Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 16, Episode 12 - The Stones of Blood: Part Four - full transcript

Aboard a hyperspace prison ship, two justice machines called the Megara, known for swift verdicts and harsh punishments, arrest the Doctor for breaking an infraction, with trial and execution to be carried out immediately.


Too late, Doctor.
There's no way out for you.

You're trapped in hyperspace forever.

Ogri, come.


MEGARA: Do not harm our prisoner,

Ogri, stop. The Megara.

Hmm. Are they friends of yours?

-Did you break the seals?
-Well, yes, I'm afraid I did.

MEGARA 1: Silence, He is ours, He is
ours, Afterwards, you may have him,

No, no, no. Please, please.
Don't rush on my account.

I'm so sorry to disappoint you.

MEGARA 2: The prisoner has been tried
and sentenced in his absence,

-The sentence will now be carried out,
-What sentence?

MEGARA 2: The sentence is death.
You are to be executed immediately,

Oh, may I watch?
You don't mind, do you, Doctor?

No, no, no, please be my guest.

I wouldn't want you
to miss my execution.

MEGARA 2: Prepare for dissolution.

-On what grounds?

How can there possibly be a sentence
when there hasn't been a trial.

-There has been a trial,
-There has been... There has?

MEGARA 1: I defended you.

MEGARA 2: I was judge.
You were found guilty,

-But I wasn't there.
-Immaterial, Your counsel was,

-He was most eloquent on your behalf,
-I demand the right to defend myself.

-MEGARA 2: Not permitted.
-Why not?

MEGARA 1: You are a humanoid
and therefore quite incapable

of appreciating
the subtleties of the law,

-Machine law.
-MEGARA 2: But of course.

-There is no other law,
-Ah, I see.

-just a minute!
-MEGARA 1: As your counsel,

my advice to you
is to submit to execution,

So much easier in the end,

-I wish to appeal against my sentence.
-MEGARA 2: There are no grounds.

How do you know?
You haven't heard my case yet.


Your Honours, surely,
you're not going to allow yourselves

to be persuaded by this criminal?

MEGARA 1: Who are you?
Identify yourself to the court,

-Vivien Fay.
-She's the reason why we're here.

MEGARA 2: Are you saying
that Vivien Fay broke the seals?

No, but what I'm saying...

-Then your evidence is immaterial,
-MEGARA 1: And incompetent.

MEGARA 2: Attempts to influence
the bench are punishable by death,

MEGARA 1: Article 23
of the legal code, subsection 17,


Could we get back to my appeal, please?

MEGARA 2: In accordance with article 14
of the legal code, subsection 135,

this humanoid's execution
is stayed for two hours

while we graciously consent
to hear his appeal,

Afterwards, the execution
will take place as ordered,

-Your Honours are too kind.
-I demand that you execute him now.

-MEGARA 2: You are out of order.

Oh, thank heavens! Are you better, dear?

-Thank you, Professor Rumford,
-Can you move?

Mobility impaired,
but databanks recharged,

What are we going to do?
Vivien smashed the machine.

Reconstruct it, With your help,
it shouldn't be difficult,

With my help?
I'm an archaeologist, not an engineer.

You will work under my direction,


You must tell the Megara
we're Time Lords.

-Tell them...
-I don't think it would do any good.

They're justice machines, remember?

I knew a galactic federation once,
lots of different life forms,

so they appointed a justice machine
to administer the law.

-What happened?
-They found the federation

in contempt of court
and blew up the entire galaxy.

MEGARA 2: The court has considered
the request of the humanoid,

hereinafter known as the Doctor,
In order to speed up the process of law,

it will graciously permit him
to conduct his own appeal,

prior to his execution,

-Thank you, Your Honour.
-You may call your first witness,

I call, as my first witness,
Miss Romanadvoratrelundar.


But I'm not a witness.

MEGARA 2: The witness will take
the stand and be sworn in,

The witness will repeat the oath,
''I swear to tell the truth, ''Repeat,

-I swear to tell the truth...
-''As far as I, a mere humanoid, ''

As far as I...
Look, I object to the wording.

Contempt is punishable by death,

Your Honours, I'm sure that my witness
wishes to withdraw that last remark.

-Don't you?
-Do you?

As far as I, a mere humanoid...

-''Am capable of knowing the truth, ''
-Am capable of knowing the truth.

What's that?

It assesses the level of truth.

Oh. What happens if the level falls?

That would be most regrettable,
Miss Romanadvoratrelundar,

Miss Dvoratrelundar,
when we opened the hyperspace capsules,

-what did we find inside?
-Dead things.

-Dead things?
-Well, bodies of dead creatures.

Dead travellers, I suppose.

And when we found the hyperspace capsule

in which Their Honours were travelling,
could you see what was inside?

-What did you think was inside?

I didn't know.
It could've been anything.

What? Even creatures still alive?

-No further questions.

MEGARA 2: The witness is excused.

How's that, K9?

You have now linked the alpha circuit
to the sine interphase,

-I have? Is that all right?

-Oh, it's not so difficult, after all.

Your Honours, I call
as my second witness Miss Vivien Fay.

But I'm not a witness.

That's for Their Honours to decide.
I call Miss Fay.

But I'm not a witness. I didn't see
anything. I don't know anything.

-I call Miss Fay!

MEGARA 2: Once you have been called,
you must appear, It is the law,

-But I know nothing, Your Honour.
-It is the law,



-I see what you mean about the galaxy.
-I will take the oath.

What are you up to, Doctor?

-Trying to find out who she really is.
-Is that important?

-Well, it might just save my life.
-What do you mean?

Why else do you think
the Megara are here?

You mean they're after Miss Fay?

Well, who else
has been here for 4,000 years?

-It's got to be Miss Fay.
-Why don't they just arrest her?

Because they're justices, not policemen.

Ah, I suppose those poor creatures
back there were the police.

-Yes, it's a pity they're also dead.
-Well, if this is a police vessel,

then surely they must have a description
of her, an identification, voice...

All the Megara will have
is a name on the charge sheet.

There must be something incriminating
in her cottage.

-I'll try and get back somehow.
-Good girl.

-Can you keep it going here?
-Yes, but not for long.

MEGARA 1: Doctor, we are waiting.

I beg your pardon, Your Honours.
I was consulting with my associate.

Where is that girl going?
She has no right

leaving the court
without the judge's permission.

Oh, come.
What does it matter where she goes?

As we all know, no one can escape
the Megara. Am I not right, Your Honour?

MEGARA 2: Proceed with the questioning,
Doctor, Your execution is long overdue,


Thank you.

I request that this witness
be attached to the truth assessor.

-MEGARA 1: Unnecessary.
-What? But why?

The previous witness
was attached to the assessor.

Because she was present when the seals
to our compartment were broken,

-This witness was not,
-I demand

that this witness be treated in exactly
the same way as the previous one.

-MEGARA 2: Demand?
-Request, then.

Request denied, Proceed, Doctor,

If only Vivien Fay
hadn't broken that machine.

Perhaps I ought to check the wiring.
I may have joined something up wrong.

-I was superintending the work,
-just the same.

-Danger! Danger!
-Run, Professor! Run!

I submit most respectfully
that Your Honours are in error.

MEGARA 2: Error? Impossible.

MEGARA 1: We are programmed
against the possibility of error,

But you have ruled that this witness
need not be attached to the assessor

because she wasn't present when
the seals of your capsule were broken.

-How do you know that?

Because we did not see her
when we emerged,

-That is not proof.
-Do you now say she was there?

No. No, I don't say that.

I say that she will never tell us
anything approaching the truth

unless she is forced to. I don't think
that she'd even tell us her real name,

except from fear of the assessor.

Your Honours, may
a mere humanoid offer a suggestion?

-MEGARA 2: If you must.
-If it will facilitate the proceedings,

may I say that I have
no objection to the assessor.

Attach me to it, if you wish.
Ask me if I broke the seals.

I will answer truthfully.

K9, stay on guard.

Now, Professor, you stayed here.
You spent a lot of time in her company.

Is there any part of the house
where she didn't like you to go.

Anywhere or anything she kept locked?

-MEGARA 2: Are you ready, Miss Fay?
-Ready, Your Honours.

You will answer my questions truthfully,
Should you lie,

the assessor will register the degree
of untruth and react accordingly,

-You understand?
-I understand, Your Honours.

The question is, did you
or did you not remove the seals

from the official compartment in which
my colleague and I were travelling?

I did not.

MEGARA 1: A reading of 0,6
on the scale is registered,

What does that mean?

MEGARA 2: An answer
within the legal definition of truth,

Are you sure?

MEGARA 1: We do not make mistakes.

How do you know? You've been locked
in that capsule for 4,000 years!


Even the finest machinery deteriorates
after that time.

Rust, dust, pieces of fluff.

Think how you'd feel if you condemn
an innocent humanoid to death

just because
you've got a bit of fluff stuck

in your sprocket wheel
or whatever it is you've got in there.

MEGARA 1: Living cells.
A microcellular metallic organism,

-MEGARA 2: We are bio-machines.
-MEGARA 1: Incapable of error.

Very well.
If you're so perfect, test yourselves.

I dare you. Ask her her real name.

-MEGARA 2: Irrelevant.
-MEGARA 1: Irrational.

MEGARA 2: You broke the seals
without proper authorisation,

the penalty
for which offence is execution,

-I thought you were on my side.
-MEGARA 1: I am, You are my client.

-Great lawyer you turned out to be.
-I have your interests at heart,

I do not wish you to suffer unduly,

I will plead with my colleague
for a swift, painless death for you,


MEGARA 2: Your plea is granted.

MEGARA 1: You see, Doctor?
Justice can be merciful,

-You may step down, Miss Fay,
-Thank you, Your Honours.

-Proceed with the execution immediately,

To what are you objecting this time?

I haven't finished
presenting my case yet.

I have another witness I wish to call.

But there are no other witnesses here,

You're wrong, Your Honour.
There's one other witness I can call.




It's hopeless. We don't even know
what we're looking for.

Perhaps we've seen it
without realising it.

Perhaps it's at the hall.
Found anything, K9?

Negative, Professor,

-Citric acid!

-Lemon juice.
-I know what citric acid is.

Look at these cookery books.

Some of the recipes are marked,
and some are crossed out.

Well, she crossed out
things she didn't like.

-Like recipes containing citric acid.
-She was allergic to lemon juice.

-She said that?
-Yes, she wouldn't touch lemon tea

-or lager and lime...
-Anything else?

Grapefruit, oranges, avocados,

certain kinds of meat.
Don't see what you're getting at.

Have you ever wondered
why the Ogri don't attack her?

I mean, why should she be safe?

-Perhaps they don't fancy her blood.

Which means that
Vivien Fay has a different metabolism

to Earth-born humans.
K9, with a metabolism like that,

what kind of planet does she come from?

Referring to memory banks, Mistress,

Think, Professor. Think.
Any little thing could give us a clue.

Is there anything you can remember?

-MEGARA 1: We are justice machines.
-MEGARA 2: Judge.

-MEGARA 1: Jury.
-MEGARA 2: Executioner.

We cannot be called to give evidence,

Why not? Why not? I only want
to put my counsel on the stand.

There's nothing in the law
that says I can't do that, is there?

-Well, is there?
-MEGARA 2: According to our databanks,

the law does not actually specify

that the accused
may not call his own counsel,,,

-Very well. I call the Megara.
-But it is most unorthodox, indeed,

It may be grounds
for a charge of contempt of court,




I shall, of course,
Your Honour, dispense with the oath.

MEGARA 2: You certainly will.
The Megara cannot lie,

Well, that's handy.
Why were you sealed in your capsule?

Because we are justice machines,

travelling on judicial business,

-Travelling to where?

a G-class planet in Tau Ceti,

-What was the nature of your business?
-To try a humanoid criminal,

Ah. A female humanoid criminal?

It has to be a G-class planet
in Tau Ceti.

There are
two other possibilities, Mistress,

Both incapable
of supporting any form of humanoid life.

Besides, the planet Ogros,
the home of the Ogri,

is in the same star system.


Talking of the Ogri,
what happened to our friend?

-Ogri approaching,
-How close, K9?


Come on! Let's get out of here!

Of what crime had
the female humanoid been accused?

Murder and the removal
and misuse of the Great Seal of Diplos,

Ah! And did the Great Seal of Diplos,
by any chance, have any special powers?

It has the powers
of transmutation, transformation

and the establishing of hyperspatial
and temporal coordinates,

-Exactly as I thought.
-MEGARA 2: Is this relevant?

Well, it is to me, Your Honour, yes.
What is this female humanoid called?

She is known as Cessair of Diplos,

And her description?

-We have none,
-You have none.

How do you expect to identify her, then?

-We do not,
-You do not.

An officer was to identify her
when we reached our destination,

-But all the officers are dead.

Then you've no way
of knowing who she is.

All this is irrelevant, Your Honours.
The accused is merely trying

-to delay his long overdue execution.
-MEGARA 2: Agreed.

-She is Cessair of Diplos.
-Prove it.

Why else is she here in hyperspace?
What's the ship doing here?

That is not proof, That is supposition,

I am Vivien Fay
of Rose Cottage, Boscawen.

Ask anyone in Boscawen.
They will identify me.

These proceedings
must now be terminated,

Prepare to eliminate the accused,

Right. We can prove
she's got a non-Terran metabolism,

comes from a class-G planet,

and we even know
the date of her arrival on Earth.

-We do?
-Well, how long's this circle been here?

About 2000 B.C. Nearly 4,000 years.

-That's when she arrived.
-Of course.

Ready, chaps.



Prepare yourself to die, Doctor,

Do you usually execute your own clients?

We are allowed to execute only prisoners
who have been found guilty,

Well, it certainly adds a new dimension
to the role of defending counsel.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

Aren't you supposed to be offering me
a last toffee apple or something?

A blindfold? A hearty breakfast?
A free pardon? No?

-Too late, Doctor, Goodbye,
-Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye.

Mistress, speed imperative,
I cannot hold him,

Quickly, beam me through.

Hello. Did I short circuit?

MEGARA 1: Why did you try to involve
Miss Fay in your execution?

-Is she all right?
-We have no legal authority to kill her,

Well, I know, I know,
but can you reach her memory cells?

-Why should we do that?
-Well, her brain might be damaged.

MEGARA 1: We will check.

I am reaching her memory cells.

This humanoid is not Vivien Fay,

She is Cessair of Diplos, Wait,

She is guilty of the theft
and misuse of the Great Seal of Diplos,

also of removing silicon-based
life forms from the planet Ogros,

in contravention
of article 7594 of the Galactic Charter,

and employing them for her own ends,

You see? All you had to do
was read her memory cells.

According to article 3,
subsection 135 of the legal code,

we, the Megara, are not permitted
to read the memory cells of any beings,

except when they are unable
to present their evidence

by reason of death,
unconsciousness or natural stupidity,

-ROMANA: Stop! I have new evidence.
-Too late. I've just been executed.

-There's an Ogri behind you.


The professor must have let it through.

MEGARA 1: Stop, We are the Megara.
I command you to stop,

Ogri, what's happening?

Ogri, you will be confined
to a cell on this vessel

until you can be returned
to your home planet,

-MEGARA 2: Cessair of Diplos,

you have been tried and found guilty
of the following charges,

Impersonating a religious personage,
to wit, a Celtic goddess,

for which the penalty
is imprisonment for 1,500 years,

Theft of the Great Seal of Diplos,

for which the penalty
is perpetual imprisonment,

The sentences to run consecutively,

Have you anything to say
before sentence is passed?

Vivien! What are those things?

Those, Professor, are the Megara,
justice machines. They're about

to carry out their sentence.
I'd stand back if I were you.

-If you let them do this to me, Doctor,

you'll never find
what you're looking for.

Oh, I wouldn't go as far as that.

Excuse me, gentlemen.
I think this belongs to me.

MEGARA 2: Sentence will be carried out.
Perpetual imprisonment,

-Well, that's your business completed.
-MEGARA 1: Not quite, Doctor.

What do you mean, ''Not quite''?

There is still the matter
of your delayed execution,

Oh, I wouldn't bother
about that if I were you.

Bye-bye! Happy journey!

-ROMANA: Where are they going?
-Back to Diplos. I took the liberty

of fixing the controls on their ship
before we popped back here.

It should give us
a couple of thousand years' grace.

Come on. We can't stand around here.
We've got things to do. Come along.

Come on, K9.

Poor Vivien.
I can't help feeling sorry for her,

but she hasn't finished
making trouble yet.

-What do you mean?
-All Nine Travellers,

they'll have to be surveyed
all over again.

Oh, that'll put the cat
amongst the pigeons, believe me.

Professor, you could write
a monograph about it.

Ah, yes,
and make Idwal Morgan look a fool.

Will you write everything that happened?

Certainly not. I do have
my academic reputation to consider.

Funny. I never noticed
a police box there before.

Goodbye, Professor,
and thank you for everything.

''Goodbye''? Where?


I do have
my academic reputation to consider.


The Tracer.

-Doctor, is Earth always like that?
-Sometimes it's even exciting.

-Hmm. Now.