Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 16, Episode 11 - The Stones of Blood: Part Three - full transcript

Assisted by Prof. Rumford and K-9, the Doctor builds a projector by which to enter hyperspace and rescue the kidnapped Romana, all of them all the while trying to avoid the bloodsucking Ogri stalking them.


Oh, you scared the life out of me.

-Did I? I'm so sorry.

Oh. Is there something
going on in the circle?

Strange. Let's take a look, shall we?

Vivien, what are you doing?
You're hurting me!

VIVIEN: Hurry.

What's going on?

What are you doing?

She never told me
she was related to the Montcalm family.

DOCTOR: She isn't.

She is the Montcalm family
and the Trefusis family

and the Camara family,

and, no doubt,
she's the managing director of the firm

that owns the circle now.

These three portraits
are the same person.

But look at the dates.

-There's 150 years.

What's 150 years when you've been around
for more than 4,000?

-You mean...
-Yes. She's the Cailleach.


Run! Come on. Quick, quick!

I never thought
we'd get out of there alive.

Come on, we're not clear yet. On you go.

Fascinating, isn't it?

Doctor, did I understand you correctly?

-That thing is made of stone?
-Yes and it's closing on us fast.

-But it's impossible.
-No, it isn't. We're standing still.

I meant a silicon-based life form
is unknown, unheard of, impossible.

Maybe it doesn't realise that.

-What is it? What is it?

In the cause of science, I think
our duty to capture that creature.

-How? Have you any plans?
-We could track it to its lair.

Come on.

EMILIA: We're trapped.

I know you're under
considerable strain, Doctor,

but please keep a grip on yourself.




Is it...dead, do you suppose?

How do you kill a stone?

Let's go and find its mistress,
shall we? Come on.

There's no need to wear a mask
for our sake, Miss Fay.

Vivien, what's going on?
He says you're the Cailleach.

I've been so many things, Emilia,
for so many years.

DOCTOR: Well, it's all over now,
Miss Fay.

Oh, not really, Doctor.
You see, I've got Romana.

Where is she?

Where you'll never be able to find her.
Oh, she's perfectly safe.

No need to worry,
so long as you leave me in peace.

Ah, well, you see,
I can't do that, Miss Fay,

because you've got something
that I need, you see.

I wouldn't come too close
if I were you, Doctor.

Oh, absolute nonsense.


Oh! Static electrical charge.

-That's a very primitive force field.
-It's still very effective.

Don't worry about Romana, Doctor.

I should worry about yourself
if I were you.

-Count the stones, Doctor.

Beware the Ogri.


What did she mean about the stones?

Three of the stones are missing.

-Missing? What's happened to them?
-One went over the cliff, remember?

Oh, you mean
that thing was one of the stones?

Yes. She called them the Ogri. Ogri...

Of course.

-The Ogri. How silly of me.

Yes. From Ogros, their home planet.
That's in Tau Ceti.

Repulsive place, covered in great swamps
full of amino acids,

primitive protiums,
they feed on by absorption.

-What do you mean?
-Hence their need of globulin,

which is the nearest equivalent
on Earth.

Hence the blood
sacrificed on the stones.

Anyway, you know all about
the Ogri on Earth.

You said there were
three of these things.

-That's right.

Gog, Magog, Ogris.

They can't be far away.

Anyway, you and I
have got work to do. Listen.

Do you by any chance
have any tritium crystals?

-Yes, tritium crystals.

-Tritium crystals.
-Oh, but, Doctor, what about Vivien?

-What about Romana?
-Professor, listen.

You go back to the cottage
and see if you can find any crystals.

I'll go back to my TARDIS
and see if I can pick up a few things.

Yes, but where have they disappeared to?
How are we going to find them?

Professor, I don't know.
That's why I need the crystals.

These are the only crystals
I could find,

apart from a packet of Epsom salts.

-Any good?

Well done, Professor.
I knew she must have them somewhere.

It's the only way
she could power that wand of hers.




I still don't understand
where Romana and Vivien are.


K9: Hyperspace is an extension

to the special theory of relativity
propounded by Einstein,

-Einstein's theory states,,,
-Now, now, K9. K9!

Don't overstrain your databanks.
You're not fully recovered yet.

Circuitry regeneration 75% completed,

Yes. Didn't I give you some calculations
to be getting on with?

Calculations cannot be completed

until you have finished
constructing the equipment,

All right! All right!

Why don't you stop interrupting me
and let me get on with it, then?

He's a terrible, old gasbag.

I still don't understand
about hyperspace.

-Well, who does?
-I do,

Oh, shut up, K9.

It's all to do
with interspatial geometry.

-Oh, I never studied that.
-Well, I'm not surprised.

They gave up teaching it
2,000 years ago, even on Gallifrey.

-Oh. I beg your pardon?
-Here. Look, how can I explain?

Listen, Einstein's special theory
of relativity said...

Said that you cannot travel in space
faster than the speed of light

because the speed of light
is a limiting factor.

If you travelled more
than 1 80,000 miles per second,

you'd encounter
the time distortion effect.

Yes, yes, well, he was nearly right.

In fact, you'd arrive
at your destination

before you'd left your starting point.

-Yes. Absurd, isn't it?
-Oh, I don't know.

Well, I always thought
it was fun myself.

I did try to explain the realities
to poor old Albert,

but he would insist that he knew best.

Oh, they're all the same,
these physicists.

-Oh, sorry.

No, that's all right.
I mean, apart from space warping,

which he couldn't possibly understand,

there is a theoretical way
of avoiding the time distort.

-Is there really?

Just pass me that screwdriver, will you?

Yes, you operate
in a different dimension, you see,

in another kind of space.

-Otherwise, hyperspace.

But I still don't know
where Romana and Vivien are.

Listen, they're still in the circle,

or whatever occupies that space
in the other dimension.

-Oh, I see.

Perhaps you'll explain it to me sometime
when you've got a few minutes to spare.


May I ask you a personal question?

Well, I don't see
how I can stop you asking.

Are you from outer space?


I'm more from
what you'd call ''inner time''.

-Yes. Well, never mind about that now.

K9, what do you think of this?

Hmm? Well?

-The theory appears to be ingenious,
-Yes, but will it work?

Affirmative, It will be effective
on a setting of,0037

on the hyperspace scale,

-What, only on that end of the scale?
-Affirmative, Master,

That means it'll burn out the circuits
in about ten and a half seconds flat.

Correction, Master, Circuits will
burn out after 31,27 seconds,

31.27... Is that long enough
to get me into hyperspace?

Insufficient data, Master,

Answer depends upon where in hyperspace
and what is there when you arrive,

Thank you very much, K9.

Actual area of transportation beam
will be small,

It is imperative, therefore,

that you mark your point of entry
on arrival,

in order to facilitate
finding it again for return,

Good point, K9. Thank you.

Come on, Emilia, I need your help.
K9, let's go see if this works.

DOCTOR: Now, you understand
what you've got to do?

I think so. Switch on

and then wait until
the needle points on the dial to .0037,

then throw that lever.

Right. Now, remember, you've only got
30 seconds and then pow!

-Yes, pow.

Pow is a technical expression,

It means that
all the micro-circuitry will fuse

in one great urgh of moulten metal.

Yes, but what happens
if the Ogri come back

while you're wherever you'll be?

Ah, now, that's where K9 comes in.
You see, he'll generate a force field

a touch more sophisticated
than Miss Fay's,

and that should keep them out
for a while.

-For how long?
-My power packs will be drained

in approximately 17 minutes,
31,86 seconds,

There you are.
Now, if they should break through,

run as if something very nasty
were after you,

because something very nasty
will be after you.

-Yeah, but what about you?
-Don't worry about me.

I'll be doing plenty of that,
in any case.

Yes, but how will you get back?

You just switch on for 30 seconds,
say, every half hour.

-If you think that'll work.
-Well, of course it'll work,

and even if it doesn't work,
what does it matter?

You know what they say about hyperspace.

-They say it's a theoretical absurdity,

and that's something I've always wanted
to be lost in. Ready? Now, switch on.


.0022, .0033, .0037...


-Switch off! Switch off!
-Oh, did I do something wrong?

There is an error in the circuitry,
You are not to blame,

All right, all right, all right.

We're not all programmed
for perfection, you know.

Ah, there's the fault.

Danger, Ogri approaching
from south-southwest,

I can't see.

Two Ogri approaching
from south-southwest,

Nearly finished.
There, that should do it.

-Let's hope it works this time.
-Ogri 50 metres and closing,

Now, remember,
do exactly as you did last time.


Ogri 40 metres and closing,

EMILIA: .0037. Holding.

Ogri 28 metres and closing,





All change at Venus
for the Brighton line.

Very funny.

Where have you been?
What's happening? Where am I?

Well, in strict order of asking,
busy, nothing, hyperspace.

Your friend doesn't look too well.
What happened to you?

Well, I don't know exactly.
All I remember is Vivien Fay

coming up behind me
and then waking up here.

What do you mean, hyperspace?

-It can't be.
-Why not?

Well, hyperspace is a theoretical
absurdity. Everybody knows that.

Yes, except, apparently, the people
who built this ship 4,000 years ago.

It's a hyperspace vessel.

-That's ridiculous.
-Come on.

Even granting the hyperspace hypothesis,
Doctor, what about deceleration?

How do you decelerate an infinite mass?

Anyway, where is this ship?
Why can't it be seen from Earth?

There's your answer.

ROMANA: But that's only a few feet
from the circle. Why can't it be seen?

DOCTOR: Because it exists in a different
kind of space from the circle.

In hyperspace,
not in ordinary four-dimensional space?

-Well, why is it stopped here?

Maybe it ran out of fuel.

Are you sure
this thing's been here for 4,000 years?


Well, look at the cabin
and the controls. They're like new.

-Perhaps someone's been spring cleaning.
-Vivien Fay?


Romana. Romana, there's plenty of fuel.

-The drive unit's still working.
-Well, maybe it ran aground.

-On what?
-Who knows what's in hyperspace?

Yes. We'd better search the ship.

The third segment
must be here somewhere,

to say nothing of our friend Miss Fay.

Well, where do we start?
It looks rather big, don't you think?

Power depleted, Cannot hold much longer,

Where's that Dunkirk spirit?
Never say die.

I never do say die, but I cannot hold,

Nothing. There's no one there.


Are you all right, K9?

(GASPS) What's happening?

Look at the Ogri.
They're going. They're giving up.

Assumption incorrect,

They are going,
That is not to say they are giving up,

Oh. Oh, I thought you were...
Are you all right, K9?

-Power exhausted,
-Can you recharge yourself?

-Affirmative, given time,
-Do you think they'll come back?

Suspect they have gone away to recharge,

-Recharge? But how?
-With globulin,

-Oh. That means finding more blood.

That means
they're going to kill somebody.

-Hey, Pat. Pat!
-What's up?

Come have a look at this.
You won't believe it.

What is it?

-Where did they come from?
-Don't know.

-They weren't here last night.
-Perhaps it's a joke.

Perhaps someone from the Wheatsheaf
dumped them here during the night.

How? They must weigh tons.

I suppose they are real rock,
not just fakes?



-What's the matter?
-My hand. My hand!


Do you think there could be
anything alive in any of these?

What, after 4,000 years?
I shouldn't think so.

Mind you, I'll tell you something.

If there is anything still alive,
it'll be furious at all the delay.


You know, I think this must have been
a convict ship.

Look. The seal on that door
is a different colour from the rest.

First class in hyperspace?

-What does it say?
-I don't know, I can't read the script.

Probably just says,
''Do not open. Penalty ?50.''

-Anything there?
-Can't see.

Well, what shall we do?

-Open it.

ROMANA: What's that?
DOCTOR: I don't know.

It is not permitted to touch the Megara,

I beg your pardon. I beg your pardon.
What's the Megara?

We are the Megara,
We are justice machines,

-justice machines?
-MEGARA 1 : We are the law,

MEGARA2: Judge,jury and executioner,

Once we have arrived at our verdict,,,

-MEGARA 2: We execute it,
-MEGARA 1 : Without fear or favour,

-MEGARA 2: Impartially,
-Well, it's a great relief to know

that the law is in such capable hands.
We have to be going now.

-What's the matter?
-Never mind, just keep moving.

Stop! Turn around, Do not move,

Which of you removed the Great Seals?

I did. I feared for your safety.

-MEGARA 1 : He meant well,
-MEGARA 2: But the law clearly states

that no one may remove the seals
without authorisation,

The penalty is death,

MEGARA 1 : Where is your authorisation?

I'm sorry,
I didn't realise I needed authorisation.

You see, I'm a stranger here myself.

But I promise
I'll never break any other seals

without authorisation ever.

MEGARA 1 : Contrition is to be accounted
in the accused's favour,

MEGARA 2: Ignorance of the law is not,

MEGARA 1 : I will undertake his defence,

I think you should advise your client

that there is little likelihood
of clemency,

MEGARA 1 : I will so advise him,

-He has gone,
-MEGARA 2: Further proof of guilt,

MEGARA 1 : No matter,
None can escape the Megara,

I can't see those creatures anywhere.
Are you recharged yet?

Negative, Recharging incomplete,
It is time to switch on the beam again,

Oh, yes, you're right.

Oh, well, anyway, we haven't got those
creatures breathing down our necks.

Here goes.


Do not touch that machine, Miss Fay,
Otherwise, I will be forced to stun you,

You haven't enough power
left in you to strike a match.


See what I mean?

-No, Emilia. Don't make me kill you.

Oh, they can't get back if you...

Ogri, come, I command you,

Doctor, they're still following us.

What do you expect?
They're justice machines. Come on.

-''X'' marks the spot.

The projector Professor Rumford's using
has got a very small spread.

If we're not in exactly the right place
when she switches on,

we'll never get back.

-Come on, Professor.

Doctor, behind us! Look!

Too late now, Doctor.

I've destroyed
your pitiful, little machine.

There's no way out for you.

You're trapped in hyperspace forever.