Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 15, Episode 11 - Image of the Fendahl: Part Three - full transcript

The Doctor endeavors to prevent the re-existence of a Fendahl, a group entity that feeds on life itself and thought only to exist in Time Lord mythology, but a witches' coven, seeking power, intervenes.



Would you like a Jelly Baby?

No, I don't suppose you would.

Alas, poor skull.


What's the matter? Where is he?



No, no.

-Are you all right?
-Are you all right?

-You are very heavy.
-How did you find me?

Well, I just felt something was wrong
so I followed the feeling.

-I did!

-Yes, of course you did.

-Have I saved your life?

Yes. I was careless. Come on, get up.

Come on.

You're becoming a metraction generator,
aren't you?

-Is it alive?

It's using appropriate genetic material
to recreate itself.

-What is it?

I think it's the Fendahl.

It grows and exists by death.

But most creatures do.
That is what you told me.

The Fendahl absorbs
the full spectrum of energy,

what some people call a life force
or a soul.

It eats life itself.

-That must be what the old woman saw.

Huge and dark, she said,
hungry for her soul.

-And she's still alive?

-Take me to her.
-What about that?

-It's indestructible.
-Well, what about the sonic time scan?

Well, first things first.

Fendelman can operate that
before the implosion

for about a hundred hours,
give or take a few minutes.

But he might have already used
his hundred hours.

That's a risk I'll have to take.
Come on, let's go.

What's that for?

That is a running log.

Some of the scanner components
have a limited life.

Ninety-eight hours, 56 minutes,
4 3.7 seconds.

You've been busy with this equipment.

It has been a joy.
A labour of love, even.

If man really is descended
from aliens like this,

why haven't we found evidence
of it before?

-Because we were not looking.
-Oh, come on.

No, we were not looking
for this kind of evidence,

and without the scanner,
we would not have found this.

Adam, in all research,
there must be a single discovery.

What is it the Chinese say?

That the journey of a thousand miles
begins with but a single step.

This isn't a step, it's a jump.

And to rather an illogical conclusion.

You shall see.

I have already reprogrammed
the computer.

This time it will give
a visual interpretation

of what the scanner picks up.

On this screen, Colby, you shall see

the true genesis of homo sapiens.



I'm glad you are awake, Thea.

I want you to understand
why I brought you here.

You are the medium through which

the ancient power of this place
is focused.

What are you doing?

The scanner awoke the power.

You know about the scanner, of course.

I've been watching you for some time,
you see.

Through you, I shall conjure and control
the supreme power of the ancients.

Oh, Max, don't be so ridiculous!

You will sleep now, while we prepare.


Max, you're a fool!

I shall be a god.

Is this him? Is this your man?
Oi, do you know what's going on?

-My gran's in a hell of a state.
-Come on, Mrs Tyler, wake up.

Come on, old woman!
Come on, wake up now!

Oi, what do you think you're doing?
Leave her alone.

-Do you know what's wrong with her?
-Well, no, but...

I do. Make some tea.

-Tea. She does drink tea?

-Well, yeah.
-Off you go. Make some.

Use the best china, four cups
laid out on a tray, off you go.

Ah! And some fruitcake.

-Anything else?

I love fruitcake.

Come on, Mrs Tyler!

This is no way to behave
when you've got visitors.

-We've come for tea!
-And fruitcake.

And fruitca...

There, Colby, do you see it?

Turn it off!

Where have you been, Stael?
I needed you here.

Turn off the scanner.

Dr Fendelman, I think you have
an industrial relations problem.

What are you talking...

Have you lost your mind?

-The scanner.

Uh, relax, Max. I'll do it.

Why, Stael?

I am not yet ready.

My followers are not yet here.

Followers? Well, that's impressive.

Shut up, Colby, or I will kill you now.

Outside, both of you.

Is this some sort of joke, Max?

Oh, no. Max isn't famous
for his sense of humour, are you, Maxie?

I shall not warn you again, Colby.

You're going to kill us anyway,
aren't you?

That depends on whether I enjoy
having you worship me.

Then you mix the peanuts
with the treacle

and throw in the apple cores very hard,

put the lot in a shallow tin
and bake in a high oven for two weeks.

It's too late. She's slipping away.

-Come on.
-Here, just a minute!

-What is it?
-That ain't the way to make a fruitcake!

Mrs Tyler!

Here, well, if you're gonna stay,
you may as well sit yourselves down.

-I'll have the tea ready in a jiffy.
-It's here, Gran.

But that ain't the best china, John.

And there's fresh cake in the other tin.

Why, I'm so...

When did I ask you to tea?
I ain't never seen you 'fore in me life.

-You were slipping away, Mrs Tyler.
-Slipping away?

Yes, psychic shock.

I needed something normal
to bring you back to reality.

How long have you lived here, Mrs Tyler?

Why should I tell you owt?

-Tell her I'm trying to help.
-He's only trying to help, Gran.

You mind your place, John!

Oh, now, no, we won't have
none of those games.

Now, Ted Moss and his cronies
is up to something.

And it's something bad,
and you're involved.

Now, you tell him what he want to know.

I ain't involved in anything!

I were consulted.
A lot of people consult me.

You know I've got the second sight.

Yes. So you've lived in this cottage
all your life, haven't you, Mrs Tyler?

Why should I tell you owt?

Well, telepathy and precognition
are normal in anyone

whose childhood was spent near a
time fissure, like the one in the wood.

He's as bad as she is.
Here, what's a time fissure?

It's a weakness in the fabric
of space and time.

Every haunted place has one, doesn't it?

That's why they're haunted.
It's a time distortion.

This one must be very large.

Large enough to have affected
the place names round here,

like Fetchborough, Fetch.
An apparition, hmm?

How do ye know so much?

I read a lot.

What did you see in the wood, Mrs Tyler?

I didn't see owt

with my eyes.

Then with your mind.
Did it have a human shape?


Mrs Tyler, I must know.
Did it have a human shape?

No, it didn't.


-Jack, do something for me.
-If I can.

-It could be dangerous.

I want you to keep an eye on the Priory.
I must know who comes and goes.

-We'll be back tomorrow, sundown.

-Here, girl...

Take this.
'Tis a charm, will protect thee.

I cast it for Ted Moss,
but 'tis too late for him.

Thank you.


Yes, Gran?

I see'd that figure he spoke of

in a dream.

'Twere a woman.

How long have you been planning this?

Whatever it is you're planning.

Ever since Mrs Tyler's visions
began to come true.


Oh, come now, Max!
You have a first-class brain. Use it!

First-class brain? He's an occult freak.

One of those feeble inadequates
who thinks he communes with the devil.

Is that it, Max?
Gonna summon up the devil, huh?

Unlike you,
I am not a crude lout, Colby.

The grimoires do not impress me.

Mrs Tyler's paranormal gifts
and the race memory she draws on,

these were the signposts
on the road to power.

Spare us the after-dinner speech.

I look forward to your terror, Colby.

I trusted him.

I didn't, and I'm going to end up
just as dead as you,

if that's any consolation.

But why is he doing this?

Fendelman, it doesn't matter why.
What matters is he's doing it to us,

unless we can get free before
his so-called followers arrive.

Hey, what about the security guards?

In my absence, they are to take
their instructions from him.

The fifth planet's 107 million miles out
and 12 million years back,

so we've no time to lose.

Do you think this thing, the Fendahl,
comes from the fifth planet?

Well, it came from it a long time ago,
before your species evolved on Earth.

How did it travel?

-You said there's only one.

It couldn't have built a spacecraft.
How did it get to Earth?

Well, it...

Well, it probably used that enormous
stockpile of energy

to project itself across space.

Oh, you mean the way lightning travels?

No... Yes, well, something like that.

Humans speak of astral projection,

travelling psychically
to different planets.

That could be a race memory.

-Race memory?

See, sometimes people dream
they've been to other places.

It's, uh... D?j? vu. No?

No, no, no! Put it away, put it away.

It's a good thing your tribe
never developed guns.

They'd have woken with a start
one morning and wiped themselves out.

There was something chasing me.
I... I couldn't move.

Just a dream, I suppose.

Hey, what's wrong?

I've been checking the old data banks.

There's no record at all
of a fifth planet.

-Does that matter?
-Well, of course it matters!

We Time Lords are
a very meticulous people.

You have to be
when you live as long as we do.

All information is recorded.

-Perhaps there wasn't any.



Of course!

That's why there's no record
of the planet.


That impression's produced
by a time loop.

-Time loop?
-Yes, a time loop.

All memory of the planet's been erased
by a circle of time,

-making data and its records invisible.

Only a Time Lord could do that.

-That's very clever.
-That's criminal!

We've been on a wild goose chase.
We better get back.

Let's hope we're not too far
round that time loop.

-Is there anything I can do?
-Yes. No, no...

I'll just set the coordinates,
and we're on our way.

The tower, struck by lightning.

Still no sign of him. Sundown, he said.

I didn't reckon he'd be reliable.
Never trust a man as wears a hat.

Well, Granddad always wore one.

And a wicked old devil he were, too.

Well, I wear one.

Ah, but I give it to ye.
That's different.

Here, put this in your pocket.

More charms!
Look, I'm not one of your punters, Gran.

But it's Lammas Eve.

You know that I don't
believe in all that.

Most round here do.

And when most believe,
that make it true.

Most people used to believe
that the Earth was flat,

but it was still round.

Ha-ha! But they behaved
as if 'twere flat.

Here, just for me.

All right, then, if it makes you happy.

Ooh, I want they two cartridges.

What, you going rabbitting, Gran?

I'm gonna fill 'em with salt.


Salt's the best protection there be.

Evil spirits again, eh, Gran?

You can laugh, John.

But I know the old ways.

Better than them up at the Priory,
any road.

You'd best get up there.

We don't want them meddling in things
they don't understand.

What is that?

A remote control unit
connected to the scanner.

He's linking up that old bone
with your scanner? Why?

The power source.

Colby, I think I know.

We're going to be late.

Well, of course we're going to be late!
It's obvious we're going to be late!

I'm sorry. Sorry.

The question is
where is it getting the power from?

Inducted biological transmutation
takes a lot of power.

There isn't that sort of power
available in the Priory.

What is it? Have you hurt yourself?

I've got it!
It is available in the Priory.

The skull's absorbing the energy
released when the scanner beam

damages the time fissure.

Why didn't I think of that before?

Even you can't think of everything.

-I can't?

Oh. Well, I should have thought it.

I was frightened in childhood
by a mythological horror.


Too frightened to think clearly.

The waiting is over.

Prepare yourselves.

Don't do it, Stael!

Shut up, you fool!
Let him electrocute himself.

He will kill us all.

Listen to me, all of you!
He is a madman!

You must stop him!

Stop him now, before he plunges
everything into chaos and death!

I'll plunge you into chaos and death
if you don't shut up.

You don't understand.
I see now what will happen.

You do?

Max, listen, the Doctor asked
if my name was real.

Fendelman, man of the Fendahl.

Well, don't you see?

Only for this have the generations
of my fathers lived.

I have been used! You are being used!

Mankind has been used!

Ain't in here, either.

Oh, the house is empty, then.

Oh, I don't hold with all this.
'Tis against nature.

That sounded like a shot.

Here, are there any cellars?

Oh, there are cellars all under here,
but they haven't been used for years.

Yeah, well, they're being used now.

Come on, boy.

-You all right, Gran?
-Well, what do you think?

You murdering lunatic.

The way to power is open!

Ooh, damn it, boy, that hurt!

Listen, John. There's summat coming.

Can you hear it? Summat coming.

Are you all right?

Damn, I'm glad to see you.
You're not a moment too soon.

No, a moment too late. Listen.

-Come on, let's get out of here.

-The dream! I can't move!

My legs! I can't move my legs.

Look! Look!