer to finding
Princess Astra than we realise.

What worries me, are we supposed to?

A trap.

Well, who's pulling the wool
over whose eyes?

Are we supposed to
fall for the Marshal's bluff?

Or is he supposed to fall for ours?

Listen, Doctor, you said a minute ago
that we were close to finding Astra.

Please tell me where she is
or where you think she is.

It won't make any difference. Even if
I told you, you couldn't reach her.

-Why not?
-Because I think that Astra's on Zeos.

Doctor, you're forgetting something.

We haven't been able to locate Zeos,
not from the TARDIS or from anywhere.

Zeos is there all right.
It's just you can't see it.

Why not?

-Can you see me now?

-Why not?
-Because your hand is in...

You mean, there's something
between us and Zeos?


That would account for
the orbital shift.

But why can't we see
whatever's in the way...

Well, because it's absorbing
the light or energy.

Or else it's camouflaged...

-No, no, no.

Maybe it's large or perhaps it's small.

-How can you be so sure?
-How could Columbus be so sure?

-Never mind about that.

But Astra said that she couldn't get
a signal back from Zeos.

-Where do we start?
-Behind that mirror over there.

There's bound to be another entrance.

You and Romana go over there
and see what you can find.



-There aren't any, sir.
-Deploy the reserves.

I already have, sir.

-Then we're defenceless.
-Yes, sir.

We've thrown everything we can at them.
And still they keep coming.

COMMANDER.' Fire in Section Seven.

This could be the last battle, Shapp.

-No response, Level Three.
-Yes, sir.

-Collapse in Eight.
-Where's that Doctor?

-No response, Level Fourteen.

Can we have that force field now?
We've committed everything.

We're being obliterated,
we've nothing left.

-It's our last hope.
-No, no. I've worked it all out.

The problem is energy. If we're using
energy to neutralise mass,

which is all a force field is,
we need enough energy or power erg-wise

to counteract
the Zeon bombardment mass-wise.

So I'll give you
absolute energy priority.

Won't work.
Look, K9's worked it all out.

Affirmative. The more you use,
the more you need.

You would have to consume
the whole of Atrios

to give it an effective force field.

-Which rather defeats the purpose.

Because you wouldn't have a planet
to live on.

-Then we are defenceless.
-No, no. Not quite. Not quite.

You remember I mentioned
a psychological barrier,

a deterrent that no Zeon would cross?

Yes, but you need Zeons
to experiment on.

No. I think I said examine.

-There are no Zeons.
-There are on Zeos.

What exactly are you proposing?

I go to Zeos,

pick up a Zeon and bring
the Princess Astra back if she's there.

People of Atrios,
lay down your arms, surrender.

Resistance is useless.
The Zeons can never be defeated.

They have taken me captive.

My people...

My people.

They have sworn to destroy Atrios
unless you surrender now.

If you love me, my people, save me.

Save yourselves. Hand over the Marshal
and surrender. Surrender now.

The war is over. The Zeons...

This force field.
Can you provide it now?

Will it give us breathing space?

Yes. It'll give you time
to save your neck.


You may go to Zeos.

There is a way.

It's the Marshal.

It's a two-way mirror.

-What's that?

MARSHAL: It's done.
The Time Lord suspects nothing.

I directed him
to the transmat point in K Block

where your agents will be waiting.

Time Lord? How does he know?


My Lord, once you have
the secrets of time,

please give me my victory.

I have waited so long. Please, my Lord.

He said K Block. Astra was in K Block.

We'd better warn the Doctor. Come on.

You know, K9, I've got a feeling
we're missing out on something.

-Are you listening to me, K9?

Listen, why should the Marshal,
leader in a war against Zeos,

be the only one to know of a
transmatter link with the enemy planet?

Why should he tell me?

I think one of us
is being extremely stupid.


Come on.

Well, good luck, K9.

I hope to see you again soon.

Master, I do not advise entry of that...

K9, can I take the decisions, please?

Good luck. See you again soon.

Doctor. Doctor, wait!

Oh, no. K9, it was a trap.

A trap?