Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 15, Episode 12 - Image of the Fendahl: Part Four - full transcript

With one of the archaeologists transformed and a massive implosion threatening, the Fendahl and its Fendahleen components start coming into existence while the Doctor, Leela and the Tylers do what they can to stop it.

-Come on, let's get out of here.

-The dream! I can't move!

My legs! I can't move my legs.

Look! Look!

What's happening? Why can't we move?

Shh. It's psychotelekinetic.
It controls your muscles telepathically.

It's only loaded with rock salt.

No matter. It's confused
that I can still move.

Shut your eyes. Shut your eyes!

Now, concentrate on your legs.
And when I shout, run.

-Run! Come on!
-I can't!

-I'm trying!
-I can't move my legs!

-Run for your life!
-Come on, Gran!

Rock salt.

Thea? Thea!

No! No! Don't do that! Don't do that!

Move, man! Why don't you move?

This is not how it should be!

Well done.

Well done, that sort of control is
almost impossible to break.

-What was it?
-The Fendahl.

No, it wasn't. It was a Fendahleen.

It was the same thing
that killed the hiker and Mitchell.

It can only have been created
out of pure energy

while the skull was
restructuring Thea's brain.

-What's he talking about?
-What's that for?

Oh, I don't know, but it comes
from Fendelman's laboratory.

It goes down to the cellar
by the look of it.

Leela, you had better come with me.
Jack, stay with your grandma.

We'd better find out
what's going on down there.

-We're all right, Gran.
-You know summat, John?

There's going to come a time when
I'll be too old for this sort of thing.

-Shh. Shh.

Get him out of here
as soon as you can.

Whatever you do,
don't look at her eyes. Shh!

Don't look at her eyes.

What about the others?
We can't just leave them.

Leave that to the Doctor. Come on.

Help me!

-Come on, man! Get out while you can!
-Get out of here! Will you get out?


Come on. Come on.

It's too late. You've seen her eyes.

-The gun.

-Get me the gun.
-It won't have any effect on her.

It's on the altar.

It's not for her. It's for me.

I'm sorry.

Thank you.

What's happened? What's happening now?

There are Fendahleen everywhere!

You all right, Professor?
You look a bit peaky.

This is all your fault.
Do you know that? Stupid old witch.

-Hey, you watch your mouth, boy.
-Oh, don't worry, John.

He's only frightened,
like the rest of us.

Quiet! Listen!

Look, don't you threaten me,
you swede-bashing cretin.

Listen, you nearly got us
all killed down there!

Now, be quiet or you'll
get yourself killed up here!

-Oh, I'm glad to see you.
-Put that away.

You almost got us killed down there.

-It has been mentioned.

The darkness, is it all around us?

No, only down there
where you just come from.

But it's getting darker slowly.

Come on, let's have a look at
the one I assaulted.

We must.

-Hmm, beautiful.

Yes, sodium chloride.

Obviously affects the conductivity,
ruins the overall electrical balance

and prevents control of localised
disruption to the osmotic pressures.

-The salt kills it.
-I just said that.

Probably the origin of throwing it
over your shoulder. Come on.

Whew! Well, I've saved the planet.

But we're too late for the Fendahl.

If we've killed one,
we can kill the rest.

Oh, no, it was just a lucky shot...

Look, Doctor, good marksmanship
is not a matter of luck.

True, but that was just an isolated
Fendahleen, comparatively weak.

What's in the cellar is the Fendahl,
the gestalt.

The what?

A gestalt is a group creature.

It's made up of separate parts,
but when they join together

they make a new,
and much more powerful creature.

-He reads a lot, you know.
-Shh, got it.

According to the legends of Gallifrey
and the superstitions of this planet,

it's fairly certain that the Fendahl
is made up of 12 Fendahleen and a core.

-Well, yes, what was Thea.

It's no longer Thea no more than...

I killed one, and Stael shot himself.
There are only 10 left.

Are you saying the Fendahl
is not yet complete?

-Yes, we've still got a chance. Jack.

Any more of those
salt-filled cartridges?

No, there were
just two shot-filled ones.

I need rock salt, quickly.

Here, have you two got they charms
I give ye?

-Give them to me.

What is it?

Rock salt.

Mrs Tyler, you're wonderful.

Jack, fix those cartridges.

Now, Mrs Tyler, I need as much salt
as you can find,

rock salt, table salt,
fill as many containers as you can.

-Off you go.
-Yes, right.

Jack, now listen very carefully.
Go out into the corridor and keep watch.

When you see the Fendahleen,
don't hang around.

Give it both barrels and run.
Off you go.


Go with him.

Did you say it was
about 12 million years ago,

on a nameless planet
which no longer exists,

evolution went up a blind alley?


Natural selection turned back on itself
and a creature evolved

which prospered by absorbing
the energy wavelengths of life itself?

-It ate life?

All life,
including that of its own kind?

Yes, in other words, the Fendahl.

And then the Time Lords decided
to destroy the entire planet,

and hid the fact from posterity.

They're not supposed to do
that sort of thing, you know.


So when the Time Lords acted,
it was too late.

The Fendahl had already come here.

Yes, probably taking in Mars
on its way through.

Then it got itself buried,
but not killed.

The Fendahl is death.
How do you kill death?

No, what happened was this.

The energy amassed by the Fendahl
was stored in the skull,

and dissipated slowly as
a biological transmutation field, hmm?

Now, any appropriate life form
that came within the field was altered

so that it ultimately evolved
into something suitable

for the Fendahl to use, hmm?

Are you saying that skull created man?

No, I'm saying it may have affected
his evolution.

-I can't hear nothing.
-Shh, there's something coming this way.

That would explain
the dark side of man's nature.

But it's just a theory.

-A pretty wild one.
-Well, it's more fun that way.

Now, Jack, as soon as you see it, fire,
and we shall run.


-Don't look at her, Jack! Fire the gun!
-I can't.

-Don't look at her!
-I can't.

-Jack, give me the...
-I can't.

Almost there.

Ah, if you want
an alternative explanation,

the Fendahl fed into the RNA
of certain individuals

the instincts and compulsions
necessary to recreate.

These were fed through the generations

till they reached Fendelman
and people like him.

Well, that's possibly more plausible.

Or on the other hand,
it could all be just a coincidence.


Find Mrs Tyler.
Give her a hand with the salt.

Time's running out.

Leela! Leela!

-What happened?

Did I hit it?

Yes. Yes, you did.

You're quite right, Leela.

Good marksmanship isn't
a matter of luck.

Come on!

Here you are. That's all the salt
I can lay me hands on.

Right, battle stations.

Jack, you and your grandma,
back to the cottage.

-What, and get...
-No, shh.

-You know what to do.

Good man.

-Oh, where you going?
-We're going back to the cottage.

You'll catch us up.

Oh, don't worry,
I'll probably overtake you.



Right, now this is
what I want you to do.

Give Leela and me time
to get down to the cellar,

and then switch on the scanner beam.

With luck, it should confuse things
down there long enough

for us to grab the skull and get away.

-Hmm? Well, then what?
-This is important.

Be sure to operate the scanner beam
for only two minutes,

-then switch it off and you go.
-But why?

Because I've rigged that
to set off a controlled implosion

three minutes after
you switch off the scanner.

-We need three minutes to get clear.
-A big bang?

Pretty big.
Big enough to blow this place to atoms.

Then why don't we leave the skull here?

Oh, no. Too dangerous.

It could pop up anywhere
and start the whole thing over again.

Come on.

Good luck.


Remember, three minutes.

Look out, Doctor!

-Better save some for later.
-Oh, do not worry.

Five, four, three, two, one...

You've got three minutes, Doctor.

Come on, I've got it.
Let's get out of here.

Something's happened.

He's switched off the scanner beam.
We've got three minutes. Come on.


We've done it!
-Come on! Run!

-Leela, where are you?

Then come on, run!

-You all right, Gran?

Well, keep your head down, then.

Hey, somebody's coming.

Any minute now.


-What now?
-We leave.

Vanishing priories take
a lot of explaining.

-Will the others be all right?

Probably at Mrs Tyler's now
eating plum cake off her best china.

I'll put the kettle on, Gran, eh?

-What you going to do about the skull?

Oh, find a star about to go supernova
and dump it in the vicinity.

-That will destroy it?
-Oh, yes.

I don't think even that could stand the
temperatures generated by a supernova.


Found one, in the constellation
of Canthares.

Just set the coordinates,
we're on our way.

Then what are we going to do?

I like your new dress.

-It's the old one.
-Oh, yes.

It has a certain je ne... Je, uh...


-You didn't finish.
-Didn't finish what?

Your sentence.
It's a very annoying habit, Doctor.

Oh, yes, yes.

Well, it's about K... K...

-K9, yes.

-I'd better finish repairing him.

You called him ''him''.
You called him ''him''.

I can call K9 ''him'' if I want to.

He's my dog.

Aren't you, K9?